May 3, 2005 8:23 AM PDT

PlayStations of the cross

Is there a place amid the witches, warlocks and diabolical monsters for Christian video games?
The New York Times

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It's the ethics of the game that matter most
A "Christian" game doesn't need to contain crosses to be Christian. It doesn't even need to contain scripture. What it does need is a compelling plot where good ethical conduct gets you through the conflicts and leads you down the path to victory.

I would argue that there are at least a few existing game titles that meet this standard.

I would also like to point out that good ethical conduct is not restricted soley to Christians; lets not forget the Jews and Muslims in this endevor.
Posted by C.Schroeder (126 comments )
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I think they've tried this kind of thing in the past...
it's not a bad idea, but games that have Christian (read religious) themes haven't sold well in the past. Maybe with the increased popularity and more older people (people over 18) playing games they'll have more success. I tend to agree with the previous poster that the games don't necessarly need to contain scripture etc, they just need to be Christian friendly (ie no killing prostitutes etc and good ethics). I think going the later route opens up more possibilities and a greater chance of success. That and people who aren't necessarly Christian will probably be more willing to buy a copy of the game.
Posted by unknown unknown (1951 comments )
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Great article
Not many people are talking about the movements Christians are doing these days. The Secular world doesn't want to know, but always complains for changes and better living. Well, here is another great aspect! Praise GOD!
Posted by soloflightcomputers (1 comment )
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But is it fun?
As a gamer, I don't really care if a game is "Christian" or "Satanic" or none of the above. What I care about is simple: Is the game fun? And more to the point, is it more fun than other games that are out there? That is what will ultimately decide where my money gets spent.

I won't say it's impossible for a company like this to succeed. Christian rock music is rather popular today, but that is because the focus is on making good music. If Rev. Bagley's company focuses on making good games, then it has the potential to fill a void in a willing market, and I wish him the best of luck.

I am a little concerned with his efforts, though, because of quotes such as "We're going to hold the word of God up and illuminate the place... We're taking the land back from Satan." It makes it sound as if the goal is to preach, and the games are just another tool he will use in that effort. If that is the case, then I am sure he will have a small market of the existing "Catechumens," but he will not be very successful in mainstream America.
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