March 27, 2007 9:01 PM PDT

Microsoft announces Xbox 360 Elite

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November 20, 2005
Confirming what it admitted was the "worst kept secret" in the video game business, Microsoft on Tuesday announced its Xbox 360 Elite, an upgraded version of its 16-month-old next-generation console family.

News of the Elite console has been making its way around the blogosphere and video game sites for days; Microsoft's announcement did not contain any real surprises.

Xbox 360 Elite

Essentially, the new console, at $479, is set to include a 120-gigabyte hard drive, as well as an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) port, an HDMI cable and a wireless remote, all in black. The Elite package will not, however, include an upgrade to the Xbox 360's behemoth power supply.

The existing Xbox 360 Core package, which has no hard drive, costs $299. The Pro model, which includes a 20GB hard drive, costs $399. Users of those models who want to upgrade to the 120GB hard drive can buy it separately for $180, Microsoft said.

Asked about well-publicized quality assurance problems with the Xbox 360 line--resulting in some customers returning their consoles multiple times--Xbox product manager John Rodman said the Elite would raise the line's quality standards.

"We made a tenet to not ship the Elite console...unless we got quality to where customers and readers and ourselves are happy," Rodman said.

That means, he said, that Microsoft is committed to the Elite being a better-built console that will not be subject to the same frequency of customer service complaints.

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Even before the elite was in the talks, everyone was talking about a price cut. But instead, MS is throwing out a more expensive upgrade and no price cut to the old. Elite seems a bit over priced, especially when relizing that the system is old enough for a price cut. Looks like there won't be a price cut for a while despite the speculation of a cut around fall of 07. I blame sony for not pressuring MS competitively.
Posted by samkim86 (2 comments )
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If they released the elite at the $400 price point people that bought consoles last christmas wouldn't be too happy.

Also, as you said, becasue of the price on the PS3 the price is in range.
Posted by Dachi (797 comments )
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The elite is what the console should be. If anything sony should learn from this, while microsoft will be eating their lunch. I would pay 480 instead of 599 the only differnce i dont get a cheap ass blue ray disc player. We dont even know who will win the dvd war. but its looking like hd so far. 480 isnt a bad price you get 120 gig hd 1080i port wi fi and the chance of it breaking down or burning out are slim. Buy making the extreme they are positioning themselves into selling more consoles while the 20gig model should fall in price. Good move bad color they should made the console halo green and white.
Posted by huskerman34 (7 comments )
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Microsoft is being run by loons.
OK, I own all three next gen game systems. The Wii is still the
most bang for the buck, the 360 is the best all around system
for gamers and the PS3 is a bloated mess that has it's only
saving grace as a cheap BluRay player. Yet, I CANNOT believe
Microsoft is throwing a bigger Hard Drive, HDMI and a black
plastic into a stock 360 and calling it ELITE!?!? No INTERNAL WI-
complete joke. And what's worse is the media coverage calling
this a cheaper alternative to the PS3. I'd rather they had put in
Wi-Fi and and HD-DVD drive and sold it for $699. At least it
would have been a competitive feature set... wow... now there's
no wonder these are the guys who make a blunder like the Zune.
Posted by Robtastic (9 comments )
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Damm Your Right
I like my 360, but the Elite is a slap in the face. $180 for a 120GB drive???? No build-in HD-DVD drive?

It really is a joke...

