August 3, 2007 10:00 AM PDT

Xbox repair process leaves gamers in a fix

Microsoft's announcement that it will spend $1 billion to fix problematic Xbox 360s seemed like a step that would assuage disenchanted customers. Nearly a month later, however, some console owners are still less than pleased.

Complaints regarding Xbox repairs and service aren't hard to find. Visit, for instance, Microsoft's official Xbox Live forums. Customers have a range of gripes: customer service reps failing to follow up as promised, receiving broken consoles from the repair center, losing money on prepaid Xbox Live subscriptions and longer-than-expected fix times.

Microsoft, for its part, said the raft of service requests since the announcement of the new three-year warranty has increased the turnaround time for repairs. "We have been and continue to build out our repair teams to help reduce turnaround times," the company said in an e-mailed statement.

Reports of problems with the popular game console surfaced almost immediately after its 2005 launch. The complaints didn't seem to deter buyers, however. Since the product came out, Microsoft has sold 5.8 million next-generation game consoles in the U.S. alone through June, according to the NPD Group. The Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3, both launched last November, have moved 3.2 million and 1.5 million units in the U.S. through June, respectively.

If you ask me what's worse--my box going dead or the experience getting it fixed--it's the experience getting it fixed.
--Jessie Lawrence,
Xbox 360 owner

The warranty extension hasn't satisfied everyone for other reasons as well. That's because the extension is limited to consoles that display three blinking lights, or the "Red Ring of Death," as it is known to the gaming community. The three red lights indicate a "general hardware failure," according to Microsoft.

Of all the complaints from Xbox warranty repair customers, the most common one is excessive wait times of four weeks to eight weeks, in some cases.

"My Xbox took almost two months to come back," Greg Mcullen, 21, of New York, wrote in an e-mail to CNET, "which was very aggravating since I was told I'd have it back in 10 days."

The return process goes something like this: an Xbox owner calls customer service and describes the problem. If the console can be serviced, a box is sent to the customer with prepaid shipping. The customer then uses the box to send the console to the repair center. The console is then either fixed or replaced and sent to the customer.

Microsoft said the standard repair time runs from two weeks to four weeks. "As we are rolling the new policy out, we expect an increased number of calls and repairs so turnaround times may be longer in the interim," the company said in an e-mail.

Some Xbox 360 customers acknowledge more despair than anger at separation from their prized device.

"I really miss my Xbox 360," one person using the handle "mbmstein" wrote in a thread titled "How Long Was Your 360 Away for Repair?" on the Xbox Live Forums. "I hope the service center sends it back someday. Or sends me a (refurbished console) someday. Or maybe even a new one someday...I don't like doing without my next-gen console for months on end."

Being without one's Xbox can also cost people money. Many Xbox 360 users subscribe to Xbox Live, a service that lets players connect with other Xbox users online via their game consoles and play against one other. The service is often paid for in advance, so an unusable console means an unused subscription.

Microsoft has apparently recognized the problem and is compensating some of its customers with a free month of Xbox Live with the repaired or replaced console. But a number of customers have been without their console for longer, thus missing more Xbox Live time. Microsoft declined to say how those customers are being compensated and would only say that it "will take care of customers as appropriate should they experience problems with their consoles."

Other complaints revolve around cases in which the consoles are not actually fixed, just replaced with older, refurbished consoles.

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Why are they surprised?
The same care and attention to details that caused this $1,000,000,000 blunder was put into the effort to fix it. Could there be any other result?

I guess it will cost another billion to fix the problems that this new effort is causing.

This should seem familiar to MS fans. A patch to fix the patch that fixed the patch ... to fix the original problem.

I wonder how many chairs are lodged into walls now.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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MS hate rally invitational
Is Cnet partly owned by Sony or something?
What obvious flame bait is this. I pegged Cnet as totally unprofessional unbalanced and unfair wherever MS is concerned but this is a little blatant even for them. MS has bent over backwards and backed their product more than any other company I can remember. The Fan boys masquerading as journalist at Cnet and elsewhere can't stand that they cannot make or break someone's reputation with the power of their forum so they resort to tabloid tactics.

How is anyone supposed to trust your opinion when you are so obviously biased?
Posted by Soulwolf (43 comments )
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Grammar Error
"Chairs" comment is a question, not a statement.
Posted by mikalg (195 comments )
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This is a reply to "Grammar Error."

