November 2, 2007 11:00 AM PDT

Week in review: Go go Google

Google is big and getting bigger.

Google's shares traded over the $700 mark this week, marking a new first for the Internet giant. Just a little more than three weeks ago, Google shares passed the $600 mark and analysts were speculating its shares could climb as high as $700 within the next year. Apparently, it's been a quick year.

The stock was up following reports that Google is in "serious discussions" with Verizon Wireless to put its mobile "GPhone" software on Verizon phones. For months, people have been speculating about the GPhone.

Most people believe that it's not a specific phone, but is more likely an operating system or software that integrates many of Google's mobile services, such as Web search, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps, onto phones made by existing handset makers. But more than simply integrating Google services onto handsets, the new Google mobile operating system is believed to be an open platform on which application developers would have free rein to develop a slew of new applications and services.

But, as CNET's Marguerite Reardon points out, Google-powered phones will be useless unless the company can strike deals with mobile operators to allow them on their networks. T-Mobile USA is rumored to be the first U.S. operator that will sign on with Google.

CNET readers expressed concern that Google's mobile applications would be limited to one or two handsets offered by a single carrier.

"Great! Another new phone designed to screw over American consumers by locking it down to just one cell phone provider," one reader wrote to the TalkBack forum. "Is Google really that insensitive to the market and to consumers?"

In another move that was anticipated for weeks, Google has unveiled a set of application program interfaces (APIs) that allow third-party programmers to build widgets that take advantage of personal data and profile connections on a social-networking site. But instead of limiting the project to its own social-networking property, Orkut, Google has invited other sites along for the ride--including LinkedIn, Hi5, Plaxo, Ning, and Friendster.

Google's version of this "write once, run anywhere" concept is called OpenSocial, a set of common APIs that will enable developers to create applications for social networks, blogs, and any Web sites that accept the OpenSocial code. Currently, developers have to write new programs for each site, even if the functionality will be the same on each site.

This announcement illustrates how Google is courting developers and possibly attempting to outdo Facebook in openness. Facebook opened up its platform to developers in June and the site was immediately flooded with all sorts of useful and not-so-useful apps. Google, Yahoo, and others have been heavily espousing the beauty of open platforms and making moves to that end.

Leopard on the loose
Some 30 months after Apple released Tiger, it released the Leopard operating system into the wild--a little later than originally planned due to the company's work on iPhone. And while it wasn't exactly iPhone Day, several hundred Mac fans lined up for the launch in the pouring rain outside the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

The line for Leopard appeared to be divided fairly evenly between rabid Apple fans and shoppers who'd figured they could stop by and pick it up quickly--and indeed, come launch time, the line moved fast as customers were ushered into a gauntlet of Apple Store employees (much like the iPhone launch in June) and directed straight to the cash registers when the doors opened at 6 p.m. (The scene was repeated in San Francisco, where hundreds of people lined up on Stockton Street to get their hands on the new OS.)

However, the installation process didn't always go as smoothly. Apple posted a support document over the weekend on its Web site addressing reports of interminable "blue screen" problems that caused some Mac users upgrading to Mac OS X Leopard no small degree of frustration.

Some attempts to upgrade to Leopard were stymied after the installation process was almost complete and users attempted to restart their machines. A long thread on Apple's discussion forums outlined the problems, in which their Macs would get hung up on the initial boot screen. That screen happens to be blue, inviting comparisons to the infamous Windows "blue screen of death" encountered when Windows crashes.

There are dozens of important new features in Leopard, perhaps most notably the Time Machine application that could make it easier for users to back up and restore their files. Backing up your files is generally a simple exercise with a external hard drive, but Time Machine is interesting because of the friendly way in which it lets you restore files, flying back in time (and space) to the last instance in which that file was saved.

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Google Up = American Down
Who cares that Google is up when American society/life/economy is way Down?
I mean during the same period that Google shares are up 5 times, US$ has fallen an astonishing 50% against Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, in fact the currency of any civilized country.

