January 27, 2005 8:30 AM PST

They're off to see Apple's wizards

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Things are always buzzing at Apple's Genius Bars, which offer the rarest of experiences for computer users: face-to-face help.
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Remember the days of going to a gas station and people use run out and start wiping the windshield and headlights. They thought the customers were to be worshipped. This was true customer service, which Apple stores, still have. So I will by Macs because they treat me with respect, they don't put the blame on the other vendors of the various parts that make up your computer. I have a Fujitsu laptop and when I was having problems I brought it to the store and they said I had to send it to the maker. So I did but the maker said that the store had installed different parts after manufacturing of the product. So back to the store and another run around...

I had bought a Mac back in 1996, had a bad HD brought it back to the shop, (the store had a Mac only section) they put in a new HD and reinstalled the system for me same day. No geniuses then to say, but they were then as even now.

So, I pay a little extra up front but get treated properly when I, if I, have problems later on. I guess it is a little like car insurance, which I have had for years but never had to use. I pay knowing I am covered if I needed it.

Maybe this could be the values that many Americans hope to bring back to thier lives.
I know I am willing to pay for quality and not just so called quantity.

When I want to tinker or get my hands dirty I use the many flavors of Linux or Unix. This is just my geek side wanting to experiment.
My PC is just that, a Personal Computer that I love and don't want to have to spend time worrying about any sicknesses (hardware or virii), just like my family and friends.

Peace of Mind = Genius
Posted by wrwjpn (113 comments )
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Commercial for Apple?
Funny this sounds like a commercial for Apple instead of a "news" story. So people can get a new Ipod when there's breaks down, big deal. I can buy a cheaper more capable MP3 player at Bestbuy and if it breaks I can take it back and they will swap it out for me. Your reporter makes these bars seem like laid back fun places to hangout. Has the reporter ever dealt with a Mac user who is having trouble? They have to be the most difficult people in the world to deal with. Being a former computer tech I have dealt with them in the past and it would be no laid back experience.
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