This sentence -- "I Wonder how many chairs are lodged into the walls now." -- is, in fact, a statement. This is due to the "I wonder" at the beginning. If you were to subtract the "I wonder" from the beginning, then it would be a question. But it is a declarative sentence: "I" being the subject; "wonder..." being the preticate. The author is stating that he/she is wondering. There is no question.
Posted by t_dub005 (1 comment )
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Mod it then or stop complaining
My first mod was an effort to cut down the noise generated mainly by the DVD drive. By using dynamax (speaker insulation) I significantly reduced my system noise, but of course increased the system heat.

For my second mod I did a few cooling mods. I replaced the thermal paste on the GPU and CPU, with a type of Artic Silver, then I cut out the back plastic and metal where the fans are to encourage more airflow and because I didn't feel like doing much more I covered the newly created hole with an intercooler. I also removed some of the excess sound insulation I thought was causing heat issues.

Problem then of course becomes apparent that it's now too loud again. I can't win....
Posted by SiXiam (69 comments )
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That is not a solution
Is it too much to ask that is works properly out of the box.

Why should people who bought it be required to fix it themselves?
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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THe only mod for Xbox . . .
Forget purchasing additional insulation to fix a problem that MS
created and don't even think about replacing the thermal paste
to reduce system heat or cutting holes in the thing.

There is a much simpler and more cost effective solution to this.
To whit:
To reduce the fan noise and to reduce system heat I find that the
only long term mod-solution is to take the unit and turn it off,
place it back in the box and take it back to Wal-Mart for a full

Since I've done that I haven't had a single probem with the noise
or with excessive heat. What's more, the PS3 I bought has none
of those problems as experienced by you, me, and millions of

And I'm not complaining. I'm perfectly happy with the PS3.
Posted by camp88 (132 comments )
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I am awaiting my 3rd repair since May, no compensation
Xbox #1

Purchased in 1/06 died in 5/07 with red ring of death, sent in for repair

Xbox #2

Recieved replacment unit with noisy dvd drive, and would not play region 1 dvd's, called support sent in for replacment.

Xbox #2 returned with exact same problems as before noisy dvd and won't play region 1 dvd's, called support, sent to supervisor whom said someone would call me 4pm the next day.

recieved call and all the person could do was tell me that ALL systems are "Near NEW" and fully tested, but could not explain why my unit was returned with the same flaw it was sent in for in the first place, and would only send me another box to do another repair, no other compensation what so ever, not even over night shipping and I was told Iw ould have to wait 4-8 weeks for a new unit (even though they sent me a broken one)

I have now been without a fully functional 360 since mid-may and have recieved only 2 months of live as compensation. (which does not even allow me to break even on my lost live time)
Posted by capfan12 (101 comments )
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too add
the CS reps can hardly speak clear engish, and actually take offense that you want compensation for the inability to fix your unit

also, my local UPS store says they get between 15-30 a week sent to texas, knows the box on sight.
Posted by capfan12 (101 comments )
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I would have to say was a huge fan of Xbox and MS.I am so angry right now with their policys. I stood online 8 hours for and Xbox 360 when it first came out. I had no issues with the box until a few months ago. I then called for service and you denied me that becuase my warranty time frame was up. So let me get this straight I never had service once and the 1 time I need it you tell me to send you a check for 170 dollors. I thought no way so I decided be a good customer and purchase a brand new Elite. I then proceed to try to fix the Xbox myself by opening the case. THE ONLY REASON I OPENED IT IS BECUASE YOUR SUPPORT REP'S SAID I WAS OUT OF WARRNTY. Then I come to find out you extend the warrnty for another 3 years great. So what is my total here , I paid 399 plue tax for a Xbox 360 premium only to have it get the 3 red lights. 499 plus tax for an Elite. So I Microsoft should company should make an exception and fix my Xbox 360 Premium. It is only after I spent my hard earned money on 2 of your systems. This is not some fake story I mad up/ and I am not some type of geek that was trying to mod the unit. I just wanted the dammmmmmm thing to work. So I hope you see the value in having me as a customer and will show that by fixing the Xbox I sent you. I
Posted by Shockwave10 (2 comments )
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I'm sorry but
Why are you complaining again? Quit spending your money on substandard hardware and never open something if you don't know how to fix it for certain. I hate to Say it but Sony and Nintendo never burn their customers this badly in the console department and it's shameful that the consumer has allowed Microsoft to take advantage of them.
Posted by aabcdefghij987654321 (1721 comments )
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Got mine back in a week
I sent in my xbox for repair after the announcement that they would extend the warranty since my xbox had not been working for about 6 months but i didnt wanna pay to get it repaired. i called customer service took less than 5 min to get my information and have me on the way. i got my box on a thursday mailed it on a friday got conformation that it was on the way sunday and got it wed. i got a console that was less than a month old on the manufacture date and im very pleased now.
Posted by eastpointvet (19 comments )
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I guess that settles that
You are very pleased because you had to wait 6 months for Microsoft to take responsibility?

