December 18, 2007 4:43 AM PST

Nintendo sees strong DS sales, frowns on Wii bundles

Nintendo sees strong DS sales, frowns on Wii bundles
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Some retailers fear a DS shortage, says Nintendo exec, who also advises stores against bundling Wii console with games.

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Super Mario Galaxy
We love our Wii :) My girlfriend mainly sticks to tennis and bowling with the occasional jump at Rayman just to do the cow toss, but Super Mario Galaxy was the first game that got the WOW from her. Every time she sees me get to a new level, she wants to the grab the controller and play.

It's a wonderful game, lots of fun and a wonderful change from my PC FPS addiction!

The next game I am anxious for is Mario Kart for the Wii... online multiplayer will rule :D
Posted by SeizeCTRL (1333 comments )
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Wii games are already cheaper than the competition
Nintendo merely states they want their consoles sold as is because they don't want retailers off-loading their old game stock onto customers, where as others bundle to do the same it is an optional for them to purchase a bundle or non-bundled product with the Wii supply being short during the holiday (as was the PS3 during the release year when we saw home theater bundles with it) their would be no consumer choice but to buy the bundled packages.

Mario Galaxy is FUN.
Posted by ColdMast (186 comments )
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me grammar bad
Posted by ColdMast (186 comments )
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Of course the games are cheaper
What did you expect when you have last-generation technology behind them? Don't get me wrong, I love my Wii, but the games really do look like GameCube titles.
Posted by bblande (68 comments )
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Nintendo is right - for now.
Nintendo is correct to suggest that retailers NOT bundle games into the purchase of a Wii as it is very much like McDonalds selling combo meals and not offering a bigmac by itself.
I had a chance back in july to buy a Wii but was not able to BECAUSE the retailer ONLY had it as a $480 bundle deal and that was just more cash then i could afford.
Now bundles will be a good idea once nintendo catches up with demand but until then please offer single systems or bundles that include only one game not 4 or more with no savings on the actual end price...
Posted by samwise_gamgees (29 comments )
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