February 2, 2007 2:33 PM PST

Glitch hampers Vista family pack option

Microsoft said Friday that it is working to resolve a glitch that prevented some customers from taking advantage of the company's Vista family pack option.

The company is offering Vista Ultimate buyers in the U.S. and Canada the option of purchasing up to two additional licenses of Vista Home Premium for $50 apiece. However, some early takers on the offer got product license keys that did not work.

The software maker told CNET News.com Friday that it is aware of the issue and is working to fix things.

"New product keys are on the way as of this afternoon to the small group of customers who have been affected," a Microsoft representative said in an e-mail. "We've also taken steps to ensure that the issue is resolved going forward."

The family pack option, billed as a limited-time offer, is a new option with Vista. Amid much marketing fanfare, the Microsoft operating system went on sale to consumers on Tuesday.

Darryl Whitworth, of Duncan, British Columbia, said he bought Vista Ultimate primarily for the family pack option, but got an error message when he tried to buy the additional licenses.

"I am not sure if I would have purchased the (more expensive) Ultimate version if this offer had not been available," Whitworth said in an e-mail interview.

Ultimate carries a suggested price tag of $399, or $259 for those upgrading from Windows XP or Windows 2000, as compared to the Home Basic and Home Premium options, which range from $99 to $159 for the upgrade and $199 to $239 for the full version.

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Micro$loth's anti-piracy measures sure are needed! Even M$ is
handing out pirated codes!


Enjoy your slavery!
Posted by Dalkorian (3000 comments )
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rapier1: You owe me a retraction
<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://news.cbsi.com/5208-1016_3-0.html?forumID=1&#38;threadID=23973&#38;messageID=224481&#38;start=0" target="_newWindow">http://news.cbsi.com/5208-1016_3-0.html?forumID=1&#38;threadID=23973&#38;messageID=224481&#38;start=0</a>
Posted by jp10293847 (25 comments )
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The first glitch of many more to come.
As Microsoft has demonstrated since DOS 1.0, MS products will always have a dozen major problems like this compared to all other products combined worldwide. And this is news?
Posted by Microsoft_Facts (109 comments )
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What is the big deal?
""New product keys are on the way as of this afternoon to the small group of customers who have been affected," "

Given that the set of people that were stupid enough to buy Vista is very small, this set of effected people must be minute,

Now it is no surprise that there is this glitch. The only thing MS innovates and is specialized in is screwing things up.

I can get a legal version of the business edition for free(through MSDNAA) but it still can't compete with Linux.
Posted by qwerty75 (1164 comments )
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$399 That is Crazy LoCo
PC are so cheap now, Why does anybody with they right mind? are going to pay $399 For a New OS. if look you can get a new PC with the OS under $500 D, H.. I think $399 is to Much,.. unless You are Bill Gates that have mucho $$$
Posted by drtony2000 (2 comments )
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Got windows Vista Ultimate OEM for 199 :D
Posted by kyle172 (65 comments )
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Got windows Vista Ultimate OEM for 199 :D
Posted by kyle172 (65 comments )
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you are so cool
i got it for free
Posted by spazzyjazzy (9 comments )
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A more serious look at VISTA
I am a member of the Microsoft Development Network, which can cost up to US$12,000/year. Yes, my group does develop for Windows. Microsoft did a good job with .NET and SQL Server. These products can win the market based on quality.

HOWEVER, I am quite disappointed with VISTA. Until its release I have been using the beta versions. VERY SLOW, but we were always told that it obviously had all the debugging turned on. (for the less techie these are tools and compiler switches that help find bugs. We all use them during development.)

MY BIG Surprise was when a bought one of the first commercial version of the VISTA Ultimate. To the less informed here is my big list of grief:

1. Stability is NOT a problem. Microsoft has a bad reputation, but Windows 2000 was already very stable and WINDOWS XP Service Packs 2 (SP2) is very solid. Windows 2003 (yes it exists) has caused the tsunami of Linux servers to reduce its progression on the server side. An LINUX IS A VERY SOLID stable and fast SYSTEM ON THE SERVER SIDE!

So telling everybody that VISTA is more stable than XP SP2 is a waste of time. This ship sailed from the port years ago.

2. Speed. We hear that so and so is using their system and noticed no reduction in speed, or that my boss complained for 256Mb years ago is showing little knowledge of the present status of the Windows Operating System. For example WINDOWS 2003 is up to 3 times faster that Windows 2000 Server. The W2003 file system is now as fast as the ones in LINUX.

So Microsoft does have the know-how and the ability to make a faster OS.

I certainly cannot believe those nice review from magazines on VISTAS. Can any one tell me if these writers are bought ?

3. Imitation: this one does not bother me anymore. If VISTA was imitated or not the fact is that the Japanese in the 80s and 90s also imitated a lot. However, they always improved the imitation over the original. This improvement DID not happen to VISTA.

4. Fancy tools - Well, the widgets that I have (since the old Konfabulator, now YAHOO) work better than the imitation ones in VISTA. As a simple example, I cannot get my city, or nearby region weather conditions on VISTA widget. On the AERO looks and nice themes and all I had Windowsblind to get very similar results, but way faster responses!

As a final note, even the mouse pointer I still use Cursor XP, which is way ahead to the one provided by VISTA.

NOTE that Microsoft dumped the really cool things that VISTA was going to have along these last 5 years. With these dropped revolutionary technologies VISTA would indeed be the very best. That is not the case.

4. COST - Well as a commercial company they have to charge. The point that I make to myself is that I will not by any upgrades because it does not add anything new to me.

5. Security - Unlike stability, security is a major concern with any of the Windows version. HOWEVER, for home users there free solutions AGV (GRISOFT), Kasperki, etc... And for as low as US25 you can get great packages with real firewalls, anti-everything...

Finally, yes, I do still feel cheated with a bloated version, where the only changes were cosmetic!

That is it.
Posted by JesseThe (16 comments )
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Wow so much space for so little content.
What a waste of space
Posted by richto (895 comments )
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Family Pack
Where i can buy the family Pack? i have windows vista ultimate signature edition 10315/25000
Posted by Arumandox (1 comment )
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