January 29, 2007 4:16 PM PST

PC makers climb onboard with Vista

Microsoft may be glad to finally get Windows Vista out the door, but consider the PC industry the second happiest bunch.

After years of waiting, PC companies presented the new operating system to their customers this week. Some, like Hewlett-Packard, designed new systems specifically for the operating system, while others, like Dell, simply rolled the new software onto its existing lineup of products.

It wasn't much of a stretch for the PC community to get behind Vista. Many companies had been making plans to unveil Vista systems in the fourth quarter of last year--until Microsoft delayed the operating system once again last March.

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With the new operating system making its way to consumers this week, the PC community is ready to unveil those products. But its immediate impact on the PC market could be muted. Business customers aren't expected to purchase Vista systems en masse just yet, as they evaluate its effect on their networks. Advanced Micro Devices CEO Hector Ruiz told financial analysts last week that Vista's short-term effect probably wouldn't provide a huge boost to the PC industry this quarter.

HP unveiled several Vista systems at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, including its TouchSmart PC, but Monday announced plans to carry Vista across its Pavilion and Presario consumer PCs. Dell started taking preorders for the new operating system over the weekend through its Web site, where it's also offering a free upgrade to Vista Home Premium on several systems.

Gateway and Acer also plan to ship Vista systems this week. Gateway is introducing new desktops and notebooks with the operating system, which it also plans to bring to the eMachines lineup of products. Lenovo plans to ship Vista first on a ThinkCentreM desktop, it said. Its ThinkPad lineup, however, remains Vista-free at the moment.

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Waiting until the first Service Pack
I'm going to wait until my next computer purchase, unless I see something REALLY compelling that I can't already do w/ my machines. I run XP SP2 Home on my laptop and XP SP2 Professional on my desktop--each works just fine and has continued to do so for the past year or so.

Move to Mac? Forget it...unless they spontaneously open a "real" Quality Assurance dept and promise to test/re-test every piece of equipment they sell. Until then, I'll take anything HP wants to sell me...
Posted by close5828 (230 comments )
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Sigh.... N/T
Posted by CitizenX (522 comments )
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HP vs Dell - Vista Approach
>Some, like Hewlett-Packard, designed new systems specifically for the operating system, while others, like Dell, simply rolled the new software onto its existing lineup of products.<

A good example of why Dell is losing market share to HP.
Posted by john55440 (1020 comments )
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You are wrong
I disagree. It is actually proof that HP's existing product line was so inferior that it had to be replaced to meet Vista requirements while Dell hardware was already up to spec due to Dell being ahead of the curve.
Posted by RyanPtr (1 comment )
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A Matter of Spinning Money Instead of Meeting Needs
I do not see a compelling need to go Vista for the following reasons

a) My old HP P4 which is 5 years old, after SP2, it needed a RAM upgrade but I decided to hold it off by trying Linux. Guess what....Linux works great in the form of Ubuntu that has everything one need

b) My Laptop runs WinXP Pro SP2. It runs great as well so no need to change unless the Laptop, into its 5th year, decided to visit Father Abraham.

c) My desktop, just bought, with 2G RAM and Core2Duo seems alright but I guess with the current graphics Card Nvidia 7600GT may have some problems with Vista. I ain't gonna change my graphics card just to enjoy a new OS.

d) Windows Security Pedigree...nuff said.

Guess that I would not get Vista until most of the things are settled or I got itchy and bought the latest portable Laptop 13" screen or less because of work.

Nothing is perfect in this world...however to use imperfection to earn money is basically bad Customer Goodwill.
Posted by wilswong (22 comments )
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I Will wait for vista SP4
2 months ago I bought a nice shiny new PC.- 1.86Ghz Dual core, 2 gig ram, 512mb Nvidia Graphics card 2 hard drives mirrored etc etc and a brand new XP pro SP2. The PC runs great and is fast enough for my software development.

Today I downloaded the Microsoft Vista Upgrade evaluation tool and ran it to find out that I need a new graphics card, a new sound card and that Nero, Norton 2007, MICROSOFT Office 2003, MICROSOFT SQL Server 2005, MICROSOFT Visual Studio 2005 and some other software have compatibility issues.

Now Bill Gates expects me to screw up my whole business and spend thousands of hard earned dollars to upgrade hardware and software to keep him the richest man in the world.

From all the horror stories I have read, It looks as if Vista is like every other OS Microsoft has released, full of bugs that need a couple of service packs before it becomes usable and is compatible with existing software - including microsoft's own!!

