September 28, 2006 7:26 AM PDT

Zune details unzipped

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September 18, 2006

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September 14, 2006
Microsoft's 30GB Zune digital-media player will sell for $249 when it hits store shelves on Nov. 14, the company said Thursday as it released more details on the device.

The Zune's price will put it in direct competition with Apple Computer's latest 30GB iPod, which also costs $249.


To introduce the companion Zune Pass music service, the device will come preloaded with songs, music videos and film shorts from the store. A Zune Pass will cost $14.99 a month, or $44.97 for three months.

"It's clear that we are not going to see a pricing war at this predictable moment. They are not going to undercut Apple's prices. But given the lack of volume discount and the screen size and the Wi-Fi capability included on it, $249 is still an aggressive price point," said Michael Gartenberg, research director at JupiterResearch.

There will also be the option of purchasing individual songs through a system called Microsoft Points. The new Microsoft cash system will work by adding money to an account, as with a prepaid phone card. Points will then be deducted from the account with each purchase. A single song will cost 79 points, "the equivalent of 99 cents," according to Microsoft spokeswoman Kyrsa Dixon.

The point system is already used in the Xbox Live Marketplace, and Microsoft plans to host other online stores where Microsoft points can be redeemed, according to Katy Gentes, product marketing manager for Zune. In the United States, points are available in denominations of $5 for 400 points, $15 for 1,200, $25 for 2,000 and $50 for 4,000. That makes $1 worth about 80 points.

Gentes said this system will enable Microsoft to sell retail gift cards of Microsoft points that could then be split over different Microsoft online stores. It will also act as a common global currency for Microsoft products, according to Gentes.

Microsoft said Zune software will play files in several popular formats, including the AAC format used by Apple's iTunes software.

"Zune software can automatically import your existing music, pictures and videos from iTunes and Windows Media Player in a variety of formats, including your existing playlists and song ratings, as permitted by the online service from which it was purchased," Microsoft said in a statement, clarifying in a footnote that the music files must be "in unprotected WMA, MP3, AAC (formats); photos in JPEG; and videos in WMV, MPEG-4, H.264."

That means that although songs purchased from the iTunes Store are barred by digital rights management (DRM) restrictions from being moved, songs that were originally ripped from a CD and uploaded to a computer with iTunes software may be able to be copied onto the Zune.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"What we tried to do is recognize that consumers have a lot of files that might not be WMA. They have MP3 or AACs because they may have ripped CDs into those files. We want to make it easy for them to bring them into the Zune, if they have the rights. And we just import them as AAC (or MP3) files. They don't change. We are supporting all those different formats and codecs," Gentes said.

"The real magic would have been if they had a way of importing protected AAC files, and people could make the transition," JupiterResearch's Gartenberg's said. "It won't work with purchased music from Urge or Rhapsody or Napster, for example. It's interesting, but it's not really a game changer, one way or the other, and not something that I think will drive iPod users over to the platform."

As previously reported, the Zune will come in black, brown and white. It will have wireless capability that lets people share music, playlists and photos from one Zune to another, and it will feature an FM tuner and a 3-inch LCD screen. The Zune will hold 7,500 songs, 25,000 pictures or 100 hours of video, and it will come with a set of earphones, as well as a sync cable and a device sleeve.

Microsoft also released details on Thursday on the Zune's three accessory kits.

The $99 Zune home pack hooks the device into one's entertainment system. It includes an A/V output cable, a Zune dock, a wireless remote, a Zune sync cable and an AC adapter. The $99 Zune Travel Pack includes earphones, a Zune dual-connect remote, a gear bag, a sync cable and an AC adapter. For a car, there is $79 kit that comes with a charger and an FM Tuner with AutoSeek.

All of the accessories from the kits will also be sold individually as well. The cables are each priced at about $20. The AC adapter, gear bag, wireless dock remote and wireless dual-connect remote sell for $30 each. The dock and earphones cost $40 each, while the car charger costs $25, and the FM Tuner with AutoSeek costs $69.

All of this means that Microsoft's marketing department has its work cut out for it, Gartenberg said.

"At the end of the day, it's not going to be price that drives people to Zune," he said. "It's going to be feature set versus feature set, and form factor versus form factor, and the ability for Microsoft to start marketing this to win the hearts and minds of consumers."

