October 17, 2006 4:38 AM PDT

Chertoff: Web could be terror training camp

Free flow of information on Net can help disaffected people in U.S. "radicalize" themselves, says security czar.

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Don't forget the library it's full of dangerous information
Oh heck, let's just get rid communication all together.
Posted by Bob Brinkman (556 comments )
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Well Why Are they Disaffected in 1st Place
Seems to me like Chertoff has more plans for taking away our freedoms, this basically means it's dangerous for the American people to have a mind of their own. If they're not Conservative, Christian, and Republican then they must be a threat to our national security.
Posted by enigma.live (48 comments )
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And if...
...you think things will be any better when the liberal, secular democrats take control (which they will), you're fooling yourself. Regarding republicans and democrats, they're birds of a feather.
Posted by J_Satch (571 comments )
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You got the third one right.
But these people aren't Conservatives, and they aren't Christians. I've been saying Bush is a fake since 1999. Christians are supposed to strive to be more like Jesus and I can't see Jesus ordering "waterboarding" or taking money from the poor. Unfortunately a lot of people who were conservatives have allowed themselves to be conned and have taken up boot licking with glee.

Conservatives believe in limited government, fiscal restraint, and a strong national *de*fense (vs. offense). They also believe in the rule of law. I believe they're now called paleo-conservatives. But whatever. Most current Republicans have more in common with Adolf (Hitler) than they do with Abraham (Lincoln).

If you want an example of a REAL conservative, look at Congressman Ron Paul.
Posted by chris_d (195 comments )
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Dangerous Combo
Chertoff says "They never have to necessarily go to the training camp or speak with anybody else and that diffusion of a combination of hatred and technical skills in things like bomb-making is a dangerous combination"

So I see..so basically if someone is browsing the internet out of curiosity then in your opinion they must be a terrorist.

Folks the constitution of the united states is worthless, God knows the judges do not uphold it. Some people say change the constitution or update it. What difference does it make if the judges are not going to pay attention to it anyway.

Sorry, folks, but Big Brother is here and we are all slaves.
Posted by enigma.live (48 comments )
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What a load of BS!
Sounds like Chertoff is trying to propose even more justification for monitoring what Americans do on the internet. Of course, the government doesn't really need any justification because they'll go ahead and do it anyway, and there isn't a damn thing any of us can do about it. This administration is going to squeeze every ounce of fear mongering they can out of all this terrorists bulls**t.
Posted by anomalator (83 comments )
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I've Been Radicalized!
I've used the Internet to radicalize myself. I'm a free-market anarchist thanks to the wealth of information on the Internet. Will I be receiving a visit from Mr. Chertoff's thugs? Who knows?
Posted by groovesys (1 comment )
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The cowardly, panicstricken people need to be removed from office ASAP
Chertoff's statement just means that he knows nothing about our enemy, nor about us.
Posted by sdeleve (1 comment )
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you're missing something here...
Chertoff views *us* as the enemy! If he didn't put restrictions on us, we could say disloyal things like "Kip Hawley is an idiot!" Chertoff is not one of us. Us being those Americans who love our country and the freedoms it stands for. Chertoff is part of the ruling elite. They hate freedom.
Posted by chris_d (195 comments )
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Oh Nuts
I know that car fuel is flammable. I know that fertiliser makes good bombs. I think that George Bush is insane. I dislike western morals.

Looks like you're gonna have to take me out, Mr. President.

Oh hang on, I live in England.

So invade us then!
Posted by ayteebee (32 comments )
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Close the Internet , Step 1 - Scare people
Step 2- Convince the people that the government is here to help

Step 3- Take away the "small" rights and privlidges

Step 4- Remind the people that the governement is here to help

Step 5- Go To Step 3
Posted by Im-Not-TED (21 comments )
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I have the solution
Simply monitor everything everybody does on the internet (or in libraries for that matter), and red flag anyone that accesses the "wrong" kind of information.

What's the "wrong" kind of information? Well I suggest we leave that to the discretion of the government, after all they know what's best for everyone.

But that is only one part of the solution - sure monitoring, red flagging and discretely picking up people that access radical left wing information, such as watching Daily Show video online or reading books written by the Clintons will help round up most terrorists, but a couple more steps will be required.

First, we need to take a closer look at the way people vote. So I suggest in places where we can't control information - such as those that don't use electronic voting machines - carbon copies should be attached to ballots, with each ballot pre-printed with social security numbers, names, addresses and of course the relevant biometric data. This way we can certainly pick out those radicals who have terrorist intentions, such as voting to make pot legal, or voting against gay marriage. Of course it would be simpler if we just got rid of voting, and allowed trusted incumbant Republicans to decide who should hold office, or which laws should be passed, but contentious issues often bar the way to progressive political solutions - and it will take at least another half dozen versions of the Patriot Act before we could stop this radicalisation of the political process, that is to say, stop people from voting without government input.

Finally we need to limit access to information online and of course in places like libraries. To start I suggest we burn any books wise people such as the President decides are not the kind of book true patriots would read.

Next we should implement some sort of morally correct, decency filter - something that allows our wise government officials to decide which websites are good for Americans, and which should be placed on some sort of ban list. I hear Google and Yahoo have extensive experience in this field, helping other reasonable and democratic governments not only filter unsuitable websites from their loyal citizens, but also track down the very radical terrorist types themselves - you know the sort I'm talking about, those that hide behind such titles as "journalist" or use terms such as "First Ammendment", "Constitution" and "Right to Privacy".

