February 3, 2006 1:21 PM PST

Holograms help protect Super Bowl

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The U.S. government will deploy a new "Star Wars-like" hologram technology to help safeguard the Super Bowl on Sunday.

As agents for Homeland Security monitor the dozens of security cameras mounted in Detroit's Ford Field, they'll see the images in three dimensions, according to James Fischbach, CEO of Intrepid Defense & Security Systems, the company that developed the LifeVision3D system.

Holograms help authorities see images more clearly, Fischbach said.

LifeVision will be used to search sidewalks, monitor faces in the enormous Super Bowl crowd and peer under vehicles.

Holograms are favorites of science-fiction filmmakers. Perhaps the best known is the hologram of Princess Leia that the android R2-D2 projected in the film "Star Wars." Today, simple holograms are internal, and are used on credit cards and children's stickers, in numerous industrial applications and sometimes even in the fine arts.

But LifeVision's images are of the more complex "Star Wars" variety, said Fischbach, who founded his company at the request of the Department of Defense. Before moving into holograms, Fischbach was behind the launch of fiber-optics company Intrepid World Communications, in 1992.

LifeVision uses streams from two cameras, which act as the left and right eyes, to project 3D images onto a 20-inch screen. The monitors used are equipped with a depth tube that presents images that appear to rise 30 inches from the screen and sink another 30 inches into the screen, Fischbach said. Real-world volumes and distances are displayed accurately.

No special goggles or glasses are needed.

"For the military, it can offer much better facial recognition," Fischbach said. "Instead of looking at a two-dimensional photo, you're looking at an entire head."

Fischbach says LifeVision can help surgeons peer into the human body with much more accuracy. He's helped hone the talents of Nascar drivers by creating racing simulations and is in talks with an entertainment company to present a hologram of a rock concert inside a department store.

So how long before the public can send holograms like the one sent by Princess Leia?

"If George Lucas had four cameras on her when he shot it, I could take them and present a real-world image of her right now," Fischbach said.

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Keep 'Em Safe... Get 'Er Done
Hmmm... a little creepy, but my city's team, The Seattle Seahawks are in Super Bowl XL, so whatever it takes to keep our team, its fans, and this national event safe. - Go Seahawks! We support you - <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.iwantmyess.com/?p=44" target="_newWindow">http://www.iwantmyess.com/?p=44</a>
Posted by marileev (292 comments )
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Seattle Seahawks Rally
Okay, well, there's always next year, the team will see many of us from our office at Essential Security Software at the 2pm Rally today at Qwest Stadium.
Posted by marileev (292 comments )
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thank god for football!
football saves the world... if it werent for professional sports, we would be fighting with each other...
Posted by freq (121 comments )
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No, "football" only saves America
cos not many other people (in fact hardly anyone else) in the world watch "football". Anyway it is not as if its american fighting against american so it do not even save anyone.
I guess people are more interested in the pre-show, half time performance and for myself godaddy ads instead of american football, sorry guys thats what e rest of the world call it
Posted by pjianwei (206 comments )
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Message has been deleted.
Posted by booboo1243 (328 comments )
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Why dont u suggest cleansing the world or
at least USA of muslim? Comments like yours drains any sympathy for the next terror attack on America.
Posted by pjianwei (206 comments )
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Sad that you would make such a joke.
1st I don't consider any terrorist to be 'Muslim' as terrorism is against our religion.

2nd Any terrorist would EAT the bacon?
Posted by Chevaliermusic (72 comments )
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These are *not* holograms
I don't know what kind of 3D trick they are using, but it's *not*

*Please correct this mistake.*

Mr Fischbach, who is quoted, should know this. He was heading
the amusingly named "American Propylaea" many years ago,
promising real time moving holograms. Needless to say the
company disappeared. Looks like he's resurfaced.

Kaveh Bazargan
<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.holographer.org/" target="_newWindow">http://www.holographer.org/</a>
Posted by Kaveh1000 (1 comment )
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when is a hologram not a hologram?
When it is used as an optical diffuser, Although it is great that
Stereo is being used to "increase" information for defense, this is
all that this display is, a stereoscopic display. I am glad that Jim
has kept going with his display work.
Posted by Steven L Smith (1 comment )
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