Sorry Bill you can wait a long time before I get suckered into buying Vista just because you say its the best thing since sliced bread
Posted by aerocom (1 comment )
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It seems like Macs will have a bright future...
Since they are winning this article's poll by the time I voted.
Posted by vidalweb (7 comments )
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Macs are dumb...
There's always a Mac fanboy available when there's talk about Microsoft.

OSX is great...perhaps if I had OSX w/ PC hardware, I would buy it.

My friend's MDD DP G4 just had to go in for a superdrive replacement... $300 for a 4x DVD-R drive replacement is just insane when you can get DVD burners for less than $50, but they will not work w/ iLife b/c Apple has not "blessed" it.

Apple is more a monopoly than Microsoft or even Intel is--I'll take the Pepsi challenge to that any day. :-)
Posted by close5828 (230 comments )
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So much stuff to remember - oh - MONEY
"MOOT Point"
by mabradford - 1/31/07 7:02 PM
In reply to: Is Vista going to be the new Windows ME? by R. Proffitt
There are so many versions of everything in the world today - including cars, motorcycles, aeroplanes, tacos, burritos...whatever. It's really a MOOT Point about Windows Vista being ME or anything other than just another way for Microsoft to feed it's Money Machine Handler...Gates and Company, while it can't figure out how to make someting new. Oh - I forgot, that's what ME was all about...so you may be correct!? Vista just might be another ME.?

But, there are some things that the masses are forgetting...that makes OS's "BE" different from each other. OS stands for Operating System...or back in the days before Windows - "DOS" - for "Disk" Operating System. This is really important - because a "NEW" kernel is required to really and by the old standards -- determine if a OS is new or NOT! Microsoft is trying to say that it can create new programs for the same old or very similar kernel and call it a new operating system. Any person with any know about artificial intel know that's a huge lot of crap -- but, try convincing the unknowing masses about this and you may as well attemp to swim the Pacific Ocean all by yourself -- because the masses just will not get it. Gates and Company bank on this type of "lack" of knowledge and call a rooster a hen and such -- and therefore get away with it. The masses really are -- just none the dumber for it. Ignorance is bliss...and Gates and Company know this...and I've personally heard Gates in speaches give facts or alude to these facts about artificial intel and the PC. He knows -- obviously, you and the masses do not.

EVERYTHING....not just a little bit - BUT, EVERYTHING about programs and what they do is banked and betted on as to how they read and write (I/O) to the "Hard Drive, CD Drives...whatever Drive or other peripherals" and Microsoft swore it was going to have a new method of writing to these Drives and Peripherals when Longhorn comes out...."NOT" Vista. XP is the most advanced OS that Microsoft has had in the market for a very long time - and it's nothing more than Windows 2000.

Quantum Leaps for Microsoft include --
Stealing Xerox windows and coming up with Windows 3.1
Got caught stealing Stackers Disk Compression and adding it to MSDOS6.1 because Microsofts own version wouldn't work for crap - now MS is paying Stacker forever - court ruled in Stackers favor
Stealing Sun's NFS and making it Microsoft NTFS to create the UNIX bound security of writing to the "Hard Drives" and created MS NT3.2
Afterwards - in perfecting NT3.2 and making it into NT4 with new group and user definitions and adding better Networking stolen from Novell technology called NDS (Network Directory Service) that was taken and then buying up Digital Research DOS "DRDOS" for "16 bit" Win95A to become Win95B "32 bit" (they called it b "b-ecause" they couldn't figure 32 bit out) Now - that was a true OS change but, since it still looked like Windows 95 - they just kept it at that...who would know. No one knew beans then about kernels.
Next MS added enhanced media playing to Win95B and called it Windows 98 - great program just a litte better than 95B for media playing program. Windows ME - whatever......? Who really knows? But, next is the real combination of NTFS (altered NFS from Sun) implemented into Win98 (NDS) using its superior Win98 GUI and the NT4 Security (NTFS) enhancements and called it Windows 2000 (Pro and Server) and from that point on - it's all conjecture: W2K morphed into eXPerimental PROgram and tried out on the masses to see where the masses want to go.

Oh - the masses now want tons of "multimedia and games" so we'll just keep the NTFS for Firewalling and enhance it to look like we've done something really new, and we'll create really great Media Players to dazzle and befuddle the masses into thinking some new OS invention has once again been achieved - and now using XP as the go between the very lacking media playing and game playing Windows 2000 Pro OS and Vista. This information was out along time ago - and apparently the masses have once again forgotten all this so important information. Gates and Company outlined this whole issue of events over the years - many years ago. When you listen to Bill's speaches - he's always telling you exactly what's being done - just not how it's going to be untwisted at the time of sale. Stuff like - "We're coming up with a product that radically "changes" the way you use Windows 98 and by adding security to it will be an entirely new product - and we haven't decided what to call it yet." People never listen to Bill in the literal sense.

