June 15, 2007 10:00 AM PDT

Week in review: Apple invites Windows users to Safari

Apple is laying out the welcome mat.

The company is inviting Windows users to sample its Safari Web browser and urging third-party developers to try their hand at the iPhone. A beta version of Safari for Windows is available now, CEO Steve Jobs announced during his keynote speech at the company's 2007 Worldwide Developers Conference. Safari will also allow Web developers to create applications for the iPhone using common Web development standards that can interact with the rest of the applications that will ship with the iPhone.

Jobs previewed several features that will be shipped with Leopard, the next version of Mac OS X, which is scheduled for launch in October and will be priced at $129. One new feature is called Stacks, which lets Mac OS X users see the files inside a folder in the dock, the row of application icons usually found at the bottom of the desktop screen, making it easier to find files without having to open a lot of application windows.

Jobs also showed off a new version of Finder that uses its Cover Flow technology to enable Mac users to browse for files on their computers using an interface similar to the one used in iTunes for scrolling through songs or movies.

While the Mac community had been awaiting more news on Leopard, the Safari news was unexpected; the software became available Monday on Apple's Web site for Windows users as a free beta version. Jobs reckons that allowing Windows users to download the browser will help boost market share the same way that making iTunes available for Windows users helped that application.

The new version, Safari 3, is also the key to allowing application developers to create third-party applications for the hotly anticipated iPhone, which is set to go on sale at 6 p.m. in each time zone on June 29, Jobs announced.

However, within hours of Apple's public release of the beta for Safari 3.0 for Windows, three security researchers independently found holes within the new browser, prompting Apple to release a couple of updates to plug vulnerabilities.

While some developers may relish the chance to create iPhone applications using common Web development standards, this is not what many mobile-phone developers were hoping to hear. Unlike other mobile-device makers, Apple has chosen not to set up a software development kit or support community for iPhone applications at this time.

Call it the iPhone compromise--Apple is giving developers a chance to get their wares on the iPhone, but not every application will work properly inside a browser without native support. The decision means Apple has a better chance of guaranteeing application security and reliability on the native applications it does allow on the iPhone, but it falls short of what other smart-phone companies--notably Nokia--offer mobile-application developers.

The news certainly wasn't welcomed among CNET News.com readers.

"In other words, the iPhone will remain an expensive toy unless/until they change their mind," wrote one reader to News.com's TalkBack forum.

If you are looking for a place to buy an iPhone, Jobs has a suggestion: head to an AT&T store rather than Apple's own retail outlets. A CNET News.com survey of 75 Apple and AT&T stores indicates that it may be a wise approach.

Piracy and privacy
A court decision reached last month but under seal until last week could force Web sites to track visitors if the sites become defendants in a lawsuit. TorrentSpy, a popular BitTorrent search engine, was ordered on May 29 by a federal judge to create logs detailing users' activities on the site. The judge, Jacqueline Chooljian, however, granted a stay of the order to allow TorrentSpy to file an appeal.

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Wow... not good at all!
I just tried Safari on Windows. Oh my goodness?. this shouldn?t even qualify as beta. Safari crashes practically every time it is loaded. Resource utilization goes sky high and RAM dries up. I thought iTunes releases were as bad as it got from Apple, but Safari has changed my mind. I?ll stick with FireFox and IE7.
Posted by frankwick (413 comments )
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Working Fine For The People I Know (nt)
Posted by open-mind (1027 comments )
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Windows Safari...
I've tried it... don't like it.
Posted by ronzorelli (25 comments )
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I don't like Safari but...
I don't much care for Safari. I don't use it on Macs. But I wanted to see how it ran on Windows, so I downloaded it and tried in on Vista to see what it was like. I ran it for about 10 minutes and no crashes. It's pretty fast. I'd say faster than IE 7, but I can't tell much of a difference when compared to Firefox. I then rebooted and loaded up Safari and IE and browsed Apple's website. After browsing to a few pages, Safari was using 40MB and IE 32MB. Doesn't seem too bad to me.

