March 6, 2007 11:29 AM PST

New iTunes version still not fully Vista-ready

A new version of Apple's iTunes software released Monday addresses a number of compatibility issues with Microsoft's Windows Vista, but a few problems remain.

The updated version supports the upcoming Apple TV product and includes an improved album-sorting feature, but still does not fully support Windows Vista. The new download, iTunes 7.1, is available on Apple's Web site.

When Vista arrived at the end of January, Apple told Windows users that iTunes was not yet ready for Vista because of compatibility issues. In the most dire scenario outlined by Apple, users could corrupt their iPod simply by plugging it into a Vista PC running iTunes. Problems were also reported with playing back content purchased from the iTunes Store on Vista PCs, Apple said in early February.

The new version fixes several of those issues, but a few outstanding issues remain and Apple is working with Microsoft to finish the job, said Derick Mains, an Apple spokesman.

One problem that needs to be resolved is that ejecting an iPod using the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray could result in a corrupt iPod; Apple recommends that users always eject their iPods within the iTunes software. Also, iTunes is not supported on the 64-bit versions of Vista, and contacts from the Windows Address Book may not sync properly to iPods.

More information about the remaining problems, as well as tips for getting iTunes to work properly with Vista, can be found in this document on the Apple site. Apple does not have an exact time frame for when the remaining issues will be corrected, Mains said.

Microsoft's deployment of Windows Vista has run into problems with application compatibility and driver availability, frustrating some users who have made the early move to the new operating system. Businesses aren't expected to do so until much later, after they've made sure all of their internal applications will play well with Vista.

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No Excuse
There's no excuse for Apple not having this product ready by this point. iTunes runs on more Windows machines than there are computers in the entire installed Mac base. That tells me Apple is ignorant of their priorities. I've got two iPods and Vista x64, not to mention all of my 25,000 songs are encoded in AAC, so this needs to get fixed.
Posted by mortis9 (370 comments )
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No excuse for MS, you mean
Sorry, but it seems to me the OS manufacturer has at least some
responsibility for insuring compatibility with the most widely
distributed audio jukebox on its platform. Don't they test this
stuff with other applications?

Most beta testers indicated that iTunes worked with Vista. But
when the final release came out, everything broke. Vista and IE 7
have been disasters as far as compatibility is concerned -- it's
the main reason why so many companies have foresworn
upgrading at the moment (along with the onerous hardware

It's not Apple's fault that MS threw in so many land mines. I
suspect they're just as pissed as everyone else at MS's latest
"work in progress."

Unlike MS, Apple actually gives a crap about ease of use and the
customer experience.
Posted by calpundit (69 comments )
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you don't think
You don't think other companies are having the same problem with
Vista? It's not just Apple...
Posted by NeverFade (402 comments )
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You mean?...
There's no excuse for a competing company to hold out on products so Microsoft doesn't make more money?! OUTRAGEOUS!
But really, there are sooo many other things that aren't compatible with Vista.... It's not just iTunes...

I'm fine with my XP laptop for now,
Posted by Paragon 7 (38 comments )
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Why not blame Apple?
A few years back Real went before Congress and testified that the latest Microsoft OS purposely broke their code. A few months later, it was revealed that it was Real's poor code that was at fault. The same is happening here, rather than point the finger at poor Apple code, everybody wants to blame MS. One of the issues is that calendar data does not sync properly. What could MS possibly do to cause music to sync OK, but not calendar data?

Vista has compatibility issues, but the Apple fans, rather than question if iTunes is possibly at fault, they immediately blame MS.
Posted by JoeSchmoe123 (6 comments )
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Might be Apple's fault . . .
but even Microsoft had programs that wouldn't run on Vista when it was released. For example, Vista wasn't supported on Microsoft SQL server until about 2 weeks ago.

It could be Apple's fault, but odds are it's a Vista problem.

<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Posted by rcrusoe (1305 comments )
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Spot on
Totally agree. Unfortunately, you are wasting your breath and inviting scorn by posting your comments on an Apple fan boy site such as this.
Posted by law_hog (43 comments )
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Spot on
Totally agree. Unfortunately, you are wasting your breath and inviting scorn by posting your comments on an Apple fan boy site such as this.
Posted by law_hog (43 comments )
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Who cares. I use Urge with my Smartphone
Don't need Apple for nothing, thank you! People ask me and my wife how we are able to listen to music on our phones, and get email and use Outlook and cruise the Web, to name a few. We tell them to go out and get a Windows smartphone or PocketPC phone. And that Microsoft's had this for years, unlike the vaporware called iPhone!
Posted by WJeansonne (480 comments )
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That's so-o-o-o limited. . .
so most people much prefer to have an iPod and a regular cell phone. The handful of overpriced music files you have can't begin to compare with the millions of songs available for an iPod, not to mention videos, tv shows, movies and podcasts. Apparently, you can't miss what you can't measure.
Posted by J.G. (837 comments )
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The typical WJeansonne fartbomb
You are always anti-Apple, no matter what it is. You also are not
known for responding to people who comment on your posts. You
fart in the room and keep on walking.

