November 29, 2005 4:50 AM PST

TV viewers tuning out government control

As Senate preps for forum on racy programming, study finds that Americans want Big Brother to butt out of parenting.

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We get the government we deseve
Americans are as stupid as Michael Moore says. They let big brother shove his agenda down their throats for alot of years. Now, they're going to choke on it
Posted by casper2004 (267 comments )
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"Americans are as stupid as Michael Moore says"

Sounds like the blind leading the blind. Think for yourself
Posted by petacos (40 comments )
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There's the problem with our society.
As defined by the FCC, material is indecent if it "in context, depicts or describes sexual or excretory activities or organs in a patently offensive manner as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium."

Indecency is all about sexual activity, but has nothing to do with violence. It is ok for kids to watch someone getting shot or beat to death, but heaven help us if they see naked boobies. Kids can pick up video games, and take on roles of murderous criminals. As long as they bring pain to others, all is good - god forbid they learn about people making each other happy.
Posted by just_some_guy (231 comments )
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Exactly what I thought
I read the whole article thinking it was talking about violence. When the final part neglected to even mention it, and instead talked about sex, which as far as I'm aware is a perfectly legal activity, I had to stop and ponder for a moment.
Posted by Mutex (40 comments )
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Note the sponsor of this study
I really don't wante to get into a flamewar but it should be noted that the sponsor of this study has a clear agenda. (TV Watch).
Posted by squidbrain (2 comments )
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So conservative...
How did we get into such a ridiculous postiion in America? We are so conservative that sex is bad...but violence is fine. That is just stupid. I really wish that we were more like European countries with regards to this only. There is nothing wrong with showing the naked body on TV...maybe there would be less mystery for kids if we did and they could stop getting each other pregnant in high school.
Also, why would we need/want more govt control over TV? Maybe parents should be a little more involved with their kids lives and know what they are doing. Then we wouldn't need the govt to have to police what they are doing.
Posted by rs1990 (13 comments )
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Poor reasons just to watch porn
Since most guys are scumbags and want to get their porn/kiddie porn fix, they can look at it on the Internet. Don't bring it into the living room!
Posted by bobby_brady (765 comments )
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oh my
I for one dont like the idea of our goverment telling us whats ok for anything, but this I have to say needs to be done, not just for sexual content, but for violence and adult content in general on TV. Thats all thats on anymore, sex, killing, gang movies, prison shows, and damn reality TV. Its time to go back to when I was a 20 year old and had 7 chanels of entertainment. As for europe TV ideas here, I personally dont care to see nude weather reports, have some decency.
Posted by petacos (40 comments )
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completely correct
You are completely correct.

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Posted by jordan357 (19 comments )
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Parents need more involvement
This is one of the real problems we have in today's society. Parents are not involved enough in there children's lives and expect others to do the work for them. We definitly DO NOT need more government controls on what we watch, we have too much of their meddling as it is. Parents should determine what they want their children to watch, and can restrict it in many ways. I don't want the government or some religious zealots to tell me, as an adult, what I can and cannot watch on TV, just because some people are too lazy, or too busy, to take the responsibility to control their children's viewing. With all the DVD movies and games available today, there should be no problem with tuning out program content that is considered offensive. JUST TURN IT OFF. People have to start taking responsibility again, and not expect the government to to everything for them.
I have to wonder why, in our modern world, nudity is considered by so many to be offensive, while murder, mayhem, and bloody gore are OK. Somewhere/sometime the morals in this country got all mixed up.
Posted by USA dad (4 comments )
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fine if that were the only issue...
The problem is, there is only sex, murder and mayhem on TV today. Yes parents need to keep an eye on what their kids watch, but if they do, the kids get about 4 chanels they can watch without the issues.
Posted by petacos (40 comments )
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What next? Kiddie porn on prime time?
I won't be surprised!
Posted by bobby_brady (765 comments )
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George Orwell was right, for his novell "1984", is now turning into reality!
Posted by heystoopid (691 comments )
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Wrap your brains around this one
In other words, the conspiracy theorists were right all along. Or maybe they planned it this way...
Posted by casper2004 (267 comments )
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That survey seems so out of touch
I don't know of any parent which wants the government to lighten up restrictions on what is broadcast on television. In fact, most parents I know wants to see decent alternatives to the sex and violence on the standard stations that come into their home.

As for use of things like v-chip - I don't know anyone who even knows that they have such a thing as an option; and perhaps, given the older state of televisions that most people have, most don't have it available as an option.

Certainly ratings are somewhat helpful. And the parents I know are frequently involved with what their kids are watching - when they are with their kids.
Posted by lwvirden (83 comments )
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Ruling the roost
Most parents I know recognize the need that adults have in not wanting government to regulate their viewing pleasure. You want to decide what I watch? Don't bother, the President of the day is already doing that!
Posted by casper2004 (267 comments )
Link Flag Bible Belt towns smaller than Mayberry..maybe
People should give good parenting a try and see what happens. True, a child might still glimpse indecent material, but who didn't discover Dad's or Uncles magazine collection when younger? Try talking about such material with your kids - if they hear it put into context from the greatest influence on their behavior, (ie parents) they just might survive. Ya know, it's funny that the majority of Serial Killers were people who grew up in overly-sheltered existences from the rest of humanity, and couldn't cope once they finally interacted with it.
Keep government away from governing morality or you'll end up with another Spanish Inquisition!
You'd have a Falwell-sized heart attack if you saw Japanese daytime TV! The Commercials are strewn with sex and violence, yet, wierdly enough, their society has yet to come crashing down to the ground.
Posted by ruester--2008 (8 comments )
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We need some sort of control....
.... on network TV...

First, we need to eliminate all the 'reality' crap that the networks
offer from their micro-imaginations. That stuff is far too well
scripted to be 'reality' anyway.

Then, we need to get advertising back under control - right now
over 20 minutes of every hour can be advertizing - more with
late night TV. Still, some of the ads are better than the TV

Then we need to get ad volumes reduced to 10 DB below the
mean level of the TV show so the ads don't blast us out of the

Then, it would be nice to see TV in general begin to
demonstrate more basic intelligence. Right now, too many shows
seem to be created by idiots for idiots. Maybe that what we have
now, but as long as we drive for the lowest set of standards
possibile, TV will remain fit only for the idiots.

It's nice to have satellite TV, almost without exception, selected
non-network channels get my attention.
Posted by Earl Benser (4310 comments )
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I guess you are just following your President's lead, huh?
Wanting to control this and that on the boob tube is doing just what the Bush Administration does. If you don't like what's on television, change the channel or turn it off. That is what the controls are for.
Posted by casper2004 (267 comments )
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Fascist America
Posted by FascistAmerica (4 comments )
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You are completely correct.
We've lost our country to Fascism. Are there any Americans in America anymore? Even one? We use to have balls. Now we're souless slaves to the American Fascist Oligarchy. Of the Rich and for the Rich.
Posted by FascistAmerica (4 comments )
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