May 16, 2005 6:00 AM PDT

S.F. radio station starts airing podcasts

San Francisco radio station 1550 KYCY-AM began airing programming on Monday created exclusively by listeners with podcast technology, as new and old media start to collide.

KYOURadio may well be the first station in the nation to adopt an all-podcast format, according to Infinity Broadcasting, the station's owner.

Podcasting emerged last year as an online phenomenon, allowing amateurs to distribute audio programming over the Web. Listeners can subscribe to certain programs, download them and play them later on digital music players such as Apple Computer's iPod.

KYOURadio, which also streams programming online at, kicked off with a podcast created by Dave Winer, a software developer pivotal to the podcasting movement. People in 49 states as well as London, Toronto and Hong Kong, have submitted more than 400 podcasts to the station, Infinity said. The company began soliciting contributions a few weeks ago.

Infinity is pleased so far with the quality of the submissions, company spokeswoman Karen Mateo said. They include podcasters expounding on "views on life in San Francisco, thoughts pondered while commuting, highlights from the world of science, time travel and amusement parks," according to an Infinity statement. Music programs submitted span a number of genres, including bluegrass, indie, rock and Asian.

The station plans to select programming based on listeners' interests and daily feedback and evolve to 24-hour programming.

Infinity's podcast radio experiment is not a terribly risky business move because the all-talk station that KYOURadio is replacing was underperforming, Mateo said.

"It was a good opportunity with a station that hadn't been performing in the market and with San Francisco being the tech center that it is," she said.

Infinity, which owns 180 radio stations across the country, is lining up advertising for KYOURadio. Potential advertisers have had a "tremendous response" to the new station, Mateo said.


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Not Ready For Primetime
At present, the on-air station is still playing their old format. In order to listen online you have to fill out an extensive registration form which asks for, among other things, your address and phone number. After you get registered and logged in, the soniXtream player launches. If you're using something other than IE you are out of luck. The player says you must have ActiveX. What kind of B.S. is this? Haven't they heard of Firefox or Opera? This is so ironic because their website logo says "Open Source Radio". So far this has been a very unsatisfying experience with KYOURadio. They should rename the station Moscow Radio Factory #6.

"Your Computer Configuration does not Support our Audio Service. Our audio service requires Microsoft Windows 98 or later. Supported operating systems include: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP. Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh OS, and Linux are not supported at present. Your browser needs a plugin which will let it access Windows Media Player using ActiveX.
You'll need to know exactly what version of the browser you have and you might require the assistance of a guru."

Posted by Stating (869 comments )
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Not Ready For Primetime II
This so called podcast station doesn't even allow you to download the shows. It doesn't support RSS syndication. So to call the station a podcast is a complete misnomer. It's really just streaming audio.

They contradict themselves in their own FAQ:

<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
"Q. What is Podcasting?
A. "Podcasting" is the process of making audio and media files (most commonly in MP3 format) available online in a way that allows software to automatically download the files for listening or viewing at the user's convenience. Podcasts are indexed and tracked by means of RSS files.

Q: How do I download a Podcast?
A. You cannot download Podcasts on Instead tune in to 1550 KYCY-AM or click Listen Live.

Q. Can I subscribe to an RSS or XML feed?
A. Sorry, but currently you cannot subscribe to RSS or XML feeds on Instead tune in to 1550 KYCY-AM or click Listen Live."
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Bait and switch
It seems like they still have a bunch of their old paid programming
still going in prime time. in the 10-noon hours today they were
still running their old paid programming talk show investment
advisor stuff, and still referring to the station by it's old name.

After noon, they're running podcast type programming again.

What's up with these guys, did they just need some filler content
and want to get a bunch of publicity?
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From Here To Infinity
KYCY is owned by Infinity, another mega media company. They own 180 radio stations in 40 markets. I'm not sure what their real game is here, but it's more than just pseudo-podcasting. According to this guy at USA Today, he doesn't think they'll makeany money at it.
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San Francisco






Mod AC
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