September 5, 2007 7:05 PM PDT

Apple's iPhone price cuts leave mixed feelings

Apple's iPhone price cuts leave mixed feelings
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Apple's decision to slash the price of the iPhone was heartening, confusing and troubling to the company's many followers Wednesday.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced Wednesday at San Francisco's Moscone Center that the 8GB iPhone now costs $399, a $200 discount off the initial launch price for Apple's first mobile phone, released just 10 weeks ago. The news of a 33 percent drop in the iPhone's price was sandwiched between the unveiling of the new iPod Touch and a performance by British singer KT Tunstall, almost a throwaway piece of the keynote speech on a day that saw Apple unveil new iPods in every category it occupies.

"We want to get even more aggressive than this," Jobs said, as he displayed the wide range of iPods that will be available this holiday season. The iPhone price cut certainly was aggressive, and could perhaps convince some who were sitting on the sidelines to jump on board with Apple. However, it does raise the question of whether Apple needed to stimulate demand for perhaps the most hyped gadget in history by reducing the price so drastically so soon after its release.

In fairness, iPhone demand seems relatively strong. On Wednesday, Jobs renewed Apple's pledge that it will have sold 1 million iPhones by the time the current fiscal quarter ends later this month, and also noted that the customer satisfaction reports Apple has seen rated the iPhone higher than any product Apple has ever shipped. And the iPhone was the best-selling handset among smart phones and feature phones sold to U.S. consumers in July, the first full month it was on sale, according to iSuppli.

special coverage
Complete event coverage
Apple announces a revised lineup of iPods, a new version of iTunes and a Wi-Fi Music Store.

But iSuppli estimated that only 220,000 iPhones were sold during the entire month of July. Apple reported selling 270,000 iPhones in just the first 30 hours the device was on sale in June.

Of course, there's always going to be an initial drop-off in sales of a product with as much prelaunch buzz as the iPhone, but a price cut that steep coming so soon after the first iPhone hit the streets is making some analysts raise their eyebrows.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on why the company chose to make the pricing move, but Jobs put a holiday spin in the price cut.

"We want to make iPhone even more affordable for even more people this holiday season...We want to put iPhones in a lot of stockings this holiday season," Jobs said.

Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates, wasn't so sure Apple's primary goal was to make the holiday shopping experience a little lighter on the wallet.

"It is a very interesting sign. My first suspicion is that they aren't getting the volume," Kay said.

One source of confusion surrounding the iPhone and its sales could lie in how the numbers are calculated. Apple can count iPhones shipped to AT&T stores as sales, even before they have made their way into consumers' hands. Estimates vary depending on what point in the process the tally is made. Earlier this summer, AT&T revealed that it activated far fewer iPhones than were sold by Apple, and one of the reasons given for that gap was that a large number of iPhones may have been in transit as the quarter closed on the night of June 30.

iSuppli obtained its estimates by surveying 2 million U.S. customers and asking them whether they bought an iPhone. The market research firm actually thinks Apple is going to sell 4.5 million iPhones this year, a far greater figure than other estimates indicate.

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster issued a research note on Tuesday, before the news of the price cut, estimating that Apple is on pace to sell about 800,000 iPhones during the quarter. Piper Jaffray reached its estimates by counting sales in Apple stores around the country and cross-referencing its data with data from PJC Wireless, which watched iPhone sales at AT&T stores.

After the news of the price cut, Munster said Apple is trying to accelerate demand among mainstream consumers who couldn't afford a $599 iPhone, and who will now snap up the device in greater numbers.

"Before the price cut, we had expected the iPhone to be mainstream by the end of (Apple's 2009 fiscal year, which will end in September of 2009); we now anticipate a steeper adoption curve earlier. The bottom line: Apple is investing iPhone profit dollars over the next few quarters in order to be a legitimate player in the phone market," Munster wrote Wednesday after Apple's announcements.