A question for you. Why do you believe the iPhone is vaporware?

Well, what say you?
Posted by lesfilip (496 comments )
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Please bother to look up words you don't know before you use
them. In particular, you clearly have no idea what the term
"vaporware" means, though this is hardly surprising, seeing as how
your past post have clearly evinced you as horribly uninformed, if
not simply an idiot.
Posted by DeusExMachina (516 comments )
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Vaporware is something that doesn't ever actually get released. Somehow I don't think this is the case with the iPhone.

A PocketPC based device that doesn't crash? Now that's what I call vaporware!
Posted by ddesy (4336 comments )
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LONGHORN -- That's the real vaporware you stooge.
Posted by larryc92039 (41 comments )
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Uninformed Opinions
Lots of folks here are eager to blame Apple or Microsoft based on little more than who they like better. But I haven't seen any actual information on whether Microsoft changed important support late in the development cycle, whether the corruption is due to a Vista driver bug or Apple code, or even what the exact nature of the problem is.

Personally, I suspect most of these are Vista issues, since 1. eject from within iTunes works, so we know Apple can write code that works, 2. iTunes works great on XP, which is theoretically compatible, while Vista is a 1.0 product, 3. Apple has pretty sharp engineers, and they wouldn't jeopardize their iPod market by not fixing this stuff, while 4. Microsoft has every motivation to want to break iTunes and it's been proven (in court) that they're willing to use this kind of tactic.

But I don't have any real information either. So really, it's up to journalists to do a little more than regurgitate PR speak and report on factual information instead of just posting this kind of story.
Posted by samkass (310 comments )
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Ahhhh... a calm comment.
Hear hear.

The first comment to step back from the "holy wars" with a fairly
objective opinion. And pretty much sums it up. Never forget that
both MS and Apple are Large Corporate Entities, and they pursue
their own self interest. It is usually for to the ultimate benefit of

...but not always.
Posted by SamuraiArtGuy (89 comments )
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you're reaching
Point 4. doesn't make any sense.
MS didn't break iTunes. In fact it sounds like using iTunes is the only safe way to use your iPod. Using the Vista method is what causes the damage.
If I owned an iPod (hell no!) I would be leary of using any MS option and would absolutely install and use the iTunes method, so this will actually drive people to iTunes, who might have otherwise not used it. (We know most iPods contain very little iTunes purchased material anyway.)
Posted by skeptik (590 comments )
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go to
First I ask this question. Does anyone have any shred of evidence that MS did something with the final build to stop Itunes from working?

We do know that MS has gone out of their way to help software companies make Vista compatible with their applications?..why should they do otherwise. Microsoft has all kinds of FREE support options for software vendors to help them make their applications Vista ready. For Pete?s sake it was out for almost a year to the public. They had so many downloads they had to cut it off.

We also know that Apple has publicly warned people not to upgrade to Vista if they have an Ipod, and so has Symantec?.both companies don?t want Vista to succeed.

I personally think that in the case of some software and hardware vendors they use Vista as a way to exploit users into buying a new piece of hardware/software when they could easily provide a free driver or software patch. This happened to me with Nero. I had to buy a new version to work with Vista. I cant even tell what is different?visually or feature wise. Good thing I bought it off of Ebay for $6. HP is famous for not supporting printers that might be a year old by not coming out with a driver or support software for months?.hoping you will just by another printer.

This all happened with XP as well?..
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
"In fact, not supporting a new operating system is a tactic used by some manufacturers in order to get you to upgrade your current product. Microsoft released an avalanche of technical details, driver guidelines, and beta software to manufacturers a full year before Windows XP shipped in order to give them as much as lead time as possible. In a random survey of legacy (pre-2001) printer and scanner drivers available for XP, we noticed a definite support trend that favored the higher end (and higher profit) devices and left entry level models (or those commonly given away with Win95/98 PC's) unsupported?

