July 22, 2009 7:08 AM PDT

Artists find backers as labels wane

Some industry iconoclasts are inventing ways for artists to make and market their music--without signing a traditional recording contract.
(From The New York Times)

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I'm interested...
Posted by Universal_Indie_Records (67 comments )
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RIAA killed the radio (and video) star!!!!

We can't rewind, we've gonne too far... Put on play some VC's cash...

RIAA killed the CD-R...
Posted by cosuna (378 comments )
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If you want to get rid of roaches, (read RIAA), you have to starve them to death.

Finally, new thinking is evolving into new business models. Furthermore, the artist's get to keep much more of their money to boot! Even when they give their music away, fans are still willing to pay! (Completely incomprehensible to the old-school monoliths.)

Most gratifying about it is that there isn't a damn thing RIAA can do about it.
Posted by albertsoler (412 comments )
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Nice. Very Nice.
Posted by Random_Walk (8429 comments )
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ezTunes.com and EasyTunes.com are available. Contact info through whois search.
Posted by bgitt (13 comments )
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I'm sorry, but I don't understand how Polyphonic is going to recoup its investment in these bands? So far the article only explains that MUSICIANS will share the profit, but specifically how will POLYPHONIC see a profit?
Posted by danraymond (1 comment )
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