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30GB, not 30MB
It must be 30 Gigabytes, not Megabytes (in the title)
Posted by camillelambert (3 comments )
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Thanks for pointing that out!
I was just about to send a letter to the editor for them to correct that. 30MB would be a complete turn off, and would taint perception of the device even before it's released.
Posted by calvinglenn (14 comments )
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Can I get a Zune in Cow Pie Brown, please?
No one and I do mean NO ONE looks chic with a brown
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
portable media player that's shaped like something out of the toilet.
Posted by (156 comments )
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Got possibly a silly question, but will the Zune play WMAPro files?

I'm thinking of switching from AAC to WMAPro.
Posted by jasmoto (3 comments )
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Doubt it...
I've never seen anything other than Windows Media Player supports WMAPro. It's a shame, because it's a promising codec. Encoding takes about 10 times longer than WMA, so I'm guessing that battery life would suffer while decoding, but I don't know why Microsoft developed it if it's not going to be pushing it into devices.

Mostly, WMAPro seems targeted at 24-bit, and surround. Both would be useless in Zune. The few 2-channel, 16-bit settings that WMAPro does have are low-bit rate.

If you want high-quality Zune-compatible audio, you should probably go with regular WMA, 2-pass VBR @ 160 Kbps or higher.

Rather than WMAPro, I'd like to see Microsoft pushing out WMA-Voice. With the amount of podcasts I listen to, it would be quite useful. I'm also hoping for Ogg Vorbis support as well, as it allows true VBR (which WMA, AAC, and MP3 do not), and better sound quality than WMA in my experience.
Posted by MikeCerm (16 comments )
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No thanks. I prefer to avoid DRM He11
Zune wraps DRM on ALL your files. That fact alone insures that I will never own one of these.

It will be interesting to see if MS ends up in court over this. From what I've read, applying DRM to Creative Commons music is a copyright violation.

IMO, MS is going to have to drop the price a lot more if they want to unload this things.
Posted by rcrusoe (1305 comments )
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No, it does not
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

Sorry, that piece of FUD has been shot down.
What will be made up next?
Posted by catch23 (436 comments )
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The latest word is no DRM added to MP3
If you rip a CD with WMP or the Zune app the option to add DRM
to the music will be on but can be turned off in the prefs. For
what we know at the moment the Zune itself will not add DRM
tot unprotected music.

Playing AAC is a big plus because iTunes can be used for those
with an iPod and a Zune. its still not clear if it play's them or has
to be converted first.
Posted by Peter Bonte (316 comments )
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DRM by any other name...
They just don't call it DRM. The only way the RIAA would let
them do any sharing is through some sort of rights
management. The 3/3 rule IS DRM. How do you do this without
adding DRM to a file? It may not be applied when you load the
track on your player, but it does do it when you transfer it.

And I'll bet dollars to donuts there's some code in there to track
"handshakes" between players and for this to be serruptitiously
uploaded somewhere, sometime. It can be used for copyright
"protection" (i.e. lawsuits) and for marketing. If I owned a Zune
I'd compare what others shared with me and any music
marketing I received. I'll bet there's a direct corelation. Am I
paranoid? You bet. But MS has a long history to cause paranoia.
Posted by qprize (237 comments )
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Uh oh!
It comes in brown... so that automatically means you can only find them in brown, right? Oh wait, forgot that it's an ADDITIONAL color to the other colors and you don't ever have to buy a brown one. Of course all MS haters like to bash an OPTIONAL color because they have nothing geniune to complain about?
Posted by Nubasaurus (9 comments )
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All news about Zune hasn't been trustworthy
I don't trust Forbes. Even when accurate, their articles seem to have a great amount of editorial bias, or at least more than I'd care for in news.

It was widely reported that Zune may attach DRM to non-DRM'd files. These reports were all complete speculation, and not based on any news that ever came out of Microsoft.

For all of Zune's development, there's been a lot of group-think, echo-chamber reporting. An editorial would say, "Microsoft should do this," and the bloggers would start blogging about it. Then, it would appear in "legit" news stories as, "Microsoft is expected to do this."
Posted by MikeCerm (16 comments )
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Good Pricing.
That's a great price for what you get. It won't work on a Mac, so I can't buy it. But, heck, I'd like to.