No wonder MS can get away with producing crap, its customers have low expectations.

If your experience was the norm, then this article wouldn't have been necessary.

Of course, if MS didn't drop the ball at the beginning and then spent months ignoring it, it might have been better.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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6 IPod replacements in a role
A guy that rides the bus with me have 6 IPods since he bought it in year 2003. This is the only guy that one I talked to about iPod, so I guess there could be with more repair/replacements. It is interesting that such issues never broke to the news.

Perhaps talking about defective iPods will make readers angry, while talking about Microsoft defects will make readers happy.
Posted by fc11 (48 comments )
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I own a 30gig Video Ipod and a 2 60gig ones and I never had a single problem. I don't believe this story, I am a MAc customer, own a laptop and a G5 Power Mac and never had a single problem. And if there was a problem, I don't think apple would allow 6 fixes like that in a row, they would have lost me as a customer.

Keep on dreaming MS shoeshiner.
Posted by RompStar_420 (772 comments )
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Fool you once, shame on them . . .
Fool you twice . . . well, you know the rest.
Posted by camp88 (132 comments )
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These are *not* extreme cases...
...these are the norm. Xbox support has been degrading, along with the hardware, since launch.

I'm now on 360 #5 since launch, and have been through the repair process four times. My fourth 360 arrived DOA from the service center in June after a six week wait. That console was "repaired" in July by replacing the motherboard while keeping the same case and serial number.

For those who haven't yet experienced the joy of DRM, you don't know what you're missing! Every time Microsoft replaces my 360, my wife and kids get locked out of *all* of our Xbox Live Marketplace content (games, themes, pictures, movies, tv shows, etc.) That's "by design" according to Microsoft.

Their policy, until recently, was to have you create a new Xbox Live Silver (free) account, wait some arbitrary amount of time for them to credit Microsoft Points to that account, with which you could then repurchase the content. Marketplace content is unlocked for every account only on the console on which it was purchased. If you move the content (or your console is replaced), only the purchasing account can access the content, and only if they're logged into Xbox Live. If Xbox Live goes down, your connection drops, or you move to an area without broadband connectivity, you lose access to *everything*. If you're playing an Xbox Live Arcade game and you lose your connection, you're immediately thrown out of the game as it, by design, reverts to trial mode.

That policy was recently changed because the service center is now supposed to change your console ID to match your original/previous console ID for DRM purposes. Re-downloading the contnet unlocks it on the replacement console.

Unfortunately, like much of the Xbox "support" process, it's very unevenly applied. The last two consoles I received, both after the new policy was put into place, did not have the console ID changed. We're now locked out of our almost $200 worth of content again. Microsoft refuses to provide Points to repurchase our content because the ID swap process "should work".

Mind you, this is in spite of the fact that I still have an open BBB case regarding the matter. Microsoft no longer seems to care about their BBB rating.

I have a running log about this round of 360-roulette if anyone at CNET's interested in reading it. Microsoft doesn't...

(And before the fanbois start, I own all three next-gen consoles. We get much more use out of the 360, whenever it's working.)
Posted by Mystakill (22 comments )
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The company that makes Windows produces **** hardware.. there's a surprise.

Sorry but when dealing with a company you normally go on its track record. Even the original Xbox wasn't without its own problems - albeit much fewer, but just as fatal. Having them spontaneously set living rooms on fire or deciding to self destruct hard disks should have been a bit of a warning sign. After all if they can't put off the shelf PC hardware together without it going badly wrong, what do you expect when they try something a bit more complex.

But ok, you wanted one and I know the feeling - we all make mistakes, mine was a PS3. I should have considered their inability to produce a battery that didn't maim notebook users, before spending a few hundred dollars on something with no real gaming support.

That one I can't be blamed for though - after all who could have known that the company with the best gaming support would produce a product with essentially two titles.

Personally I've had my fill of both Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft trash runs the computers I'm forced to support at work, Sony trash installs rootkits on the computers I own at home.