You see the answer is right in front of us, and if we use the model so successfully such champions of democracy and freedom as China, Cuba or North Korea, or even look back at such progressive regimes in the old USSR, we will get this thing nailed and keep America safe for our children.

After all, it's just takes small steps from liberal to radical to terrorist to pornographer.
Posted by ajbright (447 comments )
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No, I have a solution
Vote this time! Kick out these fear mongers! Chertoff, Rove, Cheney, bush, Rummy and so many more - all need to go. All short-sighted, self-serving and very, very dangerous to our world and even this industry.
Posted by jwoji (7 comments )
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No, I have a solution
Vote this time! Kick out these fear mongers! Chertoff, Rove, Cheney, bush, Rummy and so many more - all need to go. All short-sighted, self-serving and very, very dangerous to our world and obviously this industry, the most stellar example of imagination and real freedom.
Posted by jwoji (7 comments )
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Paranoid? You should be...
So are we all being tracked for posting items here? Hmmm... You should also check out this story here too: <a href="http://news.cbsi.com/FBI+director+wants+ISPs+to+track+users/2100-7348_3-6126877.html?tag=newsmap">FBI wants ISPs to track users&gt;</a>.

Wait till effectively "chip" the whole country with the new "National ID" Card. Nothing is sacred. Especially not our government and constitution.

In view of the 225th anniversary of our winning the battles in Yorktown , Va. against the Bristish; would George Washington and his fellow countrymen have put up with this whittling away of freedoms? Were they "traitors" for questioning the over-bearance of the powers that be? Do we not call them "Patriots" in our history books? We have monuments and buildings and a whole system of government based on the work of these "traitors".

I think a lot of people in Washington (and the head's of big business) have forgotten whence we came. They are too busy lining their pockets and preparing for "continuity of government" contingency plans.

Are you reading this Mikey? Hmmm...
Posted by nfurgurson (1 comment )
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Michael Chertoff "son of the devil" Dual Citizen
I just found this out about Michael Chertoff at

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Chertoff" target="_newWindow">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Chertoff</a>

Early history
Chertoff was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the son of Rabbi Gershon Baruch Chertoff, the former leader of the B'nai Israel Congregation in Elizabeth, and El Al Israel Airlines first flight attendant Livia Chertoff, nee Eisen. His paternal grandfather, Rabbi Paul Chertoff, emigrated from Russia. His surname, translated into its original Russian, means "son of the devil." His grandfather was a noted Talmudic scholar.

Now it seems if he's Jewish then he'd also have an Israeli Citizenship as well as American. Since all Jews anywhere in the world are granted citizenship to Israel.

Why, I ask, is this ocuntry giving a job of Head of Homeland Security to a guy who is a Dual Citizen????

I would think that would be or should be illegal, come on atleast have the guy Renounce any citizenship to Israel.

Are world leaders like George Bush so powerless, that they are afraid to question this Israeli citizenship thing or Jewish thing? God forbid, it'd be a political nightmare, no not less votes, but money would stop coming to the campaigns and the press coverage wouldn't be favorable, which when applied to the masses translates into less votes because the majority of people are too ignorant to see how well they are being manipulated and played.

I feel like our leaders like George Bush, really aren't leading us.

Are we an occupied country? I think so.
Posted by enigma.live (48 comments )
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Jews and Israeli citizenship
"enigma.live" wrote: "Now it seems if he's Jewish then he'd also have an Israeli Citizenship as well as American. Since all Jews anywhere in the world are granted citizenship to Israel."

NO, NO , NO.

It is NOT true that all Jews have Israeli citizenship. Having the right to obtain Israeli citizenship and having Israeli citizenship are two different things. What is true is that Israel grants Israeli citizenship to almost any Jew (with exceptions, such as criminal record or conversion to Christianity with a stated desire to convert other Jews to Christianity, or a perceived ). Just because an individual Jew or person of Jewish descent may have the potential to obtain Israeli nationality does not mean that they already have Israeli nationality. The Republic of Ireland, for instance, grants Irish citizenship to any person with one grandparent who was born in Ireland. Many Americans have the potential to obtain Irish citizenship on that basis, few of them do so. I actually am an American Jew who has obtained Israeli citizenship, so I know what I am talking about. I had to prove my Jewishness and document it before I became Israeli, so, yes, now I am a dual citizen. Before I underwent all of the Israeli government's bureacratic procedures and received my Israeli papers, I was NOT a dual citizen-just a US citizen. Prior to my attaining Israeli citizenship, I traveled to Israel several times and lived there for a while, and I was legally a FOREIGNER who had to renew his work/residence visa, and not a citizen.That said,, however, Chertoff may actually be considered a dual citizen of Israel, at least according to Israeli law, not because he is a Jew (although, as mentioned before, as a Jew, he technically has the right to obtain the Israeli citizenship, just like I did)but, if his bio is correct, it says his mother was a stewardess on El Al, Israel's national airline.I presume that means she is/was an Israeli citizen.By Israeli law, the child of an Israeli citizen is automatically an Israeli citizen, this is different than Israel's Law of Return, which makes enables any Jew to apply for, and in most cases, recieve Israeli citizenship. Therefore, if Chertoff does have Israeli citizenship, it is not because he is a Jew, but because his mother is Israeli.
Posted by ShmorgelBorgel-214837083684521 (3 comments )
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