January 5, 2006 9:00 PM PST

Yahoo goes mobile

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Yahoo's e-mail, instant messaging, photo and other services are now available on mobile phones and PC-connected TVs, as well as on personal computers without using a browser.

Yahoo Go Mobile, which the Internet company launched Friday, is a set of communications and media applications, including Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Photos, calendar, address book, Web and image search, news, sports and finance.

The services will be preloaded on Nokia Series 60 mobile phones and available in 10 countries worldwide. They will also be available to Cingular and AT&T customers in the United States, Yahoo said. Additions and updates to the information in the applications will be automatically synched between the mobile phone and the user account on Yahoo servers.

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Yahoo Go TV, which will be available before April, will make entertainment-related services available on any PC-connected TV through a small downloadable application on the PC. The services include local and video search, including access to content from CNN and MTV, movie trailers, information on movie times, TV shows, user ratings and weather, sports scores, stock data and news from My Yahoo. The service will be free but will have ads, a Yahoo spokeswoman said.

Yahoo Go Desktop brings a suite of services to personal computers that do not rely on a browser. The initial applications will be Yahoo Widgets Engine--small applications that perform tasks for users like checking for the presence of a wireless network--and Yahoo dashboard, which provides one-click access to Flickr photos, Yahoo Messenger, news, Web search, address book and calendar as well as blogs, photos and other items posted to Yahoo 360 by friends.

"We have more than 450 million people coming to us every month, and their lives are locked into the PC browser," said Marco Boerries, senior vice president of Yahoo Connected Life. "With a Yahoo ID we connect the whole Internet to your device."

Later in the year, Yahoo plans to launch a service that will allow mobile users to program the recording of TV shows remotely over mobile phones, and eventually offer music services through the TV, Yahoo said.

Yahoo announced in November a partnership with TiVo to allow users to schedule downloads to TiVo boxes from any Internet connection. Yahoo also said it would preload its e-mail, instant messenger, address book and calendar applications on Motorola phones to be sold globally.

Yahoo Chief Executive Terry Semel was expected to make the announcements in his keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Friday morning.


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I despise Yahoo
I will not use any of their products, except for the free email. Yahoo has one of the worst site designs on the web, and I do not want them on my cell phone.
Posted by R. U. Sirius (745 comments )
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Go Go Google
Google has had many mobile features for quite some time now.
Posted by wpholmes (38 comments )
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I Have to Agree ...
with you on this one. Yahoo Chat is a joke - it kicks you out after about 40 minutes, no matter how much or little you type, and their recent "upgrades" to their groups' Photos and Messages sections are disasters-in-progress. Just for the fun of it, I applied for a few positions there in software development here in Sillycon Valley, and was immediately offered a job doing any of them. So, I did some checking to see why they were so desperate, and found out that they are awash in incompetent, low-rent developers after Google cleaned them out with very nice signing bonuses and stock options. Oops, I guess cheap isn't the way to go when it comes to your technical talent, huh, Yahoo execs? Well, stand by for more missteps when you have a former Hollyweird movie studio exec for a CEO (which automatically means he brings along a whole carpet bag full of like-minded executive and management drones who just **** the hell out of whatever little technical talent is still around, not to mention pissing away whatever is left of their market share with Google on the loose).

As for Cingular and AT&T mobile services, you can keep those, too. I abandoned them years ago when they couldn't even get their billing right, much less deliver any broadband services I could give a rat's butt about.

Next stop for Yahoo, Oblivionville, population 1.

All the Best,
Joe Blow
Posted by Joe Blow (175 comments )
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give it a try then judge on it.
be happy that you have the option to obtain
a free email account.
yahoo is a good company.
Posted by l777 (4 comments )
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