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Posted by zxocuteboy (45 comments )
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maybe not
Not everyone has Wifi, not everyone has HD-TV's. To add features that everyone can't use would be rediculous and plain stupid for the MS market. Addding a black finish, HDMI, and 120GB HD is a steady step. At $479, it is still cheaper than the PS3. 360 upconverts a standard DVD, does PS3 do that. NOTTT! PS3 just has to up its game, primarily a price cut. Now If MS gave its HD-DVD a price cut, I think PS3 is going to need a recap. Basically MS is looking at the general public, not for those who still lives with mom and play video chicks all day. HD-TV is on the rise it is just not there yet, it's just the price.
Posted by jreid187 (5 comments )
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Xbox 360 Elite - are the enhancements worth the buy?
So the 479$ price tag is only for the 120GB HDD, for the HDMI (although not known whether it is 1.3 or not), for the remote, for the 65nm CPU and for the new, more silent, BenQ DVD drive. But where's HD-DVD, Wi-Fi and a smaller power unit?...
Posted by icykoel (2 comments )
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But NO REMOTE... this is thing is a total joke. I didn't even think
about the power supply... good call. The idea that they would add
HDMI and NOT include an HD-DVD drive is unbelievable... same
goes for built in wi-fi...
Posted by Robtastic (9 comments )
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PS3 is the best!
I own the original Xbox, which I liked better than the PS2, because it has built in ethernet and xbox live and PS2 had a modem. Then the Xbox 360 came out and I like that too, up to the point of the PS3 coming out.

PS3 looks the best, has a lot of cool features, and I would not note them as useless. Can you use a fullsize keyboard and mouse and use a browser on a Xbox 360 to surf the internet ? I think not, does it have a built in Blue ray drive that now is outselling HD DVD 3 to 1 ?

Does it have built in HDMI and optical audio out by default ? I think not.

The games play super smooth, and even when I put in a demanding game in, the unit is quiet, when I put in a game like Rainbow Six, the 360 goes into overdrive, the fans blow at full speed.

It's very annoying, because the unit is super loud, I have to turn up the stereo to overcome the noise of the 360. MS had a lead with the early release, but Sony made up by releasing a superios piece of hardware and the games that olready came out are cool too.

PS3 is also open in helping out in other area, like the distributed network computing to help human research, I bet MS will try to copy that idea too, hell, they would probably want to control the whole project as well.

I really dislike how Microsoft behaves in the open market place with customers and competition, they need to be spanked really well and though a lesson, and I hope that SONY will do just that, take that all the way to the bank!
Posted by RompStar_420 (772 comments )
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you aren't getting all of those
The BenQ DVD isn't going to make a huge difference, MS confirmed no 65nm cpu which means a loud fan still running at high rpms constantly and no help on overheating issues.

MS is also giving up the fight on HDDVD saying now that they think both formats are doomed. Look for a bluray addon within 12 months.
Posted by msduh (12 comments )
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Serious Mistake
To bring out a substantial upgrade so soon after the initial release will annoy early adopters. HDMI should have been there from the start. I am glad I held off!
Posted by Siegfried Schtauffen (269 comments )
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I was one of the early adopters, last time that I will do that, hell if I would even be serious in buying Vista, it's a piece of trash.
Posted by RompStar_420 (772 comments )
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How's that
Being responsive to what your customer's want is how you stay in business. As opposed to telling your customer what they want, that's how Sony does business.
Posted by Soulwolf (43 comments )
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Its called maintaining the price point
A 360 core is $299.
The 120 GB HDD is $179.
Add'em up and you get... $479.

At that price you get: the wireless controller and the headset, the HDMI port and cable (no extra $30 charge there, children!), a component cable (if Major Nelson didn't mispeak) and a TOSLINK audio adapter (for those that need DVI instead of HDMI).

You don't get wireless.
(I have a home wireless network; I use wired. It is *much faster* and cheaper to set up, too.)
You don't get HD-DVD.
(Nobody yet builds a blue-laser drive that can match the speed of the red laser drive in the 360. Plus, as pointed out recently, HD video on disk is barely a market; &lt;1% of Netflix customers use it. Lots of smoke, little fire, there.)

Is it a bargain?
Is it a ripoff?
Just a good enough deal.

When you're in command of the market that's what you do. You establish your price points and you maintain their value; you don't cut prices just to screw the other guy--who's losing out anyway--and you don't put in features just to pad the checklist. Otherwise, you end up building a PS3 and the market already has one of those.

Its an Xbox guys, not a Playstation.
Get. Over. It.
Posted by -fjtorres- (226 comments )
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You're funny
I love this line -

"you don't put in features just to pad the checklist."

What do you think adding the HDMI port on the 360 is? Duh!

