June 21, 2006 12:54 PM PDT

Yahoo outages frustrate some users

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Outages across the country left some registered Yahoo users without e-mail or instant-messaging capability on Tuesday and Wednesday.

While the company acknowledged an early morning outage Wednesday, some Yahoo user reports indicated that services were also out on Tuesday night in some areas. There were also complaints of Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball being unavailable.

"I've been encountering problems with logging in to Yahoo last night and again this morning. Sluggish to get into mail, and I have been unable to log in to Messenger at all this morning," said Joe Beaulaurier, the blogger for "The Unofficial Yahoo Weblog," which is part of the Weblogs, Inc. Network. The site also received comments from users complaining that Yahoo did not immediately post a notice about the outage on its main page.

While Yahoo's e-mail and messenger services were inaccessible for some people, Yahoo Search, Yahoo News and the Yahoo home pages seem to have been unaffected.

"For a brief period early this morning, certain areas of Yahoo were inaccessible to a portion of registered users due to software-related issues," Yahoo spokeswoman Kiersten Hollars said in a statement. "We have identified the issue and corrected it. We know that this may have caused some inconvenience, and we apologize to our users who might have been affected. We take these issues extremely seriously, and Yahoo is instituting new processes to protect against similar incidents from occurring again."

Yahoo did not release any details on the percentage of users affected, or what specifically caused the "software-related issues."

On Monday, Yahoo announced a beta release of its new instant-messaging application with voice. Coincidentally, the beta version was released the same day Microsoft officially launched its own new service, Windows Live Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger with Voice offers several plug-ins in addition to new communications features. In order for outside users to contribute to the system, Yahoo has opened its application programming interface for people wishing to develop additional plug-ins.

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Oh boo hoo people...
Come on people, it was a temporary outage. Get over it. If your email is really THAT important, run your own mail server and then you have only yourself to blame when your email is out.
Posted by thenet411 (415 comments )
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Completly agree
Even "mentionnng" such a temporary glitch is completly pointless.

Do you actually realize that such accidents are common things over at MSN/Hotmail?

Give Yahoo! a break
Posted by Guillaumeb (9 comments )
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sbc yahoo was unavailable in tulsa, ok, from about 9p tuesday until almost noon wednesday. for a time it was possible to access internet using internet explorer rather than yahoo browser, but wednesday morning all yahoo mail and other services were not available via ie. bob haring
Posted by bob haring (4 comments )
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They Never Notify Customers, Not Business Class Service
Yahoo NEVER notifies customers of problems with their system. This is NOT a business class operation, regardless of Terry Semel's wet dreams.

For some strange reason I have not experienced any Yahoo access problems in the past 2 days -- email or YM. I also had no problem receiving my daily barrage of spam email thanks to Yahoo's excellent spam filter.
Posted by CancerMan2 (74 comments )
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The Unofficial Yahoo Weblog
The Unofficial Yahoo Weblog was cited in the article without a link (meh). Here's the link:

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://yahoo.weblogsinc.com" target="_newWindow">http://yahoo.weblogsinc.com</a>
Posted by jbeaul (4 comments )
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the problem is not solved
I am in Brazil and the problem here persists.
Posted by frobots (406 comments )
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Yahoo Music Engine too!
I've paid the yearly fee for the Yahoo Unlimited To Go (only been using it for the last week) and their Music Engine has been down more than it is up it seems. The server outages seem to be affecting this as well the last two days.
Posted by RobbTC (5 comments )
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Its called PAYING for a Good email service cheapos!
I have a free Yahoo email as well as hotmail, but if I want email that is reliable I get it through my DSL ISP, never a problem there. So pony up or quit the whining!
Posted by zincmann (153 comments )
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Shame on Yahoo
Since yesterday I was having problems signing into my Yahoo email. I wrote Yahoo, and received a standard form reply that the problem is with me, like typing wrong user name or password.
Instead of Yahoo being honest and upfront, and telling their users on their main page about this temporary problem, Yahoo throws the blame at us , their users.
SHAME on you Yahoo.
You S**K big time.
Posted by JohnUSA (4 comments )
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Shame on Yahoo
Since yesterday I was having problems signing into my Yahoo email. I wrote Yahoo, and received a standard form reply that the problem is with me, like typing wrong user name or password.
Instead of Yahoo being honest and upfront, and telling their users on their main page about this temporary problem, Yahoo throws the blame at us, their users.
SHAME on you Yahoo.
You S**K big time.
Posted by JohnUSA (4 comments )
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Yahoo outages
Yahoo has been having network fits for weeks, not just two days. It's always the same. The situation boils over and the computer trade press tamely reports that the ISP has "experienced an outage affecting a few users." Wrong. Plus, Yahoo's email spam blocker might as well not exist given the amount of stuff that flows in. Want a better Internet experience, get a better ISP Yahoo.
Posted by djysrv5 (11 comments )
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No Email At All
I had a rocketmail.com email address which was taken over by Yahoo several years ago. I have not been able to receive any email for over 2 weeks.
Posted by nshvlcat (1 comment )
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You get what you pay for
and if you are depending on a free service, that is your risk and you have to bite the bullet. Don't go blaming Yahoo.
Posted by tcgathens (17 comments )
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It doesn't just impact free members
I am a paying member (Yahoo Plus) and I have had the same issues with outages and inability to access my email. Luckily they seem to have been resolved, at least for now.
Posted by lanikins (1 comment )
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Not only in the USA
It was the same story here in Romania. Both Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail were down for a couple of days. Needles to say, it was extremely frustrating.
Posted by ftpaddict (9 comments )
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This appears to be happening again at 21:30 EST
Posted by gabrielb (1 comment )
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Yahoo Mail down again
About 4 days ago I logged into my Yahoo account and it allowed me to log in, but does not give me access to my email. It comes up with an error page that says "Sorry for the inconvenience" and provides an automatic button to send an "Error 1" to them. I have sent 10 notices to Yahoo and no help. I realize Yahoo is free is "and you get what you pay for" but when something like this happens you realize that you can't rely on these services because there is NO way to actually talk to anyone and induce a response. So beware in case you have lulled into a sense of security re running business or anything through Yahoo. Has anyone else experienced this lately?
Posted by hrmarket (1 comment )
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Yahoo Mail Out Again
It seems that many Yahoo mail users cannot log into read, write or receive emails.

