November 26, 2005 8:11 AM PST

Apple's iPod Nano a holiday hit

Best Buy's Web site was sold out Friday of both the white and black versions of the 4 GB Nano, priced at $249.99.

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I guess they were right
Amazing how Jobs and Apple were ridiculed in the press for
replacing Apples biggest selling item, the iPod mini with the Nano.

I guess Jobs and Apple knew what they were doing after all.
Posted by mozart11 (30 comments )
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Imagine that
A CEO of a major multi-national corporation being competent at
his job.

Who'da thunk it?

(Possibly a little rarer than it should be, unfortunately.)
Posted by (7 comments )
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Remember in the movie "Forrest Gump"...
...Forrest was given some shares of Apple Computer stock, and he
said they were for "some fruit company"? Bet ol' Forrest would be a
happy camper right now! Gooooo, Apple!!!
Posted by Norseman (1319 comments )
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Apple to the world~~~
My new favorite Holiday song~~
Posted by (37 comments )
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Other companies could look at Apple as an example. But not like
they did in the past, just to try to imitate their products. Instead,
look to them to know how to be a company like them. Apply their
philosophy in other parts of the industry... To know how to build a
cult following, how to give importance to good design, cool factor,
Posted by deeplyaware (91 comments )
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Amazing how Jobs and Apple were ridiculed in the press for
replacing Apples biggest selling item, the iPod mini with the Nano.

That's not how I remembered it. Most mainstream articles that I read mentioned that it was a "bold" move on Jobs' part to kill off their best selling item. That's hardly ridicule, IMO.
Posted by stlc_8tr (9 comments )
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I wonder...
...if/when Apple will start marketing Macs again.

If I didn't already own a Mac and read Mac sites, I probably wouldn't be aware that Apple's PC platform has never looked more appealing relative to Windows/DOS.

It seems like Apple could leverage the iPod a little ... maybe offer a free/discounted iPod with the purchase of a Mac.
Posted by open-mind (1027 comments )
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Is outselling Sony in Japan as well!
Recent sales figures released, has shown that Ipod is a runaway success in Japan, and has literally grabbed over 50% of the market, and outselling it's nearest rival SONY Electronics, by a very healthy margin! Many Japanese recording artists, tied to SONY, are now releasing seperate tracks for Ipod use in defiance to company's point blank childish refusal to license it's music to Apple. Well at this rate!, ATRAC sony's diabolical DRM audio compression format, is about to die!, unlamented by all , and cursed by all, who chose to buy these players, with it's user restricted controlling software!!!!
Posted by heystoopid (691 comments )
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I'm Waiting for ...
the Apple iPod Invisa that was "announced" on SNL's "Weekend Update" spoof the weekend before last. Hey, I can't wait for a player that can "hold 8 million songs and every photograph ever taken", and is so small and light that, when you drop it, it just floats! ;)

All the Best,
Joe Blow
Posted by Joe Blow (175 comments )
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nano is hot
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Posted by 208774626618253979477959487856 (176 comments )
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