June 29, 2007 10:07 PM PDT

iPhone supply lives to sell another day

Long lines for Apple's iPhone moved quickly Friday evening on both coasts, as the general public finally got its hands on what is perhaps the most hyped gadget in tech history.

In both New York and San Francisco, lines that had stretched for blocks outside Apple retail stores dissipated rapidly as cheering employees high-fived the first iPhone customers as they were ushered inside in bunches just after 6 p.m. local time. But at AT&T's stores, where lines were shorter, the pace of iPhone distribution was slower.

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Video: iPhone out of the box
CNET.com's Brian Cooley pops the lid on the most anticipated tech gadget in years.

Hundreds of people had lined up as early as Monday to be among the first people to accompany Apple on its maiden voyage into the smart-phone market. The iPhone, a touch-screen smart phone capable of browsing the Internet, playing music and videos, and making phones calls, generated almost unprecedented coverage from both the technology and mainstream media during the six months between its introduction at Macworld and Friday evening.

Any concerns about supply, at least at Apple stores, were moot, and standing in line for a day or more proved as necessary as snow tires in Miami. Ninety minutes after Apple started ringing up sales of the iPhone at its 24-hour flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York, anyone could just walk into the store and pick up a device with a minimal wait. In San Francisco, security guards put away the ropes marking the iPhone line at 7:09 p.m. and starting letting in anyone off the street.

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Video: First look at iPhone
CNET.com's Kent German and Donald Bell take their first tour of the device.

At 7:30 p.m. at San Francisco's 3rd and Market AT&T store, about 25 people were still lined up waiting to receive their iPhones. Two hours before the gadgets went on sale at a different AT&T store a few blocks away, a man who appeared to be a manager assured a customer that they had "a pretty healthy amount" in stock just as the store closed to prepare for the launch.

However, CNET Networks employee Morty Okin, who arrived at the 3rd and Market AT&T store at 5 p.m. to wait for an iPhone received the last 8GB model at 7 p.m. "After that, a crowd of people dispersed," said Okin, who is photo product manager for CNET Reviews.

Of course, it's way too early to say how well Apple's iPhone sales did Friday night, and potential buyers should check Apple's retail Web site, where they can figure out how many iPhones are in stock at local Apple stores. As of Friday evening, Apple was projecting that iPhones would be available at every U.S. location on Saturday.

Of course, consumers can also order directly from Apple on the Web site.

At New York City's Apple store on 5th Avenue, the tourist-heavy underground retailer with a giant glass cube for an entryway, the scene could only be compared to a massive but well-organized sporting event. The press and spectators were a mob scene, but iPhone hopefuls were kept in a neat single-file line and could only enter and exit the store through a gauntlet of cheering Apple employees. A similar crush of cameras could be found on Stockton Street outside the San Francisco Apple store.

New York gets iPhones

That was also the case at the Apple store in Arlington, Va., as earlier reported. The final seconds to launch brought a chanted countdown from the front of the line and sporting event-like cheers of "i-Phone! i-Phone!"

Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a brief appearance at the company's store in downtown Palo Alto, Calif., interacting with customers and generally overseeing one of the most important launches in the company's history.

The first people in line for the iPhone beamed as they were received inside the Apple stores like rock stars taking the stage. Apple retail employees had set up several demonstration models of the iPhone on white tables through the store, but these customers--some of whom waited for days--didn't need to take a test drive.

Within a few minutes of the doors' reopening in Arlington, a silver-haired man named Stephen Easley--who did, in fact, set up camp outside the store at around 10 p.m. Thursday to be the first in line--emerged to cheers with a pair of iPhones nestled in special black shopping bags, which he displayed for photographers. In San Francisco, Jerry Taylor held his iPhone high as he exited the store, apparently not having received the offers he had sought for his spot in line.

Special coverage
iPhone: The wait is over
News.com tracks handset's
long-anticipated arrival.