There isn't a PMP that works on a Mac that has those features and felxibility. And we're stuck with only the iPod, which kind of sucks.
Posted by toosday (343 comments )
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Why pay $249 for a knockoff?
This doesn't seem to fit in with Microsoft's traditional, undercut the competition pricing. Why would anyone pay the same price for an iPod knockoff when they could just get an iPod?
Posted by DaClyde (96 comments )
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Apple is being Anti-Competitive
By only allowing an iPod to work on an Apple computer... I can use any mp3 player with Windows. All these complaints of Microsoft being anti-competitive, I'd expect someone to bring this up instead of giving lipservice to Apple.
Posted by HecticDialectics (38 comments )
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Nobody forced or is forcing you to buy an iPod. You have a choice
so stop griping about it as if you don't.

Last time I checked it was a free country. You would have had to
either typed an order online or physically travelled to a store selling
Apple Products to make a purchase. Sounds like a choice and a
preference to me.
Posted by cooldogjones (53 comments )
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Huge. Ugly color. No price advantage over iPod.

Confusing point system. Subcription model that hasn't worked for anyone else.

Yawn. Pass. i'll stick to my iPods.
Posted by urbanvoyeur (52 comments )
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and with the wireless and all the extras your battery life is going to
be 15 minutes... but hey you buy the Microsoft car battery carrier
accessory to go with this "portable".
Posted by BlackMicro (118 comments )
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Did anyone else hear that?
I heard this crazy sucking sound while I read that post...

Is anyone with an iPod capable of objectively reviewing a different MP3 player? I think I'm gonna have to say no on that one.

It has way more features than an iPod, a nicer screen, and is virtually the same size (-barely- larger because it has a bigger screen and WiFi). I think that's worth 99 cents.
Posted by HecticDialectics (38 comments )
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$40 headphones?
So the Zune doesn't come w/ headphones? You have to buy them separately?? Man are they gouging people with the accessories. If I buy a music player I expect to be able to use it out-of-the-box. Do I have to buy a dock to d/l music to it from my computer as well?

Ridiculous ...
Posted by jlungu (3 comments )
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for $10..
For ten bucks, I'll sell you a Zune conversion kit for your iPod.

Your iPod already has headphones and dock so the $10 iPod to
Zune conversion kit contains pre-cut wood tone contact paper and
a black permanent marker for coloring your scroll wheel.
Posted by Sparky672 (244 comments )
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That's just stupid (MS, not you)
First, skipping the headphones is just cheap. Second, you've
never heard a complaint about the playback on an iPod. Why
not? Because Apple protects the iPod by making sure you get
very good quality ear buds. A crappy pair will leave you with a
bad impression, which you will be sure to tell your friends.
Third, Apple was GENIUS with their ear bud design. When I got
an iPod back in '03, strangers would ask how I liked it after they
recognized my COOL white ear buds. MS could have done the
same, except they can't even spell Industrial Design, nevermind
understand what it means.

This also tells you the kind of thinking that likely went into the
overall design of what's under the hood, too. Caveat Emptor.
Posted by qprize (237 comments )
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Zune does come with headphones
The Zune comes with headphones, one sync cable, and a device sleeve. The story has been updated to clarify that. Thanks for raising a good point.
Posted by candacelombardi (50 comments )
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Zune points?
Do we need another card and new money for everything? Is there an accounting reason here, or just trying to convince us that we're not spending actual money? And why aren't they XBL points? I don't get it.
Posted by solomonrex (112 comments )
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marketing ploy
You buy these points and then it doesn't matter to M$ if you
ever turn them in. They have ca$h in hand and now you must
convert the funny money later.

Like buying a gift certificate and then it sits in your drawer for
two years. The company sold you a piece of paper and you
forgot to get your product. Or like getting something "free" on
rebate but you never send in the paperwork.

Maybe these points expire at some point? Maybe you can't
transfer them? Maybe you buy a bunch all at once and get hit by
a bus the next day?

So since there will never be a complete 100% conversion of all M
$ funny-money into real product, they can advertise a lower
price which is subsidized by the people that never use the pre-
purchased points. It's like a built-in bonus for them.
Posted by Sparky672 (244 comments )
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It's a trick!!
This is a deceptive ploy to try and sound cheaper that iTunes. Zune tunes are 79, iTunes are 99. It doesn't matter that one number is funny money and the other is US currency.

It's insulting that Microsoft thinks we are that stupid. It's alarming that they may be right.
Posted by TotallyMadeUpName (170 comments )
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its a new currency

however it is useful for kids. my kids don't have credit cards, but I can buy points for them.

Would have preferred to just "put money" in their "Microsoft accounts", but then I suppose there would be confusion about it being real money and the ability to withdraw, etc.

