March 1, 2006 4:12 PM PST

'World of Warcraft' hits 6 million milestone

The number of "World of Warcraft" customers worldwide has hit 6 million, Blizzard Entertainment announced on Wednesday, and a version of the popular game will soon be out in Spanish.

The VU Games-owned developer's European branch announced that the company is prepping a Spanish edition of its massively multiplayer online role-playing game for release in Europe, where English, French and German versions of the game are already available.

"We look forward to offering Spanish-speaking players in Europe a version of 'World of Warcraft' tailored specifically for them," Blizzard president and co-founder Mike Morhaime said in a statement. "The enthusiasm for the game here has been overwhelming, and we're pleased that this new localized version will make 'World of Warcraft' accessible to an even wider audience."

As with the German and French editions of the game, Blizzard will handle the Spanish localization in-house. Once the Spanish version is released, players can expect Spanish-language offline and in-game support, a dedicated Spanish-language community team and an official Spanish-language site for the game. Blizzard made no mention of possible Latin American or North American releases for the Spanish edition of the game.

Blizzard also announced the 6-million-customer marker. The game officially launched in North America, Australia and New Zealand in November of 2004, and has since racked up milestone after milestone, with launches in Korea, Europe, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Blizzard announced that it had reached the 5 million mark on Dec. 19 of last year.

Brandan Sinclair reported for GameSpot.

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world of warcraft
this game world of warcraft ended my 5 year marriage. it also ended a good friend of mine's marriage. i have nothing nice to say about this game. it ruins lives and marriages everyday. now my ex husband is getting married to another person that plays it as well. her child is 8 years old and also plays it. i would not let my own kids even ask me for this game. anything related to this game will never be in my home.
Posted by ablum (1 comment )
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I am so frustrated! My husband of 1 year is addicted to this damn game. It is now to the point where he does absolutely nothing but play this game. He works third shift so he goes to work at 10:30pm, comes home around 7:30am. cracks open a keystone ice and plays this game. He barely watches his son, and when he does, he ******* about it. He doesn't clean, mow, he might do the dishes if wow is down for a few minutes. I cant take it anymore. I tried marriage counseling, but he doesn't have the time or money to hear me wine, but yet, he can tell me about how he went fishing on wow and fed the villagers. SO ******* WHAT!
I absolutely refuse to do his laundry. If he needs clothing that bad he can get off his ass and do it himself. Brandon, you know I am to the point I am numb. I don't care if we make it anymore. You say we should stay together because of Hayden. Your son deserves a mommy who is happy. I am sorry I ever bought you that damn game.
Posted by jennyandhayden (1 comment )
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