Apple had the time to make Itunes work with Vista, they chose not too. They will fix the problem not MS?but they had to create some FUD for the script of their next lame Mac vs PC commercial. Thank God for DVR?s.
Posted by Lindy01 (443 comments )
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Not a shred of evidence to support this contention
Besides the fact that you do not have a shred of evidence to
support this contention, the facts of the matter are that, first,
iTunes worked fine with the betas, which obviates your first
point, second, Apple does not have similar motivations to
Symantec, since they LOSE market by not releasing drivers, and
third, the fact that improper device syncing can trash your iPod's
directory files makes Apple's advice far from self serving,
baseless conspiracy theories aside.
As other's have pointed out, without specific information about
what is happening, your speculations regarding responsibility
are vacuous at best.
Posted by DeusExMachina (516 comments )
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New version of Vista not iTunes-ready?
With Microsoft... you never really can tell.
Posted by gm2net (25 comments )
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Vista Yawn
Is vista still around?
Posted by dansterpower (2511 comments )
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Is Mac?
Is Vista still around? I believe so. Let me check- ah yes, it's up and running now. Let me check my snow white G3 iMac- damn, unhappy Mac face. I have to reinstall the OS. Sorry, can't check that one currently.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Is Mac?
Is Vista still around? I believe so. Let me check- ah yes, it's up and running now. Let me check my snow white G3 iMac- damn, unhappy Mac face. I have to reinstall the OS. Sorry, can't check that one currently.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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- Yet another reason (as if we needed one) NOT to upgrade to Vista.
- Yet another reason (as if we needed one) NOT to use iTunes.
- You could simply count the replacement cost of your damaged iPod in the upgrades required to run Vista. You're likely to bleed money in the upgrade process anyway...
- I'm not a Vista user, but I'm guessing that P2P, BitTorrent, et al do not have the same compatibility issues. I bet they just work. I don't care if it's MS or Apple's fault, but this kind of 'screw-the-customer crap' is a huge part of the reason "pirates" still do what they do.
Posted by skeptik (590 comments )
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Vista has problems running a fair amount of software. This is a plain fact, not debatable.

iTunes does not cause problems running other software, so I see no reason to not use it.
Posted by ddesy (4336 comments )
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Talking about a few programs breaking... what about EVERY MAC OS X COMPATABLE APP breaking because of Intel chips inside? Ooooh what then?

Microsoft gets slammed because Apple can't work out issues over 3 months... the article states Apple IS WORKING WITH Microsoft to get it all fixed.

So Microsoft IS HELPING Apple, go re-read before you make replies.
Posted by timber2005 (720 comments )
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Ignorance must be bliss...
Because most OS X apps did not break due to the change to Intel! Sure, non-universal apps run slower, but I haven't had any problems other than speed.

Also, Microsoft is "helping" Apple to fix a problem that was created by the final version of Vista. So much for Microsoft's famous backwards compatibility!
Posted by ddesy (4336 comments )
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All Apple Apps work great under Intel Chips
How is that LSD habit working out for you?

From your *Ignorant* rant, I can see you fantasize often.

For the record, ALL Mac apps work fantastically under the new
Intel chips. End of story.

I use them every day on both older Power PC and Intel Chips and
they run great.

Ask my how my PC apps do on my one-month old HP with Intel
Core 2 Duo under Vista -- Now that is another topic all
Posted by dansterpower (2511 comments )
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The worst thing about geeks
Is that they are never really happy unless they're engaged in
d1ckwaving. Oh my syustem is better than your system. I have
more ram! My computer is older than yours and it still beats the
panst off what you have! I have a giant monitor. Oh you have
that piece of crap? I'm so sorry for you! You think I'm wrong?
You must be retarded/a shill/insane/a fanboy. MY OS IS

And the funny thing is that it doesn't even matter what the
original reason is for the bickering. It always follows the same
boring inane pattern - even this post is just part of that never
ending cycle.

Progress happens, compatibilty suffers, compatibility is
regained. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Getting upset about it is like getting upset that the wind blows
or that the tides rise and fall.
Posted by rapier1 (2722 comments )
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Itunes crashes Vista computers!
I installed the 7.1 update, and ITunes now consistantly crashes the entire computer anytime it runs. This is even worse than 7.0.2, since it at least didn't cause my computer to crash.
Posted by bpurcell72 (8 comments )
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I've seen MS updates cause problems too. It's usually not the update itself but an interaction between the update and something else.
Posted by ddesy (4336 comments )
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Microsoft should be shot!
Why iTunes doesn't run well is for ONE reason only, and that's because MS is deathly afraid of Apple.

They purposely made Vista not work with iTunes.

Apple doesn't everything it can to create the best user experience, but MS does everything it can to prevent people from enjoying computers.

Wake up Microsoft!