I still don't care for Safari, but my experience doesn't agree with the other posters.
Posted by chris_d (195 comments )
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Apple gets it...
Developers can use Safari to develop crap for the iPhone, correct?
So Apple naturally releases it for the worlds most widely used OS to
encourage such development. Microsoft would never do this for
Mac OS X. It will be a cold day in hell before a ZunePhone will ever
be released. I'm not saying everything Apple does is right, far from
it. I had several problems with Safari 3 so I went back to 2 on Mac
and I couldn't even get it to install on Windows. I'd use Safari over
Firefox or IE anyday!
Posted by gsmiller88 (624 comments )
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electronic exostensiation(i call it)
This was developed a few years ago to grow teeth in mice.
However the implications are far reaching.
This will lead to a new type of genetic engineering.
You could bring back to life extinct animals and plants with it.
You could also harness choline better from yellow mustard seeds without bleaching techniques and such.
However in the wrong hands or with little regulation this technology could be used for evil more so in the not so distint future than now.
You can imagine people being furthered in cancer and abnormalities by an electronic enemy they are not allowed to properly regulate or challange.
This issue needs to be dealt with.
Under tight regulation this technology could be very very usful for a lot of our problems today.
(A word of warning from the all knowing eye)
Posted by wildchild_plasma_gyro (296 comments )
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Lame idea
Apple usually has great marketing, but Safari on Windows??? They really must be utterly delusional about its appeal -- why in the world would anyone want to install Safari when they already have two other great choices that are vastly more standardized: IE 7 and Firefox 2.
Posted by baisa (126 comments )
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IE Standardized?!?!?!
Baisa, IE is not standardized. IE breaks so many HTML standards because MS has attempted to write the standards by putting changes into its browser. Firefox does a good job with standards, but I think that if you look at standards, Safari is much closer than IE.
Posted by i,Jimbot (65 comments )
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More choice is bad?
I think Apple is mainly trying to take a few more percentage points away from IE. Then Microsoft will no longer be able to manipulate/pollute web standards as they have done in the past.

The result is a win for everybody ... web sites that work well with any browser on any platform. If Apple is successful, web sites that only work with IE on Windows will become a thing of the past.
Posted by open-mind (1027 comments )
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why would Apple release Safari for Windows
According to John Dvorak, it is all about the money they make when we use the search box - and if we spend money on a retail site and they in turn remit dollars to Apple for the referral.
Posted by npro (2 comments )
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"DOS ain't done until Lotus won't run." <P> IE is not the problem. The problem is the non-standard web pages MS programs create. Non-standard pages that only IE can render. <P> And the purpose is not to improve the internet, unless you count an MS only internet and improvement.
Posted by Phillep_H (497 comments )
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Everyone Seems To Forget
Microsoft has hundreds of different model phones (from different hardware venders) with better support for developers, more features, and can play subscription music its called Windows Mobile. as for the interface of iPhone you can setup the identical one for free on a Windows Mobile phone.

Thats one thing I have to give credit for Apple the interface is like a glorified palm pilot (which is easy to use)

if you are planning to buy one please remember the following;

1) no swapping out batteries without cracking the case open and voiding warranty (thats usually the first thing to go on a phone or mobile device)

2) widgets without internet are dead widgets (I dont know about you but the only time I play on the phone is when I am waiting or out in the middle in the nowhere with no reception and If I would have wifi there I would be using my laptop not some dinky screen and that goes for all devices not just iPhone)
Posted by steverez (7 comments )
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Sorry hit my back button
wrong story enough said
Posted by steverez (7 comments )
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So quick, you are...
Steverez, so quick you are to comment on the useability of the new iPhone and its drawbacks. I assume you've used one already and so you can back your statements up? No? I didn't think so.

Apple haters are so funny. You jump all over a product just because it's made by Apple. Yet, when a competitor (*cough* Microsoft) comes up with something similar years later, you sing its praises.