And since nothing speaks more clearly & LOUDER to the health of a nation/economy than the value of its currency versus other countries a 50% drop in value of US $ vs Euro, Canadian $, etc. means that the market/world is saying that life/economy of USA is half as valuable as that of Canada, Europe, etc.

Now you have to ask yourself:
1- Why is that? That is why life/economy in US has collapsed by 50% compared to Canada, Europe, etc.?
2- Who is responsible for this sorry state of affairs?
3- And what can we do about this nearly 50% collapse in value of life/economy in US?

1- The Why is because Americans do not get Universal health care, Education & other free social services like European, Canadian, Australian, etc., get, while paying the SAME Taxes as they do, as a result Americans as a whole are getting poorer and poorer compared to European, Canadian, Australian, etc..

2- Who is responsible is the Big media who in collaboration with Big health care and other Big corporation have lied and lied and lied to the people, from the need for Iraq war, to "Universal health care = socialism and thus economic stagnation", etc. etc. And lets not forget Big media is not just CBS, CNN, Fox, Talk Radio, etc,. but Also CNBC, Google, Yahoo, etc.

3- What can we do about this is to STOP getting our information from Big Media and supporting organizations that are for giving American people same social services that European, Canadian, Australian, etc., get, that is Universal health care, Education, etc.. One easy & good way to do is to Stop using Google and switching
to AnooX search engine, because:
1- Anoox is powered by the Knowledge of the People, that is YOU and me
2- Anoox is a not-profit-motivated search engine, so cost of Advertising is much lower
OTN, Anoox is giving away 100% of its profit to organizations that are for Universal health care & Education. You can read about it here:
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Some other sources for information that are Big media free are:

SO what ever you do, get as little of your information from Big Media as possible, none being the best. After all as a result of the lies and lies of the Big media, of which Google is a prime source, life/economy in US has collapsed by 50% compared to Canada, Europe, etc. as evident by 50% drop in value of US $ compared to Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, etc.
Posted by Info_Max (52 comments )
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Dry up.
You are posting on the wrong website.
Posted by technewsjunkie (1265 comments )
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Google up = American Up?
Doesn't the USD fall have more to do with exporting jobs and manufacturing to other companies, and the importing them back in to the US?

Google is US-based, employs many high-payed US workers, and spends a lot of money here in the US.

Google also promotes local business with its services, "growing the economy", as Republicans like to say.

So how exactly does Google fit into your "oh ****- we're doomed" scenario?

I realize you have an agenda you're pushing, but you come out sounding like a crackpot. And I don't bother checking out stuff advertised by crackpots.
Posted by monkey_breath (3 comments )
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Google - Mike Tyson with a PhD
Google - Mike Tyson with a PhD

Good afternoon, Rick

These Googlites are simply brilliant. They are the "baddest". They remind me of Mike Tyson in his prime ... only this time he has a PhD.

Microsoft cannot seem to out-maneuver them at any turn. Here, Microsoft pays a hefty premium for a small stake in Facebook, and Google has them both back-peddling around the ring before the end of Round One.

Don't you think the immediate availability of "OpenSocial" kind of takes the wind out of Facebook's sails as it prepares to announce its own advertising business model next week?

Google is undefeated ... and carries a powerful knockout punch, the likes of which we have never seen in this industry. Every move they make is feared. They are always moving and jabbing ... jabbing and moving. They hit you with an uppercut (strong stock price surge after their third quarter earnings are announced), follow that with a left hook (delivery of "OpenSocial" with all of the most powerful third parties already on board), and, before you can catch your breath, they nail you with a powerful right to the chin (the Google phone plan).

Virtually every Google opponent ends up flat on their back on the canvas. Some never regain their former self-confidence, determination, or pride.

But hasn't all this Google arrogance and lawlessness started to wear thin ... both on consumers' minds and in the eyes of the investment community and the regulatory authorities? I think so. If not now, then soon. Let's hope I'm not wrong.

But Google doesn't think so. They seem to think they are somehow anointed with a unique right to set their own laws and rules of conduct (business and social) ... both here in the U.S. and across the globe.

