March 15, 2006 11:25 AM PST

Sony delays PS3 launch to November

If you've been waiting anxiously for Sony's PlayStation 3, get ready to wait a little longer.

Sony on Wednesday confirmed that it's pushing back the worldwide release date for the game console to early November. The company cited delays in finalizing copyright-protection specifications in the Blu-ray standard, which will be the underlying high-definition DVD format for the PS3.

The PS3 had been scheduled to debut this spring. The company is aiming to release the console simultaneously in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

Sony wakes up
PlayStation maker is finally
watching its rivals and
responding accordingly.

Rival Microsoft launched its next-generation Xbox 360 device in November 2005. The PS3 postponement would be a second black mark for Sony, which also faces much higher component costs.

Even with the delay, Sony hopes to ship 6 million units around the globe by the end of the year, Ken Kutaragi, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said at a press briefing in Tokyo. The company plans to bolster its manufacturing capacity so that it can produce 1 million units per month, he said.

Kutaragi also said that the new PlayStation will have a 2.5-inch 60GB hard drive and will run the Linux operating system.

For game software, the company plans to release titles in the Blu-ray disc format. By producing up to 10 million copies a month, it expects to keep manufacturing costs as low as with current double-layer DVD-ROMs.

Sony also plans to launch a PlayStation Network Platform, an online service, around the time of the PS3 debut. The service is expected to compete with Microsoft's Xbox Live.

Sony is a leader in the game console arena with more than 100 million PlayStation 2s sold worldwide.

Blu-ray is a critical technology for Sony, not only for differentiating the PS3 from the Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Revolution, but also in a DVD standards battle. In that arena, it is up against the HD DVD format being backed by Toshiba.

Michiko Nagai of CNET Japan reported from Tokyo.

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Too late Sony has lost the race...
Sorry Sony, your playstation business is over, who's to say that there won't be another delay at this time. You just don't inspire any confidence in me at all. The xbox is here, happening and now, the PS3 is dead, possible but no credible in my opinion.

Bye bye Sony...
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Xbox might be "today" but... a few months, every game system becomes "yesterdays" news.

Sony isn't going away, and I think the extra time might help more than hurt them in the long-term.

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Posted by NWLB (326 comments )
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I'm curious, Phillip
What are you basing your opinion on that Sony's down and out?
Posted by Christopher Hall (1205 comments )
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Poor Fanboys
Im SO Sorry Sony Fanboys this must be crushing. Microsofts Xbox360 will be avalible soon in stores. I guess Gates will be happy! Not good for us but Oh well.
Posted by Hotdogah (6 comments )
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Sony over? Hardly
Provided that the PS3 (a) provides superior hardware over the 360 (which it probably will) and (b) provides quality games (which is fairly obvious), I see no reason to think that the PS3 will be a success eclipsing that of the 360.

Fact remains, Sony has one year to kick back and observe the 360's success. They've got time to tinker with their online plans to mimic or surpass Microsoft's Live offerings, to tinker with the user interface, to further nail down what needs to be done to remain competitive.

Lets not forget - far beyond that of the original XBox, Sony has **legions** of hardcore PS2 fans.

And frankly, we should WANT that. We should WANT Microsoft and Sony to keep each other on their toes. God forbid one should decisively win the battle...
Posted by suicideking (3 comments )
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What if?
What if only mundane issues exist for the continuing delay for retail sales for this unit

What if, the buying public ever tired of the killer game machine for ever hovering over the distant horizon, buy Xboxes and Nintendo's by the gross!

What if SONY, due to it's ever mount losses from the various retail division, mean that it cannot afford to subsidise like it's arh rival Microsoft?

but then again, failing to account what if's can be a killer!

Choices you've got to love 'em all!!!!!

or as they say OOPS! I forgot about that little one that got away!
Posted by heystoopid (691 comments )
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Really, Reality
PS3 points:

--Most people still consider current gen. consoles "new" as well
as DVD and Pulp Fiction. Tell a kid who has been into Pokemon
since 1997 that it's been since 1997 since the show and toys
came out, and he'll freak. Time flew, and many people I visit still
have N64s and PlayStations . . . even Saturns. People are also
still using Windows 98 in many "common" houses.