It's the ease of use and the little things - the attention to detail - that Apple gets right. Until you figure that you, you'll always be stuck in your own little world.
Posted by i,Jimbot (65 comments )
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Obviously they've never checked Guba or DailyMotion
I found Spiderman 3 and Hannibal Rising on Daily Motion and tons of TV shows. I didn't much trouble finding similarly infringing content on Guba. Clearly these content filters aren't the end all be all solution. Even Viacom's own Atom Films hosts what are likely infringing copies of TV shows like Family Guy which is owned by Fox among others.
Posted by unknown unknown (1951 comments )
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It should be iFilm instead of AtomFilms.
Posted by unknown unknown (1951 comments )
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Safari not even alpha yet
Sorry Apple... I installed it... tried it and quickly removed it. This isn't beta software, it is not even worthy to be classed as an alpha version yet. Slow down the hype and let us know when you really have something worth testing.
Posted by houseofman (6 comments )
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What Went Wrong?
Just curious.

Safari has worked well for those Windows users I've talked too. I was actually surprised they liked it so much, based on all the negative comments I read here.

Clearly Apple has more work to make it good with all zillion Windows variations.
Posted by open-mind (1027 comments )
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faster than IE?
This may have been the slowest browser I have used since Mosaic! At least Mosaic didn't crash. Thank goodness for XP's memory protection.
Posted by frankwick (413 comments )
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Why bother ???
I really don't see what the point Apple is trying to make by releasing a beta of Safari for Windows users other then the old, tired, boring attempts to drum up more Mac buyers.

Firefox is great, there's also Opera. Some really stupid people will never give up I.E.

But of course Apple, in it's pure elitist form will never ever give up trying to convince the masses how "superior" they are.

OK if you want me to use a Mac give it to me. I can't afford one. I also know people that have Macs and can't say I've been impressed at all with their feeble attempts to show me what the "superiority" is.

So if I can't get it for free shut up and go away. Cripes.
Posted by Julie Allen (43 comments )
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brilliant idea if well executed
This is a brilliant idea if it is well executed and supported in the long term.

Despite SDKs being available on other "smartphones", how many must-have third party applications are there really?

Just like Google has been able to develop rather impressive AJAX-based applications on the PC, iPhone developers should be able to do likewise. Just look at what Google and Yahoo are doing for the iPhone already. Give them more time and perhaps word processor and spreadsheet apps will be ported.

The question is whether Apple will support this with the resources needed. A Windows-based browser requires much support, perhaps more than they estimate. After all, this is a company that has neglected .Mac and starting to neglect iWork. Are they stretching themselves too thin?
Posted by Sonicsands (43 comments )
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Safari Beta for Windows
Steven: Don't know if you can help, but here goes. Downloaded and installed Safari Beta for Windows XP. When it opens all of the wording seems to be in somekind of strange language, i.e. not in English. Don't even know if it is a language or just some garbled fonts. Went to Apple Support but had no luck at all. Uninstalled and reinstalled three times...always the same. Can you give me any help or direction????
Posted by rfhar (1 comment )
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The saying "There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch" couldn't be more true in the case of iTunes/Quicktime from Apple Inc.

iTunes &#38; Quicktime for Windows contains Spyware -- software used to track usage of your computer and alter its operation. In addition, running these programs on Windows Vista can often crash your computer.

Personal information is transfered by Quicktime/iTunes, without your knowledge, to Apple computer, and its marketing partners, over the Internet.


How Apple's spywhere scheme works:
Since at least the year 2000, the Quicktime (and now iTunes) installer from Apple installed several programs, without the user's permission or knowledge, which permanently altered the user's Windows system.
In my case, I tried removing some of the components, but still, each time I visit ANY website that has Quicktime support, something installed by iTunes causes a couple of invisible background processes (qttask.exe and ituneshelper.exe) to get installed in my computer's Startup Programs list and launched. The claim for "ituneshelper.exe" is that it "required" for burning CD's, but it does not make sense why you need an INVISIBLE BACKGROUND PROGRAM running on your system 24 hours a day just so you can burn CD's once in a while. No other CD burning software has such a requirement.
The other program "qttask.exe" is also spyware with apparently no other purpose.

I have since switched to alternatives (see below), but I was still stuck with Apple's spyware for weeks before I was able to remove it.

