June 20, 2005 9:20 AM PDT

U.S. senator gunning for 'cop killer' video game

New York's Charles Schumer proposes a boycott of "25 to Life," a new game that lets players join criminal gangs and kill police.

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What they dont realise
IS all they are doing is promoting the sale of the game. Seems the same kind of stink hit the fan about gta and it was never hurt in anyway form or fashion unless you count the pirated copies that circulated the net.
Besides most adults realise the game is just a game and another form of entertainment. If parents have taught there kids properly then most of them growup knowing where fact begins and fiction ends, and the other percentage would probaly done something bad to begin with.
Posted by (71 comments )
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That's capitalism for ya!
I'm not going to argue about whether video games cause violent behavior or not. It's been said and done. It seems that lately, the government wants to do a job that should be done by parents everywhere. This senator wants Sony and Microsoft to end their contracts with Eidos.

Hey Mr. Senator, this is a capitalist country, where the big companies do as they wish. The so-called "private" industries, that don't work for the government, basically do whatever they please and seem to be above all reprimand. So why should Sony or MS listen to this guy? If the government hadn't promoted this type of behavior by the big enterprises over the past 200 years, maybe now they would be in a position to argue. Now they should just shut up, and the the companies sell their products and capitalize, no matter the consequence.
Posted by Sentinel (199 comments )
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It works both ways
Just like they can publish cr*p games people can complain about them, senators or not. People can also call on companies to not support stuff. If enough people complain then things get done.

That's part of capitalism too.
Posted by WDS2 (183 comments )
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What We Really Need...
What we really need is a game that lets you kill senators, govenors and other political figures. Bonus points for killing the ones who try to push through stupid laws. I'd buy that game for everyone on my xmas list. ;)
Posted by SeizeCTRL (1333 comments )
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why do cops get preferential treatment? while games like mario bros is allowed to be sold to CHILDREN (25 to life undoubtedly will have a MA rating, and no, this doesn't mean it's a game for mom) which promotes "turtle killing" and "little red blob killing"

forget the cops, THINK OF THE TURTLES!! (and the little red blobs)
Posted by Sam Papelbon (242 comments )
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screw the turtles... I want those mushrooms :p
Posted by SeizeCTRL (1333 comments )
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Programming the next generation of legitimate killers
Ironically Senator Charlie isn't asking the same questions of King George and his merry men who have orchestrated the illegitimate deaths of thousands of real police - our military men and women.
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exactly do violent games promote violence? i've played countless games and my cop killing count has risen steadily. it hasn't shot up like all these politicians are saying. hell, this cop i'm torturing right here agrees with me. don't you bill? of course you do, now open wide so i can remove your teeth...
Posted by Scott W (419 comments )
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Cop Killer Game
Nobody should have anything to do with ANY game that relates to killing. Especially the ones who are here to help us. I'm just glad I was raised in a GOOD family that has no trouble deciphering the difference between good and bad. Thanks mom and dad!!
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