May 3, 2005 12:45 PM PDT

Sober worm spreads like wildfire

The latest Sober worm has spread rapidly in the past 24 hours and now makes up two-thirds of virus traffic on the Internet, according to security experts.

Sober.P, first detected on Monday, now accounts for 77 percent of all viruses detected by Sophos' threat-monitoring stations worldwide, the British security company said on Tuesday. At the same time, Kaspersky Lab, a Russian maker of antivirus software designed to combat such threats, described the worm's spread in Western Europe as an "epidemic."

"This is a pretty significant virus. We usually don't see it spread to 77 percent of all inbound viruses," Gregg Mastoras, a senior security analyst at Sophos, said. "Usually, it spreads much slower, and users have time to update their computers."

Variants of Sober have been circulated since 2003 and have continued to hit corporate and home systems. The mass-mailing worm has continued to spread because people still open attachments in infected e-mail, despite warnings.

The latest Sober offshoot, which has been tagged as Sober.N, Sober.O or Sober.S at other security companies, uses e-mail written in both English and German. One of its lures is a message saying the recipient has won free tickets to the 2006 World Cup soccer tournament. Once victims open the infected attachment, the virus harvests their e-mail addresses. The virus copies itself onto the user's computer and then sends a similar e-mail to the harvested addresses.

The World Cup message could account for the rapid spread of the virus in Europe, Sophos said. "Many people will be eager to attend one of the biggest sporting events in the world next year, and may think it's worth the risk of opening the e-mail attachment just in case the prize is for real," Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos, said in a statement.

Kaspersky Lab claimed that the worm has "broken records in terms of the number of infected messages sent out and speed of propagation throughout Western European segments of the Internet."

Sober.P may end 2005 as one of the worst viruses. Last year, Netsky-P, which accounted for 22.6 percent of all virus incidents, held that title, according to Sophos.


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Can someone send it to me?
Heheh. I never get malware in my inbox. I feel so left out. :-( ;-)
Posted by Jonathan (832 comments )
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The last time that I had a...
... a virus was 1/03/05. "Win32:Trojan-gen" That when I was playing Starcraft. Downloaded hack tools for the game for enable cheat from a unknown site. The hack tools work on the game but I found out that it was a trojan.
Posted by Willy Wonker (73 comments )
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More *&@%! Windows-only software
Dang it! That is one more piece of software that won't run on my
Mac! You darn Windows users have all the luck. Oh well...

Bill Gates said the other day 'You can always tell if you're working
on a Mac or a PC. Just take your applications and stick them in
there and see if they run'. I guess he was talking about viruses.
Posted by i,Jimbot (65 comments )
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Yea Darn...
Sometimes it makes me want to switch back to Windows.

When people say there is more stuff for Windows they weren't
Posted by lilrazztx (25 comments )
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It won't run on my PC either...
Funny, with an up to date antivirus program (and a free one at that, which updates without my intervention), and a patched XP system, I just can't seem to get it to run either...
Now, all the rest of the software Billy was talking about runs on my PC and not your Mac, and I will take that any day of the week.
Posted by catchall (245 comments )
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