People's reasons for wanting an iPhone varied. A San Francisco resident who was first in line at the Fremont and Market AT&T store said she was dazzled by "the combination of all these things, there's so much it can do." The woman, who said she was slightly embarrassed to be first in line and therefore didn't want to be named, had never owned a smart phone before and therefore wasn't as concerned about potential flaws--such as the slow EDGE network or the touch-screen keypad that bedeviled some of the early reviewers.

But several others, including Taylor, were hoping to make a quick buck off the popularity of the iPhone. Apple was allowing customers at its stores to purchase two iPhones, while AT&T was only selling one iPhone per person at its stores.

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message from an iphone
I just want to be one of the first to post a message from an
iPhone .<p>First would like to report that the keyboard does
work in a horizontal position . The spell checking (type checking
) is way cool. To use the keyboard horizontally you need to be
viewing in that position. The KB will appear and stay in that
orientation until you are done.
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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This is so fracking cool
So far one left thumb and one right index finger seem to work
best. Later.
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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Looks like you have at last caught up to the rest of the world. I have been able to do this from my Treo for years. What are you going to boast about next, perhaps playing music, videos and games? Same story.
Posted by Siegfried Schtauffen (269 comments )
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Yet more hype
No sellout, what a shocker. An overpriced, over-glorified phone with crappy phone service. No wonder ebay prices for these are dropping faster than flies on a summer night.
Posted by spacydog (380 comments )
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Please, Apple Has its Act Together
It is not a sellout because Apple has its manufacturing act together.

They made 3 million phones for this launch.

A sellout is not good for Apple, sales are.

The phone rocks. The market will respond.

You will see.
Posted by dansterpower (2511 comments )
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Apple iPhone.
Why is there an apostrophe after doors? JD.
Posted by JJDickson (19 comments )
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Re: Silly question about grammar
Your comment about "APPLE IPHONE" is a questions about
grammar? Why don't you just google 'apostrophe?' Purdue.edu
has a nice grammar section.

Oh, I get it. You think you already know grammar and the writer
was wrong! Well, I hate to disappoint you, but while the use may
be regarded as inelegant, it's a usage that is structurally correct
and rather common.

In this story, "doors' reopening" means "the reopening of the
doors" The writer made the "doors" possessive of the
"reopening" in order to save couple words:

Examples of this sort of construction:

leader of the group &gt;&gt; the group's leader
fans of Janis &gt;&gt; Janis' fans

Or, maybe you asked because you thought it should have been
"doors's reopening" or door's reopening." If that's the case then
you really are grammar-challenged and need professional help.

Posted by James P. Larsen (28 comments )
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EDGE preferable to UMTS for now
Everybody is complaining over the lack of UMTS and the availability of EDGE only:

This total crap most likely incited by frustrated UMTS-providers who see another missed opportuninty for selling their services: At speeds allowed by EDGE of up to 384kbit/sec, for most sites the iPhone will not be limited by "the last mile" but by servers and all the routing in between, at least that is my conclusion after unsing a 10Mbit/sec DSL connection for more than a year now.

GSM/EDGE is mature, cheap, low on power, and available virtually EVERYWHERE. UMTS is expensive, powerhogging, bedeviled by horribly expensive data-roaming agreements, and consistantly available in major cities at best.

Though shalt nor complain about your cars maximum speed of 120mph, when you live in a country with a 75mph speed limit ;-)

Have fun while surfing, and find out what the real limitations of the device are.