The price cut will come at a cost to Apple's overall profits. Piper Jaffray now estimates that Apple's gross margins could fall to as much as 27 percent in a worst case scenario, four percentage points off their current estimate for this current fiscal year. That might have been what Apple investors were worried about as they bailed out of the stock Wednesday following the announcement. Apple's stock started going down at around 10 a.m. PDT in the classic "sell on the news" strategy, but fell precipitously after news of the iPhone price cut surfaced, to close down 5 percent. Still, the stock was worth more at the end of Wednesday than it was last Wednesday.

It could also come at a cost to Apple's reputation among its most dedicated fans, who were dismayed to learn they paid $200 more for their iPhones not too long ago than someone who entered an Apple store today.

C'est la vie, said Stephen Baker of the NPD Group. "If you didn't think it was going to drop in price, you were dreaming," he said. Under Apple's returns policy, iPhone customers who made their purchases within the last 10 days can get $200 back, so long as they contact Apple within 14 business days of when their iPhone first shipped.

It's not at all clear from looking at the estimates of iPhone shipments whether the price cuts were needed to stimulate demand. Piper Jaffray's checks of Apple stores estimated that Apple sold several more iPhones per store in August during the height of the back-to-school selling season than it did in July.

But it's likely that the price cuts will stimulate demand, regardless of whether Apple was motivated by the need to jumpstart sales or the desire to reach out beyond its core group of early adopters.

CNET's Michael Kanellos contributed to this report.

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Ridiculous! They are going for VOLUME
So let me get this straight.
Apple is always accused of having small market share and not
doing more about it.
So now Apple aims for potentially HUGE market share by
aggressive pricing and people complain too?!

I guess you just can't please everybody. It seems to me that
Apple's strategy is doing quite well without these pundits, thank
you very much.
Posted by technewsjunkie (1265 comments )
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They need a big boost
Yes, July was a good month for the iphone... August was terrible!!!
ATT is pushing their folks to sell this by giving out huge
incentives!!! Even at 299 and 399 the RAZR v9 might still sell better
then the iphone.
Posted by MRMOAV (29 comments )
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2 ways to get volume without Alienating your base
I am very happy they dropped the price to take control of the
market and get more att people so I can talk free mobile to
mobile. They could have gotton volume without blatently profit
gouging the first buyers. They could have introduced the iphone
at $399 or they could have dropped the price like they did, but,
instead of waiting for USA today to say that Steve Jobs "skimmed
the cream from the market and then dropped prices" Steve could
have said in his keynote that he will credit his early beta testers
with a $100 or even better $200 store credit. That would have
kept me promoting Macs for years to come to everyone I see in
public with a PC like I have done for the last 20 years (even in
the 90s when everyone was running to PC because apple was
going to shut down any day) But I have such a bad feeling from
this that I have resigned as a Mac promoter and will take my
$100 retirement credit and buy a non-apple product with it.
Posted by chongkwang (3 comments )
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Actual iPhone numbers
I have been rather curious as to how Apple is counting the numbers
of iPhones sold since the product's launch. I doubt Apple will
specifically detail how they do it, but it sure would be nice...

Either way, I am sure the price cut will help them catapult the one
million mark, much to the dismay of the anti-Apple people out

Posted by Michael.Hatamoto (10 comments )
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Will they sell 1 million?
Now that the iTouch is out, will people who wanted all those nifty features still want to cough up the extra dough, plus a locked in contract with AT&T when they can get the same functionality minus the worst feature (the phone) at a fraction of the price?

Together, the iTouch and iPhone may do well, but I strongly suspect that the iTouch is going to siphon away the majority of the buyers who would otherwise buy the phone.

I'm one example. I'll be buying the iTouch shortly, but wouldn't even consider the iPhone.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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What company has a fire sale when a product is selling well?
I'm flabbergasted that people think the price drop is a "good idea".

What company has the equivalent of a fire sale when a product is allegedly "selling well"? Please guys.

I think the iPhone price drop is a disaster for Apple long term.

Part of the attraction to Apple products was the music-have-on-or-I-will-die fashion accessory aspect of the branding. They were expensive items, so not everyone had one and therefore became a status symbol for those who subscribe to the 'Paris Hilton school of sensibilities and self esteem'.

That's a huge market and it means you don't have to compete on features or 'value for money'. All you do is make it expensive and apply some cool trend-setter marketing.

