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Tech vets making leap to green tech

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In general, people who have worked in the semiconductor industry or at hardware companies are the ones who have successfully made the transition, said Ray Fortney, president and managing partner at Cleantech Search, which recruits for clean tech companies.

Enterprise software company veterans are less common among those making the jump, except in fields that are very software-intensive such as smart grids or hosted applications related to energy efficiency, he said.

But that's not for lack of interest. Fortney said that he has seen a lot more people exploring energy-related technologies in the past two years.

"Five or six years ago when we talked about (energy technologies), it was hard to get people to comprehend what it was even about," he said. "It's amazing the effect that $60-per-barrel oil and $4-per-gallon gasoline has had."

In many cases, the combination of IT people at clean tech companies makes perfect sense from a technical point of view.

Novazone, for example, has designed a system that uses sensors and wireless networking, combined with the application of ozone, to purify water and preserve food. Similarly, smart grid start-ups, like Silver Spring Networks, are applying software and Internet networking to power grids.

As businesses, clean tech start-ups can make use of the latest IT advances to run their business operations.

Even consumer-facing green companies are tapping Internet executives. TerraPass, which provides an online service for consumers to buy carbon offsets , earlier this month hired Erik Blachford, the former CEO of online travel site Expedia.

"When I first encountered the (carbon credits field), it was thick with acronyms and hard to follow, but as I get deeper into it I found that it's not any more confusing than the travel industry," Blachford said. "If you squint a little bit, (TerraPass) looks a lot like an e-commerce's not so different from people booking reservations online."

Good marketing or hype?
One downside to the influx of venture investing into the clean-tech arena is the creation of what many people consider an investment bubble and, potentially, overinflated expectations, which is a steady pattern in the high-tech industry.

To some degree, company failure and some hype are to be expected with every technology investment wave, executives said. On the other hand, many of these new fields require marketing--something that's highly tuned in high tech but not typically applied to energy-related technologies or science.

"There are whole new categories being created," said Novazone's Cope. "There is a tremendous amount of brand equity and corporate value in defining terms. That takes aggressive marketing and communication skills."

Who will be dominant players in the different segments of clean tech has yet to play out, but the initial public offerings this year of two energy efficiency companies--EnerNoc and Comverge--indicate that marrying IT and the energy industry technology and people can pay off.

"This is a marketplace that will reward a lot of first movers like a lot of emerging markets," said Foundation Capital's Holland. "We want this fast clock rate executive--to use a chip industry term--who has worked in the IT environment...and to marry that with people who have expertise in industries like agribusiness that historically have had much longer cycle times for new products and innovations."

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Watch out for a bubble. We need real solutions like Solar Transfer
We are all for more engineers and IT professionals joining in on the important work to find solutions to Global Warming and an Energy crisis. We must all see the big picture and if you look at the earth as one you will see that putting solar panels on roofs or in Northern States does not make sense. Maybe it will be the CEO's of these tech companies that will finally understand our concept to stop all Million Solar Roofs projects. Big money is starting to go into green tech. Lets make sure that we do things for the right reasons. Use technology to make things cheaper and more efficient but always remember the solution has to make more money for the investor and at the same time help the planet or we will have another bubble on your hands. Check out Solar Transfer, we are a small group of engineers that has been trying to get the word out about Solar Power, No ethanol, and Smart Solar installations for over a year now. If one of these tech CEO's who has made their riches and wants to truly make a difference in Global Warming and yes some more money at the same time have them contact us. What we don?t need are companies created just to move around carbon offsets and bring in investors. The solution may already exist, what we need are computer scientist and engineers that can bring their skills to make the right decisions. See what your Governor or Senator has to say about Solar Transfer. They have been getting emails from us for a year but it is hard to explain to a Senator how to save billions from the effects from Global Warming he may have to not allow a Solar industry in his state! Do the research, and please let us know if we have missed something.
Posted by Manhattan2 (329 comments )
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What Had You Smoke
Manhattan2 brain is screwed...There is no such thing as Solar Transfer. With Google, you think people will not know what you are trying to do?
Posted by (8 comments )
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Junk science + hype = new biz venture
The concept of puchasing an "offset" is a total scam. Are other types of offsets going to become available? Perhaps one will be able to purchase a "sin offset" before robbing a bank or cheating on their wife?

