June 20, 2006 7:15 AM PDT

Cheaters score high marks for ingenuity

Students counter China's attempts to thwart high-tech cheaters with increasingly clever, sometimes dangerous, tools.

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wow... these people beat us in use of technology
wow... these people beat us in use of technology
Posted by ggupta7 (137 comments )
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Nothing new but still nifty
Yeah, the stuff you can get in Japan and China is mindblowing. Look at what we call teh latest greatest gadgets of the month and then look at when the same gadget was release in asia. There is some very cool tech for those who can read kanji.
Posted by jabbotts (492 comments )
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Among other things
The phones, home electronics, and jsut about any type of electronics far outstrips what we currently have available in these old United States. In Norway they've been able to use their cell phones in the subway for years. Same with cars - we get stripped down Evos and WRXs or some models not at all - Skyline anyone?

But that's the story with the rest of the world.
Posted by jbjerome (18 comments )
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I would have done the same. Damn universities.
Posted by theclaps (5 comments )
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Sounds like a movie...
Seriously, this stuff sounds like it's some college kids' attempts to cheat their way through life in some american movie. In any case, I applaud their ingenuity, but still think they need to make sure what they're using is safe...
Posted by Bobbias (55 comments )
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What will they think of next?
It seems that each new generation surpasses the old one...
Bear in mind that some of these students might be working for Microsoft in the near future.
Posted by ftpaddict (9 comments )
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for something ... not ingenuity
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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MBA's are extinct in the quest for thesis competing with patends.
The BA and BS graduates will have to accept their pay scale or join the American legion or airport security for any any jump into the unlimited skycap of Brookhurst.
Posted by Stalin Hornsby (60 comments )
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Require test takers to be naked
Of course they could provide a change of clothes for them. Metal detector scan. Cavity searches (shudder..) Crazy..
Posted by kieranmullen (1070 comments )
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