IF YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO PLAY QUICKTIME (AND OTHER TYPES) OF MOVIES, YOU CAN DOWNLOAD "VIDEOLAN" FROM <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.videolan.org/" target="_newWindow">http://www.videolan.org/</a>

As far as music downloading service goes, there are many many alternatives including MusicMatch.com, Rahpsody.com, etc...
Posted by Rover8 (7 comments )
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Wow - where is my tin foil hat ?
Seems a little paranoid
Since EVERY website you visit collects your IP address.
Posted by Silver_2000 (51 comments )
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scare tactic for the uninformed
Every time you use any browser to access any web server, the
server has to know your IP address to send anything back to you. It
also has to know what your browser is capable of to display the
contents correctly. For example, is it capable of displaying image or
running Javascripts. Can't believe how low M$ fan boys can be!
Posted by goletaK (4 comments )
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Did you read the user agreement?
Apple tells you in the user agreement that they collect some
personal information but, most of the personal information they
collect is info that you give them anyway. If you want to go the
the iTunes store and have personal preferences then you have to
share information. Anytime you go anywhere on the the internet
you are giving out browser, OS, and hardware specs because this
info is important to provide services over websites. Besides,
there is no"free lunch" here. If you are on windows using iTunes
you either have an iPod or are buying music from the iTunes
store so you are paying apple. If you are using quicktime to
watch movies then sombody paid to use their proprietary codec

Here is a common problem. Define spyware. If you use the
broad definition of "software that collects personal information
and or habits and then transmitts that data to a third party
without your expressed consent and knowledge" then 90% of all
software is spyware. MS, Apple, Google, Adobe, and nearly
every other software company does this. Usually it is just for
service adjustments to accomadate preferences such as in
Hotmail, Gmail, etc. Google collects info on your browsing
habits to display ads that are more likely to get your attention.
Micosoft does the same thing. Probably, the above definition
should be modified to include "malicious, negligent and/or
preditory intent".
By the way, I think Rover8's post looks like something that was
copied off of a blog somewhere because of the font changes and
the formatting.
Posted by BrandonEubanks (33 comments )
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Really or should I say REALLY
The first time I hear this. Who do you work for, MusicMatch?
Posted by kool_skatkat (982 comments )
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It is truly Beta
Safari does have quite some way to go to match the likes of Firefox et al.
It it really fast, but lack the tools of FF and even some of the basics ; it trucates URL addresses, why?
Some of the page rendering is also very interesting.
There is room for improvement and they have to start somewhere, IE7 and FF shouldn't be shaking in their boots yet, but lets give a year and see where we're at then.

Once we've all contributed to an Apple project that clearly wants a real slice of the browser pie and is willing to listen to what we users want, we may have a different beasty at our finger tips.
Posted by MRMoodle (1 comment )
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I am an avid Mac user and I have to say that I 100% agree.
Posted by BrandonEubanks (33 comments )
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Safari crashes
On both my computers Safari crashes everytime I try to do anything with Bookmarks (saving, accessing etc.). So I will wait and see.
Posted by czarnypol (4 comments )
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I like it
Been trying Safari (for Windows) for a few days. Basically it is just
another browser - but I like some of the features. No, I love some
of the features. I like the small footprint. I love the the ctrl-click
which opens link in new tab. I really like the Merge All Windows
command. And my BIG fave which just might make this into my
number one browser (over time) is the ctrl-f functionality. Even
better than Firefox!
Posted by halsue2 (20 comments )
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You like crashes?
I admit I haven't tried Safari. But what I've been reading about this program that comes from a company whose products you seldom see people criticize (even if they deserve to be) is basically that it is unsecure (3 security vulnerabilities within 1 hour of Beta avilability) and very unstable (crashing constantly) - and, from what I can see, the features are (as typical with Apple) more turned to please noobs (some functional features) than to actually be useful and protect the user (missing phishing filter, for instance). I personally prefer security over functionality (didn't Apple users prefer that too before IE7 and Safari for Windows was released?). Your "small footprint" comment must be a sarcastic one, since, from what I read, it sky-rockets RAM usage very easily. I much prefer clicking the middle button of my mouse to open a link in a new tab in IE7 than having to click 2 buttons at the same time, on different peripherals, to do exactly the same thing. Merge All Windows seems to be a nice feature, although I personally probably wouldn't give much use to that feature, since when I'm browsing most of the time all windows are tabbed within the same windows in the first place already, anyway. And my BIG fave too which is very ironic coming from a company whose supporters always claim to have been using certain features 150 years before they were introduced in Microsoft products is the ctrl-f functionality: a feature IE users all around the world have been using for literally more than 10 years. It may be better than Firefox, but IMHO it's not better than IE7 by any means.