Posted by pjms (1 comment )
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You are dillusional
UMTS is no more expensive than EDGE. I get unlimited data for $19.99 and I can tether that to my laptop and get blazing download speeds. Also, my phone lasts a long time with UMTS. After all day of syncing mail and occational browsing (without connecting to my notebook) my battery has 80 to 90% life left. Your post is typical of apply fanboys who cannot evaluate a product without bias. The iPhone has a GREAT UI, but it is crippled with not stereo bluetooth, no 3G internet, no MMS, etc.
Posted by jase1125 (18 comments )
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I don't know what phone you've been using UMTS on...
I have two phones; one with UMTS, and one with EDGE. And yes, it does make a *big* difference. Pages just plain load quicker, and surfing is a more enjoyable experience- closer to what you get on a PC. You talk about theoretical speeds as if that's what you get, and that's just plain not true... and if you go to a speed test site on your iPhone, and try the same thing on a 3G enabled phone, you'll see the real difference in speed. And speaking of that, with the ability to use the phone as a modem, 3G becomes even more important. And every 3G phone I know of has the ability to use the slower EDGE and even GPRS networks, so it's not like you're losing any connectivity. So your analogy doesn't really work, and you're just trying to explain away a *real* defect that is a *real* concern for people who truly use data to any large extent. I was thinking about getting one... but for the price, won't shell out for it until I can get the 3G I need.
Posted by wraith808 (16 comments )
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There are already a number of so-called iPhone applications in beta stages that you can test on supported browsers like Safari, IE7 and Firefox

Posted by cook54po (10 comments )
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Activation issues?
you like the iphone but don't want the service contract, it appears you should be able to cancel the service with at&#38;t and still keep the iphone. my question is dose apple cripple the iphone's other ability with out an active account?
Posted by mshidden (42 comments )
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AT&T actrivation is required
The phone will not work unless it is currently activated by AT&#38;T. People who have bought the phone and are still waiting for the activation more than 12 hours later are finding that you can't do anything without that connection to AT&#38;T. No, you can't use it as a music player, video player, netsurfing, or even bring up a silly calculator.

Sorry, until it activates, you're stuck with a brick. But it's a shiny brick.

If you choose to drop the AT&#38;T service, you can do so, but then you have an even less useful brick.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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eBay Ignorance
Per the article, most people should have no problem buying an iPhone from a store at this point; so why are people bidding on them through eBay for well over $600?
Posted by techie2479 (84 comments )
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eBay is Global
... I think because you don' have to live in the US to use eBay.
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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Not Bidding
I checked eBay just to see how many idiots are out there. By that I
mean all someone has to do is walk to the local AT&#38;T or Apple
Store, and not pay the opportunist price.

Of the iPhone auctions I looked at, not one bidder.

I want an iPhone, but the AT&#38;T store is closer and faster. If you're
an overseas buyer, and get one on eBay, how're you going to
activate it?
Posted by Gromit801 (393 comments )
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Loser = IPhone buyer/user
Who but a brain washed loser would want to look at the web via a 3inch screen! If you want to actually surf/use the web, you need at least a 12-inch screen. And if you want a cell phone, then u don't need to pay $600 for it, set aside stand in the line.
Iphone is even worst than the above description of its problems, set aside that you need at least a 12 inch screen to really use, benefit from, the Web, you need a KEYBOARD too - Doh!!!
And iPhone does not have an actual Keyboard, its Keyboard occupies same space as it's screen!
So who but a TOTAL brain washed LOSER would want to look at the web via a 3inch screen and then continuously flip to the Keyboard that takes the same space as this screen, to for example fill a form. It would literally take 20 times as long to fill the form and look at the content of a screen you need to look at to fill that form using iPhone compared to a laptop.

Iphone = more useless crap from Silicon Valley hyped by their Big media gang.

I mean Japanese give us Prius that gets 60 Miles per Gallon, French give us TGV that goes 300 Miles per Hour while seating in lap of luxury from city center to city center and what do we get from USA (Silicon Valley), useless Hypes such as iPhone, 2nd life, etc. etc., nothing useful or new.

BTW, there have been products such as iPhone available for years now, such as SideKick from DT and NK 9000 from Nokia, they all failed because who but a bunch of losers would wand to look at the web via a 3 to 4 inch screen and then have no normal sized, or a handicapped, Keyboard to boot!
Posted by Sea of Cortez (67 comments )
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Wow, you can cut and paste
What an astonishing talent you have to be able to cut and paste the
same comments that you made yesterday so that you don't have to
present an original "thought," if you can call it that. You must be
one of those "power users!"