And where did you get that they will add in a headset and audio adapter to the 360 Elite from?
It's not in the article or on M$ website regarding this thing.

What really got me was your brilliant idea of "core 360 + 120gb hd = $479"
Honestly, how many have bought the $299 360 over the $399 360 with 20Gb hd ?

Try this instead - $399 360 + $179 120 gb hd &gt; $479 360Elite = screwed.

Now considering that M$ will have to create a HDMI adapter for anyone who bought a regular 360, so as not to alienate the faithful, the math gets fuzzier than President Bush's budget.

$399 360 + $179 120Gb hd + $x HDMI adapter &gt; $475 360Elite = sucker.

You're right - it's an Xbox not a PS3.
Posted by techned (200 comments )
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uneccessary memory
If this $179 hard drive was optional then
the Elite would have HDMI but the price would
be $179 less. A good buy.

The optional hard drive could have been added at a later date, if so desired.

In that way it would
allow those of us who don't want to download
100's of movies to play games on a high definition
tv. Less than 10% of US population has HDTV and
these games are 1080def which is the highest definition.

For some strange reason Sony has conflicting
reports. The 20gig is expensive but Microsoft
says the Hard-drive value is $179 less.
So why is PS320 gig so high a price.
It doesn't add up.

Nevertheless, despite the price the PS3 20gig
is still alot of memory for games and should
be more than enough for most people.
Some of those games are complex and take some
time to learn--learning curve. So why anyone,
even fast learners, need so much memory is perplexing.

These greedy game mongers who play games through
once and then discard them in a day for no reason
at all are causing a price jump of $200 a unit.
Posted by Mulinello (2 comments )
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It's hard drive storage, not "memory". Xbox Live offers a plethora of download options, both free and paid for. These include downloaded games and movies, so the larger disk space does come in handy. In fact, quite a few people have been asking for more disk space for quite a while.
Posted by spacydog (380 comments )
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uneccessary memory...NOT
First off, it's NOT MEMORY, it's storage space. And don't even think about saying it's the same thing

You said:
"These greedy game mongers who play games through once and then discard them in a day for no reason at all are causing a price jump of $200 a unit."

Are you retarded? Greedy game mongers? How much you play a game depends on how good the game is. If its replay value is zero, then why shouldn't you stop playing it after a once-through?

Look, people save scores, movies and music, pictures and install parts of games to their hard drives (storage space), so what do you care? Who's twisting your arm to make you buy the expensive "Elite" version?

Anyone with half a brain could just buy the hard drive and cable and upgrade their current x-box anyways.

And, why would you even complain about the HDMI port? If you don't have an HD TV, fine. Those of us that do might be willing to pay extra for high definition content.

I agree, they could have made the same unit available without a hard drive to keep the price down a bit, but c'est la vie.
Posted by Mergatroid Mania (8395 comments )
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What are you talking about?
The reason the PS3 costs so high is because it uses state of the art components - blu-ray drive, Cell processor, and HDMI port; only the 20 Gb hd is off the shelf, like the 360 - which is the reason the 360 costs less. The inclusion of the HDMI port on the Elite is the real reason for the cost, considering all the re-engineering to add it in there not the 120 Gb hd.

As to the reason why 360 hard drives (like the $99 20 Gb and $179 Gb) cost so much - it's because of the custom case and interface.
Unlike the PS3, the 360 hard drive is not as user friendly as it seems without going through M$ or a somebody with experience modding.
From what I've heard on the PS3, it's possible to replace the 20Gb hd with another larger hard drive, as long as the drive is the same type and speed (5400 rpm), without going through Sony or modders; the only data you would lose is your game save data, if this is done; thus a larger hd for a PS3 could cost as much as one for a laptop

As to the other stuff you're saying - not to sound condescending but I couldn't understand it and just ignored it.
Posted by techned (200 comments )
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Complete Response
Just like the Premium version, the cost of the accessories separately (even just the hard drive) is always going to be higher than the difference in the systems. That's how the business works. What they should have done is just changed the other versions to have HDMI instead of making a new version for it.