P.S.: No wonder Safari loads pages faster: it's a Beta version and it doesn't have phishing filter like IE7 does.
Posted by Fil0403 (1303 comments )
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Week in review: Apple invites Windows users to unstable/unsecure beta s/w
Apple is a good company with good products and competition is always good, but this is what I don't like in Safari:

The UI clashes with the rest of Windows (when Microsoft develops for the Mac, they match the UI, so why doesn?t Apple?)
The address bar doesn?t select the URL when you click (why the hell not?)
The Flash player isn?t installed (even though RealPlayer, QuickTime, Acrobat and Java are, you need to install a plugin)
There?s this really confusing lightbulb button (it sends error reports)
The tab bar is hidden at first
Double-clicking the tab bar doesn?t open new tabs
The bookmark and tab bars use dark gray with black letters. Impossible to read at a glance!
Downloaded files have to all be downloaded to a specific folder (by default the desktop, annoying!)
Links open in new windows, not tabs
Are there any keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs? Don?t seem to be.
The font smoothing just thickens letters instead of actually, you know, smoothing fonts. Whatever it does, the text just makes me uncomfortable.
There?s no dialog for enabling/disabling plugins
The preferences reference ?Option-Tab?, which is strange since ?Option? isn?t on any Windows keyboards!
Preferences has no ?Ok? button. Does clicking ?X? do the same as ?Ok?? Jeez, Windows doesn?t work like that. Why are you confusing users?
What the hell does ?Reset? do?
Resizing the window ups CPU usage to 100%, making it real slow and tedious.
The SnapBack feature snaps forward for no reason. I don?t get it. It also snaps back to the front page of some sites, like Google Video, instead of the search results.
The windows gets smaller every time I open it! Arghh!
You can only resize the window from the bottom right-hand corner. That means if it is at the bottom of the screen, you need to grab the title bar, drag to the top of the screen, then go back to the bottom right-hand corner and drag outwards to resize. Fun fun.
Some of the installed plugins don?t seem to work, even the Quicktime one. Confuses the hell out of me.

Fair enough, it's a beta, it's normal, but IE7 betas were better IMHO, just like I find IE7 final better than Safari final.
Posted by Fil0403 (1303 comments )
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Some of your comments are just cosmetic things. If you don't
like the look of it then don't use it. As far as flash player goes,
that is copyrighted and trademarked software so there may be
legal reasons it is not installed. Also, macromedia may not have
correctly ported the plugin yet.
Option-tab is the same as alt-tab. Also, cmd-"key X" is either
going to be ctrl-"key X" or windows-"key X".
Yes, closing the window in OS X automaticly saves any changes
you have made.
Posted by BrandonEubanks (33 comments )
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Safari for Windows
Okay, I downloaded it as soon as I read this article. I already have
Firefox and IE7 but this beats them both (IE7 is no match to Firefox
to begin with). I have Stumbleupon toolbar for FF and IE7; safari so
far does not have it, once somebody (or SU) develops that, then this
would be the perfect browser. Also so far, its been mostly stable
except for few websites that I cant access, hopefully Apple would
fix these problems in the near future.
Posted by omeryusaf (1 comment )
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Safari For Windows
I downloaded it to try out on my windows based computer. I get error messages that it has to close because of unnamed errors.
Have I missed a minimum requirement? Now I can't find those requirements. I'm using XP.
Posted by jonczar (1 comment )
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