Now that Apple is competing at a price point lower than the new Nokia n-gage series (the high end models of which hits the USA in December) they are competing on a 'value for money' front.

I can see Steve Jobs resigning soon.
Posted by mickiavellian (33 comments )
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No one's mentioned: iPod touch kinda dictated the price
With the intro of the iPod touch, to keep people who only really
want a widescreen touch iPod to keep buying the iPhone, its
price had to become more comparable.

The message is "for only a hundred bucks more you can get a
phone that does this too."

Hurts for people who paid the June 29 price. But figure this:
you guys have had a few months of "gloat value..." (And some
of you sure did use it!)
Posted by dotmike (154 comments )
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Apple's iPhone price cuts leave mixed feelings
Posted by Taggit (2 comments )
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That's been the rumor
That a new iPhone would be out by winter and not tied to AT&T.

Then again, we now know that it's possible to hack the phone for other gsm networks. That might lead Apple to speed up the next gen phone.

I will wait for 2nd or 3rd gen before I even consider it.
Posted by SeizeCTRL (1333 comments )
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Posted by Taggit (2 comments )
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I smell it, too
Not having 3g is a problem no matter what they say. It's not just
a phone plus ipod, it's a cutting-edge portable Internet device.
Not having the current let alone future technology is a liability.
They need 3g for Europe, and here it comes.

V2 will put the price back up, but offer 3g among other
improvments, which will boost sales to hold outs like me, and
raise profit margins, which will please Wall Street, too.

I don't know if those buying the reduced price EDGE models will
be any happier than those that paid $599 last month.
Posted by rexwrites (1 comment )
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Apple iPhone support in turmoil
Many non-positive posts about the price drop to the iPhone
support group are being deleted quickly by moderators. One of
mine was quickly deleted this eve when I tried to offer solution to
helping someone get a consideration for the price they paid on
their new iPhone.
This is the worst PR bungle in ages.
Posted by mrsnak (2 comments )
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Ever consider?
That complaints due to price drops don't belong in a support
What you call a "PR bungle" is seen by people with common sense
as "clearing the trash" from the support forums.
I'd almost given up on Apple's discussion boards, once, after trying
to read through mountains of complaints of a "non technical"
Posted by GGGlen (491 comments )
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Apple is the new Microsoft: Steve Jobs to resign by xmas
I can't see any way out for Steve. This year has been an absolute disaster.

What company do you know has a fire sale when a product is supposedly selling well?

The share price plummeted yesterday after the open letter from apple, admitting they tried to pull a fast one on the early adopters who paid that "stupid tax".
Posted by mickiavellian (33 comments )
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I am so glad I bought Apple stock at $22.50

Jobs and company are kicking serious butt. I can't help but to
laugh all the way to the bank. I love listening to all of the sky is
falling people every day. I don't think there has ever been a
company that has been second guessed so much. No matter
what they do the experts all agree it's the wrong thing to do,
which is a sure sign that they are on the right path if you ask

Not too long ago I was worried that Apple wouldn't be able to
stay in business, especially when they booted Jobs from his own
company. Boy were they idiots. Next thing you know the
company is really going no where and licencing clones. Times
were desperate and in a desperate move they hire Jobs back at
$1 a year salary. Jobs comes in pisses everybody off, stops the
clones and begins the turn around. They are on a roll and I am
riding the gravy train for at least a couple more years.

I bought the iPhone for full price and it hurts a little that they
just lowered the price, but I can see their reasoning. Let the die
hards buy it at full marked up price and then after you have sold
to all of them lower the price and get all of the fence sitters.
They will feel like they are getting a bargain (which it is). I
bought the Treo for $500 and the iPhone makes it look like a
kids toy.

Now my PC friends all call Apple the "dark side" which I take as a
total compliment.

My hat goes off to you Steve Jobs. You are the man! Now I would
be really upset if I didn't get at least a few replies from all of the
PC guys telling me what peices of crap all Apple products are
and how they are going out of business any day now, yada,
yada, yada. Apple down $7.40 today and I an still giddy and
amused all at the same time.