The other problem of course is that we are an iPod/iTunes household and it would be nice to have a common points system to pay for content there as well.
Posted by df561 (94 comments )
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just like apple
Zune points are just like iTunes music cards:

<a class="jive-link-external" href=";nclm=iTMSCardsCertificates" target="_newWindow">;nclm=iTMSCardsCertificates</a>

what's the big deal here?
Posted by cary1 (924 comments )
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maybe i can trade in my beenz points for zune points...
Posted by tcarreon (16 comments )
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Similiar to casinos
The idea is the same as behind the chips at casinos, if it isn't really "money" then people are a little looser with it. Points may be psychologically easier to spend.
Posted by nobody.dec (2 comments )
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They seem to be using the same ploy as casinos use. The idea is that because they aren't real "money" the chips (or in this case, points) are easier to spend or use.
Posted by nobody.dec (2 comments )
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Just speculation, but Microsoft has hinted many times that the wireless features of the zune will be upgraded. "Zune Points" will be a great feature to have people used to if say they want to add the ability to purchase music from a wireless hotspot.
Kind of hard to punch you credit card info into a zune, nor would I want my info stored in an mp3 player.
Posted by DrtyDogg (3084 comments )
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New Points System isn't New
The so-called new points system isn't new at all. People have been using it on X-Box Live for quite a while. The Zune seems to have been a long time comming since the points system was already in place as many other in place current services.
Posted by engzr016 (2 comments )
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Price per point?
Anyone care to share that one with everyone?
Posted by dawho9 (3 comments )
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The article made the following claims:

"A Zune Pass will cost $14.99 a month, or $44.97 for three

There will also be the option of purchasing individual songs ... A
single song will cost 79 points, "the equivalent of 99 cents," ...
people will be able to buy points in the denominations of $5 for
400 points, $15 for 1,200, $25 for 2,000, and $50 for 4,000.
That makes $1 worth about 80 points"

So, price per point? Monitarily, if 80 points is $1, then each point
is worth roughly $0.12. But it depends on whether or not you're
including the fact that you've just become a slave to micro$loth.
I guess if you're dumb enough to accept this funny money
conversion so they can play number games with you, then you
might be dumb enough to not recognize the bondage you're tied

I wouldn't touch one of these disaster areas with my worst
enemies limbs. Trading files through wi-fi sounds nice, until you
realize this is the same company that can't secure a single
application they have produced over the last 20 years. And we
thought viruses were a problem now! Just wait until this mess
hits the streets!
Posted by Dalkorian (3000 comments )
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Add a browser...
and I'll be interested.
Posted by PhilCosby (1 comment )
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A browser that can handle streaming audio and video from my windows mce pc. That'd be so completly awesome. Otherwise, I'm bored.
Posted by furbelly (6 comments )
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Where have you been living? iPod only works with a Mac? Any iPod will work with windows (thanks to 3rd party tools) and newer iPods work with windows out of the box.

The zune doesn't seem to have anything great about it. Microsoft missed a chance by making a portable player that would compete with the Nano, but instead went for the iPod with the smaller adoptee rate. Yeah sharing is maybe the one feature that could hurt the iPod but i'm sure microsoft loused that up as well.

And 79 points = 99 cents? Maybe there's a formula in excel that will help me keep track of that...
Posted by tcarreon (16 comments )
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Real Click Wheel or just push buttons?
I've owned several mp3 players and absolutely hated the "push button" based navigation on every one of them (click a "down arrow" once to scroll from one artist to the next, tap it a bunch of times to scroll down several, etc.) until i bought my current iPod Nano. Does anyone know if Microsoft will use a "real" wheel on the Zune or is it just another unit with four buttons that just are layed out to look like a complete circle.

It's really amazing to me that there are now a bunch of devices that try this gimmick. Look at the LG Chocolate phone or any number of mp3 players out there and they've gone to great lengths to make sure their buttons LOOK like a real wheel. But as far as I know, only the iPod really lets you "scroll continuously" the way a wheel mouse lets you scroll on a long webpage. Actually the Rio Carbon did too, and the original Rio Riot. Strange that almost no manufacturers have been willing to go up against Apple and implement a "real" scrolling type of interface. Sure Apple's lawyers would jump on them, but in the end Apple wouldn't have a leg to stand on, the Rio RIot had a scroll wheel way before the iPod came out. I'd think even Steve Jobs would have a tough time convincing a jury he actually invented the wheel!
Posted by Yet Another Mark Johnson (66 comments )
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looks like "fake" wheel is the answer
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

