September 28, 2006 4:30 AM PDT

Mark Cuban: Only a 'moron' would buy YouTube

Billionaire investor and dot-com veteran has harsh words for YouTube, the online site that lets people share video clips.

The story "Mark Cuban: Only a 'moron' would buy YouTube" published September 28, 2006 at 4:30 AM is no longer available on CNET News.


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umm... only morons bought Mark Cuban's companies
umm... only morons bought Mark Cuban's companies; he made sure they felt so after purchase, too.

P.S. I'm not speculating on YouTube's valuation.
Posted by iokinetics (5 comments )
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Umm your a moron had the best opening day for an IPO in history and i still think it hold the record
Posted by dukerocker03 (6 comments )
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Cuban is just jealous
YouTube Flash video quality is terrible but as long
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
as it stays free. No one cares.
Posted by (156 comments )
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I agree with you iokinetics.
Why would you(im not referring to you) consider a person buying a multi-billion company a "moron"? That doesn't sounds right or maybe thats just an expression of your statement or probably you don't have the money to buy for it lol! Peace guys....
angela a.k.a obagi
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Posted by obagi (1 comment )
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Emperor's shown naked!- Download Video Here.
Should be a CNET headline... but thats the old cnet...:)

Every so called Web2.0 site based on "user content" = "copyright infrigments at 90% of postings", is just another napster/kazaa/limewire in the making..well duh.

you cant build business around non-licensed or owned content......and any illusion one can will be "lawyered" out of existance very quickly.

want a fleeting email list-- uh. offer free stuff.. but to expect to have a valuable email list from this concept-- convert eyeballs to "dollars".. on SOMEONE others non paid for of luck....but then again, your only an executive in new media in an old media company for 6 months and youre either headed 'up" or headed back to Starbucks.....

Just what are current "pundits" smoking?-- oh yeah the same stuff they did in 4.00 pet food for 30.00 delivery and any story takes up the same page space between the "poker palace" and "HP" banner ads and keyword ads.....

mark---and you are googling this;).... lets talk:)
ive got user created content biz plans that have gone over the heads of "heads" of FOX/SONY/AOL and others for a decade:)--- and one can make money from em:)

cube3 (original online IP- user "co-created - commercially viable- and in he black since 1997):) i know...makes no sense....having a digital content biz plan that makes money...:)
Posted by cube3 (190 comments )
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Rupert Murdoch rules bitch!
Cuban's just pissed he doesn't own YouTube
Posted by NRecob (78 comments )
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Murdoch doesn't own YouTube, he owns MySpace.
Posted by a85 (104 comments )
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He forget it was the Opposite way around
I think there is only one Moron speaking here and that is the Billionaire
Posted by kyle172 (65 comments )
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Music industry won't sue
The music industry probably won't sue YouTube. Instead, they will most likely attempt to embrace the concept through partnerships in an attempt sell music through the site.

I think the music industry has learnt from its past mistakes - it's a lot easier to embrace new developments than try in vain to fight them. Watching music videos on YouTube isn't much different from watching MTV or music videos on Yahoo Music - it's getting the music out there for people to see and hear. They just need to work out a way of converting this into sales - which isn't hard.
Posted by a85 (104 comments )
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Great headline..!! :-)
And Mark Cuban's got a valid point..!!
Posted by imacpwr (456 comments )
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Good headline, but...
I don't think he does have a valid point. From what I understand,
any time a company has requested that copywrited video be
taken down, they've complied, avoiding lawsuit. If they keep with
this policy, working with companies and stopping videos that
arn't suppose to be up, they not only avoid liability, they have a
defense that they're working against copywrite infringement.

I think that the way some companies are working with YouTube
now makes the place even more valuable, and lessens the
chance that they'll be sued.
Posted by Dr. B (91 comments )
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Only moron would watch Dallas Mavericks
Posted by microsoft slayer (174 comments )
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User Uploaded Content is protected...
Technically, YouTube is not responsible for content uploaded by users. As long as they remove content when requested, they should prevail. Of course, nothing is certain with the Bush Administration in power. However, fair-use allow individuals to use copywrited material to create content. The only crime would be circumventing DRM's which would be the user's problem; not YouTube.
Posted by umbrae (1073 comments )
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Oops, check your facts.
Hey 'moron', the DMCA came under Clinton. Go beat around another bush.
Posted by skeptik (590 comments )
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ummm recent history
"YouTube is not responsible for content uploaded by users"

While you and I see it this way... the courts don't. They think if you are providing a service that someone can missuse to copyright infringe... you are as bad as the people doing it. (i.e. Napster, Limewire, Kazza, etc. etc.)
Posted by arluthier (112 comments )
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Being rich isn't a determinant of intelligence.
There a lot of dumb people rich people!
Sometimes it's just luck. Most times you earn it.