But, other "Forgotten Facts" are that "Binary" is the key to everything in computers. So many geekies and the entire freaking world seem to always forget that one so important "FACT". Computers are nothing "BUT" binary machines. It's either 0 or 1, I or O, On or Off, In or Out, 1 or 0 or any of those combinations.

and...What's more - the CPU "still to this day" has only "ONE" wire in and "ONE" wire out and hense the "NEED" for "DUAL Core" in order to make it "appear" that the machine is faster. Ha Ha -- is there 2 wires In and 2 wires Out now -- you do your homework. How many wires in a Dual Core are going In and how many go Out. And..neither Microsoft or Linux has perfected any "DUAL Core" OS that is "TRULY" a "DUAL Core" creation to even match up to the physical creations of Intel and AMD and what they have created in their processors...YET! Oh - Server systems are a bit different bugger here -- but, we're not talking about Servers. We're talking about "Clients" like 95/98, W2kPro, XPHome/Pro and now XP-Vista or Vista-ME as some are calling it. Vista is still doing the same I/O speeds to the same NTFS formatted drives and still reading the same CD/DVD arrangements and still networked through the NDS methods. Now -- that's not to say that Microsoft programmers haven't figured out new methods of making their programs run faster or at least seem to run faster...which they have...but, they did much of that just like in XP -- by bringing up smaller (MUCH SMALLER) chunks of "binary" into RAM to get it to the screen much faster so it gives the appearance that the machine is running faster. I wish Linux would do that to OpenOffice 2.0...what a enhancement that would be.

Now - let's talk about knives and forks and eating the raw meat in the woods - "UNCOOKED". No - Vista is not another ME by no means as for technology. The programming is much much better in Vista and the methodology is much better and more programs have been created to meet the ever increasing needs of the public. Has better programs been written to luster it up to look like a newby -- certainly. Have new drivers been written to make binary commands carry info across the motherboard and out to you -- you bet, and you'll find out even more when they don't work on your "NOT" too old stuff of just a couple of years. You're electronics just won't hold up - and Gates and Company will have you convinced it's all "your fault" and that you need to buy a "new" PC with their "new" software loaded. Have new programs to do more media and jump through a wildly more entertaining lot of hoops of games been created - you can bet on that, too...but, all this does "NOT" equate to a "new" OS. It just equates to "new" Programming being done for the "OLD" but, maybe "Patched" OS. Linux, UNIX or OSX - they do the same...the only difference is -- the new improvements are NOT called a "new" OS. So basically Gates and Company are lying to you - and you are going to buy it. Period!

The meaning of "NEW" OS is in the "BINARY" I/O and how it is used to make a "NEW KERNEL". There is set of understood standards in the wild that "DEEM" a "NEW" kernel (OS) has arrived. Vista does not meet up to those standards that everyone used to understand and live by. Apparently Microsoft once again - doesn't seem to have to hold to those standards and calls whatever it creates -- by whatever it feels comfortable doing - and forces the business world and the people to buy it. For some -- it may be 1 year later. Others it might be 2 or 3 years. For locked in businesses - it might be 5 years -- but, you can take this statement to the banks, any bank...and the bank will accept it because they know it's 100 percent correct..."Eventually - maybe not now -- but, eventually you will and I say "WILL" buy the product that Microsoft creates if you deal with Microsoft. PERIOD!" You might think you won't but, you're only fooling yourself. When your old machine breaks and you have been using most if not all Microsoft programs on it -- you will buy another PC and it will have Microsoft OS on it along with the other MS Programs you may have that you transfer over. Unless you buy a PC "WITHOUT" any OS and install OSX, Linux or some form of UNIX -- you will install the latest version of the OS that Microsoft forces or pays that vendor to put on the PC's that it sells. Are you going to argue? No! Why Not? Because Bill Gates and Company (especially Balmer) are so much smarter than you are and they know that because you bought into their crap to start with and don't know any better because you haven't challenged yourself to anything other than learn what they want you to learn -- and that has to with Microsoft Programs. Period!