At least Nintendo are able to release a game that isn't basically the same thing as the millions of alts released on every console since 1990.

Shooters, car racing and fighting.. woopdeefekkingdo. Oh look another hack and slash rpg.. that'll while away the minutes before I get bored and go out and by a Wii.
Posted by ajbright (447 comments )
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no problems here
I got my 360 back in 8 days counting the day I mailed it. Actually, it was a new 360 and MS changed the serial number on my Live account for me. What's to complain about with service like that?
Posted by Psikosis2 (1 comment )
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Where's my Xbox
I had to call their support line three times. The first time they said they were sending me a box to get it shipped and repaired. Two weeks go by, got nothing. Then call them for the second time and they said they didn't complete the process to get it shipped and apologized. Still no shipping materials a week later and called for a third time and told to call UPS to see where the box is. Talk about customer service! They don't make it easy to get this thing repaired. Not too mention that it'll be weeks before I see it again!
Posted by jwdixonjr (1 comment )
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Too I bought another!
I got the RROD on my first console, and sent it back. After 4 weeks of no GEARS, I was forced to purchase another console! I eventually got a replacement console back from MS.....6 weeks later! I wouldn't have been bothered so much if they hadn't mentioned it would only take 2-3 weeks. I'm glad they replaced it though, and the Month of free Live was a nice thought....even though it isn't much.
Posted by Muddie1 (2 comments )
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Alternatives to XBOX service repair
The first time I ever sent my XBOX in for repairs, I got it back 7 days after I sent it in. Not horrible, and I got a lot more done around the house when it was gone!

The second time I had to send it in for repairs I had just bought a game, and I didn't want to wait for it's return. So I sent it in, but that day went to Best Buy and bought a new XBOX. When the XBOX came back I returned the new one back to Best Buy for a full refund. Keeping my old XBOX.

The third time I had to send it in, I bought a new xbox from Best Buy, put my old XBOX in the box and returned it to Best Buy and told them it was broken and I wanted my money back.

Haven't had to do it again, but I imagine I will think of a new way to get my xbox fixed next time.
Posted by mattyshack (1 comment )
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Not always going to work at the store
Swapping should never work. As the cashier should scan the serial
number on the box or even the unit. If you return a unit with a
different serial, they won't let you return it.

But then again, not all customer service reps have a backbone and
will just give it to you anyways. Or they might not be smart enough
to follow a simple procedure like that.

I guess it would have to be a hit or miss affair.
Posted by MidniteRaider (94 comments )
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my repair went good
my son's xbox360 gave us the red ring of death about 8 months after we got it....i called microsoft and i can't believe i'm saying this about microsoft but the repair process couldn't have been the coffin 3 days after i called and sent the unit back and in ten days got a unit back that was newer than the one i sent in....not the same one but i was satisfied none the less
Posted by bigmanlars40 (1 comment )
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Worst Experience Ever
My console like others started with freezing and eventually gave me the ring of death. I received a "new" xbox from microsoft about a month after i sent it in. This one also got the ring of death. I sent that one back and heres the worst part. UPS left the xbox on my porch and it was stolen. I called tech support and they agreed that it was their fault and they would send me a new one. After about 20 hours on the phone with tech support i recieved a new 360 8 months later all the while my xbox live account sat unused. A matter that i brought up with tech support. In return i received a month xbox live card.
Posted by imamofo (4 comments )
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they just never learn
c'mon tech heads,
how long is it gonna take before you learn that jumping on some new technology immediately after it comes out means you are the ones that are gonna have to deal with the initial problems. these companies are throwing garbage onto the market and you're paying for it... twice
Posted by doubtful1 (20 comments )
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Not a new technology
The XBox360 was not a new technology by the time it came out. It had been in production and alpha/beta testing for well over a year before it came out.