You are terribly uninformed if you don't think you can play your games on an HDTV without using HDMI. That's what the component and VGA cables are for. I don't know what the "10% of the US..." sentence is trying to say (or the next few for that matter), but it's "1080p" not "1080def". The VGA connection supports 1080p.

Save files for games aren't what fills up a hard drive. You'd have to play thousands of games to amass 20GB of save files. Downloadable content (game extras &#38; demos, videos, music, etc.) is what fills up a hard drive. Even so, you must be downloading like crazy if you need more than 40GB.
Posted by froasier (55 comments )
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PR saids no need for Wifi
THe PR said some interesting things regarding Wifi.
He says that technology changes so fast that if they integrated wifi,
it will be obsolete quickly. So why they are using DVD? Why just
make it an option? Why they use Wifi on Zune?? Is the HDMI 1.3?
Isn't HDMI a moving target also??
Second, wired is superior to Wifi. So Will microsoft going to pay for
customer's ethernet wiring in their house??
Posted by hunter_jc (109 comments )
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Wi-Fi Contradictions
Yeah, those are interesting comments aren't they? Wireless is
everything... by the time we're on "Z" networks, people will look
back and laugh at ethernet... granted, you have a lot of people
still using "b" networks out there, but those AREN'T the market
for an "elite" system config. This is totally just MS trying to do
the LEAST amount possible to put out a "new" system and get
some headlines. They think HDMI is the magic smokescreen that
will keep everyone from forgetting all that this systems lacks...
I've been a big supporter of the 360 and I am completely
amazed at what a poor decision this was. I guess the proof
though will be in the sales...
Posted by Robtastic (9 comments )
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I don't see WiFi or HDMI disappearing anytime soon, especially if you count the new "n" standard. The idea of MS paying for your network is ridiculous. If you want to network with ethernet, you buy the cables. If you want to network with WiFi, you buy the adapters (or pay more for systems that come with them). You're basically saying "you have to buy me a wired network since you're not selling me a wireless adapter." ***.
Posted by froasier (55 comments )
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Is this a joke ?!
I have to seriously ask this.

If M$ was offering a console with a bigger hard drive and Wi-Fi support, this would be acceptable but adding the HDMI port is an admission of failure in M$ part for not thinking ahead, especially in regards to Hi-def content because obviously, whether through a download or HD-DVD the movie industry is not going support having their property put through an unsecured connection like 360's multi-AV cable.

In my opinion, if I bought a 360 already and I just read this, I have to wonder "what is M$ going to bring out that is for 360 that I can't do and will it affect my gaming or what types of games will this affect?" - and that thought is going to give me a sour feeling about my investment and M$ in particular.

360 was off to a good start having exclusive content and gaining games that Sony lost the exclusive clause on but this development is going to make not only have consumers question M$ commitment to its product customers but industry partners as well.
M$ ambition to control the living room and future multimedia paths is going to be the 360's undoing, in my opinion.
Posted by techned (200 comments )
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a sour feeling
You're only getting "a sour feeling" about M$ now?

A little late for that isn't it?
Posted by Mergatroid Mania (8395 comments )
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Good point!
I'd hope they wouldn't disable things on the non-HDMI-equipped models!
Posted by froasier (55 comments )
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Vista - xbox
I have a modded origional xbox - the functionality I get with it is just awesome! Until the 360 whether black or elite or moddable I could care less about the xbox. As for vista...I ran it hard for a month then reverted back to xp. Always remember this....what does Microsoft call a beta tester?

End user!

BTW - I upgraded my modded xbox to a 80gb hard drive that took all of 1/2 hour!
Posted by lleather (19 comments )
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VOID Warranty
by upgrading the HDD you voided your warranty. don't complain now when you get the red ring of death. It would have been more fitting for MS to make the failure lights blue so everyone knows what happened just by looking at their machine
Posted by msduh (12 comments )
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Anything is moddable, but I guess you really meant hackable, i.e. with a mod chip. --And I bet that 80gb hard drive cost you way less than the smaller HDD for the 360! :P

P.S. Vista would blow even without the bugs.
Posted by froasier (55 comments )
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but your missing out
modded xbox misses out on xbox live the games are useless if your playing alone. i dont believe the new systems would be moddable why????
Posted by huskerman34 (7 comments )
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Stop thinking like consumers!
Yes the title is a bit of a joke but if you trade your consumer hat for a supplier hat, this move makes perfect sense.

