February 7, 2006 6:17 AM PST

Apple rolls out 1GB Nano

Apple Computer on Tuesday introduced a lower-end, less expensive iPod Nano with 1GB capacity and lowered the price of its iPod Shuffle.

The new 1GB iPod Nano costs $149 and offers the same features as the 2GB and 4GB iPod Nano models, such as a high-resolution color screen, a 30-pin dock connector and the ability to display album art while playing music.

"At $149, we think everyone can afford an iPod Nano," said Greg Joswiak, Apple vice president of iPod marketing, in a telephone interview. He noted that Apple was able to expand its market last year by having products at every price point and said the company is poised to do the same this year.

"We think we are in a very good position again to grow this market for iPod," he said. Last year Apple sold 32 million iPods, including 14 million in the holiday quarter.

Apple's 1GB iPod Nano, which comes in black or white, can hold up to 240 songs or 15,000 photos. The device is designed to connect to Macs equipped with a USB 2.0 port and Mac OS X 10.3.4 or later versions, along with iTunes version 4.9 or later.

Windows users will also need a USB port, with their system running on Windows 2000, XP Home or Professional and a similar version of iTunes.

In addition to the new 1GB iPod Nano, Apple lowered the price on its iPod Shuffle to $69 for a 512MB device and $99 for the 1GB model.

Apple's iPod line expansion and lower prices come as competitors from Dell to Creative Labs grapple with the realities of the music player market.

Separately, Apple also said Tuesday that it would start selling episodes of three Showtime series: "Weeds," "Sleeper Cell" and "Fat Actress."

Apple said it has now sold 12 million videos, up from the 8 million sales it reported at January's Macworld Expo.

The company has also started a countdown to 1 billion songs sold through the iTunes Music Store. At each 100,000-song interval Apple will award prizes to the buyer of the 100,000th song. The person who buys the 1 billionth song will get a prize package that includes a 20-inch iMac, 10 iPods and a $10,000 iTunes music gift card. Apple also will create a scholarship at a music school in the winner's name.

At Macworld, Apple reported that 850 million songs had been purchased through iTunes.

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Will Shuffle be discontinued?
Looks like a preamble to discontinuing the Shuffle. Always having
owned full-size iPods, I haven't experienced the appeal of the wee
ones. But, they have been very popular. I wonder if the Shuffle is
as beloved by its fans as the Mini was.
Posted by J.G. (837 comments )
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Shuffle will be around for a long time.
Shuffle will never go away. They are perfect for working out/running or for people who just need a few mins of private music on a commute etc. With new price they will spike in sales becuase they are now in the toaster range of "If it breaks I'll just buy a new one".

Many companies are trying to put a shot accross Apples bow with new prices to gain marketshare. This move is a stamp of the foot by the market leader to stop that.
Posted by JJWhitney (32 comments )
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Discontinue Shuffle?
I'm a Shufflet. This little guy is the greatest for workouts, walking, cleaning the house, etc. Who needs a screen?
Posted by DotsSpot (4 comments )
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Just what the world needs...another iPod
Gotta keep milking that cow until it's completely dry. Are people really excited about this?
Posted by mrvista (22 comments )
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Good Deal
I think it's an excellent idea of Apple to promote different versions(1GB, 2GB and 4GB) of its iPod Nano. Some people don't listen to the same amount of music on the go as others, and this is an excellent marketing strategy on the part of Apple---flexibility of choice. At 1GB for $149.00, this is an excellent buy...240 songs is enough capacity to make it an affordable choice.
Posted by Michael G. (185 comments )
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soo rad
You're right on the mark. This is just like when cell phones got more mainstream and then smaller and smaller and multifunctional. Kudos to Apple... This should get me over til I replace my old G4 Ti
Posted by marileev (292 comments )
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Let Them Eat Cake Comment
"At $149, we think everyone can afford an iPod Nano," said Greg Joswiak.

What??!? Do they really think *everyone* can afford to spend $149 on a portable music player?

I guess Mr. Joswiak and his friends live in a different reality than I do. When there are no longer people who can't afford to feed their families nutritious meals or put a roof over their heads maybe I'll excuse a little hyperbole about what everyone can do. I know the guy is head of marketing for Apple, a company known for overstating the attributes of it's products, but that remark is just plain offensive to me.
Posted by lobsterman (5 comments )
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No need to get technical
Basically what he means is if you can afford an MP3 player, you can afford an iPod.