Posted by Nodack (198 comments )
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Apple might want to make room for the next gen iPhone due Nov or Dec!
In my point of view, most likely, Apple want to move the inventory
on hand and make rooms for the up coming 2nd Gen new iPhone
which will hit the shelf just before the Holiday shopping season!

Posted by K T L C (62 comments )
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I bought an iPhone on 8/15, six days past the 14 day cut off. Just called customer care and they gave me a "good faith" offer of $150 rebate. Said I will see a credit on my credit card within the next three business days. Worth a shot to try it!
Posted by SFlawgirl (4 comments )
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Is the GPhone a factor?
Does the pricing change reflect more about future competition from the GPhone (Rumored iPhone functionality or better, with a rumored price tag of $10.00) than about past iPhone sales volume?

Would iPhone pricing decisions depend on how soon the GPhone is released?

Does Apple know more than GPhone rumors?
Posted by RememberEZ (45 comments )
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oh yeah...
I would love to see a coherent business argument that advocates Google making a move into the consumer electronics space.

Google with other phone brands...yes.

A Google branded and developed phone OS...maybe.

A Google phone scaring the pants off SJ. No.
Posted by mattmoo (7 comments )
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Another lame article from c|net
HELLO... it's called "marketing"...!!
Posted by imacpwr (456 comments )
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get real
It isn't just c|net making news about this, I saw this all over the place yesterday.

And most marketing strategies don't usually cut the price by $200 in the first 2-3 months.

I'd be a little ticked off if I was one of the early iPhone adopters and saw them drop the price that quick after my original purchase.
Posted by SeizeCTRL (1333 comments )
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HELLO... it's called raping your customers... !!
400,000 units sold to date. Now the price for the same units drops by $200.

400,000 x $200 = $80,000,000

That's $80 million in pure extra profit that they made off those early adopters. Boy, doesn't that give you the nice warm fuzzies in your heart about how much Apple cares for their customers? Well, their customer's wallets, that is?
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Don't I feel like a retard...
Steve Job screws us... Hear some of those angry voices

<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Posted by AppleRetard (2 comments )
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You enjoy the screw?
Don't blame him - check you own fingers. Must feel sick smelling that stench from your rear end. Why do people blame others for their own actions?
Posted by oxtail01 (308 comments )
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Apple's Customers are Liberal Naive Goofs
Why does it come as a surprise that there would be price cuts? All technology starts this way and then has cuts - they jack up the price for early adopters. This is nothing new. The only non-surprise is all of the liberal, apple-loving, naive goofs who par their own course by complaining about it. Nurrr.
Posted by jdavidlove (30 comments )
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On my daily constitutional, I see the Apple "goofs" clammering in the Apple store. They have liberal written all over them by the typically long hair, trendy clothes, dumb slogans on their t-shirts and most of all wear those ridiculous thick-framed rectangular eye glasses that you see so many of them wearing these days. You can spot these fools from miles away.
Posted by WJeansonne (480 comments )
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opinionated stereotype
what a poorly thought-out and incompetent remark. i am a fervent apple customer and still a conservative. i can agree with your remark about the trend to cut prices as products age on the market, however your subject line is irresponsible.
Posted by g2chris (2 comments )
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I agree except
I am sure it was all naive liberal goofs who are complaining about it. One should be careful throwing stones next to a glass house. Conservatives have a great track record right now?
Posted by deskelton (2 comments )
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um what does being a "liberal" have to do with this topic?
Not even remotely related, do you also mean to imply that conservatives only buy at the end of the product lifencycle for the lowest price? If you have a political ax to grind perhaps you should post at CNN or the Drudge Report.
Posted by swray (5 comments )
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How do you say, sucker?
If I were one of those Apple fanatics, I would be feeling like a total sucker right now for buying the iPhone before the deep discount now being offered.
Posted by WJeansonne (480 comments )
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Are You Kidding?!
I purchased my iPhone the first day, no regrets, no issues.
Everyone who did this knew the price would drop, as it always
does. We also knew the first release was bound to have
production problems. Some did. We also knew that this would
not be the only future offering. All of this was discussed,
debated before hand ad nauseum.

