September 14, 2007 5:49 AM PDT

Rivals say Microsoft has not changed its ways

Upcoming antitrust ruling is a legacy of past behavior, but competitors say the company's current strategy shows not much has changed.

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Not happy with MSFT - go with Apple :)
Far out - everyone is trying to attack Microsoft. But just look at Apple - they have total monopoly in Mac world - 3rd partys can not do anything at all there (iTunes, iPhone, on). why Google is not complaining about Mac integrated search? Why it is always Microsoft?
Just because people are trying to make money with lawsuits - they forgot how to inovate, they forgot that their primary aim should be creating/marketing/advertising. They just want not to do anything and get money for free for being retarded.
Don't you think there are too many retards in american corporate world already?
Posted by alenas (181 comments )
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Apple monopoly in Mac world..??
Yes, like Chevrolet has a monoply in the Chevy world, Ford in the Ford world, BMW in the.. you get the idea.. sorry, I love my mac but that was silliest statement I've seen in a long time..
Posted by imacpwr (456 comments )
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Big difference . . .
. . . Apple doesn't use market dominance to force smaller
companies out of business.
Also a 4 to 5% market share does NOT a monopoly make ;-)
Posted by K.P.C. (227 comments )
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Competitors = not credible
Nothing coming out of the mouths of the competitors mentioned in the article is credible. It is sad to watch these people use the justice system to further their own companies regardless of the truth. has something to complain about? I highly doubt it. The rest that may have had a legitimate complaint have been paid billions.

I'm hoping the judge takes their comments with in light of their respective positions.
Posted by J. Blow (193 comments )
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So why not Microsoft monopoly in Microsoft world?
I do not understand you. Did you understand yourself?
Mac is a PC (Personal Computer). Mac OSX is operating system. Windows is operating system. OSX runs on PC, Windows runs on the same PC that OSX runs.
So why Apple can get away with having locked out 3rd party companies off they systems and Microsoft can not get away with that?
Are you saying that Microsoft has to start producing their own computers?
Kind of dumb comment i would say...
Posted by alenas (181 comments )
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Because Apple Doesn't Matter
When all thist antitrust litigation came about, Apple was a company on the ropes. They didn't rate, they didn't matter.

If Apple had the same market share as MS did then and held to their philosopy they would have been slammed a lot harder than Microsoft was.

Today, Apple is shaping up into a contender, is doing well as a company, has innovative products and has the same practice for 3rd parties. Their day may come.
Posted by Renegade Knight (13748 comments )
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Microsoft: The Jeffrey Dahmer of Software
If there's a company where Dahmer would have fit in, it's Microsoft. Ballmer would have been blown away by a guy so 'passionate' he murders and eats people. What's that compared to playing interior decorator and throwing chairs around?
Posted by Sumatra-Bosch (526 comments )
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