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Microsoft, Google square off in Washington

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Microsoft spokesman Jack Evans added in an interview on Wednesday, referring to the proposed merger: "We believe it raises some serious questions about the future of competition in the online advertising market. It raises concerns about consumer privacy, security, and copyright protection."

After their own recent high-profile acquisitions, however, it's required some careful political legerdemain for Microsoft and other Google rivals to argue against the DoubleClick purchase. Yahoo bought online advertising firm Right Media. AOL bought German ad-serving firm Adtech AG and Tacoda, which does online behavioral targeting. Microsoft spent $6 billion buying advertising firm Aquantive, a DoubleClick rival, and online advertising exchange AdECN Inc.

Chairing Thursday's hearing will be Sen. Herb Kohl, a Wisconsin Democrat with a personal net worth of about a quarter-billion dollars and whose family made its fortune with the Kohl's department store chain.

Kohl can be more free-market than most Democrats on taxation, but tends to be regulatory when it comes to antitrust topics. He strongly opposed the merger of XM and Sirius Satellite Radio and said in 2001 that "vigorous application of well-established antitrust laws" would stabilize prices in the oil industry.

Kohl has indicated that privacy concerns--DoubleClick has long been a bete noire of privacy organizations--would be part of the hearing and has invited Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center to testify.

EPIC and two other liberal groups opposed Google's acquisition of DoubleClick, telling the FTC that "the proposed acquisition will create unique risks to privacy" to "more than 1.1 billion Internet users around the world."

"Privacy has been integral to the FTC's reviews of online advertising in the past, and it should be to its review of the Google-DoubleClick merger," Rotenberg said Wednesday evening. "I think we have a very solid case. It's solid in two different respects. First, it relies on the FTC's precedent. Second, it's based on very detailed filings we've made with the FTC about Google and DoubleClick's business practices. I think the FTC will either block or modify the deal."

For its part, Google has described its DoubleClick purchase as a way to protect privacy. In Drummond's written testimony, he says that Google will include an opt-out mechanism prohibiting advertising cookies from being placed on their computer and extend its current partial-anonymization policy to apply to wiping DoubleClick log data after 18 months.

"We make privacy a priority because our business depends on it," Drummond wrote. "If our users are uncomfortable with how we manage the information they provide to us, they are only one click away from switching to a competitor's services. If you don't believe me, recall that before Google, users clicked on an earlier generation of search engines like Excite, Altavista, Lycos, and Infoseek--each extremely popular in its time."

CNET's Declan McCullagh is married to a Google employee.

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Cn Yu Spell "Microsoft"?
Looks like the editors have fallen asleep at the wheel again... Micrsft?
Posted by GraffixDesigner (10 comments )
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Well, obviously we can't. Or, more precisely, we make typos too. Thanks for the catch.
Posted by declan00 (848 comments )
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That is a blatantly false analogy
[i]"DoubleClick is to Google what FedEx or UPS is to Our current business involves primarily the selling of text-based ads--books in our analogy. By contrast, DoubleClick's business at its core is to deliver and report on display ads."[/i]

Text, or Graphic, its all advertising and alot of people would not necessarily see the distinction.

Only an idiot would confuse a retailer with a parcel delivery service.
Posted by NickH (127 comments )
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I think what they trying to say is that Double-Click will enhance the service Google offers, just like FedEx enchance Amazon's product by offering the delivery service.

I don't think people in general has any love for advertisements, whether printed or online, and I find it extremely distrubing that MS of all companies are complaining, since their track record regarding competition isn't the best.

The bottom line is that some major corp is standing to loose a lot of money hence the opposition to the merger.

They might be fighting the right war, but for all the wrong reasons. Since when did any major corp gave a @#$%^ about how much people pay for any product.
Posted by Meerkat71 (45 comments )
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2 trick pony
MS is a 2 trick pony. Desktop and server.
So what's the problem if Google had text ads and banners?
Posted by t8 (3716 comments )
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Scummier and Scummiest
Microsoft would sell your mother's kidneys, if they weren't hungry themselves. We all know that. Google makes noises about being not evil but is ready to buy a company that is synonymous with cackling fiendishness. It will only be a matter of time that MSFT will be remembered as The Good Corporate Citizen when Google is facing charges of extortion, blackmail, privacy violations and criminal data brokerage. Buying Double-Click is the big graduation ceremony from the pop-tart-munching level of evil to the Jeffrey Dahmer stage of wanton cannibal debauchery.
Posted by Sumatra-Bosch (526 comments )
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MS better be careful
After all, they just severely overpaid for Aquantive.