Now here comes along an article turning the very thing many
others were waiting for into a negative spin. Seriously Krazit.
Do you hate Apple much? Or is it just your job to do these types
of stories about it. You are consistent with this type of spin.
You don't waver. But I know your memory cannot possibly be
so short as to have forgotten the CNET poll conducted on this
very topic. And the results that indicated the majority of the
purchasers were waiting for the price to come down.
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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What a Fool Believes
OK, dude. Whatever you want to read into it. But anyway you slice it, you've been had by Apple's marketing machine.
Posted by WJeansonne (480 comments )
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Re: Are You Kidding?!
I don't think the issue is so much about the price drop as it is about how soon the drop occurred. Most people know the price is going to drop eventually, but they don't assume it's going to drop by a significant amount just 2 months after it's initial release. Generally you don't see these price drops until a good year down the road or until the next model is being released. Many people waited in line for hours and even days to dish out good money for their iPhone so they rightly so have reason to feel a little cheated.
Posted by Charleston Charge (362 comments )
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Short memories?
"Do you hate Apple much? Or is it just your job to do these types of stories about it. You are consistent with this type of spin. You don't waver."

A little over two months ago, you said:

"Usually all of these stories have been slanted one way, or another. But finally, someone realizes why some of us tech nuts have been so excited over this device.<p>Congratulations TK!"

<a class="jive-link-external" href=";threadID=28748&#38;messageID=284421&#38;start=-1" target="_newWindow">;threadID=28748&#38;messageID=284421&#38;start=-1</a>

If only you want stories about Apple that reflect the side of the issue provided by the company and its many defenders, there are plenty of other places where you can find something that doesn't challenge your mindset.

Yes, everyone knew the price would eventually come down. But I would not be doing my job if I didn't try to explain why Apple would decide to make a price cut of that magnitude, so soon after the launch.

Negativity is where you look for it; we most certainly did not come to a negative conclusion in this article about Apple and its motives. But we didn't rule it out, either.
Posted by Tom Krazit (436 comments )
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Stop lying to yourself
No one and I am 110% certain NO ONE expected a price cut to happen this quick. Even Sony waited longer to drop the price on the PS3 and it had horrible sales.

Really though, keep telling yourself that you knew a price cut would come in just under 70 days after hitting the market... LOL they couldn't even wait an even 3 months. If it helps you sleep it night, who am I to really question. But man, that's got to sting :D Just think, if you had waited 2½, you could have saved enough money to pay for almost 3 months of service or 200 new songs for your phone.
Posted by SeizeCTRL (1333 comments )
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This is a great news and not a warning sign
So I don't think there is anything wrong with such move by Apple to reduce
their price. Price drop is something that happen constantly so no real surprise
and nobody should complain.

In fact it will have happen sooner or later. What I am seeing here is that Apple
is cutting some of its profit and want to be sure that the iPhone dominate the
market before any of the competitors enter the market with a touch screen.
Kind of like the iPod, if you come too late on the market then competitors will
have hard time to grab market share in Apple's market.

So I see that move as a positive sign and show that Apple believe in their
product. They even stop the 4GB so they can be sure there is no confusion or
hesitation for potential buyer.

<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
The first ZUI news aggregator for iPhone
Posted by (1 comment )
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the first million is(are) the hardest to make

"where did I leave that $200"

Just think it as your way of paving the road so all the other iFans and other cell-phone nuts can get one too.
something to cheer that tiny percent of the human population:
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>



I'm sure there will be a point where the phone is free with a 2-3 year plan, maybe next year at this rate.


Posted by ColdMast (186 comments )
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Positive news - Smart Business!
This is called "smart business"! By making a product more affordable to the public, more can be sold. Yes less profit made, but quantity increases. So in reality it may not even make a different to the profits, or in thinking positively more profits can be made since quantity is increased.

At the same time more of the public can get the new gadget!
Posted by apereymer (6 comments )
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RELAX and BUY STOCK NOW!--It's all Wall St. slight of hand.
I've seen this sort of conflagration and misinformation used to
cover up options plays on Apple stock before. It happens
before/after major Apple news and at very "odd" times ;) when
large market players (read, institutional buyers, etc) actually
want to see a sharp short-term dip in the stock price.

