July 27, 2006 12:42 PM PDT

Online storage service adding a terabyte a week

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PALO ALTO, Calif.--You people just love your online storage capacity, don't you.

Streamload, a San Diego-based company providing online storage services, is adding more than a terabyte a week of storage to its network to keep ahead of consumer demands for online storage, said CEO Steve Iverson at the AlwaysOn Stanford Summit taking place here this week.

"We've got data centers in San Diego, Phoenix and Frankfurt, Germany. Half of our customers are outside the U.S.," he said. "We are storing over 8 billion files."

The boom in online storage is being driven by an explosion of digital content. When Hotmail first arrived on the scene, consumers typically stored data in the form of e-mails and attachments on online services. Now, they want to store music, movies, pictures and blogs, and access it all through different devices.

"It's not just about expanded storage capacity. It's also about remotely accessing your data," Iverson added. Approximately 80,000 people a week open new storage accounts on Streamload's network.

Luckily, the price of storage continues to plummet, dropping around 50 percent per year. Hard drives cost about 50 cents or less per gigabyte, and that's on retail hard drives. A thousand gigabytes go into a terabyte. Thus, a terabyte worth of hard drives, if purchased in volume, will cost a few hundred dollars. Seagate sells a complete home storage system with a terabyte for $899 that comes with a lot of electronics and a plastic housing that raw disks would not come with.

Streamload faces huge competitors in Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. The company in part hopes to survive among these giants by selling its service through others. AMD's Live service, a media vault for customers, is run by Streamload. The first 25GB of storage are free. For $10 a month, consumers can get 250GB from the Live service.

Sprint will soon offer a similar service to its DSL customers, Iverson said, noting that such companies would rather have a private-label service than send customers to Google. Streamload also has patents and intellectual property it could license to large storage providers.

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Cool Service
Great Storage Service. They're making money on bandwidth charges. Not the storage. Very Cool.

- Bryan
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Posted by bfleming98 (31 comments )
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Yea Streamload
I've been a paying Streamload customer since 2001. I've been recommending it to people for years but it seems like it's never really caught on. I'm intereated in all this press their new MediaMax service is offering.
Posted by PlatypusElf (1 comment )
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A list of the best free online file storage
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Hope that the list would be useful.
Posted by tiandrive (6 comments )
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For my part im using a storage plans from http://fdcanada.ca/en/online-storage/, its a good service and offers unlimited transfert , unlimited users, big files supported. Its really nice to share videos ;)
Posted by prets2010 (1 comment )
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Too bad it is closed... I knew it will fail. A company cannot just compete with free / cheap storage. www.drivehq.com offers much better services with a better business model.
Posted by Access1995 (5 comments )
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Here is also a affordable online data storage site for unlimited data.

Posted by ajenkinsdelong (2 comments )
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I am a customer of OnlineStorageSolution.com. Although they have a wide set of features, some I actually think is great, I am very much regretting that I have ever used them. Don't get baited in by the "cheap" price - it ended up costing me.

The issue the I have experience is with reliability and customer service. However, the biggest issue for me is the Customer service - by far the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with. And that's really an understatement. You don't have to take my word for it either, just do a search and you will know what I mean.

Although the have great features and a cheap price, I cannot recommend OnlineStorageSolution.com to anybody base on their bad customer service.
Posted by jinbox (1 comment )
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