February 26, 2007 3:12 PM PST

Apple TV launch put on pause

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Apple's Apple TV product, expected to ship this month, won't arrive until the middle of March, the company said Monday.

The $299 device, first previewed as iTV in September and formally announced at Macworld Expo in January, is a set-top box that allows TV shows and movies downloaded to a Mac or PC to be played on a television in another room.

Apple confirmed the delay in a statement, but did not give a specific reason for the stall.

"Wrapping up Apple TV is taking a few weeks longer than we projected and we now expect to begin shipment mid-March," the Cupertino, Calif.-based company said in a statement to CNET News.com.

Apple TV represents the company's latest effort to move past its core strengths into the digital living room.

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Poor Title for this Article
Makes it sound like they don't know when the release will be. How about "Apple TV Launch Delayed Until Mid March".
Posted by open-mind (1027 comments )
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Then you would have never read the article.
Posted by badmojo42 (156 comments )
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Windows too...
Based on what I saw/heard at Macworld in January, I'm pretty
positive this device works with Windows machines too. I think this
short article is misleading when it says "download to a Mac"...
Posted by ebhanson (2 comments )
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Article Corrected...
I can't delete my own comment, but I can comment on it ;-)

I see that the article was changed to "Mac or PC" after my posting.
Posted by ebhanson (2 comments )
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This is good news for me!
yeah! got the "delayed" email a few hours ago, which is actually good, since my widescreen sony tv has been delayed by 1 week. so they should match up about right. still sucks that apple has missed the Feb 28 date, it's pretty unusual for them.
Posted by OS11 (844 comments )
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New iPhone Ad on the 2007 Oscars!
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Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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That won an Oscar?
I don't get it.
Posted by Dachi (797 comments )
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knew this was coming
We there has been rumblings of this for awhile now. I guess we'll just have to wait a little longer.

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Posted by jordan057 (2 comments )
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Do-No-Wrong Apple
Funny how when Microsoft pushes back a release date the world treats them as bumbling fools, but when Apple does the same the response is, "No worry Lord Jobs... we shall wait. We have commercials of the iPhone to occupy us."
Posted by lukefish82 (1 comment )
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Apple hater
Lukefish82, Apple TV is a consumer electronics product that is
being pushed back a couple of weeks. Microsoft Vista is something
that many millions of people were depending on for business, and
is was repeatedly delayed for years.

Apples and oranges, pal. Have a nice day.
Posted by lesfilip (496 comments )
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believe me, this is not how most people I know are taking this set
back. Now that that has been said, please! You are trying to
compare a company who has spent atleast five years developing a
continuation of their OWN software with a company that is trying to
make a product that, correct me if I am wrong, no one else has out,
or to say the least is greatly improving an existing product. I will
argue that when this product arrives, one will not have the
problems one is having with Windows.
Posted by cashaww (77 comments )
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Not even in the same league as MS Delays
Spare me. Vista was THREE YEARS LATE, after stripping feature after feature just to get it out the door. The AppleTV will three WEEKS late, and work as originally advertised.

There's more than a little difference there.
Posted by CA1900 (332 comments )
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Vista was eventually released. When Apple tried to write something as good as Windows NT they gave up after about five years, decided to use someone elses OS, and then called it a feature.
Posted by Siegfried Schtauffen (269 comments )
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Apple's Human?
Whoa, it must be the end of the world, Apple is delaying something! The sky is falling!

Really, in all respects, all of the different companies have made mistakes and push a project back a week or two, so, if it improves the project, so be it :P.

