May 25, 2006 7:31 AM PDT

Nintendo: Wii won't top $250 in U.S. market

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.

Nintendo has announced that the price of Wii, its next-generation video game console, will not exceed $250 in the United States or $220 (25,000 yen) in Japan.

Between the fourth quarter of 2006 and March 31, 2007, Nintendo expects to ship 6 million Wii systems worldwide, the company said.

Photos: Nintendo's Wii controller

While the device lacks the same level of gaming power offered by Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3, its unique controller has prompted gamers to mark it as a contender.

Nintendo first demonstrated the Wii controller to the game community this month in Los Angeles at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The Wii remote, which is equipped with a motion sensor in addition to the usual controls, can be used as a direct-action implement, allowing players to swing it like a light saber, sword or baseball bat in communication with the game being played. (Click here for a video of the Wii in action.)

The Wii became the underdog hit of E3, despite criticism of its quirky name, which is pronounced "we." (The device was called Revolution during development.)

Nintendo did not release pricing and availability at that time.

During E3, Sony announced that its PS3 would be available for $599 for the 60GB hard drive version and $499 for the 20GB version. Microsoft's Xbox 360 sells for between $299 and $399, depending on options, but the company has had problems meeting demand, frustrating both would-be customers and Microsoft stockholders. The company announced an increase in Xbox 360 production in March.

Correction: This story incorrectly priced the 60GB version of PlayStation 3. It is $599.

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Soo you could...
So you could buy a XBOX 360 $299 and a Nintendo Wii for $250 for $549 plus tax.... hmm that's still cheaper than the premium PS3.
Posted by mrpeabody3119 (101 comments )
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True.. but..
You could do that, but I consider the PS3 to basically cost the
same as the XB360 w/hard drive, plus an (obligatory) extra $200
for a blu-ray player.

Next-gen console ($399) + blu-ray HD movie player ($200) =

Considering that buying an Xbox360 and a standalone blu-ray
player would cost over $1000, the PS3 deal can be distorted in
my head to seem good!
Posted by sigma8 (25 comments )
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Typo - PS3 prices in last paragraph
"During E3, Sony announced that its PS3 would be available for $499 for the 60GB hard drive version and $499 for the 20GB version."

That should be $599 for the 60GB version.

After following the console wars for a couple months now, I've decided which one I'll most likely get. The last (and only) console I bought was the Sega Dreamcast for its quirky games (like Crazy Taxi), and its exceptional price. I'll probably buy the Wii for the same reasons.
Posted by dorianh49 (24 comments )
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Terrible Headline
There isn't a final price yet the headline implies it.
Posted by Hobo453567 (26 comments )
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Thanks for the fix.
Headline is more appropriate and won't mislead anyone now. Thank you.
Posted by Hobo453567 (26 comments )
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Not just the controller
But the current "next gen" consoles are in the $400 - $600 range with games costing upwards of $55.

People could justify those prices if the games for those systems were more fun to play, but the industry seems driven to produce the same games people have been playing since PS1 but with better graphics.

Actual game play seems to be an afterthought.

The Wii has the potential to break the mold by offering prices people can afford and having a strong focus on games that are fun rather than just realistic looking.
Posted by Dachi (797 comments )
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Great Point
That is so true. Games are starting to be more geared towards the graphics and physics of the game. When my friends talk about the Xbox 360 they say all these things about how realistic the games look, but none of them have said a thing about how much fun they were. Most of the modern games are getting away from what I think is more important which is, FUN.
Posted by avdon (1 comment )
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Hospital Controllers
I'm no gamer, so obviously I don't have the appreciation for these
controllers they would. That said, I think those controls look like
those you'd find in an in-patient, long-term care facility for bed
control, and nurse calls.