If you really want to get technical, not everyone can afford a pack of gum. I'm sure we all know that.
Posted by nmcphers (261 comments )
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Don't buy cake if you can't afford bread.
At $149, everyone CAN afford an iPod Nano. The only question
is IF you should buy one if you're living hand-to-mouth.
Everyone spends money according to their own priorities--there
are plenty of kids that live below the poverty line that are
wearing $200 tennis shoes. If money is that tight, how about
using the Apple financing and paying $4 a month?
Posted by (5 comments )
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Get In Context
We're not talking about people who can't afford to feed their
families. If you can't afford to feed your family or put a roof
over their heads, you can't afford a $2.00 or even 2-cent mp3
player. Thus, these people were never in the considered market
for the device.

Joswiak's comment refers to people in the market to buy an mp3
player. The lower price point means that people who are
considering purchasing a player now have a Nano at a price
comprable to the lower-priced devices with similar features that
they may have been considering.

If you're worried about the impoverished, consider the
comments and actions of your policticians, not electronics
Posted by djemerson (64 comments )
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Lets be realistic
If a family or an individual can`t afford a decent meal, I don@t
think they can afford a computer to sync their music in the player
neither. Now for 5bucks, they can find a nice tape player in the
swapmeet. And they can buy a buch of tapes in the 99รง shop -it
does not matter they are bulky- that is what they can afford.
There should be iTunes MS vouchers with your Food Stamps.
Posted by rleon (111 comments )
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You are a moron
You are a moron if you are offended by that comment. If you're so
concerned about the poor and huddled masses maybe you should
spend your time doing something more constructive than making
anonymous hostile comments about cheap electronics.
Posted by montgomeryburns (109 comments )
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Still too expensive for what you get.
Posted by KsprayDad (375 comments )
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Would You Be So Kind...
...as to validate this comment with reason?

What would be the preferable alternative? We're looking for 1GB
players with color screens and photo storing/viewing
Posted by djemerson (64 comments )
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What they really need is an 8 gig mini
What they really need is an 8 gig mini. Creative Labs has 8 gig mp3 players now. They're sold out on Best Buy's website.
Posted by lingsun (482 comments )
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In case you haven't been paying attention lately...
There is no IPod mini anymore. So just choose between the 4 GB
Nano or the 30 GB version of the iPod itself. One or the other
should work for you quite well.
Posted by Earl Benser (4310 comments )
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Antiquated Technology!
I don't mean to burst anyones bubble, but the whole Ipod Industry is really going to be outdated very quickly. Your cell phones are becomming more and more powerful everyday. Nobody wants to carry around a cell phone, MP3 player, Digital camera, and some sort of PDA / Pocket PC. These are already being consolidated, but the technology is still a little short of the goal.

Anyway the Ipod is basically a small computing device that only has one application on it. Why would I bother getting one when I will be able to do the same thing from my "all in one" device here in about two years. Not to mention I will be able to do just about anything I can do on a PC/Mac, like buy third party software that is better and cheaper than what (microsoft/apple) has to offer.
Posted by jwarren.carroll (84 comments )
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Sorry to burst your bubble
but my nano and 30gig ipod do what I want: listen to music, boot my mac if needed and watch a movie or music vid or OMG "Weeds" while traveling, waiting in dentist's office, etc.

My cell phone need only do a few things: make/receive calls, call waiting, caller ID, and phonebook/speed dial/voice dial.

I don't want or need them combined. I don't want or need a camera/PDA/PocketPC everywhere I go. I'm no Luddite but I don't want technology just for the sake of technology or just because it can be done. I have both Mac and Windows laptops (as well as desktops) but when I want to read a good book I don't download it to my Powerbook and have the computer read it to me. I still, and always will, browse the old musty bookstores and libraries and take my book to the park to lay in the grass under a tree and read just like God intended.
Posted by Guido Muldoon (24 comments )
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Antiquated Wetware
Apple's iPods allow you to store contacts, have a calender for
appointments, travel alarm clock, take voice memos, view
photos, view videos, view downloaded music videos, view
downloaded TV shows, download & listen to Podcasts, download
& listen to Audiobooks, download & listen to music plus making
compilation playlist mixes on the fly, store & play ripped CDs,
syncronize with Apple iSync to stay organized with your desktop,
works with itunes & QuickTime for Windows PCs & play basic
games. IT IS ALSO a portable backup hard drive device for
backing up or transfering data files between computers.

SO, it does not just do ONE thing as you stated & it is not a FAD
gizmo device... PS Moto + Apple iTunes phone is just beginning
with better things to come.

Upgrade your wetware dude & welcome to the future.
Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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Goodness! I have 2 children asking for Nano's for Christmas and I can't afford it and still keep my house. Why do they say that everyone can afford one? Our economy is terrible and my husband is working every odd job he can to keep a roof over our head. I would love to have the money to purchase this for my kids but I have a budget of 25-30 per child.
Posted by heartlandpro (1 comment )
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