--Current gaming, from every company except Nintendo, is
boring. Fighting games that've been done before, another 3-D
auto racing game, another crime simulator, another first-person
shooter, another Japanimated RPG of teen boy discovers teen
girl and saves world from a warloard gone bad, or a spy game.
Discount shelves, eBay, and used games getting $0.01 trade-in
value proves this further. Reminds me of 1984, when I could get
games at $5 each new from Sears or Radio Shack . . .

--Blu-Ray blew away . . . nobody cares. I've never heard the
common man talk of Blu-Ray discs at all. Some are still even
thinking about getting a DVD burner on their PCs. I can sure use
a Blu-Ray or HD DVD burner because my files are even too big
for DL DVDs. Blu-Ray reminds me LaserDisc.

--Not mentioned in story, but told to me by numerous people
everywhere in the gaming development business: malware to
track each copy of each game will be there.

--Price. How to convince people in a bad economy (facing
reality, I can't get a crap job or a good job, and crime keeps
rising in my town . . .) to spend the money on something like
that. Example: Christmas gift was a PS2 with DDR and pad. Kids
played with it for two weeks. Haven't touched it since, haven't
bought a game for PS2, either, but blew money off on same
game for GameCube (say what, I say) . . . I don't get it.

--360 and PS2 had many defects (bought 3 PS2s myself, and
already had to replace 360 once now) . . . too much tech. I say
hire Apple, they know how to build PCs that vent out really well.

--HDTV compatibility . . . who cares? Most of the gamers I know
in their 20s don't care, don't have money, and games are
supposed to be a way to relax after work at crappy job. They will
not buy the PS3 (they haven't bought the 360, either, from the
houses I visit on a regular basis). Yes, I'm a college student, so I
see their target base, and no, it's not them in their 20s. Maybe
it's the kids . . . unless these kids have parents in Beverly Hills, I
don't see a PS3 happening at the speculated price point.

--And who is Sony going for? Fanboys don't sustain a business.
Grant Morrison (creator of V for Vendetta) wrote once in New X-
men, Volume 1 Hardcover, " . . . that the fanboys will buy
regardless, so who's gives a [frag] about them. They don't
sustain enough capital to be worried about."

Anybody who flames me, whoopie doo. Don't care. You can
either disagree with my points or not.

Posted by fakespam (239 comments )
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You used a lot of words to say not much at all. Poor college kids aren't the target audience for a new piece of hardware at launch time. Poor college kids don't pay $400-500 for a toy, they wait, like most people, until supplies are up and prices are down. All those friends you mentioned with N64s and PS2s... they probably didn't buy them at launch, they waited. You're essentially arguing that the PS2s and N64s they own will be the last system they ever own. Do you believe this? I don't, and the market has certainly proved you wrong, time and time again. They will buy the system when they can afford it, probably a few years after launch. Just because you don't like new games doesn't mean others don't. Again, I cite the market for this one - if everyone still played doom on their x486 machines, them why does the market look the way it does? Because you're uninformed, biased, and shouldn't be posted you ******** and whining. Finish college, get a job, and you won't have to complain about how you're too poor to buy anything.
Posted by mortis9 (370 comments )
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Some Hit, Some Miss
Much of your reality is based on opinions. That's not to say they're completely invalid, but you must understand that your perspective is limited to your reality and as such your reality is limiting your opinion.

&gt;&gt;Most people still consider current gen. consoles "new" as well as DVD and Pulp Fiction.&lt;&lt;
I doubt this on merits that I've seen nothing indicating this. Sales of the current generation of consoles has been levelling off, practically grinding to a halt for Xbox and GameCube. I can't seem to find any sales numbers for the PS2, but people hardly consider hardware that's over 5 years old "new".