Also, for anyone bickering about Vista, keep in mind, Apple has it's own constantly delayed project with both Taligent and Copland, not to mention Cairo with Microsoft.
Posted by clindhartsen (13 comments )
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Delaying a..
product, or even realizing what you have is not going to work is, to
me acceptable. But when one continually releases products that
are subpar, if not way below par, this to me is a huge problem.
This is the very reason I do not use Microsoft products. In my eyes
Microsoft has show me their products are not reliable. When my
father, who is not Tech guru, is recommending people purchase
Apple, I find this telling.
Posted by cashaww (77 comments )
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I do not...
like the way this whole thing was handled. My Apple TV was due to
ship tomorrow, and 24 hrs before the ship date, we are told it will
not ship until the middle of March. What, they where not aware
they were not going to meet the coming deadline?
Posted by cashaww (77 comments )
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I feel for ya...
You are probably the only intelligent and relevant post on this thread. It sounds like you ordered the product, Apple delayed at the last minute, and now you are left holding the bag. I would agree, this is a great example of what a business should not do (as a retailer, they shouldn't take pre-orders against soft ship dates to begin with). It makes me wonder if the folks who have pre-ordered iPhones are going to experience the same problem. I empathize with your problem and think Apple should give you something to try and compensate for their mistakes... Say $50 to iTunes or something like that.

As for the the rest of the idiots out there. SHUT UP and stop wasting everybody's time! Nobody cares that Apple has made some mistakes in the past, nobody cares if you think Microsoft is an evil empire. OSX and MS Vista are BOTH decent operating systems and both have flaws. These are just companies... not religions. I run both Mac and PC because they suit my needs... for that matter I also run Linux and IRIX. AppleTV seems limited but appears to be very well executed in what it does do. The other solutions out there are also valid and some are better than others but I would argue nobody has dominance yet and won't for quite some time (if ever). TiVO was the first major brand to enter the market and popularized the idea of time shifted TV content. I would estimate Comcast and the other cable/satellite providers probably have the most market share for DVRs because they bundle with content you are already paying for. Windows Media Center is probably the most feature rich right now (maybe too feature rich) but with some flaws in their implementation. I have high hopes for AppleTV (whereas I run a Mac in my living room) but I also see huge holes in its offering. My real point is... PLEASE SHUT UP and give the rest of us a break from your incessant bickering about your skewed Fanboy opinions on who is better... I'll give ya the undisputable answer to that one... neither are! They are all simply choices. If you are blindly loyal to a single brand, while Apple's marketers have wet dreams about you and will tell you lies about how using a mac makes you cool, creative and intelligent... Really you are missing out on a wealth of experience, foundational knowledge, etc. and you are no cooler, more creative or more intelligent than before you bought your mac/iPod/et al. e.g. Does light beer make football obsessed, overweight slobs any more appealing to swimsuit models? That's what the beer companies have been telling ya... drink up!

BTW, I have worked with Apple for years as an employee of a major ISV (here's a hint... we were mentioned by Steve in the 2006 MacworldExpo keynote). They do intentionally dumb down their UI to the least common denominator and they encourage their ISV partners to do the same. So suck on that you arrogant cads! That IS what Apple really thinks of their users. I am not arguing that MS is any better, they rely on their users gaining some knowledge before they use their products... and fall woefully short in providing those resources to the people who need them... the novices. The point here, who is better? That would be NEITHER!

So shut up, go compute and try to be productive! And stop wasting your time writing/reading rants like this one! :-)
Posted by Source00 (12 comments )
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Hijacked by the fanboys
This site is getting worse, and the comments are getting comical. Even a story about a slight delay in an Apple product turns into a "MS sucks" thread. Some folks need to get a life.

I'm going somewhere else to find tech news.
Posted by lawhog (5 comments )
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Yeah, as long as you include the M$ fanboys too. I think it was a M$ fanboy that started that particular rant.

OS arguments aside, this doesn't begin to approach the seriousness of the M$ failure to release Vista on time, but it also isn't the first time Apple has had to delay the release of a product.

Those of us that follow Apple closely know that Apple has often delayed the shipping date of announced products, such as some of their desktop line, and notebooks, too. Sometimes it turns out to be manufacturing issues, sometimes marketing related issues. They rarely divulge the reason, tho.