This is not a case of 'jumping on a new technology when it first comes out'.... actually, NOTHING that comes to the US is that because Japan has already had it for better than 6 months to a year before us!
Posted by Leria (585 comments )
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Dead HDD
My brand new 360 arrived with a dead HDD. The rest of the console seems to work fine (but can't save games or get on LIve yet). A pain but hopefully a new HDD will arrive soon.
Posted by DoohanOK (51 comments )
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Well, in spite of the problems...
I would still pick my Xbox 360 any day over the PS3 or the Wii. I have spent a bunch of time playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Las Vegas on the PS# my roommate overseas has. I own Rainbow Six Las Vegas for Xbox 360, along with a recently refurbished Xbox 360, a Wii, and assorted games for the Wii. I would not hesitate to buy another Xbox 360, even with the time without my system (about 2 weeks) due to the repairs. However, seeing that the PS3 has had little game support until very recently, the game play being way better on the Xbox 360, and the graphics in 1080i HD to be nearly as good as on a high-end PC screen, I would actually consider the troubles to be worth the effort to get the much better (IMHO) results and gaming enjoyment.
Posted by ctg44 (27 comments )
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Going to buy an XBox but not after this...
I have a friend that has both an XBox 360 with the optional HD-DVD and it is really cool especially that it has an HDMI connection that the Playstation 3 doesn't but after hearing all of these problems I think I am going to go PS3.
I have known about the heat problems with the XBox since it came out but I couldn't fathom being without the console for that long and then in some of the cited cases, receiving a problematic system back in it's place or even worse and older console.
MS needs to get their act together.
Posted by fred dunn (793 comments )
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do you research
"it is really cool especially that it has an HDMI connection that the Playstation 3 doesn't" - if you'd do you research before making claims you'd know that the PS3 comes with a hdmi port and is ready for HDtvs .
Posted by druppyjkj (2 comments )
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The PS3 does have HDMI connection. However it doesn't have the massive failure rate of the X Box 360.
Posted by nacho1162 (19 comments )
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PS3 Does not have an HDMI cable, but I bought one off of for under $3, and it works great! The PS3 is seriously one of the best investments I've made as far entertainment is concerned. You will not be dissapointed.
Posted by jasonMaukerman (3 comments )
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Take a chance
At least with the 360 you will have games to play.
Posted by ferretboy88 (676 comments )
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I find it sad that a major company like Microsoft can't find a better way to service it's customers. What I find more pathetic is that customers can't seem to do without a video game console for more than a few weeks without complaining about their livelihoods crashing down around them? Get a life people, try reading a book or something.
Posted by moonskin (13 comments )
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The point flew way over your head
Is it unreasonable to expect that a several hundred dollar item works?

Sure, people shouldn't play it everyday or all day. but it should be there whenever the person who bought it want to use it.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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People complain to complain
People like The_Defender live to troll for ways to bash Microsoft in any way possible. It's simply not acceptable for them to pass a chance to bash them if they can for any reason.

People complain to complain. How many units were sold? MILLIONS. How many people have had bad experiences? Somehow I don't think it's the same MILLIONS of owners.

There will always be a noisy few regardless what the hardware or problem is.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Well, let's see...
...guys shells out a lot of money for what is basically a glorified toy. Toy breaks. Toy takes forever to get fixed.

Nevermind that we're talking about a toy here... the fact still remains that he shelled out a lot of money for that toy, and demanding proportionate response and service isn't really too much to ask (well, not building such a bug-ridden pile of crap in the first place would prolly be reasonable, but...)

Personally, I have exactly one console at home - an ancient N64 bought second-hand, that sees occasional use. I prefer to put my toy money where it actually does some good (like the top-end Macs I actually do far more on, ferinstance). Spending half a G on a toy that requires a television and doesn't do anything more than what some vidgame publishers allow me to do on it isn't exactly what I would call an investment, y'know?

That said, if I spend that much cash on a new console, and it died? You bet your arse I'd be demanding something at least approaching decent turnaround service (and a loaner for the interim) from the vendor.

Posted by Penguinisto (5042 comments )
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You all need a life
I have an Xbox 360 and had to replace it twice. But seriously the Xbox isn't my main source of entertainment. Of course I was mad but was it the end of the world that it broke down and un-useable for 4 weeks each time?? NO. It wasn't like I was gonna die if I didn't play Gears of War or Rainbow Six and it didn't make me want to go buy another 360 like someone else posted earlier.