Just thought I'd post something useless while I was figuring out
some code changes.
Posted by ronjay (109 comments )
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Why do people say that the PS3 is like a PS2 or a PS1 and have them?
It is funny how console game players think that every one has
owned a PS1, PS2 or a xbox or the last couple of years, I played
my games on a home computer until now. I am moving to a PS3
because of the raw horse power and graphics and leaving the PC
games due to a lack of large amount of titles. Have you visited a
gamestop PC games are almost none existant. With this system
it could last a good 5 years without showing any performance
problems. Why would I purchase a xbox 360 or 460 or whatever,
Microsoft will come out with a new system and charge people
more money again. Microsoft would love to sell you a mediocre
configuration of a xbox to you again every 2 1/2 years.
Microsoft will continue to suck your money from you, have
people not learned for the PC world on the subject. This will be
my first game console system in over 15 years and so I want to
spend a little more money on a system, plus it can double as a
High Def movie player. Remember Microsoft said that the add-
on drive is only for movie playback not for computer games so a
xbox 360 is stuck a DVD for games. Until Microsoft anounces a
replacement for the Xbox 360 and the will charge you another
$499 for a console, money money money for microsoft and for
nintendo why all the hub bub about a controller, you do not
think that Sony can not add on any controller that they think
would sell? The nintendo is great for a 10 year old and an adult
player that wants to a system to last longer then a year or two,
lets see I played mario brothers and zelda oh way back in 1982
and i am supose to jump up for joy for a old concept, hey how
about a new pacman for astroids game or maybe pong with new
colors. So I can tell you, i am going to be getting a PS3 and I can
play all the PS1/PS2 games that I could never get on a PC.
Posted by jlocker (2 comments )
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Putting your obvious loathing for Microsoft aside, I have to admit that after reading your one-sided rant I find it interesting that:

1.) You regard console owners which such dismay, yet intend to become one yourself, and that

2.) You discuss how you think it's stupid that other people will be buying a new console so that they can play improved versions of old games while you intend to buy a more expensive console so that you can play the old, un-improved games.

You make it sound like "we" are the ones that aren't making much sense. I don't mean to represent the community that you seem to think you're better than, but I think that you might want to think about your position and reasoning a little more before spouting random dribbles of your thoughts online.
Posted by L.L.L. (1 comment )
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Check your dates
Wow, that was a long rant. You're not bitter towards Microsoft, are you? :)

Oh, and by the way, Mario and Zelda came out in the US in 1985 and 1986 respectively. Not 1982.
Posted by cgillum (3 comments )
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hopefully a game or something with that?
$250 is a pretty good price point though I hope they may possibly include a game or some demo games or something like that to really show off the controller right away. It would kind of stink for a lesser knowing consumer to purchase a game that did not really tout the controller and its functions. Maybe you'll be able to buy these at grocery stores too, hehe, pick one up at your local drive thru mcdonalds.
Posted by chuchucuhi (233 comments )
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You're still missing out with a core 360 + Wii
You got to remember that the Premium 360 is in direct competition with the $499 PS3, not the $599. As both come with about the same features and both have a HDD. The only real difference is Sony is making customers pay an extra $100 for a next gen DVD player. So a Wii and 360 will cost about $150 more than a PS3. Or $50 more than a premium PS3. Also, if you want to add an next gen DVD player to your 360 you're looking at AT LEAST another $100.
Posted by All Hail Me (3 comments )
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That is Nonsense
Premium 360 is competing with premium PS3. The systems likely cost about the same with all the options added on to the 360. The difference is with the 360 the extra bits are optional.
Posted by Soulwolf (43 comments )
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that IS nonsense
IIRC, the PS3 prem bundle includes wifi whereas the basic bundle does not. The former also does NOT include connections nor support (period) for HD resolution, so if one is truly a video game enthusiast, HD is a must and the $500 bundle is out
Posted by ackmondual (199 comments )
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wii<revo b4> is a great station,i think PS3 will
make us broke it,s so expinsive,what will happen?we,ll leave it for the time
Posted by crazy orca (4 comments )
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wii<revo b4> is a great station,
i think PS3 will make us broke,it,s so expensive,wii nxBox360 r cheaper and better,either that these two have the online service
but with graphics,no one can say that xBox360 and wii r better than PS3 with graphics
lots of things happening,we,ll leave everything 4 the time
Posted by crazy orca (4 comments )
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Fool me twice
Sony made almost identical claims about the PS1 and 2. you will know if you have been fooled again in December though.
Posted by Soulwolf (43 comments )
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Less than $250
They stated that it would be up to, but possibly less than $250 US.

However, they have said that about all their systems, which have all seen a debue at $199.

Chances are, a $250 one will come with the "classic" controller or another Wii-mote (heh, fun to say).
Posted by Tomcat Adam (272 comments )
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I'm just going to go with this:

<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Posted by fakespam (239 comments )
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