From a supplier perspective, MS is providing a comperable unit to the PS3 with a lower price. People who already own 360s are not target customers for the elite. The elite is targeted at people who do not own any next gen console. The only thing that is missing is wireless and an HD drive. Anyone who has gamed online will tell you that wireles impairs that experience so that is not factor.

Putting an HD drive in a gaming console was a bad move by Sony. You do not need Bluray to play any PS3 video game. The PS3 is a trojan horse for Blueray. Everyone who buys a PS3 is really covering Sony's costs for Bluray development. Even if 60 million people buy PS3s, Bluray could still be a dead format.

Both HD disc formats will be short lived IMO. Sooner than you think, satelite, cable, and phone companies will begin offering HD content on demand. Combine that with HD Tivo and the usefulness of an optical disc diminishes. Plus there is no guarantee that Bluray will win the format war.

Worst case scenario, Bluray dies (just like the Betamax) and PS3 owners have a $300 gaming machine that they paid $600 bucks for.

Moderate case, Blueray wins the war but on demand also gains momentum. You still paid too much because eventually, on-demand will beat Bluray.

Best case, Bluray wins and there is no on demand HD content. Yeah right.

Any way you slice it, PS3 buyers lose out. Think about it. Broadband has improved about two-fold over the past two years. Three years from now, we may all be downloading 10 megabits from our power lines and have a terabyte Tivo box or Media Center. Why do I need to go buy an HD disc again?
Posted by NewsReader_ (280 comments )
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MS lies to everyone, again!
What happened to not needing to come out with a new generation console until 2010. Why isn't everyone hear talking about how MS is ripping people off again. Xbox 360 was rushed to market and the "Elite" is their absolute admission. MS used to say we don't need 1080p no one owns TVs that support it (i own 3), then MS releases support for 1080p sort of (VGA only). Most hd tvs being sold over 40" support it and quite frankly the bigger screens need it to keep the clarity. Most TV's however don't have VGA but have HDMI. Microsoft then goes back and now comes out with the elite model with HDMI because in order to get 1080p and a digital output and to actually fall inline with an industry standard. And as far as price PS3 is cheaper, Sony PS3 675.00 (base 600+ 120GB HDD 75.00) MS Xbox with same capabilities is $796.00 (xbox eilte 479.00 + wifi 99.00 + hd dvd 199.00 + charge and play kit 19.00) and now you have an utter mess in your home theater cabinet or tv stand to deal with because everything is external including that gigantic powerbrick (almost as big as the Wii). Even if you throw out the HDDVD it is pretty much the same price 597.00. As far as blu-ray is concerned you need to read up on your facts, bluray is NOT a sony technology but was codeveloped with quite a few companies (Panasonic, Phillips, etc...) It is also selling over 2:1 movies and over 5:1 hardware with no end in site. You say you don't need blu-ray for games Resistance came in at 19GB. Since when can you fit 19GB on a single DVD without overcomprssing and losing a ton of quality. True HD movies on-demand over internet is alot further away than people think, 1080p AVC with 7.1 HD sound uncompressed content requires over 30Mb/s to stream. How many people in the US have an internet connection like that? I will say this more people have 1080p HD tv than even have the option to get speeds like this under $200/month. TB hard drives in DVR will be hear soon, Hitachi will be shipping a single 1TB hard drive in a few months that is why sony provides a standard 2.5" SATA HDD in their console which is completely user upgradeable and allows them to change it out very easily. So to get to 120GBs it would cost me $50-75 to upgrade my ps3 but it will cost me $179.00 to upgrade my 360. Yeah as you can see I have turned into a Sony Fanboy but thats because I've had to send my 360 in to be fixed 4 times and it is now been obsoleted by the company that sold it to me. The 360 was an obvious rushed product and now us as consumers are paying for it.
Posted by msduh (12 comments )
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Little addition
They didn't include the HD-DVD drive (confusing if you call it an HD drive because HD could stand for Hard Disk) because it reads slower than the DVD drive, which is why they don't enable gaming through the external HD-DVD drive.
Posted by froasier (55 comments )
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Is it really Elite?
I'm all for Microsoft, and I enjoy playing games on my 360. When I heard about the Elite, I was kinda all happy and stuff. But, and I'm putting all bias aside, is this really anything to be exicted about?