You see, Google has its own unique brand of "rape". They, too, have tattoos painted on their face. And they'll bite your ear off in a flat second if you get too close to them.

Their entourage includes some of the brightest investment bankers, public relations specialists, and IP defense attorneys in our land ... all as determined as the three amigos at the top of Google to snooker Internet users, business partners, and advertisers out of every dime they claim to own.

And all supported financially by the largest group of self-serving rocket scientists, advertisers, lawyers, and investment bankers on the planet ... bar none. Aren't you growing tired of these claims of "willful blindness" we hear virtually every day coming from the folks in Mountain View ... and and from their business partners?

"We didn't know we were doing anything illegal, your honor."

Google has gained much of its prominence on the backs of other people's hard-earned properties that have been stolen. They are among the most notorious copyright infringers ("pirates") this country has ever seen. They are brilliant ... I'll give them that. But, they are also unethical at almost every turn ... they are arrogant, greedy, hypocritical, and deceptive ... many of their operations are illegal.

They routinely treat other people's property as their own. Not just with YouTube, but with many of the software and search functions within Google itself. They perpetuate "public domain" scams. They routinely ignore U.S. Copyright laws ... and subsidize willful copyright infringement at thousands of web sites around the world.

The NLPC in Washington is not the only group that has recognized these patterns.

In countries where copyright compliance is a joke (such as Brazil), Google reigns supreme. I have studied the U.S. Copyright laws (both civil and criminal) closely now for over twelve years. The U.S. now claims to be requiring copyright "enforcement" enhancements in its trade negotiations with many countries in Asia, Europe, and South America.

Who are we fooling here?

We don't enforce our own copyright laws fairly, or consistently, in this country. How do we expect Brazil, Russia, India and China (the "BRICs") to follow our lead? ... let alone the hundreds of other countries who are not nearly as close to the spotlight.

Read our criminal copyright laws. You'll see that Google has violated these laws at a rate over 5,000 times the volume (both in dollar volume and quantity of works infringed) as is required to receive the maximum criminal penalty of $1,000,000 per willful infringement and up to five years in jail.

Is the Department of Justice asleep at the wheel? Or, are they, too, simply afraid of being hit by the Google right cross?

Why aren't these laws being enforced? Why is this country leaving it up to the small companies (like my own) and individuals who produce over 85% of the new and original copyrighted works in this country to tackle Google and its growing army of IP attorneys, engineers, marketing gurus, and pirating web site partners worldwide?

Only three things stopped Mighty Mike in his prime:

1. His friends and wife told him they were sick of his shenanigans and were leaving him.
2. He couldn't control his own greed and arrogance ... let alone his temper.
3. We put him in jail for breaking the laws of this land.

Don't you think it's high time we consider some of the exact same types of remedies for mighty Google? I do!
I am sick and tired of suffering marketplace knockouts at their expense ... especially when their market activities are both unethical and illegal.

We need a company we can all be proud of to carry this belt as "World Champion" of the Internet space.

Your thoughts?

George P. Riddick, III
Imageline, Inc.
Posted by George Riddick (33 comments )
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Google doesn't Even Exist!
How can you be a saying go go go about something that does not
even exist? That simply make no sense man.

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://fakesteveballmer*" target="_newWindow">http://****************</a>
Posted by ceoballmer (19 comments )
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Copyright is broken legally, not by Google
The copyright system is broken, and it's your fault. Not you personally, of course- but by serious content developers. That pitiful little website of yours makes screams 1994.

The problem is that the media business, (which is actually just the business side which distributes other's intellectual work), is the greedy one. They buy laws which outrageously extend the life of copyright and impose huge fines on things citizens naturally do, and then they sue their consumers. Sure, it's all done "legally", but so is the martial law in Pakistan now.

Copyright owners have ignored the new digital age, and done nothing to promote legal use of copyright. They're lazy and stupid (see comment above about your website). I'm not going to cry for them.
Posted by monkey_breath (3 comments )
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