When you can fit your 12-inch web-browsing laptop in your shirt
pocket, let us know. Until then, you might want to refrain from
further cutting and pasting of your brilliant commentary.
Posted by Thrudheim (306 comments )
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You try to sound intelligent, but your message is full of ignorance.
<p>What's that Mr. T? .... Yea, so do I.<p><i><font color="blue">"I pity the fool."</font></i>
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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What are you thinking of, Microsoft fanboy?!!! Totally brain-washed yourself? Comparing iPhone to an Prius-Prius is car (obviously). TGV is a train. Who in the universe is so dumb to compare a smart phone to a car or train? Unless you've cut yourself from any media you know that iPhone has sold 1/2 million models. 500000 to 1 beat that! If your not going to post a proper comment, get off cnet. Visit samsung.com or Research in Motion's website if you want to post abousolute fallacious comments!
Posted by nickcao8 (28 comments )
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iPhone tied to AT&T
But if you buy an iPhone outside of AT&#38;T's coverage, you can't use it, since the phone is tied to their SIM.
Posted by nachurboy (114 comments )
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I'm enjoying this thread...
Seeing the rabid Apple haters literally writhe with annoyance gives
me great pleasure. It means they know Apple has another hit on
their hands and just can't stand it.

So keep the venom coming boys. It's better than holding it in 'till
you burst at the seams. Your impotent flailing is very entertaining.
Posted by lkrupp (1608 comments )
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It's always fun reading Sea of Cortez and Vegaman churn the
same gripes over and over. I suppose if you say something
enough times some people will start to believe it. The things I've
read all over the place have been generally positive. No product
does everything right coming out of the gate. Support forums are
by nature full of problems. Most people really don't need much
help with things that work.
Posted by trisor (19 comments )
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You're probably right
The iPhone is nothing special. It does things that other products have done for about five years. In other words, it is just like most Apple products. My Treo can do all the iPhone can do, and more. Including record video, work without an active contract, cut and past text while writing EMails, run programs, one key access to phone numbers and programs, and read SD cards. I have no desire to buy an expensive handicapped product. When these self-imposed limitations are removed I will consider buying one.
Posted by Siegfried Schtauffen (269 comments )
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Laughter heard 'round the world
Um, in case you hadn't noticed, the iPhone is tied to AT&#38;T.

The joke's on you. :)
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Awesome device, but not woth the price nor the limitations !
I love the product but from a distance. I have a Blackjack and happy with it as i got it for free with contract and the amount i use it is good enough with its features.
No doubt iPhone is way better and cool looking but its not worth the price of $500-700 for a cut down storage of a regular iPod and no 3G for so many data based applications.

Thanks for the product Apple but No thanks! I'll wait for the next verions just like you did for iPod.
Posted by csg7 (81 comments )
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i bet they
i bet they really miss your one sale, what with reports of their
possibly having sold 500,000 or more in one night.

....i bet they stay up all this week trying to fix your issues.
Posted by shane--2008 (343 comments )
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Worth Every Penny to Me
Speak for yourself.

The iPhone blows my Blackberry Pearl out of the water.