In reality, this isn't a big story, it's happened before, and it'll happen again.
Posted by rwahrens (44 comments )
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iTV? But isn't that already out?
I think the world will largely ignore this one. Other manufacturers have had better equipment with more features out for *years* now and at a fraction of the cost that Apple is quoting.

It's pretty hard to argue with reality. TiVo has been out for a long time, their players are either free or cost a small percentage by comparison, and have higher capacity and more features.

Apples and oranges indeed. In this case, the world went with oranges years ago.

Is it really worth $300 to have an Apple logo on a limited product and service compared to what else is out there? Personally, I think I'd rather spend that $300 on something else than trying to look elite.

Ah Apple, better late than never, I suppose. Go with the flow- copy others with an overpriced product. I have to concede that Jobs hasn't claimed to have reinvented TV.... yet. :)

I'm sure it will be a neat device, but sales will show in the end if people want to spend $300 (plus monthly service fee) for a 40Gb device or NOTHING/FREE (plus monthly service fee) for a device that can do more and has a large following and support group.

$300 vs. FREE

It's a hard decision people will have to make.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Yes, Apples and oranges, indeed.
Since this device is NOT a TiVo, nor is it even intended to be,
primarily, a PVR, one wonders what you are talking about. YOU
are making price comparisons with devices that are not
comparable, against a device that has not even been released.
You appear to know little to nothing of its specs, or even its
feature list, so why should anyone treat your prognostications
with an sort of respect?
For one thing, if you were going to compare the iTV to existing
products, the clear comparison would be to the SlingBox, NOT
the TiVo. Your failure to do so indicates a failure on YOUR part
to know the facts, or even what the device IS. But this is hardly
You are not even comparing apples and oranges, you are
comparing apples with polar bears.
But what do I know, I am just a shill for Linux, remember?
Posted by DeusExMachina (516 comments )
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what service fee?
Another thing you got wrong. There is no service fee associated with the AppleTV.

This product is not intended to be a DVR in any way, shape or form. It is intended to get your iTunes library from your Mac to your TV. Period, end of story.

It is also a 1st gen device. Look for more features and such in future iterations.

And next time, know what you are talking about before sticking your foot into your mouth!
Posted by rwahrens (44 comments )
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Same as Tivo??? Err I don't think so....
You know, I was going to let you off with this one as everyone makes mistakes, however since you posted it twice you?ve really left me no choice...

The Apple TV device is a *streaming* video &#38; audio? device for sending content wirelessly and losslessy directly to a television set. A Tivo is simply a DVR/PVR device which has the ability to copy content to a PC. The same people who purchased the audio enabled ?Apple Airport? series routers will be the same people who purchase the Apple TV. It will be great for downloading content from P2P sites and watching them directly on TV (and in most cases before they have even finished downloading).

Comparing Tivo with Apple TV is like comparing women with sheep... It appears you have totally misunderstood both the devices and the article.
Posted by cams0ft (6 comments )
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Apple TV In UK
Just to people calling it iTV, its called apple TV. Likely because if
they named it iTV the iTV channel in the UK would have been all
over them. Just point that out to people still using the iTV name,
its a channel, not a box.
Posted by liam04uk (20 comments )
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The iTV moniker was an internal code name for the product, as noted by Steve Jobs at the special event last August that previewed it, and was never intended as a real release product name.
Posted by rwahrens (44 comments )
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Apple iTV delay due to new Apple displays?
Given the repeated rumors of new Apple displays that support
HDMI and HDCP, perhaps Apple delayed the iTV release so that it
could release it with new monitors.
Posted by bremln (12 comments )
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They already are...
All monitors with a DVI connection are already HDMI compatible... you just need an adapter cable.
Posted by uxAbdullah (1 comment )
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iTV old news?
Let's be clear. the iTV may not compare to a TIVO (since it doesn't record TV), but the Tivo's still has had the place shifting facility for years now. As did Replay. And, while we're at it. Let's not for get the XBOX360, and the other extenders for Windows Media Center. I'm not about to diss or speculate on what Apple is going do with the device. But, it is providing nothing new. In fact, I would argue that it will be less than interesting to watch a video clip formatted for the iPod on a nice big 40" HDTV display. At least the xbox, tivo, and extenders are capable of displaying High Definition video to any connected TV in the house.
Posted by bdollerup (3 comments )
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go check
The AppleTV (Not iTV) is capable of playing HDMI content - it
has an HDMI port. Why else would that be there? It is not meant
to play iPod formatted content, there is content on the iTunes
store formatted to play on the AppleTV, and Steve has promised
better formats to come.