"First off, that scroll wheel you see? That's not a wheel. It's just four buttons arranged in a wheel formation. "
Posted by tcarreon (16 comments )
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It scrolls with ease...
It is just 4 buttons, as someone else pointed out, but if you click and hold the button, it scrolls. Personally I like the speed at which it scrolls and a big letter appears showing you where you are in your library. The cool thing is that when you switch into landscape mode for video viewing, the buttons buttons change, so while play was on top in the vertical arrangement, it will be on top again in the landscape arrangement.
Posted by eimboden (13 comments )
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Push Buttons
Zune doesnt have a click wheel, it has buttons layed out to look like a circle.
But the feature is better than iPod's click wheel.
To scroll down several songs u dont have to push the button several times, u just have to hold it down. The longer u hold it down, the faster it scrolls. Its better than the iPod where u have to keep on rotating ur finger round n round. The click wheel has definitely got to be the dumbest thing Steve Jobs ever made. (I definitely dont need any finger exercises)
Posted by deepujacob (2 comments )
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the manufacturers of the MP3 players could easily create a program
for OSX to transfer songs, but they dont (to my knowledge)
because most people who own apple computers use iPods. it
wouldnt be profitable for the companies to design the software.
Posted by emagdnim015 (10 comments )
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Can it get a virus and spyware?
Can it get a virus and spyware?
Posted by Drewzilla (19 comments )
Reply Link Flag
Is it a Microsoft Product?
Answer : you bet your a## it will get virused from syncing wih other Zunies who sync with other Zunes who sync with other WinPC's, etc., etc...

Does the Pope where a funny white hat?
Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
Link Flag
Only work on windows
Can't use on Mac.
Can't play on other devices.
No flash players to use.

At least apple's iTunes can use used on both mac and windows and already has ishuffle, nano and new itv.

Its another Microsoft monopoly building up.

I don't own an ipod.
And i still prefer ipod+itunes.
Posted by rslc (93 comments )
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That might change
I think MS will make it compatible with Mac.
Microsoft never had a problem making their stuff compatible on other operating systems. U can even run a Windows OS in dual boot configuration on a Mac. But can u do the same with Mac OSX on a machine with windows? No!!
Its Apple that has a problem with giving others rights. Well....if the iPod wasn't made compatible with Windows, all the iPods would still be sitting on shelves in the stores.
Steve Jobs knows how to make good products....but he sure doesn't know how to promote them.
iPod+iTunes...all they do is steal ur money and make it hard for u to share music.
Posted by deepujacob (2 comments )
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Who Cares?
Who cares for this peice of crap it looks a retarded child
Posted by kyle172 (65 comments )
Reply Link Flag
or worse, looks like you
Retarded children everywhere think you're an ******.
Posted by skeptik (590 comments )
Link Flag
Excuse me?
I'm neither an MS fan nor a Zune advocate - So far, that is, since
no one's actually seen the devise - but the press releases have
been pretty much unimpressive (in my humble opinion).

My comment here though is about "You".
Your reference to mentally challenged children was totally
uncalled for. You might as well throw in some racial, ethnic and
religious slurs while you're at it.

I'll just use a basic slur - you're an a$$hole.

'Nuff said - **** off
Posted by K.P.C. (227 comments )
Link Flag
No Thanks, I'll Pass on Zune. iPod is it, Zune is ....!
Attention Microsoft,

No thanks! I'm sticking with Apple iPod, its been nearly flawless.
That is alot more than I can say for any Microsoft product that I
have owned or operated. I'm fed up with your crapy code, viruses,
bugs, crashing, and ..... Why, why, why would I consider buying
something else from Microsoft? NO THANKS. Apple already has the
best product in the space and we all know it.
Posted by bsn (34 comments )
Reply Link Flag
do we really?
speak for yourself. thy ipod is good but lacks alot of things for the price. therefore its not the best product at the moment. homie.
Posted by alexgp87 (75 comments )
Link Flag
Zune & Unboxed
Will Zune play the WMVs I get from's Unboxed downloads?
Posted by jmarszal (3 comments )
Reply Link Flag
Who indeed wants this level of DRM anyway?