He's pompous.
Posted by technewsjunkie (1265 comments )
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"..only a moron...what a moron"
I've noticied over the last year or so, everything that I read online or off coming from mark cuban is usually biased or one sided (his) and he always follows up with a pitch for his own pet project as the ONLY smart way to do anything...whatever! ...some people should just go away...
Posted by avid reader (8 comments )
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"..only a moron...what a moron"
...and one more thing, his comments are only because some other company or business MAY have success and currently he's been pushing his HDTV his comments to me are his way of saying...HEY, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME...give ME your money!!!
Posted by avid reader (8 comments )
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Why the hate?
I don't understand the hate of Mark. You can hate his basketball team or not agree with all of his thoughts and ideas but to call the man a moron is ridiculous. The man has built his own companies as well as invested in typically innovative companies. He was a pioneer in streaming content. He started the first all-HD tv channel and those are just the two obvious ones.

You tube is a great site to waste time on for sure but what they are doing eventually WILL get them sued and/or shut down. Just because you all want everything to be on the net for free does not mean that this the reality of the world (politics aside).

Hate the man because his basketball team was better than all but one team last season. Hate the man because he has billions and you don't. Hate the man because he has worked his ass off to make his fortune and you're still unhappy at your IT job.

Don't hate the man because he gives an honest assesment about a website that is hosting illegal content. whether or not you think it should be free or not.
Posted by Hardrada (359 comments )
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"...why the hate..." know, the truth is, I don't hate Mark at all...don't really feel one way or the other...and yes, as I said/implied before...he has succeeded and I respect his entrepreneurial energy...I just feel alot of his comments are 'from the hip'/ one-sided and many times followed by a 'pitch' for something that is his personal 'current' venture..thereby he starts crapping off at the mouth regarding his potential competitors...
Posted by avid reader (8 comments )
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"Non-infringing use" protects YouTube
Mark said YouTube will be "sued into oblivion", and isn't worth anything. He is wrong, but it does make for a lively conference speech, and good headlines.

I was a VP at Napster when we were being sued by the record labels, so I know a little about copyright infringement. YouTube has "significant non-infringing use" which is a proven legal defense against copyright lawsuits. The Sony BetaMax case was won on the basis that video recorders were used for many other legal purposes that demonstrated significant non-infringing use. Sony could not be held liable for the misdeeds of some of its users.

It is the responsibility of the copyright owner to identify infringing material and take action to protect it. Many times copyright owners allow their content to be distributed to gain exposure and publicity.

I wrote a blog on copyright law and the Internet today. More details here. <a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Posted by Don_Dodge (64 comments )
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Looks like guy is one of those missing benefits of progress
If your mindflow is similar to this guy, don't be surprised if once some of these startups will outperform you and then you about to have fate like dinosaurs.Cuban is kind of dinosaur.He do not recognizes power of innovations.Looks like he told this just because of his HDNet.
Posted by t3st3r` (60 comments )
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Although he is right....
No one is going to purchase YouTube at its present state. Eventually it will get sued out of its mind. Plus YouTube has a bandwidth bill in millions per week, its INSANE! There is no way someone could profit in its current state. Its a great start-up, but like the internet boom in the 90's, this will tank very soon. You can't keep going while your loosing millions... it just won't work.
Posted by aSiriusTHoTH (176 comments )
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It's the Content Stupid !!!
I don't agree with the legal arguments that YouTube has significant non-infringing use. I have been watching the stats on some of the illegal videos and they are manipulating / resetting the number of views.

That aside, YouTube is a lot like Napster in that not only is it illegal, but it's going to be replaced by a second generation player like iTunes that takes the time to legally acquire its content.

If YouTube can't bring value to the consumer by creating and distributing its own legal content, it is going to be replaced by somebody who can. Steve Jobs did that with Apple and sent Napster and its ilk packing.

Sooner or later, YouTube will have to live up to its responsibilities to screen its content either because of legal pressure or pressure from users who don't want their video ripped off. (Remember the Coke and Mentos video? Those guys are boycotting YouTube now!)

Businesses like Revver and others have already developed ways to screen for illegal content. When YouTube faces up to its responsibility and does the same, it will have to start building its business all over.

Mark Cuban's point is that you have to be a moron to buy YouTube because they are a lawsuit waiting to happen and there is no VALUE where 80% of its content is being ripped or leeched from its own users.
Posted by jcartaphilus (1 comment )
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Are you thinking of EBaum?
The comment that there's no value where 80% of its content is being ripped or leeched from its own users is non-sensical. Unlike EBaum's World, YouTube doesn't upload anything from anyone. Users and users alone upload content, so YouTube isn't ripping them off or leeching their material.

Eric Bauman is the one who is mega rich from uploading other people's content without their consent, including water-marking other peoples' videos. (He's only now getting permission because he signed a contract with Fox and Fox is demanding author consent.)

YouTube doesn't upload any content; they provide a service whereby others can upload content. Every YouTube page has a link to report TOS abuse, and right now, in the current legal climate, that's all they need to do.
Posted by LJ Story (6 comments )
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TURN $6 INTO $15,000 IN ONLY 30 DAYS&!?!?
Scam Spams on CNET Talkback..???
Posted by imacpwr (456 comments )
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Sour Grapes?
Shound like sour grapes to me.

What's the matter? Someone beat him to it?
Posted by Mergatroid Mania (8395 comments )
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Google is a moron
Posted by Peyman Roxor (1 comment )
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i love him
Mark Cuban is awesome so i built a funny site saying do you boys and gals think of it?
Posted by RichieBlueEyes (1 comment )
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Posted by nooperie (2 comments )
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