January 2, 2008 7:20 AM PST

Netflix, LG to offer movie set-top box

Netflix, LG to offer movie set-top box
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DVD rental company says it is developing a set-top box with LG Electronics to let subscribers watch movies streamed directly from the Web to their TVs.

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A hobby no more...
Looks like Apple better come up with something spectacular to rival the Netflix/LG product. AppleTV could be coming on its second wind or it could be the end of Apple's experiment. We'll see come Macworld 2008.

Apple can still partner with Netflix which to me would be wonderful. Otherwise if they do rentals they need to be on par with Netflix's pricing tiers.

I don't understand why Apple doesn't just start making LCD televisions as well. Their cinema displays could be kicked up to 46", 56" and 70" screen sizes and included the digital receiver. TV and all your computing needs on one LCD panel. Picture in picture would be nice too. Have television play in the background while using a PIP to access your email or browse the web.

Can't wait till MacWorld!
Posted by SpiritWater (152 comments )
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Jobs said AppleTV was a hobby
I agree IF AppleTV worked with NetFlix, I would consider buying it, but that's a biiiiigggg if. Apple has a history of ZERO partnering with other products/services. In order for AppleTV to be relevant to me, it would also have to support the following:

1. STAND-ALONE operation, I don't want to pollute my home office computer with iTunes
2. 1080p - geez if I'm paying $400 I want something that does 1080p...
3. Volume adjustment on the remote
4. Divx/WMA support
5. DVD or 2nd Gen DVD drive

IN other words, it would need to be a brand new device. Most likely the one from LG...
Posted by sanenazok (3449 comments )
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Why not partner with TiVo too?/
TiVo already offers this service with Amazon UnBox and works well. But it certainly could be improved and maybe competition between NetFlix and Amazon would provide that.

But tying the service to another set-top box is crazy. We need fewer boxes and remotes, not more!
Posted by pkorona (9 comments )
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