October 18, 2007 4:22 AM PDT

Sony to sell new 40GB PlayStation 3 in U.S.

To make most of holiday shopping season, version featuring 40GB hard drive will be priced at $400, while price of 80GB model will drop to $500.

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Bad Bad Move...No Backward Compatibility
Sony trying to stay alive in the console wars come the holiday season has made another misstep in its fight to continue to sell its bloated PS3.

Lets remove backward compatibility of our most affordable PS3 unit and abandon our PS2 base of software. First I still think the PS3 Catalogue is not that strong to support an Only PS3 software library for this unit. A lot of kids tend to sell their PS2s in order to buy a PS3, and the $500 model is STILL way too expensive for most households on a budget.

Microsoft has done the right thing and made their console backwards compatible. I do own a 360 and a PS2 and will not buy a PS3 because of the cost and their changing to a non-backwards comptable model.

Shame shame shame on you Sony.
Posted by zincmann (153 comments )
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I disagree
Let's consider a few things.

PS2 is still the top selling console. It beats Xbox360 and the PS3. At this point and time there's actually very little reason to have backwards compatibility. Anyone who wants to play PS2 most likely already has a PS2, and rabid Sony fanatics have already purchased a PS3.

Only the 40 GB model will lack BC...not the higher end 80 GB model. That means that the 40 GB acts as an entry point for people who don't want to spend as much money but still are interested in high def next-gen gaming. I frequent the US-PS3 forums, and people frequently discuss how little to no usage their BC actually gets.

By the time the current stock of PS2s is exhausted/discontinued, people will still have the option of the higher end model if they so desire BC. Comparing to Xbox360 is pointless since it initially had very poor BC and still sold quite well. This is also something that can be updated via firmware if it's ever seen as necessary.

Sony is trying to push people to its next system and new catalog. It might take some time and strong arming, but people aren't forced to take up the PS3 yet and ditch their PS2. People will adopt if the price is right...BC or no.
Posted by jrm125 (334 comments )
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firmware update?
Maybe they will add it as a firmware update? Who knows. I agree that is a bad move. I had heard rumors that they may drop the backwards computability. Glad I got one of the earlier models.
Posted by jmustangs (2 comments )
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Did they Remember Rumble
I'd had to have them forget to add the rumble in now that they have it available.
Posted by Renegade Knight (13748 comments )
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Desperate times for Sony, still a bad move
Sony must really be taking it up the you know what. Now, they've had to already introduce a new model and cut prices to shore up interest.

I hate to break it to them, but forcing BlueRay on everyone was a bad move from the get go.

Playstation is almost out of the picture and with Halo3 being so popular, I think it's the knockout punch.

In addition, the console sector is crowded since Wii entered the picture on a grand scale. If you want graphics and slew of games, you get the Xbox, if you want something basic, but different you get the Wii.

Sony missed it.
Posted by bobby_brady (765 comments )
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Blue Ray was the mistake....
If sony Followed Microsoft's model of JUST releasing the PS3 without a High Def DVD Rom drive and make it an add on it would have been able to keep the price much more competitive to Xbox. Many people still use Standard Definition televisions like myself and see no need to upgrade or because of cost cannot. I have a 36" JVC and the picture is excellent, and I feel there is no compelling reason to throw out my SD TV until it dies, I have Digital cable and wont worry about the 2009 deadline.

So with that said many peopl including myself would not take advantage of a HD DVD FOrmat until I have the television for it. I know people dont want to pay extra for a feature they cannot use which is why I purchased the Xbox 360 over the PS3. I can add on the HD DVD drive when I am good and ready.

What Sony should have done is made the 40GB without Blueray and Standard Definition like Xbox 360 and kept the backward compatibility. That would have been a good test of the consoles viability.

The Blue Ray is the cinderblock carrying that console to the bottom of the ocean
Posted by zincmann (153 comments )
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The magic bullet is a killer game
It's very hard to argue with what's been posted here. Ultimately, Sony needs a Halo-level game to stimulate sales.

Having just purchased a 60 GB model, I have to say it is an impressive piece of hardware. The major impetus was getting a LCD TV. I will say that backwards compatibility was a bit of a selling point for me, as a I have a few PS2 games I haven't finished yet.

The PS3 gives you a lot for the money: games, hi-def DVD, streaming media. I think unfortunately it may be overkill for a lot of people.
Posted by MATTAND (14 comments )
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PS2 compatability is a priority!!!
Why would they make the 40gb version non-compatible? Do they want to offer less value? Why do they keep poking their fingers in the eyes of their loyal PS1 and PS2 customers?? I want the value of backward compatability in the more affordable 40gb. Man, they are driving me to the Xbox. I think I have to buy an Xbox now they have left me with no options since I wanted a more affordable system that plays PS2 games. Jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Teddy72 (18 comments )
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Jack Tretton has no soul
"I think the educational curve is starting to be broached with the general consumer"
I'm not quite sure I've translated his bile-filled PR-language correctly, but I think he's trying to say this:
"Customers everywhere are beginning to realise that we're the only people they could ever want, and they're just about ready to say sorry, bend over and give us a cookie"
Posted by benjwah (195 comments )
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Still too expensive....
That's all, just too expensive.
Posted by fred dunn (793 comments )
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