As for DVD, yes, I agree with you there. DVD hasn't expended its useful life, which is one of the main reasons I'm so adamantly opposed to this next-gen DVD war we're about to get ourselves caught up in. HD, as a marketable technology, is still largely in its infancy. To strong-arm a standard on the market should be criminal.

As far as Pulp Fiction being new goes, you're either the oldest college student on the planet or just a wise guy. Here's hoping it's the latter. :)

&gt;&gt;Time flew, and many people I visit still
have N64s and PlayStations . . . even Saturns.&lt;&lt;
Sure, I've got all those hooked up to my entertainment system (as well as a healthy cross-section of historic gaming dating back to its humble beginnings, to boot), but they don't get much play. College-aged kids are remarkable in that they'll turn just about anything they can get their hands on into something entertaining. When I was in college, my Dreamcast got more "Marvel vs. Capcom" playtime than just about any other system on campus, but that in no way is reflective of the state of the industry. Remember that college is a bubble. Nothing you do there is ever a good representation of anything real-world.

&gt;&gt;Current gaming, from every company except Nintendo, is boring.&lt;&lt;
This is your opinion. While it's unfortunate that you find nothing interesting in the way of the competition, what's more unfortunate is that Nintendo hasn't put a decent game on the GameCube since Resident Evil 4 (which also happens to be the last game I bought for the console, and the only game I bought in 2005). I'm pretty sure no games is more boring than rehashes.

&gt;&gt;Fighting games that've been done before, another 3-D auto racing game, another crime simulator, another first-person shooter, another Japanimated RPG of teen boy discovers teen girl and saves world from a warloard gone bad, or a spy game.&lt;&lt;
Have you considered that's mostly because this medium of entertainment has done just about all it can do with the tools provided? Before 3-D, everything that could have possibly been done with sprites had been done before. This is not unique to video games, either. Books and movies have tapped out their innovative potential. All that's left is to develop the art, the stories, and the drivers that make the experience a good one. This much has never changed and likely never will.

New technologies, for the most part, add polish to the overall experience. Look at what the analog stick did for gaming. The same may apply to the Revolution controller, and Nintendo's to be applauded for trying to innovate. But they've done nothing particularly remarkable with the GameCube lately, so the only valid argument is that either EVERYTHING is a tired rehash or the only tired rehashes on the market worth playing comes from everyone BUT Nintendo.

&gt;&gt;Discount shelves, eBay, and used games getting $0.01 trade-in value proves this further.&lt;&lt;
Actually, all that proves is that people don't automatically keep everything they have. You'll have a few crazy collectors out there (like myself) who'd sooner sacrifice an arm before they traded in a game, but most people, for the most part, don't keep things when they're done with them.

&gt;&gt;Blu-Ray blew away . . . nobody cares. I've never heard the common man talk of Blu-Ray discs at all.&lt;&lt;
Seconded. I'm yet to be convinced that either technology is worth much of anything, and that's bad news for the companies since I KNOW I'm not the only one who feels that way.

&gt;&gt;Blu-Ray reminds me LaserDisc.&lt;&lt;
I'd draw the parallel to BetaMax, and not just because it's another Sony hopeful. BetaMax was actually useful to the market. LaserDisc was utterly useless, horribly cumbersome, and poorly marketed.

&gt;&gt;Not mentioned in story, but told to me by numerous people everywhere in the gaming development business: malware to track each copy of each game will be there.&lt;&lt;
What, like a rootkit? I've not heard this, but consider this: What made rootkit wrong was that you were sticking their property into your property and they decided to practically hijack it. This doesn't apply to PS3. You're sticking their property into their technology. Much like Microsoft isn't obligated to allow people with hacked Xboxes to get on Live, Sony's not required to allow people who would pirate their games to make any progress trying to play them.

This is a major issue, made worse by the big fat question mark that's accompanying it. Nobody has any ideas what Sony's going to charge for it, but whatever they do charge, it'll be at a huge loss, which is not encouraging.

&gt;&gt;360 and PS2 had many defects (bought 3 PS2s myself, and already had to replace 360 once now) . . . too much tech.&lt;&lt;
There's no such thing as a bugless launch. Especially now that there's a time crunch on everything. So long as the manufacturers honor the warranties to fix any defects, this is a non-issue.