Someday people will look back on this stuff and wonder where people's heads were.
Posted by Zaphod_Beeblebrox (12 comments )
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It is just a wealth
redistribution plan. A shell game with money and carbons. People won't wonder about the innovators, they've been trying to redistribute the wealth since Marx. They will, however, have a good laugh at the expense of the people that bought into the scam.
Posted by suyts (824 comments )
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Wow a little bit of sense in a whole load of *****
What the **** are you all afraid of
Let me tell you a story.
There onece was this clever buch of people who feed off the mineral rich soil of old UK kingdom.
Then this empire came in a said to them were going to kill you or you'll work for us because we have the almghty triangle.
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The roman went and kill loads of them and called them cave men.
Then he made them farmers and stoped them from really working up there farms properly with good interesting food types just patatoes and things.
Wow he was so clever.
today it's called 2007 and loads of people have cancer and diebities and are triangulated to do what some idiot calls thinking.
Amongst this world quite a few people make some sense.
Like that black mans black
Or for some reason our growth that we are seems to like two as opposed to that tree which branches out in all directions.
Or look i can point my finger in six directions.
Or even admtidly that six seems to work with numbers in a sort of 3 way.
Then you get stupid comments like god dosent play dice.
I mean whos god and whats dice got to do with anything.
All the time my head just seems to reflect that clip on the animatrix of these bone hands claping at their own stupidity.
Of course we now know whats going on were not on a flat peice of land with the sun and moon going round not that that was everyones view in the first place but yes we've pretty much got it sussed.
its one (not that anyone can properly explain where one came from or why).
Yes its a universe and we're probably the most intelligent ones out there not the most degenerate and yet were all afrid of some and hope for money while scratching our heads as to why the rich who are there are there.
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Nope my bllod line were those farmers on a few side or somthing and i'm always looking fr really soil and things and hated my mums food.
I love digging and am clever enough to know that a 4 chi buch of gravitated energy would be whats made of this kind of stuff and that chi isnt all in al that amazing scope and that what i see around me is six planes on a treble chi.
I also know a triangle is worthless and ET wouldent pick up some egyptian in his pyrimid if his mum was the uglyist star thing in all of the next 1000000 billion ^2^2^2 -> Nth of a google.
Posted by wildchild_plasma_gyro (296 comments )
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Already have one foot in the door ...
I'm considering this transition, going from the likes of Microsoft, Oracle and Samsung, plus a few small(er) IT-, outsourcing- and web-related firms to the joys of solar energy. This isn't an easy decision. Quite frankly, Google or Apple would be a great/better match for me. (Note: Haven't applied ... and there's a somewhat funny Google story involving Larry and Sergey that goes along with this.)

If it wasn't for the fact that I'm in China and would like to stay here for another six or so years, I'd be reluctant to consider a move like this. Fortunately, my best buddy in China runs a company manufacturing PV modules. And, guess what, the best three markets in the world for all things solar according to a recent report are the U.S., Spain and China. We're in China, he's Spanish (and already has a multi-million dollar contract in the EU), and I'm the native Californian.

I get a chill down my spine when I think of my chem classes, especially way, way back in AP Chem with Dr. Greenstadt at Fairfax High in Los Angeles (kind of a legend among the teachers there; Fairfax itself is probably the best known High School in L.A. outside of Hollywood High, even though Room 222 was filmed at L.A. High). But I've read enough NREL reports, trade articles and technical papers to decide that it's a worthwhile pursuit.

I really love the UXD (user experience design)/HCI side of our biz ... and I'll still do what I can to keep up with things (maybe SIGCHI conferences and the like on vacation time). Yet, this seems like a good opportunity for me.

The solar/PV manufacturing scene in China is hypercompetitive, but we have some solid competitive advantages: For one thing, we might well have the best manufacturing systems in China. Alas, my heart still cries out for the UXD/HCI world, but my life in China is leading me toward green tech.

At the very least, it should be an interesting adventure. Everyday in China is a new experience (I've lived here for over 3 years) ... and now I'm about to amplify the experience!! My crash helmet is on: If I need it, I hope it's due to hypervelocity, not an accident.
Posted by DavidScottLewis (1 comment )
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