May 14, 2006 11:10 PM PDT

Palm releases Treo 700p

Palm made the Treo 700p official Monday, releasing its second major update to the Treo lineup this year and its first Palm OS device on a fast cellular network.

As previously reported, Palm unveiled the Treo 700p on Monday, four months after the release of its first Windows smart phone. The 700p can connect to EV-DO (evolution data-optimized) networks, which offer download speeds between 400Kbps and 700Kbps.

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Video: Palm Treo 700p with EV-DO
Palm has produced an appealing and promising smart phone. CNET's Bonnie Cha looks at the new Palm Treo 700p.

Carrier availability will be announced at a later date, Palm said in a press release. Verizon Wireless was the exclusive launch partner for Palm at the release of the 700w, the first Windows-based Treo, but both Sprint and Verizon will carry the 700p, Palm said.

The 700p comes with 128MBs of memory, 60MBs of which is available to the user. It also features a Bluetooth chip, which allows users of Bluetooth-equipped notebooks to connect to the Internet through their Treo with networking software included on a Treo for the first time. Before this model, users needed to install the software separately.

Rumors of the 700p had been circulating for a long time, after Palm CEO Ed Colligan reassured Palm OS developers that the company was not planning to abandon the Palm OS after embracing Windows. Palm has been stuck using the same basic version of the Palm OS for two years, as development has stalled on the operating system that introduced many people to mobile computing.

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PalmOS development has NOT stalled!
PalmOS development has NOT stalled!. I know it probably violates editorial policy to say anything NICE about a non-Microsoft product, but palmOS development has NOT stalled, it's just being moved to run on top of Linux.

I don't know if you're aware of it or not, but PalmSource has been bought by Access Inc. and they've already demoed the next version of the PalmSource OS: ALP (Access Linux Platform) which will hopefully bring the familiar PalmOS look and backwards compatibility on top of a linux kernel, adding flexibility.

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Posted by fcassia (1 comment )
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Yea, but no upgrades
The problem is I am pretty sure you could not upgrade a Treo
700p to the new ALP platform :( I think it is a terrible thing that
Palm devices generally do not allow OS upgrades.
Posted by libertyforall1776 (650 comments )
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smart move
Use fast data transfer just a smart move. Now, where is the zire
73? wifi gps and wifi data/phone capability would be nice. If
only more palm focus on the application, such as currently used
in medical, Zire could be more than a pda (get rid of all the RFID
reader to start... may get integrated into sensor as access
points...etc. hmm, reliability...might have to beef up). Love the
SD car slot, you can swap application fast and easy. just what
factory needs.
my 2 cents.
Posted by 1st (104 comments )
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Mac Treo users should check out e2Sync
It lets them use their Treo with Entourage. Could not live without it.
Posted by CentrOS (126 comments )
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Can you reverse the network connection?
It would be nice to know if you can network the Palm 700p from a laptop connected to a high-speed LAN, either via BlueTooth or WiFi...
Posted by BozosDadd (3 comments )
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Needs WiFi, VoIP & iTunes/QuickTime support
This unit is great, but could sure use WiFi, VoIP &#38; iTunes/
QuickTime support... Hope it has H.264/MPEG-4 video &#38; full Java
support? Apple should make a mobile version of their OS for
Treo... ;-)
Posted by libertyforall1776 (650 comments )
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SPRINT!!!!!! When are you going to offer the Windows Version!?
That's great and all, but when the hell is SPRINT going to get off their butts and offer the Windows version of the Treo. I've been waiting since the Treo W was announced last year.
Posted by alqaqish (127 comments )
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be carefull what you wish for
this phone sucks- trust me you dont want it
Posted by redstar299a (1 comment )
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Solid review
These guys really took a look at the Treo. But a hum? ***?

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Posted by LuxBlogger (1 comment )
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Cingular Release?
Any idea when the 700p will be released on the Cingular network?
Posted by liveandliving (1 comment )
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