&gt;&gt;I say hire Apple, they know how to build PCs that vent out really well.&lt;&lt;
ABSOLUTELY NOT. Apple can't handle markets the size of the game industry. I've known just as many Mac owners with hardware problems as I've known PC owners with hardware problem. Further, they're headed up by a control freak who happens to be the only driving force behind all of Apple's successes.

I'd probably feel better about Apple handling games if they had more than World of Warcraft playable on OS X, but then only just.

&gt;&gt;HDTV compatibility . . . who cares? Most of the gamers I know in their 20s don't care, don't have money, and games are supposed to be a way to relax after work at crappy job.&lt;&lt;
Have you seen HD, man? It's remarkable. I don't have it, but I certainly see how it would be excellent to have on a game console. PC games have always had a resolution advantage over home consoles and now they're looking to close that gap. It's a good move, despite the fact that it infuriates me that I can't afford an HD set.

&gt;&gt;Yes, I'm a college student, so I see their target base, and no, it's not them in their 20s.&lt;&lt;
See "bubble argument".

&gt;&gt;Fanboys don't sustain a business.&lt;&lt;
For comic books, yes. For game consoles, which have userbases numbered in the millions of fanboys as opposed to possibly hundreds, that can be a powerful market force.
Posted by Christopher Hall (1205 comments )
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A year behind? Woah...
Well, that obviously wont help much in the sales department, let alone how bad that will be to release after Nintendo does. Nintendo's console is confirmed to be aimed at a 200 US dollar mark. Sony? A heck of a lot higher. Parents are going to purchase the revolution for kids (for anybody at that matter) if the price has a difference of 200 dollars. (OR MORE!)

Blu-Ray? Blu-Ray? Haha - I scoff and mock my friend! Scoff and mock. The multi-layered DVD (still red lasers folks, that's called "backwards compatible") will rule the next-gen! Ok, not really, but it would make life easy. (cheaper, backward compatible, and hold twice as much as blu-ray: 53 gigs anyone?)
Posted by jackharvest (18 comments )
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i'm sorry, but i can't find anything online about this supposed DVD-53. i guess that's probably because it isn't real. i checked the webpage listing patents and licensing pertaining to DVD (DVD, DVD 9, DVD 10, DVD 18) and couldn't find anything.
Posted by mortis9 (370 comments )
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stupid cnet
it says there are 7 comments, yet I can only see 5 of them?

Will I even see this comment?

Oh, this delay was to be expected. After all, they have to agree on the format before they can create.
Posted by techguy83 (295 comments )
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Total comments
the reason u see just five while they say seven is because you are not looking at comments that are commenting other peoples comments.

These can be seen by clicking on a comment and veiwing the list of comments below the written comment you selected.
Posted by King Ava (13 comments )
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PS3 had better be best thing since sliced bread
Seriously, the thing had better be killer. I mean, I give it props, the PS3 is a huge undertaking, heck, if they can get 1 to work, I'll be impressed, the Cell is really high tech stuff, I mean, we have all heard about how many more teraflops it can do then more or less anything. So, lets add this up--

1) The Cell, best computing CPU out there, against Micros- doesn't matter 360 looses against the cell.

2) Graphic cards, IDK what the PS3 has in their box, but I'll be good, the 360 has some rocking graphics cards, but its the card that makes/breaks the graphics along with one more thing--

3) Software, think about it, games 25 gig big, omg, do you know how great those games are going to be? PLUS, they can be designed for the Cell's 8 parts, so none of this duel-core increases preformance if you are running software that works with it, no, the games are designed for the cell, makes it even more powerfull.

4) I forgot to say this, the Cell, actually, graphic cards don't matter, might even be onboard, because the cell does the majority of calculations for it anyways, in its graphical part of it.

5) "High res-movies", doesn't that sound to you like, order online? Stream them? 2 bucks.

