March 2, 2005 8:25 AM PST

For drivers, a traffic jam of distractions

Cell phones are one thing, and bans have been ineffective. But other gadgets are ready to steal attention.
The New York Times

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Cell phone use is only the tip...but...
Cell phone use has been around for many years, it is not new. You see, a cell phone is simply a in CB, or 2 way radio. It's use in driving is no more an issue, according to the studies mentioned, than having ANY conversation. That conversation can be with a person in the vehicle with you, or arguing with a talk radio person on the AM radio, or even singing along with your favorite song. Now, there is also another enemy of driving distractions. It is the design of the road. Long straight roads, put you to sleep, the ultimate distraction.

So, let us legislate against it all!! By the way, Police, Firemen, Ambulance operators are people too, and they should not be able to have their radio systems either. Pull them out!! No distractions while driving!!!

Of course, pointing out that these distractions are good are the:

Police who can respond to an crime in progress.
The Firemen that respond to an emergency.
The Ambulance driver that can get you to the ER before you die.
The truck driver that delivers you goods.
You that stays awake by listening to the radio on long roads.

The distractions also have value. But, of course the Luddites that want Cell phones banned won't tell you that.
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