February 26, 2007 4:00 AM PST

Red-light district on a tiny mobile screen

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This is largely the reason that AT&T's Cingular Wireless does not offer adult content as a part of its service. While Cingular has developed parental controls and filtering technologies to keep adult content out of the hands of underage subscribers, it said it still has no plans to offer porn directly to subscribers.

"We are not in the adult content business," said Mark Siegel, a spokesman for Cingular Wireless, which is now owned by AT&T. "And we have no plans to offer it. We recognize that people can use wireless devices to go anywhere they want on the Internet. That is why we have added parental control features."

While Hirsch said he hopes that mobile operators get more comfortable with adding adult content to their decks, he said he recognizes it's not the only way to get his company's movies onto mobile phones in the U.S. market. He believes that subscribers will also access Vivid content directly from mobile Web sites.

If trends in the traditional Internet are any indication, then porn downloaded from the mobile Web could do very well. In 2006, the entire adult entertainment market generated $12.9 billion, according to AVN, a trade publication for the adult entertainment industry. Internet sales of adult content, which includes images, live chat and live streaming video, became the second-largest adult entertainment segment with 22 percent of the market, or $2.8 billion in sales.

With the advent of higher-speed networks, the Internet experience on mobile devices will be more like what is experienced on a computer. This could prove to be hugely beneficial to the mobile porn industry, because wireless subscribers would no longer have to depend on their carriers to provide links to content. Instead, they could easily surf the Web using mobile Internet browsers.

Gibson said that the mobile Internet experience is improving, especially as search companies such as Google and Yahoo fine-tune their products for the mobile environment.

"It's still too difficult to use the mobile Internet," he said. "You can put a URL in a mobile browser today, but the experience is still pretty clunky. But once that becomes easier, it could really open up the market."

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One more thing...
As far as the church is concerned they need to endorse this as it
may prevent more priests from MOLESTING young children (mostly
boys!!!!). Spend your time wisely...make sure you clean your own
front step before advising others to the same to theirs. By the way I
am a Christian so we can nip the name calling in the bud right
Posted by Jschneeky (23 comments )
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Lack of porn causes child molestation ?
That is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.
Posted by davidmec (21 comments )
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Your a Christian, based on your moral beliefs?
Get real
Posted by apptec (15 comments )
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Please leave the phone at your desk and don't take it to the restroom!

people will really be getting lost in the restroom.

I guess they can with their IPOD videos now
Posted by baswwe (299 comments )
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The first time I see some scumbag watching this crap...
on the bus or in some public place where kids might see it, he's going to be scraping the pieces of his cell phone off the ground.
Posted by fcekuahd (244 comments )
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That's all we need
Yet another avenue for porn-on-demand. Porn is quickly becoming
the elephant in the room, and it's truly amazing how successful the
industry's been in going mainstream.

I highly recommend spending some time reading the information
on xxxchurch.com to find out the real cost of porn. Hint: those
smiles on the girls you see aren't real -- they're acting.
Posted by Jared White (9 comments )
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Normally I support the right of greedy corporations to...
rip off stupid losers. But this is really taking the cake. You're going to have idiots watching this crap in restaurants and on airplanes and subjecting everybody around them to the fake moans and screams. In fact, I'll lay odds that we're going to start seeing news stories about kids getting suspended for watching it in class.
Posted by extinctone (214 comments )
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Adult 3gp Porn Videos on the mobile..
It seems to be a very popular now for people to search for mobile porn, just 1 search from google and i come across bigvideos ( bigvideos.mobi ) andi must say it looks pretty good on my phone, almost tempted to take a sneaky peak at the mobile 3gp adult videos and galleries, payment is through bango..

Shall I....!!!
Posted by bigvideos (1 comment )
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...And Speaking of iPhone 3g Porn!
There is no denying mobile "iPhone Porn" has become popular starting in 2008!
Check it's Stats at "GOOGLE TRENDS", http://www.google.com/trends?q=iphone+porn
It's popularity shows no sign of stopping anytime soon!!
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an iPhone, there is no trace that you have viewed the movie ( nothing listed in
your iPhone's memory ). Since Streaming does not take up any iPhone memory,
your iPhone memory can be used for loading other iPhone Applications.
Streaming Adult iPhone Content offers Privacy and Peace-Of-Mind!

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an affiliate for the first company to offer this service, please visit
Posted by WapMasterRich (1 comment )
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