June 6, 2005 9:09 AM PDT

AIM e-mail debuts

America Online has launched free Web-based e-mail with 2GB of storage for AOL Instant Messenger users.

AIM users can access e-mail with one click and can use their screen name as their e-mail address, the company said. The e-mail service, dubbed AIM Mail, is part of an updated version of the AIM 5.9 software, released Monday.

AIM's Web-based e-mail has numerous competitors, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. But its integration with IM is a new feature.

As part of the updated AIM, people can also have up to 400 entries in their Buddy List and can store more contact information on each one.

AIM Mail uses technology from Mailblocks, which AOL acquired last year. The company said AIM's 22 million users will be asked if they want to activate their e-mail accounts through the upgrade.

In related news, AOL said Monday that sometime this summer it will begin offering unlimited e-mail storage for regular AOL subscribers. AOL's nearly 80 million e-mail account holders will be able save and store an unlimited number of e-mails, attachments and folders on AOL's servers, the company said.

The company also said that as of Monday, up to seven screen names on a single dial-up account can sign on simultaneously from multiple locations. Now, one person can be signed on via dial-up and another six can sign on via broadband. This feature was previously available only for broadband users.


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Ummm, no.
AOL already has people "agree" to letting them monitor everything that goes on in a conversation with your friends. I'm not going to let them spy on my emails too...
Posted by jerictrevors (24 comments )
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Whats next???
They will allow users to create Cat*.* screennames?
How about REAL changes.
Cut that price of service...thses days DSL cost less then slowww AOL dial-up.
AOL software...overbloated and slow,slowest dial-up service.
Cut those adds you bombard users every time they sign-on.
During installation AOL hijacks your favorites by inserting own ads including Start menu and puting all kind of Install this and that folders on C:\ drive.
How about AIM?Newer version come with Weatherbug which is a spyware and it messes up peoples computers in no time.

How about some REAL isp service and RESPECT for its own users.
Posted by (32 comments )
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Simply put......
They don't care, they want dumb people to give them money so they can monitor and control what they do so that they can dumb them down and get......you guessed it......more money.

It's easy to get dumb people to give you money, just make them feel like they're making a smart decision.

They wouldn't make money if they told the customer that they could have a better experience at less expense. Not only does AOL draw in the money from the customers, they're making quadruple that in advertising, much more when they monitor the customer's habits and can target them directly. So basically AOL is all paid off, and they are covering thier operating costs with what they make from the customers monthly fee, and they are strictly making profit from the rest of the income sources.

Quick put on your tinfoil hat so AOL can't read your mind!!!1!eleven!1!1!!!!11!!one!!!1!!!
Posted by (9 comments )
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Why bother????
AOL is just internet garbage being fed to the naive and under

AOLer is still a epithet
Posted by Earl Benser (4310 comments )
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Aim e-mail
Does anyone now how to remove this new aim e-mail from my AIM. It keeps checking for my aim e-mail and i do not have one. My aim keeps re-booting all the time -- what an annoyance. Thank you.
Posted by mgold69 (1 comment )
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