Posted by OS11 (844 comments )
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A Temporary Fix
iTunes crashed my Vista Business computer as soon as a video download completed. I accidentally found a temporary solution. Set iTunes to save the downloaded video onto a removable media device (I used a 4 gb SD card plugged into my laptop's card reader). I then downloaded a video, it completed without crashing, played without crashing, and I could close iTunes without any error messages. It seems the problem has to with saving the files to the hard drive. Hopefully a future iTunes version will fix it.
Posted by ctodd111 (1 comment )
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The saying "There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch" couldn't be more true in the case of iTunes/Quicktime from Apple Inc.

iTunes&#38; Quicktime for Windows contains Spyware -- software used to track usage of your computer and alter its operation. In addition, running these programs on Windows Vista can often crash your computer.

Personal information is transfered by Quicktime/iTunes, without your knowledge, to Apple computer, and its marketing partners, over the Internet.


How Apple's spywhere scheme works:
Since at least the year 2000, the Quicktime (and now iTunes) installer from Apple installed several programs, without the user's permission or knowledge, which permanently altered the user's Windows system.
In my case, I tried removing some of the components, but still, each time I visit ANY website that has Quicktime support, something installed by iTunes causes a couple of invisible background processes (qttask.exe and ituneshelper.exe) to get installed in my computer's Startup Programs list and launched. The claim for "ituneshelper.exe" is that it "required" for burning CD's, but it does not make sense why you need an INVISIBLE BACKGROUND PROGRAM running on your system 24 hours a day just so you can burn CD's once in a while. No other CD burning software has such a requirement.
The other program "qttask.exe" is also spyware with apparently no other purpose.

I have since switched to alternatives (see below), but I was still stuck with Apple's spyware for weeks before I was able to remove it.

IF YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO PLAY QUICKTIME (AND OTHER TYPES) OF MOVIES, YOU CAN DOWNLOAD "VIDEOLAN" FROM <a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

As far as music downloading service goes, there are many many alternatives including,, etc...

Napster is also back.
Posted by Rover8 (7 comments )
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Stop blaming Microsoft
Okay, this is bad for me too. Although I don't have an iPod, I have to use iTunes for my phone. I have a Sony Ericsson W810i and it only accepts AAC and MP3.

However, I use WMP11 for music playback.

This sucks for me because I have the cash to buy a good Vista laptop but I'd still have to use my old one.

But there is no reason you should blame Microsoft. I mean the Realplayer thing was proved to be false.

For all we know, iTunes may be the one at fault here. Come on, iTunes hate Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player has more users than iTunes.

You iPod people really need to get a playsforsure player instead. It's so much cheaper to get legal downloads with WMP11 (URGE subscription) than iTunes.

Come on, Apple hates the fact that Vista is great; it could be a conspiracy or something.

Think of all the possibilities.

If you'd remember, there was a time when there had been reports of tons of iPods that had viruses in them and can only be activated through a PC and not a Mac.

This is soooo an apple thing.

I need a new phone. lol
Posted by ThunderShock2005 (31 comments )
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It's Apple's fault.
I'm no MS lover, but place blame where blame is due. Steve Jobs continuously blasts MS for not getting products to market fast enough. Well, Steve, look in the mirror my friend. Vista has been available in various test forms for over a year for developers and users. The old Win32 APIs still work and the new ones have been published for months. Apple really has no excuse for itunes not being ready.
Posted by frankwick (413 comments )
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It's your fault... for misinforming
iTunes was working on the betas. Something in the final release of
Vista broke it. While Apple could be quicker in issuing a fix, it is
not entirely their fault.

Have a nice day!
Posted by lesfilip (496 comments )
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OK, unlike the rest of you, I have an actual problem
It seems that in the newest refresh of iTunes, they've made it impossible to edit the artist/title/album information for all my MP3 format music. Seems that Apple thinks I'm not the kind of person who would like to edit this information for any sort of reason. If anybody can offer an actual solution to this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Guess I should include the fact I'm running this under Vista.

(It's a good thing I use a dual-boot system... XP sure won't be getting this "upgrade" any time soon, and I thought iTunes 7.0.2 was possibly the worst program I EVER saw. Unstable, horrible sound quality, didn't deliver on ANY front!)
Posted by TrackStar1682 (39 comments )
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You'r right! I have the same problem
I am using iTunes 7.1 on Intel Mac and I can't edit artist information for MP3 files, although I it seems to be working for AAC files. I agree with you. iTunes 7 is by far the worst iTunes upgrade ever, buggy and bloated.
Posted by The_Nirvana (104 comments )
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possible solution
You might need to make sure the metadata tags are written in
the latest version. First, make a backup of everything. Then go
to the advanced tab in iTunes and select "Convert ID3 Tags."
Now your editing may work again.

