July 6, 2006 3:35 PM PDT

Windows, Office to get 'critical' fixes

Microsoft plans to issue patches for "critical" Windows and Office security problems as part of a regular update scheduled for Tuesday.

The Redmond, Wash.-based software company said in an advisory Thursday that it will issue four bulletins for Windows flaws and three for Office. At least one Windows and one Office problem are deemed "critical," Microsoft's highest-risk category for security vulnerabilities, according to the advisory.

In addition, the company will update its Malicious Software Removal Tool through its Windows Update service. And over the Microsoft Update service, the company will release a "high-priority" update that doesn't relate to security.

Microsoft regularly issues patches and distributes them over the Internet. It has been criticized and sued for including a test version of an antipiracy tool, called Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications, along with security updates in April.

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I just saw this same story 2 weeks ago....
...oh wait, that's right we are talking about M$ here. The sad
security story never ends. Why should it, M$ doesn't care. They'll
just sell you additional software to take care of the threats.

Enjoy the ride that Billy and Stevie are taking you on Windozers.
Remember, they're billionaires, you're not.

Posted by Dr Dude (49 comments )
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Could you just stop that already?
God, it's like listening to a child make fun of a fat kid. With the same joke. That barely makes sense. Every damn time.

How come you guys keep coming in here to bash MS (without any form of respect. Saying M$ makes one look childish.) yet when C|NET has any single story about a Mac flaw or fix, you get all protective and start bashing C|NET for posting "non-news"?
Posted by Tomcat Adam (272 comments )
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Cut it out!
This really is childish of you...
here where I work, there used to be an APPLE ONLY environment. Event the accounting was done on Apples.
Starting 2 years ago, for reasons of cost reduction, we've shifted gradually to PC. Costs have INDEED downgraded! Around 20-30% so far!
The most interesting thing is what happens to the ALL APPLE users here!
Everybody wants a WIN machine!
Everybody! There's not even a single user that would cling to his beloved Apple!
Even the desktop publishing and prepress depts. want their "state of the Apple" machines changed to "IBM compatibles".
How comes?! Simple! When they moved from OS9 to OSX they had to buy 5 new flatbed scanners. Reason? The old ones were not OSX compatible. When moving from OSX Panther to Tiger (or whatever) they dumped one printer. Same reason. And so on!
Their machines tend to crash more often then WIN compatibles...
What do you make of that Apple lovers?
Posted by Kostagh (57 comments )
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Trying to shove their phone home secrity mess down the throats of everyone who's dennied it yet again.

Lost track of the number of times I've had to deny it on my machines.
Posted by jsmith12 (24 comments )
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And what is this?
Click this link to see a news article that isn't about MSFT/Windows. Another popular OS though.
<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://news.cbsi.com/Apple+widget+checks+raise+eyebrows/2100-1045_3-6090966.html?tag=nefd.pulse" target="_newWindow">http://news.cbsi.com/Apple+widget+checks+raise+eyebrows/2100-1045_3-6090966.html?tag=nefd.pulse</a>
Posted by bunnyman (21 comments )
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What else is new?
At the same time that I appreciate the concise nature of these kinds of stories on cnet, it really is as if someone is just copying and pasting the same thing over and over for years. Bleh.
Posted by nobyrn (4 comments )
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Was my comment deleted?
"CNET Networks is not responsible for the content of TalkBack posts submitted by our users."

Then where did my comment go?
Posted by nobyrn (4 comments )
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I have noticed the same
About 1/5 of my comments vanish a few hours after posting and re-appear a few days later.
Posted by Andrew J Glina (1673 comments )
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