See some of the other posts on this thread to the affect that the
AppleTV is not meant as a Tivo competitor - it is NOT a DVR!

Nobody connected with this device has said that its technology
is new. It is the interface that is new and easier to use.
Posted by rwahrens (44 comments )
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Apple TV Delay/iTunes Update
I have been awaiting the Apple TV release in the hopes that a Vista-compatible update of iTunes would occur at the same time. Guess I will be waiting a few weeks more. (OK, go ahead and start the "shouldn't-be-an-early-Vista-adopter-anyway" thread!).
Posted by thecobbweb (1 comment )
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Tivo extremists...
The Tivo extremists among us are comparing two totally different technologies; the Tivo was never designed to stream high definition internet protocol content from a PC to a television, it just a fancy North American VCR!!!

Apple are late to market, Microsoft is already the frontrunner in this technology, the PS3 and the Xbox360 are effectively streaming media centers but Microsoft are in an enviable position in terms of a proper end to end solution. My advice to Jobs: ?License out the Apple TV technology to third party electronic manufacturers in order to saturate the market before Bill takes it over??
Posted by cams0ft (6 comments )
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question for you
First, I agree with your assessment of the TiVo extremists.

Second, though, since when has Apple cared if they entered a
market late? They entered the market late with the iPod and look
where that project is now. They look at the existing technology
and in some way add to it to make it a far more attractive option
even if the product is more expensive than the competition.
They do this with tight integration of hardware to the software
and thus the user interface.

Microsoft has entered the market late a number of times and
they seem to do fine in the areas where their implementation is
more attractive than that of their competitors. Since both Apple
and Microsoft have entered markets late with great success, your
argument does not hold water.

?License out the Apple TV technology to third party electronic
manufacturers in order to saturate the market before Bill takes it

Why split the profit with another company when they can make
far more money by selling the hardware themselves? Apple can
retain full control over Apple TVs integration with their other
hardware and software if they keep the whole thing in-house.

Have a nice day!
Posted by lesfilip (496 comments )
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Tivo and Apple TV
Thanks for responding to the inappropriate Tivo comparisons and getting closer back to the subject (for that matter, I have an Apple TV on order and, although disappointed, two weeks is no big deal)!

I also have a DirecTV HD Tivo, so don't really care about another DVR. I just want an easy way to get my Mac- and PC-based music and pictures to my living room, with a UI that is attractive and easy for my wife to use, at a reasonable cost. I might play around with video content, too, but I rarely buy movies or TV shows so will mainly look at video podcasts unless a subscription model emerges.

Posted by Karl Konnerth (8 comments )
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Tivo and Apple TV
Thanks for responding to the inappropriate Tivo comparisons and getting closer back to the subject (for that matter, I have an Apple TV on order and, although disappointed, two weeks is no big deal)!

I also have a DirecTV HD Tivo, so don't really care about another DVR. I just want an easy way to get my Mac- and PC-based music and pictures to my living room, with a UI that is attractive and easy for my wife to use, at a reasonable cost. I might play around with video content, too, but I rarely buy movies or TV shows so will mainly look at video podcasts unless a subscription model emerges.

Posted by Karl Konnerth (8 comments )
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