Oh well, a fool and his money are soon parted!
Posted by heystoopid (691 comments )
Reply Link Flag
I like it!
I think this thing looks pretty nice. I like how the buttons/pads take up a small portion of the front panel leaving most of the room for the screen. The iPod wheel takes up about half the space, maybe more.
Posted by bukaroo12 (7 comments )
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MS (too?) late to the game
MS would have a much easier shot at the iPod if they had launched Zune a couple of years ago.

Today, the iPod is THE mp3 player to most people. It certainly is to 70+ percent of the auto manufacturers that sell cars in the U.S. and is to many that sell cars in the rest of the world.

They will not only have to get a lot of accessory mfgs behind them, but also overcome the advantage of iPod/iTunes for almost everyone that buys a new car in the next several years.

It appears Zune will be another black hole that eats a lot of the money MS makes from Windows and Office like its XBox sibling. I wonder how happy MS stockholders will be with that?
Posted by rcrusoe (1305 comments )
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like an "MSN" de ja vu
You mean like when they did MSN to compete with Yahoo as an internet portal? Can we say, "Still not working?" Sometimes Microsoft reminds me of a judge at the county fair. They're sticking their fingers in every pie and tasting the results. The thing is, they're not baking the pies, just sticking their fingers in them.
Posted by Seaspray0 (9714 comments )
Link Flag
This is about controlling FORMATS
It is.
Posted by technewsjunkie (1265 comments )
Reply Link Flag
technewsjunkie's got it totally right.
MS wants TOTAL control of ALL formats:

MS DOS says "Checkout that Apple GUI "
*"Bling"* - We control most of the desktop market so far - Let's
do Windows (They keep trying but they're still playing catch up)

**Might seem irrelevant to the thread but lets keep going**

The Internet's cool - "Netscape" Browser is REALLY cool AND it's
*"Bling"* - We control most of the desktop market - Let's make
our own "FREE" browser - We'll call it an "integral part" of the
"Windows" OS, that way we can bury those (Netscape) guys AND
control the Internet. (They're still trying to control the Internet).

Whoa - check out that Java - That really works good on the Net!
*"Bling"* We control most of the desktop market - Let's change
Java just a little bit - We'll call it - Hmmmm - ".Net" - Get it? -
works well on the "Net"? - BUT - our version will work best with
Windows only - not other operating systems. (That one didn't
work - they got squashed in litigation.)

What? - People are actually watching TV on their computers now.
*"Bling"* We control most of the desktop market - Let's buy a
national television network - how about NBC - we'll call it
The thing is even though people watch (and have been watching)
newscasts from ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, YouTube, Yahoo,
Google, MySpace, Etc. - If you use a Mac you can't watch a video
newscast on "MS"NBC because it requires WMP 10.
MS stopped supporting WMP for the Mac at WMP 9.
Now it's what - WMP 11?
How hard would it be for MSNBC to also support "RealTime",
"QuickTime", "WMP 9", "Java" or ALL of them - YOU get to
Not hard at all since ALL OTHER Major News Outlets let you do

But "MS"NBC is obviously only worried about "Controlling The
Formats". Bottom line? - You don't use Windows you can't see

Games - a company named Bungie used to make games
primarily for the Mac
*"Bling"* - Let's buy Bungie and have it primarily make games
for the Xbox.

Oh yeah - the Xbox - MS decided Sony &#38; Nintendo were reaping
too much profit that rightly belonged to MS so they decided to
go into the Home Video Game Market.
MS wants to take on Yahoo &#38; Google - MSN
MS wants to take on YouTube - SoapBox
MS wants to take on iPod &#38; iTunes - Zune
MS decides THEY are the expert on computer &#38; Internet Security
(ROFLMAO) sorry, one more (ROFLMAO) tears are coming out of
my eyes. If I don't stop I'll probably **** my pants (ROFLMAO!)

I'm OK now. Uh Hmm, Security &lt;chuckle&gt;, &lt;chuckle&gt;,
&lt;breath&gt; - OneCare

W3C? F**k 'em - they don't care about standardized web formats
- it's MSIE or the highway Bud - they make they're own standard
- other browsers like it or not.

As I said in the title: technewsjunkie's got it totally right:
"This is about controlling FORMATS"

Bottom line Bill Gates was never happy JUST being the richest
man in the world via his Operating System "MicroSoft"
Noooo - He needs to own it ALL!
Posted by K.P.C. (227 comments )
Link Flag
When U turn it Sideways to watch video, do controls move too?
I'd like to know.
Posted by technewsjunkie (1265 comments )
Reply Link Flag
they do
Posted by eimboden (13 comments )
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