6) Look, here is the final point, my computer costs $450 to build myself. It has better graphics then the Xbox, and the PS2. The Xbox 360 has better graphics, true, but only for now. You can't upgrade your 360, but I'll be throwing a new graphcis card in, faster processor, look, the point is, in the end, what are these machines? They are just sooped up PC's that come out every 3-4 years. They fall behind, they are cutting edge now, but for the $700, I'll wait, and upgrade to whatever is in the PS3 in like a year. Now my games are just as good.

Bottom line, PS3 had better be awesome, 4-9 times better then the Xbox 360, because, its great, but not that great.
Posted by jzsaxpc (43 comments )
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terribly uninformed
360 and PS3 have totally comparable graphics componentry. As for the processors: the additional Cell cores don't do graphics work - that's what a GPU is for. The CPU handles physics and everything other than rendering. What does this mean? It means that unless Sony's new games are fundementally different from todays games, such that advanced physics will make a huge difference, then the tri-core 360 CPU will outperform it. Looking at 360s games and the costs involved in development, it seems unlikely that any games will take advantage of the PS3, or the 360 for the that matter, for at least 2-3 years into the system life.
Posted by mortis9 (370 comments )
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Do you have extra $3000 to buy a full HD TV?
Posted by X-C3PO (126 comments )
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PS3 is only slightly more powerfull than a360
Sorry but from the specs that I have seen the PS3 is not even 2x more powerfull, it s only has a bit more power than a 360..

The xbox is rated at 1 Tflop the PS3 is rated at 1.1 or 1.2 Tflops

so it's only slightly better than a 360

And the Cell CPU is going to hurt Sony at first!
as it's a new CPU and it takes years to master writting code for a new CPU, so it will be a very long time before programs that can take full advantage of it come out.

And as you should know by now sony can't be trusted!
or have you forgoten that sony had to recall over 100,000 there rootkit laden Audio cd's, and they did so only after the public found out how they where infecting users pc's ..

It's your $$$ but I am never getting another sony product NEVER!
Posted by Migraine (95 comments )
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It's not.
I saw a demo unit. It didn't matter how much
peanut butter you put on it, it still wasn't
palatable. Damn difficult to chew, too.
Posted by Zymurgist (397 comments )
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Maybe Sony will drop Blu-Ray
Perhaps the announcement tomorrow will actually be the removal of Blu-Ray from the PS3 specs. Such a move would allow Sony to meet the Spring schedule (assuming that the games are ready) and bring down the price of the box to a competitive level. It makes perfect sense. A double-layer DVD can hold over 8G, which is plenty enough for games. The only benefit Blu-Ray would bring to that front is not having to change disc for larger games--hardly a deal-breaker.

The notion that the PS3 would help Blu-Ray beat HD-DVD has always sounded questionable to me. Experience has showed that consumers don't use game consoles to play movies. For a very simple reason, I believe: gamers don't like other members of the household touching them beloved machines.
Posted by Chung Leong (111 comments )
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It's not just the Blu-ray
Their CELL processor is not ready either. I know people involved in the silicon verification process and they say the chip won't be ready for another four to six months at least!
Posted by pdude (65 comments )
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Movies on a Game Console
I think the reaons folks don't play movies on game machines is because it's a crude user experience. I don't want to guess what it will be like with the PS3, but I'll venture a guess that development dollars for the movie-player part of the PS3 are taking a back-seat to the funding needs of the game-player. We'll see in a few months to a year if the money they spent was sufficient to the task.

mark d.
Posted by markdoiron (1138 comments )
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Its all about HDCP
The movie industry wants movies to play back fuzzy on analog monitors that cannot support HDCP copy protection. The problem is that Sony has sold a lot of HD monitors with only analog inputs. If they bend to the movie industry demands, there will be a lot of angry Sony customers who were told that their monitors would be able to play HD movies when HD disc players are released.
Posted by grangerfx (41 comments )
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If they bend?
"If they bend to the movie industry demands, there will be a lot of angry Sony customers who were told that their monitors would be able to play HD movies when HD disc players are released."

