November 1, 2004 6:47 AM PST

Netflix follows through on price-cut promise

Faced with growing competition, the DVD rent-by-mail service is reducing its monthly subscription fee.

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Price incorrect
It really came down from 22.99. In the short period I have been a member, the 3 dvd package went from 19.99 raised to 22.99 and now down to 17.99.

Overall I really like the service and reccomend it.
Posted by richtestani (23 comments )
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And this is just the beginning....
Blockbuster will eat NetFlix alive, especially with their ability to
run the prograsm both by mail and from local stores.
Posted by Earl Benser (4310 comments )
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netflix will wreak havoc on BB
netflix is going to eat blockbusters lunch. this whole notion that bb can back up their rental program with their stores is nonsense and its something that bb wants to avoid like the plague. dont you think that bb would rather have you come in and spend 4 bucks for one rental and then another 4 for every day your late returning it. i read that the average store makes 10 grand a month is late fees alone. so what is to stop everyone for signing up for the 17.49 plan and then going to get movies from the bb stores like they normally would? if you get 3 movies at a time twice a month, that is 24 bucks bb would normally get, now they will only be getting 17.49. and they cant collect late fees, they have to pay all that overhead for the stores and employees. face it, bb is in a quagmire at this point. they are not going to be able to hold prices at 17.49 without cannibalizing their own offline business. i personally use netflix, and the service has been super reliable in the 3 months since i started. that to me is well worth the extra 50 cents per month that bb is trying to wave in my face in order to switch over to their service. bb has lost me as a customer, and unless netflix goes out of business, i dont ever see myself walking through the doors of bb again.
Posted by 201293546946733175101343322673 (722 comments )
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Doesn't netflix own the patent on this?
didn't i read months ago on here, netflix owns the patent on mail order dvd rentals? is there such a thing? how come cnet never mentions this in any of their articles.
Posted by saleen351 (36 comments )
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