Go out for a walk and get off your lazy butts. Go out and let the sun hit your pale skin. Todays youth are getting lazier and lazier that is what is pathetic and not Microsoft cuztomer support.
Posted by Jackalop3 (2 comments )
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wow, wow
you know people that really like video games get upset when their console breaks. It's because it's what they like to do, not because they need a life. If a fisherman had his stuff broken and be able to fish for weeks, he too would be angry. Not everybody who plays a lot of games have no life. Quite the contrary. Leave judgements to yourself.
Posted by brandoshido (22 comments )
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Excellent Service
I called Customer Service and they sent the "box" to me within a few days...very nice shipping package to keep the X-Box360 from damage, UPS pickup they give you a tracking #. A couple of weeks maybe three weeks a brand new 360 arrived EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE KEEP IT UP MS.
Posted by browninggold (33 comments )
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mine good as well
thankfully my problem was minor (dvd drive wouldn't open), and they fixed it within 2 weeks and I was gaming again. Hadn't had any problems since.
Posted by brandoshido (22 comments )
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I thought I was alone
Im relieved and sorry at the same time to see that I am not the only one who is getting screwed by Microsoft. I sent my console in originally for a broken disc drive and was told that it would be about 10 days after I mailed it in. Two weeks later I called to 1-800-4myxbox and inquired as to the status of the repair. They told me that they had received it two weeks ago...and that was all they could tell me. I was informed that they would put in a email about the status, but that would take 5 to 7 business days to get a response. They would not let me call the service center in Texas. They would not even transfer me. Eventually after many profanity laced tirades I was able to get a call from someone at the actual service center to tell me what was going on. His name was Steve and he was very helpful and said that I would be getting it back that week, he even called me with the tracking number once it was sent. That was Saturday, I received the console on Thursday. I was hopeful and happy on the drive home from work. Once I plugged it in I was greeted by three red glowing lights. I assumed that there was a mistake and maybe I was doing something wrong. Nope, they had sent me a console that was broken worse than before. I was beyond angry and decided that I would not even call the regular xbox help line, I called the service center number that steve had given me originally. I told him that he needed to fix this...he did not. That was three weeks ago and as of Friday, I just got the box to send it back. So in total, by the projected time that I will get my xbox back (and the projected time is more of a sick taunt rather than a projection of actual time) it will be the middle of September. This odyssey started at the beginning of June. It upsets me that this happened to me, and enrages me that it is happening on such a wide scale. If anyone reads this feel free to call the service center and launch your complaints at an actual person, not some receptionist that doesnt even speak english well. The number is 1-888-236-0927, they wont give you that when you call the regular help line, so I am making it a point to give it out. They will ask for your reference number, dont worry about it put in a 10 digit number starting with 103- or 104- and they will let you into the extension menu. Once there feel free to use any extension starting with 70- no one ever answers, its always voicemail, but this will give you a chance to get the persons name. Leave your complaints with them. Maybe if enough people actually start bothering the service center, they will see that people wont just take this disrespectful customer service while wearing a smile. If your friends are having this problem, ask about their console as well. Take up all the time that they allot for each call. Dont be rude or obscene just keep calling. I have done it everyday for 3 weeks now and will continue to do so until I have resolution to my console problem

Good luck.
Posted by lucidunclarity (1 comment )
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Got 3 broken ones in a row!!!!!
You can't move the consoles without them breaking. I had 3 consoles and every one of them broke within 3 months. Each one took at least a month and a half to get back!!!!!! The time i got my second one replaced the service guy actually told me good luck. So he basicallt knew it was goin to break eventually. It's just BS!!!! So i got a PS3!!!!!!!

SOOOOOOO much better.
Posted by mclaren5 (8 comments )
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common sense!!!
Common sense tip #1:
If you have a broken 360, dont buy another more expensive one!

Common sense tip #2: Dont let them just repair you 360 and give you a new one! SUUUEEEE their ***** and ask for compensation if you had to wait for 8 months!

Common Sense tip #3: Hopefully youve learned to not buy Microsoft consoles again!
Posted by anmath2 (6 comments )
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refurbished, smudges...
I have 9 months with my xbox 360 it was working fine, then last month just bought prince of persia and command & conquer 3, and I was going to play prince of persia when my xbox froze, turned it off and on again and I played the first level then it froze again, after that, tried again to turn on the console but it died on me when I was on the dashboard, it was a saturday, called microsoft service and told them about the problem, they told me that it takes about 15 days to fix my X360, then on monday a ups van showed at my house and they gave me a box to send my xbox, the guy took it and left, then a few days later after I came from work and there it was on my room a white box
with what I thought was my xbox360 but after opening the box I found that this machine was new, or so I thought because it had smudges all over the case and the plastic bag was poorly sealed (it only took 5 days total for the xbox service to bring back my machine)I didn't like the smudges but I had a fully functional xbox360 then I saw on the net that they where changing the heatsink and I saw my xbox to see if they had replaced the old sink for the newer model but nope, no luck, granted this new machine doesn't heat up as fast as the other.
Posted by hector a (16 comments )
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