1) No built in wi-fi. Like seriously, I thought the 3rd time around Microsoft would have it built-in, I'd rather not pay upwards of $129 (user from Canada) for an adapter. Frankly, I'm disappointed

2) No built in HD-DVD. I wonder about this one. Is the fact that Blu-ray movies are outselling HD DVD by a ratio of 3-1 contributing to Microsoft's reluctance to implement it? Either that, or at the very least, have the Elite come with an HD-DVD drive seperately WITH the console would be nice, but no. And has Microsoft finally got rid of the humming noise that is common to most 360's?

3)Still only 3 USB 2.0 ports. I mean, the one in the back is obviously for the Wireless Network Adapter so in reality you only have 2. Wouldn't it have been possible to have two more in the front beside where the other 2 are now?

4)Pricey HDD. I mean having to dish out what will probably be $200 Canadian or more for an extra 100 GB of space...I mean, really, it's good they adressed the need for a bigger HDD, but for that price I could buy a DS Lite and a game...maybe they will bundle it with something...hopefully? (although I have a staff purchase at Best Buy)

5)Will we see a price drop on Premium and Core? Better yet, is the core even worth manufacturing? I see consoles being bought on a continual basis. And the cores are collecting as much dust as Sony's 20GB PS3. For the price of a core, and the new hard drive you might as well get the Elite...unless this is Microsoft's plan.

I look at the Elite now, it is basically the premium in black with a bigger hard drive and HDMI. I will probably get an Elite seeing as how I have all the accessories I need, but really, I think Microsoft could have done a better job with the Elite.
Posted by mrpurp514 (2 comments )
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Then the plan worked
Seriously, if M$ plan was to create two models of a video game system to act a the proverbial "foot in the door" to your living room, then later on create a more (slightly) advance version of the same console to make you feel compelled to buy it so you won't feel left out of any new improvements to the system - then the plan worked.

And considering how Gamestop or EB (they're the same company) gets you to sell their system to you at the cheap - if anyone sold their Gamecube to attempt get a better price on the Wii can tell you - you have lost money BIG TIME, because the money Gamestop will give you for a used system is barely enough to buy a new game.

Supposedly, there is rumor that M$ will create a HDMI adapter for current 360s - whcih means more money.

This is making Sony look pretty good right now for X-mas 07.
Posted by techned (200 comments )
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Microsoft lost the plot.
And I thought they could not get any worst after the release of vista, which has so many problems with it, it not even worth buying in any shape or form.

Man people were **** of with Sony, A lot more gonna be pissed of with Xbox 360

Personally I see it as a wast of money, in every single way, and complete gimmick to drive attention away from sony console.

Ps3 and a wii is the only combination of console which meets all yours needs really.

I have got a feeling Microsoft have just thrown their chance of ever winning this console war out of the window.

Long live Sony and Nintendo.
Posted by knowles2 (1653 comments )
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What are you talking about?
While I agree with you about Vista, Microsoft has already won the console war unless things turn WAY around for the PS3. The Xbox 360 owns.
Posted by froasier (55 comments )
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This was supposed to be a response to the previous comment, "Microsoft lost the plot."
Posted by froasier (55 comments )
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The console wars just started (again)
M$ did not win the console war.

The Console war ends when the first of next generation of consoles comes out.

With the PS3 and Wii debuting last year - it just started. And the first major battle will be this Xmas.