I'll get $150 for my Pearl on ebay, will save $30 bucks per month
on my data plan with iPhone -- all of which means I'll break even in
just 11 months.
Posted by dansterpower (2511 comments )
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<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.pcworld.com/video/id,545-page,1-bid,0/video.html#" target="_newWindow">http://www.pcworld.com/video/id,545-page,1-bid,0/video.html#</a>
Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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Apple hardware is very good
Looks like the designers did a good job of preparing the unit for end user abuse. Kudos to that design team. :)
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
Link Flag
Nice, but unless you have proof that Apple are the only guys that do this it is meaningless. Especially since Apple don't even make the iPhone...
Posted by Siegfried Schtauffen (269 comments )
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At&T Activation Required? Bummer!
How incredibly short-sided on Apple's part to tie all functions.. even the iPod.. to activation of the iPhone on AT&#38;T's network. The non-phone functions should be available by synching up to a assigned computer. What ****** @ Apple signed off on THIS? Find him and shoot him!
I thought it was stupid to have an iPod function with only 8GB of usable memory on board.
This is going to cost Apple thousands of initial sales.
My 80gb 5.5 ipod has 3077 songs, 74 videos and 499 photos. I have a Motorola RAZR V3 from Verizion and I adding an unlocked V3 for overseas use.
I guess the next logical step in the process would be to build an iPod that has the touch screen technology, a 3.5 inch screen, 100gb of HD storage and decent battery life.
Until then, I'll think I'll keep my wallet in my pocket.
Without AT&#38;T, this really IS just a $600 boat anchor.
and Why At&#38;T, Steve? was their bribe the biggest?
What was wrong with an unlocked phone? Do you really want to be a player in this market or what?
Posted by gwats1957 (117 comments )
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Contractual Obligations
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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Buy! Buy!! Buy!!!
This is a wonderful phone! Buy! Buy!! Buy!!!

and drive the apple stocks up!

That is all I care!!!
Posted by slickuser (668 comments )
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Wonderful experience !!!!
Both during the activation and post-activation....awesome job
Posted by bencamx (7 comments )
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Activation on Old AT&T Wireless Plan (Blue Plan)?
Has anyone successfully added a $20 (or more) iPhone data plan to their former AT&#38;T Wireless Plan? These are what's called Old Blue plans, as opposed to Cingular and the new AT&#38;T plans, which I believe are called Orange Plans.

This would only apply to anyone that started as an Old AT&#38;T Wireless customer before they got acquired by Cingular, and has kept their plan since being acquired by Cingular and now rebranded as the New AT&#38;T.

I actually have an old Family Plan (3 lines) and wonder if the iPhone will accept my phone number and plan during activation.
Posted by wwdallas (3 comments )
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Applaud Apple. Slap AT & T
Thank you apple for not having a product shortage ans treating your customers well. AT&#38;T you should be ashamed. The lines were so slow and lines were short, yet they quickly ran out of supply and told all of us in line that thhe apple store is probably out and we should do the Warehouse fulfillment to make sure we get one. With a $15 shipping charge. While Apple ships the iphone for free in 2 to 4 weeks. Which is what we will be waiting for. How can one partnet launch so well and the other partner be so bad? Apparently AT&#38;T is bizarro Apple. What a waste of time.
Posted by ewon91 (5 comments )
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Does anyone have any idea, just how <b>completely</b>
hilarious it is to read comments on what a failure the iPhone is ...
while reading, and responding with one? S.S, Lindy, V.D, you
cannot win your arguments against this device. You can only
make yourselves look bad. Yes, we all know ATT has
<b>serious </b> issues, but that does not change the truth
about the iPhone . It is simply incredible
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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Absolutely correct
People here who are reading comments know enough to recognize the hardware and the service are two separate areas. People who buy the iPhone as early adopters are those that are largely tech-oriented and can work with the system.

I'm more concerned about what sort of image this will have when someone who isn't tech-saavy buys the iPhone and then has trouble with AT&#38;T. They won't really know to keep Apple and AT&#38;T separate in their experience, only that they have a phone with an Apple logo and having service issues.

I don't think anyone here can honestly say with a straight face that AT&#38;T doesn't have serious issues.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Anyone who touches an iPhone raves about it
Some people just can't grasp the importance of an intuitive and
enjoyable interface.