Repeated attempts by users to get answers from Yahoo have proved fruitless. No explanations from Yahoo, no announcements, no replies ........nothing. And worst of all no email.
Posted by RaeZeep (4 comments )
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Yahoo Mail Is Down but there is no response from them
I noticed it was down last night. And this morning I received no response from them. I wonder if their mail is not working too. The least they cound do is post an Announcement!!
Posted by CLMRoche (1 comment )
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Delayed-NoDelivery Yahoo EMail ?
NOW ! What is the problem with Yahoo EMail ???
I have been experiencing email that does not show up for a day or two !! This morning I needed some very important emails and my sender said "I sent them !!" "OK...I'll resend" Still did not show up. So....I have been sending myself test emails each hour this morning. so far....1st email is is 4 hours over due. Try finding out if Yahoo has a problem ..... if you can get someone ... all they say is "Ahhhhhh....don't think so"
Posted by VonWilliam (1 comment )
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same problems with me
i have been sending emails but my friend not receiving?? i sent
again to his gmail which he received but not to his yahoo.
i tested my mail giving emails from my yahoo account to my
hotmail account and my gmail account. my gmail account received
it but not my hotmail account
whats happening with yahoo.
Posted by pavantandra (1 comment )
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Yahoo Mail Problems
I have had problems for over a week and a half now. I have sent numerous emails asking for support and details and no one at Yahoo will tell me anything other than political BS. I have asked for contact info of upper management and again nothing but BS is sent back. I have noticed that every time Yahoo releases a new version of Messenger they have issues with email and Messenger. I have followed this trend now for over 3 years. It really sucks for us paying members. I would think that they would fix a paying memeber's issues immediately. Maybe we need to all get together and fight it as a whole.
Posted by flmustang69 (1 comment )
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Very Slow Mail Delivery
But also there have been multiple e-mails I have never gotten from addresses outside the Yahoo network.
Posted by fsu_4vr (1 comment )
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Feb 2008 Yahoo problems
Outbound messages that use the SMTP server have experienced MAJOR delays since at least Feb 8, 2008! Yahoo is well aware &#38; "is working on the issue".... Been a week now.

If you MUST send a email thru Yahoo, do it from the Yahoo website- there is no delay using that direct route.
Posted by karendbme (11 comments )
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Better, but NOT fixed
Well, Friday nite 2/15/08 Yahoo sent me an email that their outgoing mail via smtp server problem was fixed- NOT so! It appears that outgoing messages are getting caught up, but my messages from 2 hours ago are STILL not sent out yet. Yahoo: 'Fess up &#38; ADMIT your problem! And FIX it!
Posted by karendbme (11 comments )
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What is wrong with Yahoo mail
For the past few days I cannot access my messages,it automaticly take me to a browser address error redirector.
Posted by maryhowes (1 comment )
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Hi. From India. Experiencing what seems sorta denial of service attack for last 3 hrs with Yahoo Mail and other services: doesn't allow login - not even with a new, reset password! Anybody else experiencing this? I have been an avid Yahoo user for 12 years now and its never been this bad - ever before! Not sure if this is India geography specific right now or its global.
Posted by lakshmi_gandhi (1 comment )
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It's a bigger problem than that. We've been without email for 8 days. Each time we've been told that there is an outage that affects multiple regions and that the Yahoo! folks are working on it. We had to create a new account since our account is suspended and hasn't let us send or receive emails during the entire outage. I'm shocked that this hasn't gotten more press.
Posted by angryatyahoo (1 comment )
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