As for the problems you are having, be sure to send bug reports
to Apple. They actually read them and work on the things that
are most serious and/or widespread. These problems you are
experiencing may be due to interaction with other programs you
have installed, but it will still help to report them.

You can also go to the Apple support forums at

Have a nice day!
Posted by lesfilip (496 comments )
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itunes 7.1 still not working "audio config" error!
I got my Windows Vista HP laptop over a week ago and installed all my needed software including itunes 7.0.2 and everything worked fine!! (surprisingly)
Tonight I downloaded 7.1 after being recommended by apple that it is Vista friendly but now all I get is the "audio config problem"!! I'm rather livid as it was working fine before.... is anyone aware of a fix?
Posted by antoninsev (1 comment )
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possible fix
Back up your music, uninstall 7.1, and reinstall 7.0.2. Then re-
import your music from the backup folder. Possible fix, yes. Easy
fix, no.
Posted by lesfilip (496 comments )
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"Audio Config in W2K also"
I run Win2k, (for some good reasons) on a standard well spec'd dell laptop.
I had Itunes 7.0, and have just upgraded to 7.1
The audio config problem is presented at startup.
I cannot seem to fix it. I don'tknow about Vista, .. but there's nothing wrong with the audio on this machine. I have 4 other pro-audio apps which have no problem...
Posted by bbpiano (1 comment )
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I Tunes update has made things worse
I am having similar problems and it's driving me around the bend. I got a brand new HP Touchsmart PC fully loaded with Vista, downloaded I Tunes 7 and I didnt have any trouble at all and I thought great! Now I downloaded the latest 7.1 and it will not work. I cannot see the video or the movies (the sound plays ok) and when it does play it jumps from frame to frame. I am also having trouble ejecting the ipod now which i did not have before. Strangely enough if you transfer the movie files on to another hard drive they play perfectly. I am wondering whether there is a problem with Quick Time and Vista. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled but still not working. Apple please help us out here, I virtually have a brand new computer which I cannot use to its full capacity, the most annoying thing being it was working well before the latest update.
Posted by jancongrave (1 comment )
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How could *either* company let this happen?
The bottom line is that both companies--whether or not they're in competition with each other--had a vested interest in iTunes running well on Vista when the public release occurred. It's clear from all the comments that plenty of people are ticked off at the incompatibility, whether or not they blame MS or Apple. Finally, as an iPod lover and a fan of using both OS's depending on the application, it really stinks to not be able to sync my iPod without bluescreening my PC. Fix it, guys!!
Posted by likemygizmos (3 comments )
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Vista FIX - Manually manage songs
iTunes kept on crashing Vista ultimate, until I checked off the box "Manually Manage Music and Videos" - not crashing any more...not the best solution, but it seems to be working now
Posted by johnbanoch (1 comment )
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iTunes version 7.4.3 still fails on Vista Premium
Tried to use new version of iTunes; still does not run on Vista Home Premium. Always searching for a solution. Have installed/reinstalled, cleaned registry and other left behind garbage. Still no go.
Posted by dshazam (1 comment )
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7.5 refuses to work with Vista Home Premium...
I've spend the last 8 hours trying to resolve the problem, tried several versions of iTunes including the new 7.5 version... It simply crashes !

I use a freeware program for now, but I want to get iTunes to work at some point !
Posted by tberins (3 comments )
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A real disgrace on Apple's part. A 'perfect storm' of Apple blaming the Windows Vista for their problems.
Ex: Just bought a new laptop, working perfect except when I try to sync my iphone to the itunes software that comes with the computer (#8) I believe it is. I still have my old laptop with XP. The sync works perfectly on the XP but not the Vista.
I thank my lucky star to have found this out before I bought a new iphone. Never happen now, I'm looking at the Pre and the Storm and advising friends not to touch any Apple product.

Lesson learned.

Herb Lipton
Posted by herblip (4 comments )
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Not only crashed computer froze my iPod big time
Crashed my computer nothing is working
Posted by donklinestiver1 (1 comment )
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I don't understand why Apple wastes resources playing around with the "look" and extra features of itunes when they can't even make its primary function work in Windows. With this same computer, I used to be able to play songs fine in itunes, but the last 2 versions have been absolute crap.. I am able to access the itunes store, and LOOK at my songs, but can I play them? No, of course not. I really hope itunes soon comes out with a version that actually plays music. :/
Posted by meconartist (1 comment )
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