As of now the battle lines are being drawn.

If you look at it now -

Sony has lost considerable ground due to the loss of so many games that were slated for exclusive like "Devil may cry4" and "virtua Fighter 5".
There is even rumor of Sony losing exclusive on the Final Fantasy RPG series.
And games like "Warhawk" has also caused doubts on game developments.

M$ still has the lead regarding online play and community.
With current exclusive content like "Dead Rising" and "Lost Planet" - M$ appears slated to suprise analyst regarding how third party supports the console.

Wii is still currently kicking 360 and PS3 in regards to hardware and software sales.
The fact that games like "The Godfather" and "Scarface" are slated for Wii and the possible sale of Take-Two, it is quite possible a version
of GTA IV could make its way to Wii.

The advent of the 360 Elite is definately going to affect how this war is going to go - it's smart for M$ to releas this system now then later, to avoid the negative press.
Posted by techned (200 comments )
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Planned obsolescence
This is standard operating procedure for Microsoft; think the steady stream of new Office versions and file formats for instance. XBox 360 Core users are already feeling the "need" to upgrade by adding the HDD because of all the games that require patches before they can be used online, or XBox Live Arcade games that break the memory-cards' 64 MB limit.
Posted by JadedGamer (207 comments )
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I don't think I follow your reasoning here. HDMI is a more secure connection than component so the movie industry would rather have their HD-DVDs viewed via HDMI than component.

HDMI is a plus for the Elite, but it doesn't warrant those who already have the premium 360 to drop $480 on the elite.
Posted by bearvp (16 comments )
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Has MS released anything on what version of HDMI they are
releasing. Could be a lot more bad press on the way if it is not
1.3. Without it they can't support the new frame rates, colors or
high quality audio coming down the pipe. I still think the PS3 is
the only comsumer device supporting the new spec.

As far as them coming out with an HDMI adapter for the current
model, it probably won't be possible without another ungodly
huge adapter to clutter more rack or shelf space. HDMI has quite
a bit of technology around it and knowing MS they can't design
anything right on the first three passes.

Sony PS3=future proof
MS 360=upgrade after 15months?!?!
Posted by msduh (12 comments )
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pst furture proof hahahaha
the only proof in the future is that don't buy one its the next gamecube in disguise the Wii is the one to buy &#38; still have money for a 360 like I said ps3 is future proof. proof that it will fail like beta max like the psp &#38; like well like the 360 in japan why support another NON AMERICAN product
Posted by sfatty420 (5 comments )
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Xbox = HD-DVD
I think that HD DVD will lose against Blue Ray.
That may be a good reason not to buy an Xbox.
Posted by t8 (3716 comments )
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the $299.00 x-box HD player, you hook it to your usb, go on-line and update the driver (Microsoft slyly added this feature)it will then play blueray as well! for three hundred bucks it's the cheapest blue ray around at the moment and it plays HD too!I do not need a burner yet as blue ray movies are also available in HD and if you know where to look.(Did someone say slash dot out-loud!)you can back them up as well.
Posted by au79scorpion (3 comments )
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Xbox = Flexible
Suppose Blueray wins, what's to stop MSFT from selling a blueray addon. The future belongs to downloadable content like XBL anyway.
Posted by Soulwolf (43 comments )
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xbox premium
I can see why microsoft did what they did. Me personally i think hdvdd will rule. I think it would be cool to play games at 1080i not a bad deal conisidering that a remote and a hdmi cable could run around 200.00. Im fine with 720 playing games,i would need a 120 gig cause i download a lot of media. Black is a bad move they signature color is green and white its the next generation, not a xbox 1.5
Posted by huskerman34 (7 comments )
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for an number of reasons
I see why microsoft made the elite it solves alot of those issue we xbox360 consumers were having and it puts us in the playing field with the ps3 if form of playing games in 1080. If you havent played games in hd then you defeating the 360 purpose jump ship and buy yourself a wii and smash your tv and break your wrist and be bored buy all the gamecube quality games. They said current owners could spend 180 to get these extreme models.
Give it a year and we all will be wanting a extreme when were sitting at home doing nothing while are 360 is being shipped for repairs.
Posted by huskerman34 (7 comments )
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It doesn't really solve anything &gt;&lt; !!! Since its not an upgrade for a current xbox360, you'll have to spend another 480 bucks for the new console. Now you're telling me to throw my current xbox360 away and get the Elite? Would most people do that? Not me &gt;&lt;.
Posted by giga90 (116 comments )
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16 months after launch Microsoft is now playing "catch-up". They may be right in the sense that the 360 doesnt match up to the PlayStation 3.
Posted by JAY2045 (1 comment )
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The Xbox 360 Elite
Take the current xbox 360, paint it black. Add a 120 HD and bingo, that's a xbox 360 elite.
Posted by thedreaming (573 comments )
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Why do we all care so much about technology that we're actually willing to argue over what we think is "superior"? The computer industry simply offers us tools to boost our productivity. Be it Windows, Mac OS, Linux, whatever...they all do the same thing. In the gaming world, the X-Box, PlayStation, Wii...all do the same thing. Allow us to play games. Entertainment. Artificially engaging activities. So please, let us all step back and realize the pointlessness of arguing with one another over a collection of silicon and plastic. And stepping back even further, I'd prefer to use my imagination, create something, invent a story, draw, creative write...instead of paying $400 for something that will allow me to enjoy the product of someone else's thought.
Posted by person666 (17 comments )
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Step off the high horse
oh my lord... someone pass around the BARF bags!

