October 23, 2006 6:35 PM PDT

Sony to launch notebook battery recall

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Sony plans to recall 340,000 rechargeable lithium ion batteries that shipped with notebook computers in the U.S., the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Monday.

Batteries that shipped with laptops sold by Fujitsu, Gateway, Sony and Toshiba comprise this recall, the CPSC said. Sony is expected to make its own official announcement at a Tuesday press conference in Japan, CPSC said in a statement. The worldwide tally of potentially defective batteries used in laptops made by these four PC makers is more than 3 million, the CPSC said.

The U.S. commission's decision to recall the batteries is based on 16 previous reports of notebook batteries overheating, causing minor property damage and two minor burns, the statement says. It cautions that there have been no reported incidents involving batteries sold by Fujitsu, Gateway, Sony or Toshiba.

The CPSC determined, in conjunction with Sony, that the battery recall is limited to notebook computers and does not affect other electronic devices with batteries made by Sony, said Julie Vallese, the CPSC's director of information and public affairs.

The announcement put Gateway in the recall spotlight for the first time since August, when reports of battery defects first surfaced. Notified two weeks ago by Sony, Gateway decided to issue a voluntary recall of the batteries contained in 18 of its notebook models, said Lisa Emard, director of media relations for Gateway.

"We have not seen any of the types of issues they've described in these batteries in our systems," she said.

Gateway announced on Monday a recall of 35,000 lithium-ion batteries made by Sony. The notebooks affected by the recall were shipped in September 2005 and include the following Gateway notebook models: Gateway CX200, CX210, E100M, M250, M255, M280, M285, M465, M685, MP8708, NX260, NX510, NX560, NX860, NX100, MX1025, MX6918b and MX1020j.

Gateway said it will replace the batteries free of charge and has asked customers to either call its hotline at 800-292-6814 or visit its Web site for more information.

Sony will cover the replacement and incidental costs, Gateway said, while Gateway will absorb the administrative costs of dealing with the situation.

The CPSC said that 40,000 Fujitsu, 85,000 Sony and 210,000 Toshiba notebooks sold in the U.S. are also affected by the announcement.

Dell, Apple Computer, Lenovo and Sharp have also issued massive recalls for the faulty batteries shipped with their notebooks. In total, more than 8 million Sony notebook batteries worldwide have been recalled.

CNET News.com's Candace Lombardi contributed to this report.

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OOPS!, don't forget the tale of the self destructing SONY laptop in Kansas!

But then again, this gives rise to the interesting question, as to who made the self destructing cellphone Li batteries?, will they be subject to a world wide recall too?

Oh well, who would have thought, being terrorized by your own rechargeable battery in your laptop? , truly strange world we live in!, and not even the man!, at 1600 pennsylvania ave DC, thought of your common garden computer laptop could be such an effective weapon of fear!
Posted by heystoopid (691 comments )
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There goes those PS3 profits
Guess it doesn't matter how many they sell. They will be paying for this for a while. Wonder how long before a class-action lawsuit is filed.
Posted by umbrae (1073 comments )
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Posted by dellbatt (1 comment )
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This is my story:
To Whom it may concern:

On April 12, 2011, there was a freak accident at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland. It involved my Sony Vaio

Notebook catching on fire, all-while my roomates and I slept through the night. I was thrown off the bed by one of my roomates,

seconds before I could of been seriously hurt. The Computer rested on the edge of my feet, before setting on fire. I contacted Sony

Product Safety , soon there after I shipped the remains of what use to be a computer, " for further investigation". After further

evaluating on my computer, Sony concluded that the battery was indeed faulty. The police report indicates that there were damages

as a result of the fire. Included in my mailings, I have foward you, all the pictures which proved the severity of the fire, " as requested"

I also submitted all the receipts that I could recover and the proper authority reports which in detail described my punitive damages.

I did not have money for a new mattres and was forced to sleep on the floor until my family purchased another one for me. I had books

that were badly burned which resulted in me borrowing or staying at the library for hours on my end. No bed sheets or comforter to

sleep in and not to mention all the months and months of HARD work stored on my laptop which were un-recoverable.

Three months later I received via FED-EX, a refurbished, discontinued laptop? If indeed someone from your company had

taken the time to contacted me and forewarned me prior to this freak accident I would of taken the proper measures to secure my

safety and the safety of the other students on campus. I have yet to receive a phone call from any personnel in the insurance claims

department, matters like this should be taken care of expeditiously and with sensitivity. I am appaled at the quality of care and support

I have received. When I Innitially purchase the computer, employees where jumping at the chance of making a sale, but the minute

something goes wrong no one wants help me with the respect and dignity one deserves. I will never purchase another Sony

product again and I will make sure people here my story. I will proceed in contacting a Lawyer and or contacting "Help me Howard

from Channel 9 News" for further guidance in this matter. I am asking for a NEW laptop and for monetary compensation for

damages caused by your faulty batteries.. You have all the receipts needed to expedite this claim. Please allow us to work together

before I have to waste more of my school time to get this matter taken care of.

Please contact me as soon as possible. (908) 967-7600.

With all do respect,
Edward M. Melchionna
Posted by eddiemel (2 comments )
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Posted by thirdshopping (3 comments )
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