For the other 90% of the world that DOES get it, the iPod, and now
the iPhone, are marvelous and enjoyable devices.
Posted by Mark Greene (163 comments )
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Your Remarks Exude Arrogance
Your snide comment deserves a hellish experience... Enjoy your iBrick with All Torment &#38; Torture for a carrier.
Posted by mgee99 (36 comments )
Link Flag
The curse of the two-year deal....
If we've learned anything about the mobile phone business, it's that two year deals are about a year too long.
What's going to happen to these fools who are locked into these long-term deals about a year from now when Apple introduces an an improved device that is NOT locked to a single carrier and has vastly improved storage and better software?
I got burned a few years ago this way by Apple on a LCD monitor. The product was first rate and I'm still using it because I've got $2500 tied up in it, not because it's state of the art anymore.
Apple's deal with AT&#38;T is for THIS phone only. There is no guarantee this deal would be linked to future versions of the iPhone and if I read my Steve Jobs correctly, that's just the way he wants it.
My advice? NEVER, EVER be the early adopter! products evolve, prices drop, demand shifts, and technology advances. Do you honestly think the iPhone will be THIS product in 12 months?
This is the playstation 2 all over again. I want Apple to hit it's sales goals and have a major hit on it's hands. I want new macbooks and mac pros coming off the production lines. And I'd like a suitable replacement for my 80GB 5.5 gen ipod video.
But I'm going to pass on the this hideously expensive and limited device this time. Once burned, twice shy.
I know I'm alone on this, but like Apple says; "THINK DIFFERENT!"
Posted by gwats1957 (117 comments )
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Happy to be an early adopter
Happy to own this phone.

One of the best pieces of technology I've early adopted.

This is a the real deal. The One.

This device is in no way limited: you realize that when you spend
your first afternoon with one. The software will be updated
often and iTunes makes this a breeze. Not like my blackberry
which hits ebay on Monday.
Posted by dansterpower (2511 comments )
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Only few people comments..
How come this discussion is only full of this people's comments:dansterpower, Siegfried, Macsaresafer, Vegaman_Dan.

And, all is about the same thing across the board, some defends like their religion, some attacks like holy war. Can you get a life, please?LOL..
Posted by Gunady (191 comments )
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Most hyped?
Certainly not by Apple.

If it is the most hyped, it is because pseudo-news organizations like CNET, did the hyping.
Posted by MSSlayer (1074 comments )
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Longhorn hyped? Vista hyped?
noooooooooooooo! Not be such a fine professional upstanding establishement as C|NET...never!

right, get a clue C|NET.

Besides, the more you hype something the more stories &#38; headlines that you write &#38; the more money lands in your pockets.
Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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Why are people whining about Exchange support?
Exchange is a crappy implementation of a bad idea.

Yeah, lets put all our security eggs in one basket made by the flimsiest basket company in the world.

Posted by MSSlayer (1074 comments )
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Ballmer eats crow over iPhone comments on YOUTUBE
<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5oGaZIKYvo" target="_newWindow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5oGaZIKYvo</a>
Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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The iPhone is not a success, nor is it a failure. It is too early to tell. Just like Vista, give it at least year. Besides, he states that it may sell well, he just thinks (and I agree) that it is a horrid business phone and that it is expensive. The iPhone, like all Apple products, puts style over substance. If that is what gets you going then good for you.
Posted by Siegfried Schtauffen (269 comments )
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MS Exchange works with iPhone via ICEWEB
MACNN July 9, 2007

IceWEB today announced that its hosted Microsoft Exchange subscription service now supports Apple's iPhone, enabling corporate customers to access company Exchange email systems via their new Apple-branded cellular handsets. IceWEB has worked for months to position its IceMAIL service to fully support the iPhone, which should ease the fears of potential business customers who were rumored to shun Apple's handset due to a lack of interoperability with existing corporate mail systems. IceMAIL enables small and medium business customers to continue receiving hosted Microsoft Exchange email on most smartphones and eases the process of iPhone adoption for businesses fearing complications with the new device. IceMAIL is available from $8.50 per month.
Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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