December 1, 2005 7:12 AM PST

TiVo tunes into online services

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TiVo expanded into online services Thursday, offering customers the ability to order movie tickets, listen to podcasts, and share digital photos via their television sets.

The digital video recorder company's entry into online services marks the latest step in the convergence between the PC and TV. TiVo subscribers with its Series2 DVR set-top box and a broadband connection will be able to access these features offered through partners Yahoo, Fandango and Live365.

The new features will be offered as part of TiVo's standard service.

Under the new service, customers will be able to peruse local movie-theater listings and buy tickets via Fandango, as well as tune into hundreds of radio stations worldwide via online radio network Live365.

Yahoo will also dish up local weather and traffic, in addition to providing the means for people to share digital photos via Yahoo Photos.


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Great, So where is my WPA support
So what, give us features users have been demanding for years like WPA support and Sonic DVD burning software for Tivo2Go that works with the desktop software without crashing all the time.
Posted by capfan12 (101 comments )
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uh, where are the new models?
I'm glad the folks at Tivo are still innovating, but how long ago did the Series 2 model come out? Where's the Series 3? Where's the support for HDTV? Or multiple tuners?
Posted by Sumo Joel (7 comments )
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My TiVo Series 2 box has been collecting dust for a while - give us HDTV support.
Posted by just_some_guy (231 comments )
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Whoopee.. 2 SHOWS AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!
Seriously, I don't care about stuff like that... I just want to be
able to record 2 shows at the same time. Man, they need to get a

<sarcasm>Anyway, I'm really impressed that they are now
implimenting features that have been available to hobbyists for
years. </sarcasm>

For a company that could be really great, they've really dropped
the ball in my opinion. They know exactly what their users want,
they've asked me over and over again.... and yet they still haven't
implimented the most requested features.
Posted by mahuti (24 comments )
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well theres a problem there.. yea hobbyists have been doing this stuff for years but by doing it they are voiding their warranty. Tivo is giving them a sanctioned alternative to hacking their box. And obviously they are listening to their customers by offering services that they've had to get through hacking (because if they had to hack to get said service it shows a strong enough desire in said service as to void the warranty to get said service so better to start with legitimately providing services that won't void the warranty)
Posted by ryonavin (4 comments )
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I'm still waiting...
for the day when I can get rid of my seven remotes. All these systems are still not "connected". DVD player, VCR, Reciever, Cable box, Tivo, CD jukebox, and the TV itself!

<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Posted by (25 comments )
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Get a Harmony remote!
I know they are expensive, but pick up the Logitech Harmony 880 and enjoy have one remote for everything. I have one and LOVE it! You manage it on their web site, tell it what models you are using and it does the rest on a color LCD screen - tremendous. Buy one, you will not regret it.
Posted by tenmidgets (7 comments )
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SageTV and MCE 2005 already got this...
well.. to me, media center 2005 and SageTV have been able to do the above for a while now.. but then again they are pc based PVR/DVR solutions

and yes, my living room is almost narrowed down to my pc... (dvd player, tv, radio, music jukebox, video playback, pictures support, and more)

all watched on my 24" widescreen lcd.. my 24" lcd kicks my roomies 25" TV's butt!

but the possibility of replacing a person's living room components w/a HTPC is becoming more and more realistic these days...
Posted by seamonkey420 (72 comments )
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What we need is a hardware upgrade!
I appreciate the software upgrades Tivo has given us, but it still isn't enough for me to stay with them.

If they don't give us a dual tuner soon, it's all over, goodbye tivo.
Posted by tucker_india (5 comments )
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Harmony Remote
I tried one about a year ago. 659 was the model. Have they updated their software? It didn't switch video sources right and was more trouble than it was worth.
Posted by Ikohs (5 comments )
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880 rocks
the 880 rocks my boxes! and is well worth the 150 I paid for it.
Posted by ryonavin (4 comments )
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