Sony IS the movie industry! Well, they're a big part of it. Remember, sony is an electronics manufacturer, a record label, and a motion picture studio. they don't need pressure from anyone else to employ copy protection on blu-ray. they make the electronics AND the's in the interest of the right hand to keep the interests of the left hand in mind when making the console, as they work very closely together. remember the whole rootkit thing? If that taught us anything, it's that Sony doesn't need pressure from anyone else to use copy protection.
Posted by voyager529 (212 comments )
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I knew it!
I new this was going to happen, it couldn't be possisble for Playstation 3 to come out in Spring its more believable for them to release it around the holiday seasons like always. I think its better like that by then PS3 will be down in price because right now blueray would be a little expensive but since the technology of blue ray is being released on May 24th the blueray will come down gradually over the summer mere fall months maybe not much but just enough to get the PS3 now a bit in price. Nice move Sony..
Posted by INCGGAMING (4 comments )
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christmas rush
Ever think that this is a ploy to get it launched near christmas when it will be sold the most? Thats my 2 cents.
Posted by MercSniper (2 comments )
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christmas rush
Ever think that this is a ploy to get it launched near christmas when it will be sold the most? Thats my 2 cents.
Posted by MercSniper (2 comments )
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HDR Technology responsible for 3 new fatalites.
The HDR or Hidden Destructive Robot technology has apparently cause 3 new fatalities in homes doing the new PS3 beta testing.

The HDR was designed to bring the PS3 to life in the wee hours of the morning, and send it out and about the users home looking for illegally downloaded Sony content. Upon discovering the content, the HDR would effectively erased or destroy the offending data.

Sadly, the HDR's have a habit of going berzerk and destroying not only illegally downloaded Sony music, but the end user of the illegally downloaded music as well. This set back has further delayed the released of the PS3 which was to be the flagship product containing the new HDR's.
Posted by PiratePete (17 comments )
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Sony CEO lied...Analyst was correct
Didn't the CEO just say a month ago that PS3 would ship in spring?
Posted by bobby_brady (765 comments )
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Yes, though anyone who has been watching PS3 closely enough is not the least bit surprised by this.

Starting E3 last year, the media seemed so fixated on what Sony had at the convention. But they completely ignored what they DIDN'T have. That is, working controller, playable demos, and an actual mock-up of the console. They showed us movies of their game system. That's like relying on print ads (and only print ads) to promote major movies. It's a bad idea.

From last May to today, look also at what we haven't had. We've had practically zero communication from Sony saying anything useful about the PS3. Sure, they've surfaced from time to time to tell us just how great it's going to be, or raw benchmarks on claims to superiority to the 360, but we've got nothing to go on. Here are the only facts we have:
-Nobody's played it.
-Nobody's seen it.
-It's a bear to program for.
-Cell is an unproven technology.
-Blu-ray may be dead in a year.
-It's been officially delayed.

So he lied. No biggie, in the grand spectrum of things. He probably didn't have all the facts and some manager somewhere was afraid of losing face. Whatever. What's troubling is that we've got nothing else. Nothing useful telling us what to expect. "Wait for it" worked for the PS2, but the competition against the Dreamcast wasn't as fierce as it is with the Xbox. Flinching in the face of Microsoft is not a wise business move.

Sony needs to come out and start giving some real, tangible, GOOD news about this thing or the bottom just might fall out from under them. And, as a long-time gamer of all kinds and brands, that's the last thing I want to see happen.
Posted by Christopher Hall (1205 comments )
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Microsoft was correct in going with standard DVD
I've always had a feeling Microsoft was correct in going with standard DVD in their Xbox360. By doing so it eliminates a lot of headaches that Sony has been and will continue to go thru, mainly the DRM issue.

I'm guessing that the movie studios want more lockdown on the DRM (which will kill BlueRay and HD-DVD anyways) than what Sony is offering.

In the end I don't think it's going to matter. 99% of movie sales will continue to be on standard DVD's while only those that want to experiment with HD/BlueRay will purchase the "higher picture quality" movies.

