April 7, 2008 10:53 AM PDT

Trees block solar panels, and a feud ends in court

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California's Solar Shade Act was an obscure curiosity until Carolynn Bissett and Richard Treanor were convicted.
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just sink this state already
these wacky liberals make me laugh! :)
Posted by ydoineedausername (9 comments )
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So let's say I have a tree that grows to 500 feet tall ...
This all SHOULD start and end with what is reasonable.

It is "reasonable" that somebody should be able to plant a tree,
build a structure, etc., knowing that this would block things
such as sunlight, a view of the mountains, etc.?

You could say yes until it happens to you? Not that it has for

Assuming the people that planted the trees do not have very
low IQs I would assume that they had, before they planted
them, seen full height trees of this kind before.

Did they not realize that they would grow tall and block their
neighbor's sun, regardless if they were going to have solar
panels or not?

The house with the planted trees is not in an orchard anymore.
Therefore they have a responsibility not to plant trees that
would grow tall enough or side enough to block sun light or
grow over into their neighbor's yard. That is only common
sense an courtesy.

Keep in mind that the neighbor loosing their sun light offered
to pay to have the existing trees removed and have reasonably
trees/bushes planted in their place. Their very -nice- and -
considerate- neighbors with the trees refused their offer. I'm
glad I don't have them for neighbors.

For those of us who didn't get it, they obviously are NOT nice
and considerate neighbors despite how they were treated and
are apparently trying to live in a dream world that exists in an
orchard that exists some times in the past.
Posted by OlsonBW (131 comments )
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Leave the trees the Solar Panels need to go.
There is a better solution. Maybe it is time we learn from a story like this about the solution that allows people all over the world to go solar even if they live in a forest or on the 15th floor of a 20 story apartment building. Please check out solartransfer.com Hopefully the author of this story can reach us at solartransfer@aol.com The time has come to set the world straight on this push to go Solar. Solar is the answer but not in the way we are currently going about it.
Posted by Manhattan2 (329 comments )
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