January 18, 2008 5:46 AM PST

Sprint to cut 4,000 jobs

Sprint to cut 4,000 jobs
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January 14, 2008

Aiming to trim labor costs, Sprint also will close 8 percent of its company-owned stores, reduce outsourced services.

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Not Surprising
I have yet to see a good signal in my house
using Sprint. My Nextel phone that I got from
work gets a nice clean signal but my Sprint
phone couldn't get a bar to save my life.

I was told they'd have the problem cleared up
here in January - well - HERE WE ARE!

Is the problem gone? Nope.

Do I expect better support now that they've
decided to axe 4000 employees? Nope.

I'm wondering if I should demand they axe the
$350 termination fee since they can't provide
decent service which compels me to switch
providers before my contract is up.

Hmmmmmm...decisions, decisions...
Posted by `WarpKat (275 comments )
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Not the solution...
I've been to Sprint-owned stores. I've gotten poor service and seen people wait for hours.

Streamlining customer service, improving quality, and providing new services and better phones would vastly improve Sprint's retention rate and subscriber numbers.

You can't retain customers and attract new ones by taking away their customer support.
Posted by developernation (4 comments )
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A turnarond for Sprint likely in late 2009
I am not a Sprint customer and did not experience any bad service from Sprint at all. But I look forward to their WiMAX network that will change the game around late 2009. Bigger rivals like AT&T and Verizon are not pursuing a 4G, but are saying their arms are wide open, while feeding on their cash cows. America is still in a wireless Dark Age, where 2-year contracts and termination fees are still prevalent as opposed to some Asian countries, where changing carriers doesn't cost a penny. I believe public memory is short. When average Americans will see the miraculous advantages of WiMAX in another two years, they will have forgotten Sprint's current bad service and job cuts. To implement and deploy this consumer-friendly technology of WiMAX, Sprint is risking everything from churn rate to share prices and reputation. If you can look a little bit ahead, you will realize Sprint is doing something terrific for the public good and exploiting the unbeaten track, ahead of bigger rivals and smaller rivals who take advantage of Sprint's current risk-taking endeavors. Had I a million buck, I would spend in purchasing Sprint stock today and close my eyes and wait for two years. We Americans look forward to some innovative business, rather than big guys dependent on their cash cows.
Posted by Quemannn (76 comments )
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