DRM is the main reason HD/BlueRay will never take off.
Posted by bobby_brady (765 comments )
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No high quality DVD is needed
Combine HDTV movies with MPEG-4/h.264 compression and a
HDTV movie will fit nicely on a standard DVD. Put the non-HD
version on the other side, and everyone is happy.

Except Sony and Toshiba......
Posted by Earl Benser (4310 comments )
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Perhaps a Blessing for PS3?
I'm sure that many people working on the Xbox360 at Redmond
were cheered by the news that PS3 will be delayed. But then they
probably started to think a bit more and realized that the news
could be either good or bad for them. Consider:

" The extra time will allow developers to ready more games for
the PS3 launch.

" The extra time may allow Sony to take advantage of chip speed
increases between now and November, and tweak the PS3 so
that it is even faster.

Of course, balanced against this is the fact that Xbox360 will
have more time than expected to sell consoles and games
before the PS3 launch. Is this a good trade-off for Microsoft? On
the one hand they are getting a little extra time to build market
share, but on the other hand PS3 will be an even better gaming
system when it arrives.
Posted by mofo111 (107 comments )
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It would be good...
That is, if PS3 were anywhere near being ready. If they were in a position to optimize, I'd say they should do that. After all, it's what they've been doing to PS2 since launch. Just look at all the wonderful little bells and whistles they've added since then (fewer DREs, better drive mechanism, smaller architecture, a super-slim model, and built-in RF).

But they need to focus on bringing the pieces together. Leave the optimization to after launch and really grill on getting the product to market, get it affordable, and get it right. Processor speed, extra games, all of that's gravy.

Although it's worth pointing out that Microsoft really dodged the bullet with this announcement. They really need to hunker down and get the supply issues in check and really blitz the market with games. Because if November rolls around (assuming PS3's ready by then, that is) and MS hasn't got any A-list titles on their lineup - and I'm talking more than just Gears of War and Oblivion - they're in trouble.
Posted by Christopher Hall (1205 comments )
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It was never coming out in the US by spring.
Nothing has changed as far as the US launch is concerned. The 360 is sucking wind in Japan right now. So in the grand scheme of things this isn't a big deal.

Like you said this will work in Sony's favor. It gives dev's more time so there is a solid launch line up and it gives Sony enough to to have production ready for the demand.
Posted by (69 comments )
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Another Point!!
Unless the price for 360s drop on the day of PS3 release or very soon afterwards, we will definitely see a signifacant drop in the purchase of new Xbox 360's. Since they usually only get about $1 from new game system sales, game stores will offer 360 owners special deals for trading in ther systems for extra credit towards buying the PS3. After the trade-in its pretty much all profit for them when the resale. My point is the some 360 owners are so simply because they dont want to wait for the PS3 to come out, but those who are and cant afford to have both systems will trade. Microsoft will have no choice but to drop the price.
Posted by Kwiqone (2 comments )
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Not Discussing the Elephant in the room.....
Has anyone else thought of this....
Blu-Ray has DRM that only plays on certain monitors.
PS3 has Blu-Ray.
Put two and two together.
For idiots:
Isn't it possible that you won't even be able to play PS3 games on non-HD monitors?
Posted by hahne59 (33 comments )
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oh its possible
Ands it probably a reason why the specs are still up in the air. Sony sold several HD tvs with the analog connectors. They don't want to have a fiasco where the HD tvs they sold are no longer able to support the hd players that come out.
Posted by techguy83 (295 comments )
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No, it will play on everything.
The important thing to consider is the PS3 has an analog multi out so you can use component, S-video, composite, etc along with DVI/HDMI. I highly doubt Sony will limit the resolution at which you can play their games on their system.

The problem is if you don't have a HDCP? compliant HDMI input for your HDTV you won't be able to play the HD movies at HD resolutions. This is actually a pretty significant problem if true because the majority of HDTV's out are not HDCP compliant. Maybe they'll work something out I don't know. I hope so since I only have DVI on my TV and from what I've read it means no HDCP for me.