In the end, this is yet another manufactured 'Buy opportunity'.
The chicken little smokescreen about Apple's iPhone price drop
is just the convenient excuse. Just see where the stock price is
in a few days and you'll see what I mean.
Posted by shanewalker (57 comments )
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Just as I'd said. The stock is 'miraculously' healing itself of its losses during last weeks panic. This is even AFTER the $100 rebate apology that "should've" sent the stock into another tailspin...

It's all smoke and mirrors, my friends.

Don't play into it. Just watch, learn and profit from it like the inside players do...
Posted by Ellusian (64 comments )
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No more 4gb Iphone
I see that the 4gb is now listed in their clearance section for $299. That's the same price as the new ipod touch.
Posted by thedreaming (573 comments )
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The price cut makes sense!!!!!
By Apple using components from the Iphone in the Ipod touch
they will buy in much more volume bringing down the price of
the Iphone. The sales of Ipod touch will be sure to exceed the
sales of the Iphone. It is also a step product for all of the people
who cannot get out of cell phone contracts and like the features
and the interface of the phone. When their contract is up the
Iphone is the next logical step because they know the interface
and it is $100.00 bucks more for the phone. So I consider this a
great marketing move on Apples part. First adopters of any
product usually pay a premium for being first. This is true of
cars, TV's. I remember my first CD player was $399.00 and two
months later it was $199.00.
Posted by grdaven (12 comments )
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apple iphone
I am I successful business owner for over 21 years. I purchased
the first mac in 1984, and have been a LOYAL Apple customer
ever since.

I have found that (never advertising in 21 years, working only by
"Word of Mouth") the only thing more powerful or vocal than a
satisfied customer (or

having wonderful customer service), is a customer who feels
cheated or "Ripped Off".

I camped out for the launch of the iPhone, and was interviewed
by the Palm Beach Post. I talked of what a HUGE fan I was about
all Apple products.

I was such a Apple fan, that ANYONE who knew me didn't ask IF
I bought an iPhone, but "How is it".

I can tell you you've completely turned that enthusiasm in the
complete opposite direction.

I had been planning a large purchase of iMac's, I've purchased
everything (iPods, iTV, Airport extreme, iPod HiFi, name it)
that you've put out.

I will not buy anything Apple unless I have no other alternatives.

I think you should do the math: your $200.00 slap in the face,

versus the average 1500.00- 2000.00 per year my household
spends with your company (multiply that by the numbers of
years you plan to be in business each year).

There's an old saying I go by: "Get me once, shame on you- get
me twice, shame on me".

I will promise the following:

that I will NEVER buy an Apple product for at least one year
after release (if at all).

I will always look for any alternative products first.

I will NEVER recommend an Apple product ever again with the
enthusiasm I did before September 5th 2007

As a foot note, you "Got me" in another way since I own Apple
stock, and it's falling like a rock.

You really shot yourself in the foot this time.

Posted by cabinetshop (1 comment )
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Your pathetic rant don''t hold up!
If you thought Apple offered you a good value back then at that given price, it shouldn't matter what the price is now. Any astute business person knows that value is calculated at the price of good or service at the time the purchase dicision is made. If you're such a successful business person, you would know that.
Posted by oxtail01 (308 comments )
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We are the one who made iPhone app you see!!!

Has you ever thought about who made numerous iPhone apps so people who buy iPhone now can enjoy those web app? especially that you never open its API.

And don't forget, who are the ones that defended APPLE when everyone else is saying your MAC are too expensive and there are much less applications out there.

IT'S US !!!!!!

and you SCREW us???? What the heck wrong with you?
Posted by AppleRetard (2 comments )
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Why should this surprise you?
This kind of price stuff happens all the time. I'll agree with the masses it's usually after an update. There's nothing like the feeling you get when you top of the line iBook goes to the bottom of the rung before you get the bill. It's all part of the technology business.
Posted by bechcorp (3 comments )
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