October 5, 2006 2:23 PM PDT

Former HP chairman booked

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Patricia Dunn, the former Hewlett-Packard chairman at the center of a corporate espionage scandal, surrendered to authorities on Thursday, a day after being charged with four felonies.

Dunn appeared in Santa Clara County Superior Court and was ordered to appear for her arraignment on Nov. 17. She was released on her own recognizance after agreeing to go directly to the local sheriff's department to be booked. During the five-minute hearing, she said one word, "yes," after Judge Alfonso Fernandez asked her whether she agreed to the terms of her release.

Dunn leaves courthouse

Weeks after being inducted into a hall of fame for standout businesspeople in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dunn was booked on charges of fraudulent wire communication, wrongful use of computer data, identity theft and conspiracy to commit those crimes, a deputy sheriff confirmed.

Dunn quietly walked past reporters on the way to a waiting limousine without answering questions. She smiled briefly when a bystander asked her to sign a newspaper with Dunn's photograph on the cover.

In addition to Dunn, four others are charged with the same crimes: Kevin T. Hunsaker, HP's former senior lawyer; Ronald DeLia, a private detective; Matthew DePante of data-brokering company Action Research Group; and Bryan Wagner, a Colorado man believed to have been an employee of Action Research, according to the criminal filing in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

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Dunn, who a week ago explained her role in HP's spying campaign to a congressional committee, has acknowledged that mistakes were made in the company's attempt to locate the source of a board leak to the media. But she has also refused to take personal responsibility for any criminal wrongdoing.

California Attorney General Bill Lockyer's office said that the other defendants, with the exception of DePante, have also agreed to surrender.

The AG's office has yet to contact DePante's lawyers, Bob Anderson, California's chief deputy attorney for legal affairs, said during a press conference Wednesday.

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Makes my day... :)
Posted by W2Kuser (33 comments )
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Yes it is a GREAT day!
All working stiffs should be smiling.
Posted by Stan Johnson (322 comments )
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makes me feel ok about bashing my head against the wall.....

just cant wait to get to work!
Posted by freq (121 comments )
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orange suits her
I'm sure Patricia will look just so fetching her orange prison uniform. Shoulda, coulda woulda -- saying it was okay for others to impersonate HP board members, reporters et.al not good, not good <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.iwantmyess.com/?p=109" target="_newWindow">http://www.iwantmyess.com/?p=109</a>
Posted by marileev (292 comments )
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Say hi to your new cellmate for me
Note she said "Yes" and not "Yes, your honor". Typical of such a self-serving egomaniac. Surprised she didn't claim to be the legitimate president of Iraq.

I really find her behavior especially appalling. You might expect a profit-seeking, ambitious exec to maybe cross the line into cooking the books or cheating on regulations. Punish them too, but at least that's understandable. But knowingly setting out to steal private phone records of individuals and reporters by social engineering their account information, as part of your corporate political games. That's just so WRONG. Can't express my contempt for her enough.

She'll probably die of cancer in a prison cell now, and I have zero sympathy. Good riddance.
Posted by MikeDson (50 comments )
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Wake up
Dunn was booked on charges of fraudulent wire communication, wrongful use of computer data, identity theft and conspiracy to commit those crimes...

So can you name an ISP, a govt. agency or any of the fortune 500 who do not do what Dunn was booked for??? Is there a Fortune company that does not spy on their employees, vendors... Urinate in the cup please, talk about control!!!

Why do you think there is an Action Research, do you think Dunn is their only client???

Hang one, forget about the rest... hypocrites!!!

Wake up, you hung a person that was just doing business, because it is acceptable to do business the way she did it, and the way it is currently being done all across our country, our democracy!!!

Dunn will write a book, you will all buy it, and she will become ultra rich because you read and take comfort in spin and say "there is one for the good guys"... really??? Shut up and read the book...STUPID!!!

Posted by Steve Hirst (21 comments )
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Business as usual
Dunn isn't being charged because she did things out of the ordinary. It's because she did something and got press about it in the media.

Thankfully she's rich and will only get a slap on the wrist punishment as all of ours fearless corporate (corruptorate?) leaders do.

But She was doing what she was doing for all the right reasons: because she could and she is above the law, of course.
Oh, wait, I mean she did it in the name of National Security! Yeah, that's the ticket.
Posted by Fireweaver (105 comments )
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Government Leisure
Is it even possible to think that Big Business is finally being put under the gun for their actions? Nope, just another unethical practice that, because it was in the media, is being prosecuted.

Pin the tail on the scapegoat. Only when the practice hits the media does the U.S. Government step in. Granted they can't find all the problems and prosecute them, but they sure can find them if someone leaks it to the media.

So who's up for coffee with Ken Lay?!? Better yet, who's up for climbing in bed with Presidente George Bush.(and yes, I voted for him!)
Posted by pirate1313 (2 comments )
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Patricia Dunn Booked...
Well, the only thing I'll say is that it's nice to see our county's
laws are applicable to those who are high up on the corporate
America food chain. I was beginning to wonder.

If she's innocent, I hope she is found innocent. But if she's
guilty, the book needs to be thrown at her as it would any other
ORDINARY person.

Charles R. Whealton
Charles Whealton @ pleasedontspam.com
Posted by chuck_whealton (521 comments )
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