So if all you are going to do is use if for gaming then this DRM stuff is a non factor.
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I'm glad I got my Xbox 360 free from Pepsi and don't have to wait for the PS3.
Posted by hahne59 (33 comments )
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No Killer Games = No Clear Winner
360 is out, I have it and it's cool. No killer games for it though. Halo 3 is supposed to be that title but it's not here yet. Even with a full year head start, without a killer game there is no winner. Until the killer game is released then the race is on. To say that Sony is dead and doesn't have a chance are the words of someone who clearly doesn't understand the market and is just a biased fan.

I'll be buying a PS3 when it's released. At this point I have every reason to believe the supposed headstart won't amount to much.
Posted by msoto01 (3 comments )
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They are taking a mighty risk
By the time the PS3 is in stores the Xbox 360 will be in many homes and it will be also cheaper to buy.
Guess time will tell.
Posted by Smoth_007 (1 comment )
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Sony Strikes Back
Sony is smart.

Their patience is a good virtue.

As a leader, more calculation is needed for the next big thing.

Sony has started to develop together with IBM and Toshiba for Cell.

As for today PS3 component should be expensive due to new technology.

Since PS2 has already sold over 100 million, which is a good sign. Longer Life Cycle better ROI for Sony it is.

Why kill a best-seller with a new product not yet tweaked nor fine-tuned?

PS3 indeed would be Sony STRIKES BACK.


Yes, just consider if PS3 successfully deployed, Sony could further expand their gaming console, content market share.

They'll implement next "platform", considering every PS3 would able to go on-line, chat with other players, play entertainment such as Music, Movies.

At the same time, Microsoft trying with Xbox, Xbox360 is just merely peanut.

PS3 would become real Digital Entertainment Hub. And would better enhance PSP content.

Sony has lost twice in history, one in the 80s with Betamax, personally I think Betamax as it is for Blu-ray both had the better technology over their counter-parts.

But this time, Sony would win, even with delay of PS3.

Secondly, at the turn of the century. Sad that Sony has forgotten who to move like a mice even when they has become a big elephant. Apple has thought a la Internet.
Posted by georgetang (12 comments )
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PS3 Delayed
Why is anyone surprised? Seems to me the last time Sony launched a console (PSP) not during the Holiday Season people bought it initially but weren't that interested in it come Christmas of last year. This became evident as Nintendo's DS outsold and continues to outsell the Sony PSP.

After the huge expense of R&#38;R that Sony went thru to develop the PS3 they want to ensure that more than just the hardcore gamers are willing to fork out boatloads of cash for the PS3.

The downside for Sony is that they handed Microsoft 8 more months to supply retail chains with more 360s. Interestingly, early adopters eagerly anticipating the PS3 might crave next gen now and settle on the 360 (even if only as a short term fix).
Posted by iadawson (5 comments )
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Message has been deleted.
Posted by fakespam (239 comments )
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see ya in November
those of us who've been PS faithfuls will still buy the product. i bought the original XBOX only when Halo II came out. I'd played at my brothers' houses and i was never impressed. the games i liked to play (RPG, Sports) all sucked and slowed down on Xbox. Incredibly, even NCAA 2006 slows down, and MS has had 3 years to work out that bug. i bought one for $100 just to play Halo II, topspin and KOTOR. i bucked the trend and bought a 360 - and it died a glitching detah inside of a week.. there were none available for exchange so i got a refund. you 360 guys can continue to play all 4 or 5 decent Xbox 360 games. its got beautiful graphics and its really fast - but who cares if the only game i wanna play - MADDEN 06 - plays just as well on my PS2? MS will never max out those specs befor 360.5 come out. MS has brought over their shoddy quality and bush-style poor planning over into the gaming field.

The Xbox was decent. the controllers sucked - so i'm glad they bit the Dual Shock PS controller for the 360.

bottom line - i'll still play the 360 at my bruh's house. but i wont buy another. i might have changed my mind had it come out with a HD DVD player. but that sealed the deal for me.
Posted by davaal (74 comments )
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