Not to get too hard on Gates and Company...for all my life with that group getting started - I've seen them lie, cheat and steal better than the best of the best in the business - and come up with some crazy ways to make what they took, stole or whatever method, work and get the job done (no matter how shoddy) and make the masses feel important. Personally - I love Microsoft because they make PC's affordable and fun and gave millions of peoples lives a chance to be counted. Their products suck -- but, so far I haven't seen any Linux OS Flavors install so easy and play mp3, mpeg or avi or whatever -- without having to do some really advanced smoshe goshe admin work -- so Linux really really sucks in that area...and personally I use SuSE 10.2, Slackware 11.0, Windows 2000 Server and Pro and XP Pro and Home. I build my databases in MS SQL and MySQL, use the free .Net softwares given out by Microsoft and Linux along with XML. I do my scripting with BASH and WSSript and a bit of GUI with VB6 or QT3/4. I have found as being a ******** fly by the seat of my pants type since the days of my Tandy Color 100 and Com64 - that the efficiency of the program is really what makes it go fast. Write a great 8 bit program and run it on a 8086 and it will look like a Intel P4 running a very well written 32 bit program. Print out the same to a printer - they will both get done about the same time if not at the same time. So if you give an 8 bit machine something it can handle - it will do it at breakneck speed. Want to add color and all kinds of fonts and pictures and networking while you do your printing of the same document - you better write a terrific program in 32 or 64 bit language. If you light one BIC lighter and light one cigarette - lighting 1000 BIC lighters won't get that one cigarette lit any faster even though you can now light a 1000 cigarettes at the same time - they still took the same amount of time to light each one and that means you lit a 1000 within the same amount of time. So if you add color, fonts, pictures, dialogue, etc., that's going to take time to do just as setting up a 1000 cigarettes. The economy is in the numbers -- how much work can you get done in the same amount of time. Vista has better programming doing a better job at doing what XP could or can also do -- if those programs had been written specifically for XP - and called XP. Now - there were a few things that the plain jane kernel of XP wasn't able to do - but, with a few enhancements could. Microsoft did the enhancments, wrote new softwares (drivers, media players and such) and is claiming a "NEW" OS has been created. I say "NO"! We are in deed being lied to once more by the best of the best - Gates and Company. Are you and I going to pay them? Why -- "YES" we are and we are going to be happy doing it - no matter how mad or crappy it makes us feel. We simply have not had one damn alien UFO land and give us encapable humans - anything better...period...and until that happens -- Gates and Company rule, Linux obeys, Apple throws temper tantrums, UNIX - well, it's just there and won't go away and all other stuff just simply don't matter or make any difference whatsoever.

Humans are still born and still live only a certain amount of time. They only have so many opportunities in life to do changes before they meet their demise. Bill knows all this. He knows statistically what your abilities are amongst the masses and what you can and/or won't do - and in his life - he rules what you do with PC's -- like it or not. Not even Linux will give you a simple install and have you playing all the media that Mac and Microsoft play. Bill knows this and he knows the masses or 90 percent of the population and know diddly about computers - but, like videos, music and games. He rules you and you will pay him for it. When it comes to any other OS doing what Bill has patents on - forget it - it ain't gonna happen. Games are never going to advance in Linux or UNIX - just on Microsoft and maybe Mac. By the time what you want in Linux or UNIX or Mac or Sun - we'll all be dead and gone and it won't matter anymore and you will have ran out of choices because Gates and Balmer are smarter than you or me. It took the whole world with Linux to even threaten Microsoft -and Linux is still losing. Even as it grows it's losing. Now - Microsoft if going to send tons of people either to jail or to their lawyers for defense in pirating of software and media or outright stealing. Microsoft is going to win one way or another and you and the rest of the world are going to pay. Why - because the masses (and business owners and their stupid pet ethics support Bill and friends) are not as smart as Gates and Balmer and don't have the whatever to change to anything else. No matter how smart you think you are - you will pay Gates and Company. Don't give me huff about being a success - Bill owns your whatever - you pay!

Oh my swear - I'm writing this article in OpenOffice 2.0 Writer on a Windows 2000 Pro box hooked into a Linux file server running MySQL and the actual data is being stored on a W2K Server box. Damn life is good!

Caveat - now, all above said and done - is basically my memory of observations for the past 35 years and my opinion of what has taken place. But, for what it's worth - I think I'm pretty accurate. If not - correct what isn't and let it be known. I'll try my best to back up what I've written with proof if I have to -- but, whatever works for you -- you need to know how to tell if Vista is a "NEW" OS or "NOT".

Thanks you all and happy Microsofting....or whatever:)
Posted by mabradford (36 comments )
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