July 14, 2005 12:20 PM PDT

'Write once, run anywhere' not working for phones

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standard for downloading software onto phones, one that would allow a single version of any application, be it a three-dimensional game or instant messaging, to work on any phone.

Fragmentation issues surfaced quickly. The initial version of MIDP had a limited set of built-in features, so if handset makers wanted to, for instance, add 3D gaming, they had to build their own way of doing so into the handset. So a 3D game built to run on, say, a handset made by Motorola, wouldn't operate appropriately on a handset from Nokia.

Meanwhile, hardware makers were busy producing cell phones that were like snowflakes: No two were alike. Some had huge screens and tiny dial pads, others just the opposite. Application makers have had to account for the nuances or risk severely limiting the reach of their products.

Essentially, that means developers have had to do something different to their software to fit each different phone. Writing multiple versions of software can mean adding months of additional work on a program.

"It can take up to nine months to deploy an entertainment application," said Craig Hayman, vice president of carrier marketing at IBM. "But that's the duration of a cell phone in this market."

Sun, Nokia and others are still trying to deal with the issue. MIDP is now on its second version, one that accounts for just about any feature customers might want on a handset, so there's less of a need for proprietary software, Chu said.

There's also a movement afoot to standardize the ways in which different features on phones work together, Chu said. The proposed standard, known as MSA, or Mobile Service Architecture, is meant as an adjunct to MIDP, according to the handset makers and carriers that support the idea.

But don't expect the problems to go away anytime soon.

"You can look at (MIDP) as a problem, or at the incredible progress so far," said Jason Guesman, vice president of Seven, a Redwood City, Calif., wireless messaging specialist that competes with the likes of Research in Motion and Good Technology. "It's amazing what you can do now, thanks to Java, with a $99 handset. But write once, run anywhere isn't close."

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JAVA Games Are S~L~O~W
No wonder this industry never makes money :)
Posted by 201293546946733175101343322673 (722 comments )
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AmigaAnywhere, covers where Java fails
This sounds like the solution 2 me. <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.amiga.com" target="_newWindow">http://www.amiga.com</a>

AmigaAnywhere" is the digital environment that enables and simplifies the access of same content from any device - anywhere. The engine enables rich, graphical, high-performance, premium sound applications across entertainment devices ranging from handhelds to set-top boxes.

AmigaAnywhere" currently targets the following platforms: PCs, Set-Top Boxs, PDAs, SmartPhones, Other Devices.
Posted by (1 comment )
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I used to love the Amiga. I still have to A500s that I drag out occasionally. It is a shame that the Amiga name has become so fragmented and it is hard to be sure what it stands for now. (Just like Atari.)
Posted by Andrew J Glina (1673 comments )
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Two lines taken....
... from an Amiga web page, which then fails to provide any serious
examples of cross platform utility. I'm with Andy. AmigaAnywhere
appears to be nothing more than some of the ashes of a once
pretty good computer company.
Posted by Earl Benser (4310 comments )
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The article is off base
Its really easy to point at "Java" as being the problem.

Java significantly reduces the overhead of making software work on these devices. It isn't perfect because the manufacturers have to cut corners in hardware to keep costs down.

Write software in C++ or C and this task will be almost insurmountable.

MIDP is also improving dramatically with many of the ommissions in the first version now present, and no doubt version 3 will be better still
Posted by (1 comment )
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Was Java ever?
Was Java ever "write once run anywhere"?

On desktop it wasn't ever so. Check as an example LimeWire: all major OSs have specialized version. And there is one generic version. Integration with OS is the key. Java integrates with nothing - it is OS on its own and, may I add, quite dumb one. (*)

And this collapse of "write once - run somewhere" hit me too: I wanted to use some application on my iBook, when it turns out that it requires Java 1.5 and Java 1.5 has new version of bytecode so it will (most likely) never ever run on my iBook equipped with Java 1.4. Sun's JRE doesn't support Mac OS X. Apple going to release Java 1.5 only for Max OS X Tiger, but not for Panther. Go figure who to blame: Sun for its overbloated technology; Apple which has no resources to port another great bloatware from Sun to all OS it supports; or application developers who had fallen into "Java Trap" (c) RMS.

Thru all the hype Sun had created, I do not see any good use to Java. On desktop side it is just unusable. On embedded it is just too bloated and slow. Well, on server side people like it. But only with application servers (middleware) - most of other applications run much better under specialized systems. Biggest server use case - Web - seems definitely to like PHP more than Java.

So as for me, Java is niche technology.

(*) For good example of disintegration with OS look at Eclipse project. They have to implement most things on their own. And they were never "write once" - Eclipse tries to use OS capabilities where possible. But it seems to be case not often. Another failure a-la GNU/Emacs: everything is possible you just need to find proper sequence of changing proper properties.
Posted by Philips (400 comments )
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Actually, there is a solution, but it is not Java.
Ihar Filipau in "Was Java ever?" portrays the situation quite vividly. There has been a great solution, though.

Z++ is a superset of C++, i.e. contains the entire C++ as a rather small subset. Yet, the entire language is identically supported for all platforms by a 300K virtual processor that fits in a watch, let alone a cell phone.

Yes, "write once, run anywhere" is possible, even with the fast pace of phone upgrades.

Dr. Z.
Chief Scientist
<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.zhmicro.com" target="_newWindow">http://www.zhmicro.com</a>
<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://distributed-software.blogspot.com" target="_newWindow">http://distributed-software.blogspot.com</a>
Posted by (1 comment )
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You are Correct - sort of!
Yes Java was not totally write once - run every where - and yes J2ME is write once port everywhere - but lets not forget that there are more J2ME Phones than PCs out there and nobody is taking advantage of this. My solution is a product called appsforphones that whilst not eliminating the problem, it minimizes it - it also lets basic developers create J2ME applications - check it out
Posted by MikeGB (1 comment )
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Posted by globalphones1999 (8 comments )
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