September 22, 2006 10:10 AM PDT

Publishers aim for some control of search results

Global publishers plan to test a pilot program that aims to settle copyright conflicts with search engines.

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"We can't make money, so why should Google?"
Why does so much of this sound like companies are complaining because, while they haven't found a way to make money off their content, neither should Google for simply linking to it?

I understand the view of people who don't like Google News because of the particular stories it chooses or leaves out, but I don't understand the complaints of news companies who object to free exposure in a search engine. If it's that big a problem to them, they can always prevent Google from spidering their pages.

The Google Books arguments, I understand. The system is little different from's old project of copying thousands of CDs onto their servers for streaming access by patrons who already own the CD (or at least can find the barcode number). They didn't ask, they just did it and they ( are no longer around.
Posted by DaClyde (96 comments )
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Hahahahahaha....So True
these people don't seem to understand that without google, I would not have found their article anyway.

I would love to see the traffic stats for the Bouyed Beligums since google pulled them from the Database.

I bet I know which way their traffic went....and it ain't up.
Posted by LarryLo (164 comments )
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Note to publishers:
Write this down: If you don't want it popping up on Google, then put the content on a protected portion of the site where Google's spiders can't reach it.

Idiots... they'd rather bulldoze bad laws into place than show some actual competence in how they put up websites.
Posted by Penguinisto (5042 comments )
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Time to educate the judges
A single line of code in the header will keep the publishers garbage, (I'm assuming they are ashamed of their content or they would want it indexed,) out of the search engines:
Wake up, Your Honor! It's time to understand the technology before pounding it on the head with your gavel!
Posted by El Kabong (100 comments )
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