The noise they are making could bite them in their huge ass.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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Not really
Microsoft has very little market share compared to Google, even with the aQuanitive purchase.
Posted by (14 comments )
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Google should be prohibited from this acquisition
Google, Inc. is presently involved in a case regarding You Tube which is expected to be announced around year end. In this separate case, Google, Inc utilized their Targeting to adversely effect an individual who submitted the business model for You Tube to Google, Inc. Google, Inc Targeted the Individual as a Terror Suspect, significantly destroying his family and effectively rendering him non-existant to Law Enforcement, endangering the lives of his family.

This was personally handled by Managing Principals of Google, Inc. who did not like his critisism of Intelligence Oversight Policy and Google Management.

Until existing Management is removed from Google, Inc. They should be prohibited from any Acquisitions on the basis of the Security Risk they caused the US Government and Violation of Laws regarding the handling of CLASSIFIED - TOP SECRET information and violation of multiple Security Clearances at the company.

Google, inc is unsuited to new acquisitions at this time.


James Reginald Harris, Jr. INVENTOR
Posted by gurfrip (23 comments )
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Google should be able to buy
IS MS can buy an online Ad company I don't see why Google or anyone for that matter can't buy one as long as the financials are there.

Lets not forget that Microsoft are the ones who were found guilty of being a monopoly and then ***** slapped and basically they go off easy.

I don't remember GOogle ever being found of the same thing.
Posted by RompStar_420 (772 comments )
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Market Share?
Market Share? Microsoft seriously expects people will consider this argument from them? What is their share of the Operating System market? Browsers? Spreadsheets? Word Processors? Didn't they back Darl McBride and SCO? Talk about chutzpah!
Posted by Wat Tyler (3 comments )
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Ummmm, yeah
"Market Share? Microsoft seriously expects people will consider this argument from them?"

Ummmmm. Yeah. People should. Because in this case, MS is actually right: Having Google own the entire online advertising market by acquisition isn't a good thing, because it drives up the cost of advertising and that makes goods/services more expensive for all of us.
Posted by (14 comments )
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I never like Google toolbar cuz it never tells me what block they did on toolbar. It should be out of that.. Microsoft does real good. Google just like to abuse and sells our emails to other junk businesses. DUMP GOOGLE OUT
Posted by wildlife lover (10 comments )
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Goooo Goooogle!
Google have worked long and hard with their online advertising services. They provide a very effective and efficient service, and I think they deserve the right to grow this part of their business.

On the other hand, Microsoft are simply driven by profit. No heart, no passion, just 1 goal - revenue. They don't innovate, they imitate. It’s a lot easier for them to buy into established markets, then to try and create and set new standards, which is what Google have done and why they deserve it over Microsoft.

Keep up the great work Google, thanks.
Posted by Neville Bartos (34 comments )
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The Consume Should Win
This google deal is not what's best for consumers.
Meanwhile, the regulars should agree with Microsoft and strip Microsoft of it's internet advertising division as well.
Posted by Renegade Knight (13748 comments )
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Good Points
Microsoft has 90% of the market and should not be dictating anything. Google will have 80% of the market and should not be allowed to become what Microsoft became AND had to be regulated.

Using your example neither Microsoft or Google should have a say in this.

I agree that Microsoft was found to be a monopoly in court and had controls put into place. What needs to happen now is to work proactively with Google (remember you said they played well with the IT community) to get the controls in place for their business so that the playing field is level.
Posted by flyguybob (2 comments )
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Microsoft making accusations. hmmph
Well it's a well known fact MS don't have a problem knocking out other business's completly.

Was it not ballmer who recently said were going to kill them (GOOGLE) in a fit of rage that involved chair throwing of some kind. that still makes me laugh.

Tough S**T MS you buy an advert biz they buy an advert biz, so what that it might gain them more market share was that not your intent buying Aquantive. Oh and ballmers kill them statement points a similar picture.

Sounds like the bully crying in the corner with a bleeding nose to mommy after every one finds out he's not that tough it's all talk, threats and FUD when that one little kid finally stands up to the Mighty MS Bully Machine.

Way to go GOOGLE.
Posted by ripntime (7 comments )
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