Piety does indeed come in many flavors.
Posted by doclandis (10 comments )
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The blind can no see (peek)
For all the 360 fans that thought the PS3 price was out of control for a complete system will be eating there words and non "elite" 400$ xbox 360's. Whats a 120gb hard drive going to do for you along with that HDMI port and cable. Did they mention if they were going to squezz and High Def DVD drive in there
or is that going to come in another 2 years named the super elite 360 for the rest of the xbox band wagon dummies.
Posted by cnetblue (20 comments )
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A weak attempt
I'm an anti-Sony hater, so I'm not trying to make the PS3 look good, but dang it if Microsoft isn't making it look good. If the Elite also had built in wi-fi, HD-DVD, and the cooler CPU, then I'd upgrade. The Elite is too little, too late.
Posted by badsponge (37 comments )
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Nice- but is it worth the price?
I've been thinking about moving to high-def when I can afford it, and I'm impressed with the 360's game selection- and so, I'm thinking about buying one.
The Elite has some nice features- HDMI is nice and the larger hard drive probably has some benefits.
But is it really worth another 80 bucks? The large hard drive isn't terribly useful since the download service for shows and movies is limited, and HD TV owners are likely to have access to such content through other services. The HDMI is a substantial improvement, but I can't see paying nearly 100 dollars for this alone. The Elite just doesn't have substantial enough upgrades to justify its cost. I don't think I'd regret buying the original pro model with an extra 80 bucks to spend on games and accessories.
Posted by aedwards21178 (1 comment )
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edwards - if you think about it, the upgrades are worth it. I don't know if you're an HDTV owner or not, but even if you weren't - the elite is worth your money considering the fact that you haven't already bought the $400 premium edition and here's why: the "20GB" HD that the premium edition comes with has only 13GB of free memory. If you are one to purchase downloadable content - some expansions are easily over 1GB - your 13GB is going to go very quickly. That doesn't include any videos or TV shows that you downloaded. One high def tv episode is around 1 GB - you can't even fit a whole season on the current HD. Also, later this year microsoft is releasing IPTV on the 360 - a service that will make your 360 into basically a TiVo. Which means you'll be able to record video directly to your 360's HD. I dunno about you, but I'd prefer 120 gigs to 13. And then there's HDMI. If you were to buy a $400 premium console and decide to upgrade your HD to 120 gigs in the future, you're going to be spending close to $200. Now all of a sudden, you're $600 in and without HDMI. All i'm saying is think it over...because it's worth it.
Posted by ShanMan624 (1 comment )
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